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Aurelia Sharpe

"Courage is found in unlikely places."

0 · 480 views · located in Goodfellow, Washington

a character in “H.A.G.S. Academy”, as played by dreammuffin


"We are the light, need we say more?




Full Name:
Aurelia Jane Sharpe

Ari, Ellie, Lia
Pretty much anything people come up with


San Clemente, California

50% Irish | 50% French




Years spent at Hecate:

Imagination Manifestation - Illusion Manipulation - Light Manipulation

Imagination Manifestation - Aurelia can bring any materials form her imagination into existence. Whatever she can imagine, she can bring to life. This includes altering an already existing object into something else. Her ability works on herself too, and she is able to alter her own appearance. At her strongest, she is able to create living things as well. It's a magic that she doesn't use often, though it is her favorite.

Illusion Manipulation - Ari can create and manipulate illusions, causing people to see, hear, touch, smell and taste things which do not actually exist. Or, she can cause them to perceive things differently from what they truly are. She can also change a person's sense of time. The illusions that she conjures up can affect a large group of people, or a specific person that she chooses. Ari can at times even cause people to feel emotions, though she doesn't use that ability as much.

Light Manipulation - Aurelia can create and manipulate light to her will both offensively, and defensively. She can create burst or streams of light, and control existing light as well, such as light from a campfire or even the sun. She is able to solidify light into objects and constructs as well, for both attack and defense, like a force field. Something else she is able to do is use light energy to heal herself or others. It's not something she is adept at, but it can be done.

[Imagination Manifestation] - The bigger or more complex the object she wants to create, the more energy it uses up. Also, she needs to know a lot about what she's creating in order for it to be conjured

[Illusion Manipulation] - Her illusions are never perfect, so they always contain a flaw, some more noticeable than others depending on how much effort she put into the illusion. If a person were to spot the flaw, then the illusion fades.

[Light Manipulation] - Aurelia's powers over light are greatly diminished when she is in a very dark place. She can still create light, but it tends to be weaker.

Aurelia's familiar is a white tiger named Lux. "Lux" is the latin word for light. Lux is a fairy calm creature, always content to watch the going ons happening around him. While he may seem ferocious, he is quite playful -- only if he likes you that is. He gets very protective of Ari, and sometimes drapes himself over her to show others his 'territory'. While he may have his wise moments, he also has his cheeky ones. Much like a cat, he expects to be stroked when asked, and doesn't really care if Aurelia is tied up at the time.

He is steadfastly loyal to her, as she is to him. Ari truly loves him, and wouldn't know what to do without him. If he perceives Ari to be in danger, he will do anything to get her out of it. When he gets angry, his ferocity is something few can bear to withstand, so never get on his bad side.


Magick || Lux || Dancing || Creating || Light || Illusions || Music || Bravery || Reading || Rain || Storms || Chocolate || Animals || Playing Guitar || Fiction novels || Funny people || Intelligence || Solving puzzles || Spicy Food || Working hard || Hot Chocolate || Sleeping || Strawberry smoothies || Dueling || Nighttime || Mysteries || Magical objects || Friends || Laughter || Flowers || Adventures || Photography || Big Cities || The Academy || Bonfires

Heights || Darkness || Failure || Arrogance || Nonfiction novels || Scary movies || Liars || Losing || Being sick || Deception || Hot days || Sour Food || Anger || Weakness || Really hot days || Pink || Bees || Stupid people || Being bored || Gossip || Not getting what she wants || Roller Coasters || Paper cuts || Cowardice

Twists her hair when she's nervous or anxious ||
Gets flustered and awkward when someone is flirting with her ||
She's extremely ticklish, and tends to kick when she's tickled ||

Dancing || Magick || Brave || Playing Guitar

Darkness || Reckless || Stubborn || Too Honest || Drawing

Weakness || Failure || Darkness || Death || Losing Control


Charismatic || Brave || Reckless || Honest || Independent || Compassionate || Guarded

Aurelia is quite a friendly, charismatic girl. She loves to be around people, always one to introduce herself and strike up a conversation. Her charisma makes it easy to make friends where ever she goes. Whenever someone cracks a joke, she'll probably be the first and loudest to laugh.

Aurelia is very brave, almost to a fault. She is always ready to confront her fears, no matter how hard it may be. When faced with an arduous challenge, she likes to face it head on, not letting fear stand in her way. She won't back down in the face of anything, and deals with anything thrown her way. She will also stand up for her beliefs unflaggingly, and makes her opinion known. She's willing to risk being in danger and hardship, which sometimes makes her reckless. Ari won't hesitate to sacrifice herself for others, especially the people she loves.

One thing you can always rely on Aurelia to be is honest. No matter what, she will always tell you the truth, however hard it may be. She doesn't like the idea of deceiving someone by lying, and finds it better to be candid instead. If the truth may be harsh, she'll try and soften it when she speaks. In turn, Ari doesn't really like it when people lie to her either, and can usually tell when they are. As candid as she is with others, Aurelia is rarely honest with herself. She doesn't usually listen to her own emotions, and tends to hide what she's feeling.

She grew up as an independent person, never choosing to rely on anyone for anything. Being babied or underestimated is something she loathes. She makes sure people know that she isn't someone to be protected, she can take care of herself. Her independent nature becomes plain in the thing she does, with no thought of ever becoming dependent on anyone.

Aurelia is always guarded towards others. Her emotions are something she rarely discusses. She feels that talking about her feelings and telling others is a sign of weakness, and she doesn't like to trouble others with that kind of stuff. She would much rather let someone else talk to her about something. Trust is something that's very hard to earn with her, especially since both her parents failed her when she was little. The only person she really trusts is her brother. If you ever give her a reason to, she will treasure you as a friend. She hates feeling of being let down, and it's easier just to never let herself trust anyone.

Ari is very compassionate towards her friends, and the people around her. They might not notice it, but it's in the little things she does. She loves to help people, even if it means putting others' needs before her own. She also tries to alleviate any suffering that people might be feeling, and is open to listening if anyone wants to talk.



Aurelia Jane Sharpe was born on May 8th to Richard and Emily Sharpe. She grew up with loving parents, and an older brother, Liam, whom she adored. Her childhood was spent playing and annoying her older brother. Even from a small age, she had always been daddy's girl. She loved her mother, but for some reason, she was far closer to her dad. What her and her brother had was a relatively normal and happy childhood.

When she was 5, her brother, who was 7 at the time, found out he could do this pretty cool trick -- he could make people's shadows dance. To Aurelia's delight, he would do it often to her shadow, making it do funny little dances or poses. Their mother saw them doing this one day, and was shocked. She immediately told their father when he got home, and to her confusion, he didn't seem surprised at all. He sat their mom down one day, and explained his magickal heritage. He had been a wizard himself, as had his parents and ancestors before him. That week, Liam was told about his powers, and how he should start controlling them. Their mother, Emily, was still struggling with the secret that she was told. By the end of the week, however, she left the family, saying she couldn't deal with all the "magical crap".

Now a single parent, Richard started to dwell on his wife's leaving. He tried focusing all his energies into raising his children, but he just couldn't get out of his misery. The woman he loved had left, because of him. Since then, he'd never been the same, always emotionally distant. After losing their mother, the children had lost their father as well. At the age of 6, Aurelia discovered her powers as well. One morning, she threw a tantrum because she wanted skittles for breakfast, not pancakes. After throwing a fit, she quietly sat down at the table, and a bag of skittles appeared in front of her. After that, a small competition began between the siblings, to see who could do the coolest tricks.

The two had to learn how to deal with things on their own. It was like they had no one to look after them, since all their dad would do was drink and wallow in his sorrow. It's how Aurelia and Liam started to rely on each other, and didn't trust others much. Then, at the age of 13, Liam was enrolled at H.A.G.S Academy, after a lot of begging for his dad to do something, and was placed in the Laveau group. When Aurelia became 13, she decided she wanted to go to a normal school. After about a year, she discovered that she couldn't ever fit in, and with Liam gone, she was stuck taking care of herself. So, she started attending H.A.G.S as well. When she was sorted into the Merlin coven, she was shocked. She never considered herself to be brave or wise, or anything like that for that matter. She felt quite honored to be in such a highly regarded coven. She's been going there for three years now, and she loves every minute of it.

Other: Did I miss anything?

So begins...

Aurelia Sharpe's Story