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Esmeralda North

"Mors humana benedictio, ut maior." - Death may be the greatest human blessing.

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a character in “H.A.G.S. Academy”, as played by AvalonKnight


“Strangeness is a necessary ingredient in beauty.”


Evanescence ♦ Lithium || Evanescence ♦ Sweet Sacrifice || Evanescence ♦ Bring Me To Life


Mors humana benedictio, ut maior.

Death may be the greatest human blessing.

The Simplicity Of Myself
That Is If You Wish To Know Me


Full Name:
Esmeralda | Nafretiri Sagira | North
Nafretiri | Is the Egyptian name for Beautiful creation.
Sagira | The Egyptian name for Little One.
"Just call me Esme."

Esme || Little One (By her family only)
"I rather dislike being called Little..."

Eight-Teen || 18
"I am a young adult now, capable of making my own choices."

October 31
Day of the Dead or All Soul's Day | A Spanish, Latin
holiday to celebrate the dead.
"I was giving life on the day of death...."

Cairo | Egypt
"I may live there but my family celebrates all of our different culture's."

1/8 Greek || 1/8 Brazilian || 1/4 Spanish || 1/2 Egyptian
"My family tree is very confusing."

"I find men attractive."

Si non, cur appositi semper creare vero est nefas?

No magick is ever truly forbidden for if it was then why create it?


The Power's I Possess
And My Purpose Here At H.A.G.S

"I never found the reason for trying to belong when I really don't."

Years spent at Hecate:
Esme is new to the school, this being her first year.
"I truly didn't want to join but was forced against my will."

Esme is a prodigy when it comes to magick. Truthfully as long as she puts her mind to it she can do any magick. Though her favorites are the ones passed down through her family, to which she has had the most practice in. These include Death & Necromancy from her Egyptian genes, forbidden magick & spell creation from her Spanish line and Life & Elements from her Greek origin.
"I'm always put on such a high pedestal because of my gift when it comes to magick and I very much dislike all the pressure and attention ."

Esme's abilities and powers are based highly on her emotions.
"Its actually a weakness as much as a strength"

Death & Necromancy
Because of Esme's Egyptian blood she, as well as her mother's side of the family, a gifted with a strong link with the Dark Magick of Necromancy and Death. She is able to control the powers of Nether, Blue Hell Fire and Darkness. From a young age Esme has been able to seemingly take the life from someone then raise them from their death, but instead of a free will they are bound to Esme doing as she bids them. This was a common thing back in ancient times when servants would disobey their Pharaoh. The Pharaoh would in turn kill that servant and then raise them again, not only to forcefully make them obey but to also torture them for their disobedience. That act is of course illegal now a days, though Esme's mother has protested the law seeing as she is from a pride line of royal Egyptian's. Esme's abilities to control death and darkness have made many scared of her cause not only does she use it but she is far more powerful then people think she is. With the gift of Necromancy Esme is able to summon spirits, see and speak with spirits and summon demon soul's.
"I can make immortui (zombies in Latin)......"

Forbidden Magick & Magick Creation
From Esme's Spanish origin comes the power to harness and control forbidden magick. Yet not only that but Esme has the unique power to create her own spells and magick, a talent very rare. Her magickal possibilities are endless. These are powers Esme's parents wish her to hide while she is at school. When it comes to forbidden magick Esme has studied and memorized many spells and runes unknown to most other's, for they have been passed down from generation to generation. The North family is a very proud family whom don't share their secrets with other's. Esme's forbidden magick ranges to many things and as does her ability to create magick. Though usually these new types of magick and spells pop into her head in times of danger,while she is asleep or at random. She has no idea how powerful she is and can be.
"Trust me its harder then it all looks..."

Life & Elements
This type of magick comes from her Greek blood line. Esme's ability to not only command death but also life makes her dangerous, for she has the power to Aether. She is able to heal and literally bring people back to life, not just risen but back to life though this comes at a cost. Not only does it cost a small amount of her soul but her grandmother has forbidden her from ever bringing anyone back from the dead. Its not natural and is a sin against nature she what she would say and Esme's grandmother knows all about Life magick for she to possess that power and has made the deadly mistake of bringing someone back. It had cost the life of her grandmother's good friend to bring back Esme's grandfather after he was killed in war. Now he lives but Esme's grandmother will never see her best friend again. A life for a life she what she would say. As for Esme's element powers she has basic control over wind, water and fire, its the power of nature Esme has a bond to. Being able to control the tree's, plants and nature fills her with a certain join she doesn't experience with her other magick. She loves walking through the forest and literally having the tree's bow and plants grow from where ever she stepped.
"I don't use this magick offend, I have no need to"

Speaking and reading in several modern languages || Spanish, Modern Greek, Portuguese, English, Italian, Modern Arabic, Russian
Speaking and reading in ancient languages || Latin, Egyptian Hieroglyphs, New Testament Greek, Ardhamāgadhī, Maya script, Nahuatl
Highly Intelligent
Excellent Rider
Skilled Huntress || Bow woman, Gun Wielding, Swordwoman
Gifted in the Arts || Painting, Drawing, Sculpting
Amazing Musical Arts || Piano, Violin, Guitar, Cello, Singing, Saxophone

Id est animam pro anima

A life for a life

The Beasts Of My Familiar's
And The Bond's We Share

Once again Esme is the odd one out for she doesn't have one familiar, no, she has a total of three. Which consist of a Hippogriff, a Basilisk and a Horn Tailed Dragon. With the help of the school Esme was about to bring them all with her, though they must stay hidden in the far dark regions of the forest so no innocent student or mortal may stumble upon them. All of Esme's familiar's are mythical creature's which surprised her family, but from her deep magick bloodline's and her being the doppelganger of the Egyptian goddes Isis, maybe it shouldn't come as a surprise. Esme also has a calming nature about her that, even though the creature isn't one of her familiar's, the creature will trust her and stay calm and tamed.


|| Familiar One: The Hippogriff ||

His name is Beluae, meaning 'Great Beast' in Latin, but Esme will call him Bel. He is a stubborn thing and is very protective of Esme. He, unlike the other familiars, is allowed on school grounds and follows Esme around. He is calm and wise yet extremely stubborn and will in turn argue at times with Esme and the other's because he has a hard time admitting he's wrong. Esme raised him for an egg, like she did with her other familiars.

|| Familiar Two: The Basilisk ||

His name is Serpiente, meaning 'Serpent' in Spanish, though Esme will call him Sep for short. Though his appearance may seem deadly and frightening Sep is actually a sweet heart, well at least to Esme. He, like the other familiar's, is extremely protective of Esme and will try to eliminate any threat towards her. Unlike Bel he isn't allowed to wonder the school grounds alongside Esme, though he wishes dearly he could. He loves it when she comes and visits.

|| Familiar Three: The Horn Tailed Dragon ||

Now here is the most deadly of the three. His name is Ignis, meaning 'Fire' in Latin, though Esme will call him her 'fire breathing cuddles'. Oh the sweet agony he goes through when she calls him that. Ignis has a very bad temper, usually acting out in rage then thinking something through. He's deadly protective of Esme, having been raised by the North family from an egg, Ignis had grown a brotherly protection for her. He's actually pretty lazy too, Esme will offend find him sleeping when she comes to visit.

Quis ego sum, ita quod est praeter naturam, quae non est contra naturam?

What I am is unnatural so why not do unnatural things?

Looking Into The Mirror
And Seeing Two People

Pale Ash Blonde | Appears more golden in sunlight.
The length reaches mid back and with natural loose wavy curls.

Appear more violet colored in the sunlight and
more silver in the moon light.

Height & Weight:
5'7" || 132lbs

Skin Tone:
Pale Ivory
Natural light pink bush.

Body Type:
Athletic || Lean yet curvaceous

Scar's | Tattoo's | Birthmarks:
Esme was born with a marking on her back. It is to signify that she is the first doppelganger of Isis. It starts at her back and curves around her waist stopping just at the sides of her hips. She also has tattoo's on her left ankle and foot, every family member gets one, its tradition and shows of her royal heritage. And a marking on her left hand appeared when she made her first type of magick. She still has no idea why it appeared.
Link | Link | Link

Physical Description:
Esme is the living, breath copy of the Egyptian goddess Isis. While the rest of Esme's family is dark haired and skinned with a mix of either green or brown, Esme is completely different with her pale blonde hair, pale skin and amethyst colored eyes. She has a slender yet curvy build and a not to tall not to short height ratio that her weight matches perfectly. Her hair cascades down to the middle of her back in loose curls, covering up half the marking she was born with that signify's she is a doppelganger.

Cum ego non vidi, vidi duo in speculo

I wish whenever I looked in the mirror I didn't see two people.


The Person I Am
While People Are Looking Or Not

Esme is a very quiet, polite, kind and sophisticated person. She is very lady like having been raised in a family of royal bloodline's but not only that but people looked up at her for guidance and put her on a very high pedestal because her appearance is that of the Egyptian goddess Isis. Because of her being a doppelganger she had certain responsible's you could say to the people of Egypt. If anyone was ever hurt, sick or needed help they would go to Esme and her family. Being a magick prodigy and a goddess doppelganger Esme was forced from a young age to act proper and not like a child. She never truly had a childhood, the most fun she would ever have was with her familiar's. Manner's and kindness were engraved in her mind, she couldn't get angry or scared like a normal person, no she had to keep those emotions under control for one because a proper lady doesn't loose control and two Esme's power's have a strong link with her emotions. If she keeps her emotions in line she keeps her powers from going haywire. Being royality Esme has always been pampered and spoiled but until other rich childs she doesn't let this go to her head. A lady doesn't think she is better then anyone else, she finds the power and beauty in everyone.

Books | Stories | Spells | Runes | Magick | Ancient Text | Sep | Bel | Ignis | Manner's | Forbidden Magick | Strawberries | Exotic Fruit | Gummy Candies | Sour Key Candies | Starbursts | Storms | Rain | Forests | Hiking | Flying on Bel or Ignis | The Night Sky | Sunny Days | Ocean | Studying | Horse Back Riding
"I have a sweet tooth."

Being on a High Pedestal | Being a Doppelganger | No Freedom | Being Forced to do Something | Responsibility | Getting any grade under A | Not being able to do something | Cowards | Sluts | Assholes | The color Hot Pink | Grape Pop | Drugs | Alcohol | Not being able to see her other familiars all day
"I dislike these things because they a unpleasant."

Utinam me futurum motum non iudicatur

I wish for a future were not every move I make is judged.


My Past & Present
But Hopefully Not My Future

Esmeralda Nafretiri Sagira North was born one minute before midnight on October 31, also known from her Spanish line as Day of the Dead or All Souls Day. When her parents first saw their pale blonde haired, amethyst eye colored child they knew, something in them just knew, she would have greatness stowed upon her. Esme has always known of her Magick bloodline's, both of her parents and their families are magick and don't hide it within their own homes. At a young age Esme would watch in wonder as she saw them perform magick. She herself discovered her own magick at the young age of three, when she threw a temper tantrum and destroyed the kitchen all because she didn't want to be in the baby high chair. From that point on her family kept a close eye on her, knowing full well that Esme had emotion linked magick and that she was extremely powerful for her young age. When they started to teach her magick is when they found out she was a prodigy, having mastered the spells she was taught only after a few tries, even the forbidden hard spells which took some years to master she did so in minutes. A good portion of Esme's life was being in the family library, studying all the passed down books from her ancestor's. That is when she learned her mother's side of the family was related to the goddess Isis, whom in a moment of love slept with a Pharaoh and conceived a child. All those tales of Isis being a tanned, dark haired woman were all lies for in Esme's great great great grandfather's journal he spoke of his love as 'fair haired, moon light skinned and amethyst eyes', then a small painted picture of the really Isis. Esme was truly stunned when she saw the appearance of Isis, mistakenly thinking it was a mistake and that this picture of her somehow got mixed up with the books and scrolls. When she sawed her family the picture they confirmed Esme's disbelief and that was that Esme was the doppelganger of the goddess Isis, they looked actually alike and Esme shared similar powers as the goddess. This new information frightened Esme and as years placed the resemblance between her and Isis only grew more. As those years went by Esme was taught how to be a lady and act proper, all the while studying and reading all of the family books. It was when Esme had read the final book in the library that her grandmother told her of H.A.G.S Academy. Of course Esme didn't want to leave the comfort of the home she has known her entire life, sure she and her family have traveled around the world many times but they always returned home to Egypt. Esme didn't like the thought of be away from her family but her grandmother wouldn't back down and forced Esme to join H.A.G.S. Her grandmother had already talked to the school about Esme's familiar's and signed all the paper work. A few days later Esme waved goodbye to her family and left for the Academy. When she arrived as was placed in a group for misfits yet she didn't care. Esme had never worried about fitting in and she couldn't really care, all she wanted to do was get through the school year and return home.
"Yes some people would actually dream for my life, but there's no freedom of which a yearn and just because I am away from my family doesn't me I have been given any freedom. "

So begins...

Esmeralda North's Story

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Esme tell out a long sigh of contentment as she leaned against Ignis, flipping a page of 'The Histories of Light Magick' one of the many text books she had received from her teacher's. The fact that the book was only two thousand pages long disappointed Esme, her fascination being cut short by the almost non-existent length of the dark blue text book. Bel had his large head resting on her lap while Sep curled his body around all three of them. The fact that she would have to leave soon made her feel slight sadness at the thought of leaving her glorious beasts. For most of the time Esme has been at H.A.G.S she had opted out to hiding in the forest with her large familiar's then actually talk to the other students and teacher's. Why couldn't she just stay in the bliss she was in now? Esme had heard there was a party last night but instead of going she used the diversion and the fact that the Head Mistress wasn't on school grounds to sneak into the forest at night and spend the moonlight hours with her familiar's. Another deep sigh escaped the young woman as a light breeze tousled her pale gold mane making them go wild as it fluttered around her face.

'Esme don't you think we should be heading back to the school now?' Bel questioned lifting his head slightly off her lap to look at her. Bel's pale blue eyes met Esme's amethyst ones and saw the hidden disappointment she had about going back.

"I guess we should." Esme muttered, closing her now finished text book and putting it in her satchel along with her other books. Bel stood up and Esme followed, earning a grumbling growl from Ignis and a hiss of sadness from Sep.

'You will be back later right?' Sep asked.

"Yes of course." Esme replied sending a sad looking Sep and a grumpy/worried Ignis a reassuring smile. The basilisk just nodded its huge head and walked as Esme hopped onto Bel and they took off into the air. Esme clutched Bel's feathers tightly, the air current getting stronger the higher above the tree's they went before they cleared the tops and hit blue skies. Esme looked down, enjoying the high view of the school's grounds. 'Land by the tree line' Esme told Bel mentally and the hippogriff nodded before making his decent. Once they landed Esme hopped off Bel's back and started walking towards the school and to the lunch room. Esme's stomach grumbled loudly as the scent of food wafted into his sense's not also a pinch of nervousness made her stomach clench at the sight of many people sitting in the lunch room. Taking in a deep calming breath Esme moved toward, Bel following close behind her, as they made their way to the food. Esme quickly grabbed a chocolate milk and a blueberry muffin for herself and a few raw steaks for Bel. She took a seat at a table in the far corner of the room where no one sat and started eating, while watching Bel scarf down his food.