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Leonardo Gats

"Leonardo Gats, at your service Ol' Sport."

0 · 1,503 views · located in Goodfellow, Washington

a character in “H.A.G.S. Academy”, as played by .euphoria.


“Strangeness is a necessary ingredient in beauty.”



{"Leonardo Gats; teacher, wizard, family man. What? Was that cheesy?" }
{A Little Party Never Kill Nobody {Main Theme Song}|Bang Bang | $100 Bill | Valerie | Love is Blindness | Gatsby Believed In the Green Light| }

|Full Name|
Leonardo Jay Gats
"Yes, this is my real name!"

Leo {Most common}, Leon, Gats, Mr. Gats {By students in class}, Grandpa and Oldie {Mockingly}, and his personal favorite, Gatsby.
"I have too many nicknames."

October 30th, 1966

Forty-seven {47} years old
"I'm probably one of the youngest teachers here."

45% German | 55% Italian

Oxford, England {1-7} | Manhattan, New York {7-22} | Goodfellow, Washington {23-present}

Pansexual | Omnisexual

Divination/Spellcraft Teacher from the coven of Laveau

{Divination}Leo can employ divination, a method of reading the future, the present and the past and/or provide help to a problem at hand by using an occultic, standardized process or ritual. Divination can be achieved by communicating with the supernatural (i.e. gods, demons, spirits, nymphs) or just by reading certain patterns.

|Years spent|
Never was a student | 24 years as a teacher {23-present}

Carraway. Just like the character he is named after, always trying to help others and rather nonjudgmental. Sure, he can be a bit loose and crazy at times, wanting to think big and dream even bigger, just like Leo himself.

{“Youth is happy because it has the capacity to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.”― Franz Kafka }

|Height and Weight|
5'7 1/2 and 163 lbs.

Bit slim but, athletic

|Skin Tone|
A bit tan

|Hair Color|
Golden, could look even blonder if in the right light

|Eye Color|
Hazel with specks of blues, greens, and golds in them.

|Scars? Markings? Tattoos? Piercings?|
One scar on his back, very faint and he honestly can't even remember how. But, he does have numerous small tattoos, all to represent someone in his family. He has a small tattoo on his forearm of his wife of almost 30 years. Five tattoos of of the flowers which his daughters are named after on his right shoulder blade with their names underneath. On his other shoulder he has his sons' names in elegant writing with two small crowns underneath them, he got them as a joke because his sons love being treated like royalty.

{“Look at everything always as though you were seeing it either for the first or last time: Thus is your time on earth filled with glory.”― Betty Smith, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn }

{Illusions} Leo can create and manipulate illusions, causing people to see, hear, touch, smell and/or taste things which do not actually exist or cause them to perceive things differently from what they truly are. Because of all his years of practice, the man can create complex and detailed worlds. {"Psychic Shield"} When using this ability, he is immune to any and all mental intrusion. This includes defense against psychic or empathic powers, hypnosis, as well as illusions and deception. Mind readers can only “hear” static, while mind controllers are incapable of manipulating those shielded. {Psychic Energy} The ability where the user can create, shape and manipulate psychic energy in various ways, including manifesting in material form in order to one, show off and two, to show the students what it looks like when its visible. {Memory Suppression} He is able to suppress certain memories. For example, if one suffered from a truly traumatic experience, Leo could suppress it so as not to suffer through the pain and trauma. Something he has done with some of the children who have gone through a lot in their lives. {Empathic Illusion Casting} He is able to cast illusions, but instead of them being whatever he pleases. It shows the emotion someone is feeling whether its happy, sad, in love, bored, etc. {Astral Suggestion} Jiminy Cricket over here, has the ability to be able to project their spirit making them invisible and intangible, and plant thoughts, ideas and suggestions into others' heads, making them think that it was their own thoughts. This can be done with a whisper and the victim does not physically hear anything but the thoughts will appear in their mind, believing this was their own, doing whatever the user told them to.

|{Weaknesses || Limitations}|
{Illusions} Some people may be 'immune' to his spell Sometimes he may be unable to create accurate illusions, such as making things that don't exist or situations that would never happen in a million years. One common mistake is misplacing a feature on a person, or forgetting to add shadows to their forms. If he uses his power for too long, he can get a massive migraine and pass out Some of the more powerful people in the academy, can sometimes sense whether its really or not The illusions can, in extreme circumstances, can get out of control before he can settle them back down {Astral Suggestion} When using this ability, he can be seen by others who know this power or by people who can see the dead and/or spirits. After a while, for strong minded people, their free will can come back and remind them that they did not say what Leo said. {"Psychic Shield"} Powerful opponents may still be able to affect user to some extend Shield sometimes has to be consciously activated. Doesn't work against physical abilities. {Empathic Illusion Casting} Same weaknesses as illusions. {Psychic Energy} The ability where the user can create, shape and manipulate psychic energy in various ways, including manifesting in material form in order to one, show off and two, to show the students what it looks like when its visible. {Memory Suppression} Some people have the ability to bring the memories back, he can't just lock the memory away forever The person's will may slowly and naturally make them remember the memory again He can only do two, maybe three on a good day memories at a time Memories cannot be suppressed forever, as the mind is an organism that would always recall the steps necessary for it to reach the present and thus "rewrite" itself to its original setting if he tried to change it

|{Quirks || Habits}|
When he gets impatient, he begins to fidget and has to at least pace around In the morning he has the same routine every morning; his wife wakes him up, showers, gets dressed, walks Penny to the nurse's office, and then finally goes to his classroom He calls all his close friends; students or teacher, the nickname 'ol sport'. During a awkward silence, he's that guy who just breaks out in a smile and maybe chuckles When he's irritated, he puts his fingers on his temples, trying to stop the headache that is probably about to come He is a smoker and smokes at least once, if not twice a day When he's grading papers, in his office he needs to have music on in the background. Sometimes he also plays soft music when his students are taking tests and quizzes

|{Talents || Strengths || Skills}|
Impressions First Impressions His powers High vocabulary Fluent in three languages; English, Italian, and German Very Protective Piano Giving advice Pranks and joking around Giving 'romantic' advice to his guy friends Spotting Lies Dancing Naming movie quotes and song titles Accents Persuading people, powers or not

|{Flaws || Weakness}|
Rather possessive Too childish at times Grading papers on time Time managements Baking and cleaning Children Curses like a sailor Confrontation Staying on track Can sometimes be 'whipped' with his wife Singing Road rage His jealousy

Cooking Doing impressions of people and accents Dancing Being with his wife Talking to his children Teaching his classes outside under the large oak tree Smoking, drinking, and going out Sleeping in

Losing his family {Claustrophobia} Fear of confined spaces Getting divorced {Iatrophobia} Fear of going to the doctor {Thanatophobia} Fear of dying {Ligyrophobia} Fear of loud bangs and pops

He did have an affair behind Penny's back during their first year of marriage. They were having a hard time and he did it without thinking. He told Penelope not even a day after he ended it with the other woman. Penny and him refuse to speak of it and other than the two of them no one knows, not their kids, not their parents, no one. Out of all his children, only one of them {Daisy} switched covens to become a part of Circe which is why he isn't so hard on them like the other teachers. He was arrested, but let off on self defense for assault against a man who was trying to rape his daughter, Rose when she came to visit a couple of years ago He doesn't want to be immortal, he wants to be able to grow old and not have to watch everyone he cares about die while he stays young forever

Growing old with his wife To watch his kids grow up To completely master his powers To get over his fears To become a grandfather with more children

{“We are an impossibility in an impossible universe.”― Ray Bradbury }


Fatherly/Advice giving: Most Times
Opinionated: Sometimes
Charismatic: Always
Friendly:Most Times
Broken: Rarely to Never
Affectionate: Often
Sarcastic: Most Times
Ambitious: Always
Curious: Always
Self-Controlled: Sometimes
Modest and Simple: Rarely
Honest: Most Times
Loyal and Faithful: Always
Serious/Mature: When he needs to be
Romantic: Most Times to Always
Flirty: Often
Sympathetic: Most Times
Eccentric: Always
Optimistic and a Dreamer: Always
Observant: Often
Logical: Occasionally to sometimes
Hyperactive/Funny/Somewhat Childish: Often
Sweet/Kind/Caring: Most Times
Jealous: Rarely
Nurturing: Always
Funny: Sometimes
Possessive: Close the never
Violent/Cruel: Never to Rarely
Protective: Often to Always
Social: Very Social
Emotions: Controlled {Most of the time}

{“If you want to discover the true character of a person, you have only to observe what they are passionate about.” ― Shannon L. Alder }

His family His students Smiling, smirking, joking around, and pulling small pranks The Great Gatsby: book and movies Parties Suits Cars and automobiles Dancing Teaching His powers Drinking Date nights Sleeping in Relaxing in the SummerSeeing his children Carraway His friends in the academy Going out Smoking Eating Cooking "She does the baking, I do the cooking."Doing impressions Technology Reading Jack Daniels Sex Blondes Exercising Cult classic filmsMorning talk shows {Jerry Springer, Maury, Steve Wilkos, Dr. Phil, etc.}

{“I don't hate you.. I just don't like that you exist” ― Gena Showalter, Seduce the Darkness }

Guys gawking over his daughters Abuse of magic Overly strict people People making fun of his family's accent {Italian mixed with New Yorker} Being called 'grandpa or oldie' Disrespect Being told to 'watch his mouth' People judging the Circe kids harshly Infidelity Hangovers Laziness from students Bad cooking Having to help Penny with the cleaning Staying up late for work Fights, outside of the arena People thinking he's a bit strange/bizarre

{“Sometimes, I sit alone under the stars and think of the galaxies inside my heart, and truly wonder if anyone will ever want to make sense of all that I am.”― Christopher Poindexter}

|Place of Origin|
Born in Oxford, England |Spent a lot of time in Manhattan, New York

|Family Tree|
James Gats | Father {71} | Living in Miami w/ his wife |
Analeigh Gats (nee Sinclair) | Mother {69} | Living in Miami w/ husband |
Jordan Gats | Twin brother (3 hours younger) | Living in Los Angeles | No children or wife |
Penelope Gats (nee Williams) | Wife of 29 years {47 years old} | Living {Nurse at the school} |
Poppy Gats | Eldest triplet daughter {26} | Living in New York w/ Andrew |
Andrew Jackson | Future son-in-law {28}| Living in New York w/ Daisy |
Rose Horne (nee Gats) | Middle triplet daughter {26, 2 hour younger} | Living in New York |
Daniel Horne | Son-in Law {27} | Living in New York w/ family |
Bethany Horne | Granddaughter | Living |
Lily Gats | Youngest triplet daughter {26, 4 hours younger} | Living in New York |
Daisy Gats | Middle daughter {22} | Living in Princeton {in college, Princeton} |
Duke Gats | Oldest son {20} | Living {College student, University of Washington}|
Alexander Gats | 'Youngest' son {20,1 hour younger} | Living {College student, University of Washington} |
Iris Gats | Youngest Child{17}| Living {3rd year Laveau house} |

{“Do you ever wonder why things have to turn out the way they do?”― Nicholas Sparks, A Walk to Remember }

Leonardo Jay Gats was the first born in a small family of two crazy in love newlyweds, who kept trying to have a baby for over three years. They got close during their first year of marriage when the girl was just eighteen years old, until their first daughter, Angel was born stillborn. After that, the couple decided to just focus on traveling, enjoying life with one another, and just let whatever happens happen without questioning it. Four years later, the couple gave birth to two twin boys; Leonardo and Jordan.

Growing up, as much as the two looked alike, they couldn't be more different personality wise. While Leo was sweet, kind, and used his powers to help others, Jordan was sneaky, conniving, and loved using his powers to pull pranks on others and mess with them in anyway he could and try to blame it on Leo whenever he could. Most of the time, it worked seeing that he always used the 'I would never' card. Meaning, he would make Leo out to be the 'evil' twin. As they got older and around the age of 15, their parents did soon realize that Jordan was the one behind everything. And they wanted to send him away to make him maybe realize that what he was doing wasn't right. They wanted to send him across the country to a academy called Hecate Academy and even though Leo wanted his brother to change, they were twins at the end of the day and they were always their for each other. And if he were to go across country, Leo would be left alone to try and learn about his powers. Sure, their parents tried to help them learn to control them, they didn't have the abilities that the two had and always ended up getting harmed in one way or another. Something the two equally hated.

So, the two needed each other to not just help out but, their rivalry made the two work harder to try to beat the other and show that they were the 'better' twin. But, as much as the two told their parents that, they weren't hearing. Their mind was made up and not long after the twins were split up for three, almost four years. And, it was hard...for Leo at least. Jordan on the hand, loved going to the academy. Within is first year, he had always left his mark as one of the most powerful members that Circe has ever seen. Sure, he got in a hell of a lot of trouble a lot and was sent down to the headmistress pretty much each other day but, he didn't care. He wanted to make his parents regretting sending him there in the first place. And, they did. They thought it would change him, making him good like his brother even though Leo knew it wouldn't work, but all it did instead was make him even more evil and powerful than before. Leo while he was worried about his brother possibly doing something to get himself killed, he knew that his older brother would do whatever he please and whenever he came home for the holidays he would just go on and on about how much he loved being bad and how he wanted Leo to join him in the Circe coven.

As much as he though about the idea, he couldn't hurt people like Jordan had. He could never bring himself to do anything like that which made Jordan angry and irritated calling his brother a traitor. That was the last real discussion the twins had without them shouting at one another. The golden hair twin hated the idea of not being close to his twin. They always were close but, lines were crossed, bridges were burned, and there was no going back to the closeness they had before. After Jordan's last year he moved to Los Angeles to start his new, and shall I add successful business. During his last year of high school, Leo met and fell in love with a beautiful blonde girl name Penelope. He had never seen her before but the second he saw her, he wanted to be with her. Sure, it took all of their senior year for her to finally give in to his charm but, it sure was worth it. He could have used his magic on her but, she had some magic of her own and she had the ability to know when he was using his power on her. Which made him only love her more. The two went to college together, moved in together, everything and when they were eighteen they got married. Sure, the first year was more ways than one. But, they never stopped loving one another. And when Penny turned twenty one and they were celebrating anniversary. She told him the news that she was pregnant with triplets. Was it a shock? Absolutely but, he was excited nonetheless. Nine months later, she gave birth to three beautiful baby girls. Which was the only reason, Jordan decided to pop up out of nowhere and want to be apart of the family's life again. He was reluctant, but Leonardo finally gave in and allowed his brother back with open arms.

During the time, Jordan decided to stay with the couple in New York while he was lying low for a group of 'not so nice' people. The couple also needed his help paying for their home. Leo had gotten laid off from his investment banker job and couldn't find a job to help support his family. Which was when Jordan finally said something that changed the course of his life forever, "STOP TRYING TO BE FUCKING NORMAL, LEO! We're not normal humans, sure we're mortal but we have powers, use them for once! Stop hiding them!" Jordan, being the bold guy he was, told him that and more before finally telling him that he should apply for a job at his old school. At first, Leo didn't really like the idea but, then he started thinking about how much he hated having to hide his, his wives, and their three girls' powers from the world. Rarely letting the kids go outside in fear that they would do something to expose them to the normal world.

And when they were two and the couple were twenty three, they all moved from New York to Goodfellow, Washington for Leo's new job at the same academy his brother attended years ago. At first it was brutal, all the teachers who had taught his brother, believed that he was his brother or believed that he was exactly like him. It didn't take much to show them that he was just his twin seeing that the man never wanted kids, never wanted a wife, and couldn't do any of the powers Leo could. And after proving himself as a 'good guy', he soon was accepted. Four year later, Penny gave birth to their fourth daughter and the 'black sheep of the family', Daisy. Only two years later followed the twin boys, Duke and Alexander, and three years later, followed the baby of the bunch, Iris. As the children got older, they all were enrolled to the academy to learn to control the powers. Rose, Poppy, and Lily found themselves in Merlin, the boys were in split up; Duke was in Laveau and Alexander in Puck, Iris was found herself following Duke's footsteps in Laveau, but Daisy? She was a bit different, she started off in Puck, trying to find abilities in nature but, she soon started finding herself into dark magic. Something she loved doing, so she moved to Circe like her uncle and godfather. As much as Leo was afraid of her ending up like his brother, he soon began to relax realizing that she really was happy. Which was all that mattered to him.

As they all began to move on in their lives and move all across the country away from their parents, they all kept in touch with them and their 'favorite' {only} uncle. They do try to visit when they can and give their baby sister advice on how to control and master her abilities in time manipulation. And when they're not in Washington, having people gawk at them. They're out going to college, getting degrees and great jobs, making the forty seven year old, madly in love couple grandparents, and making him and Penny feel even older than some of the immortal teachers at the school. Sure, he hates the idea of growing old and getting grays but, he wouldn't wish to be immortal. He loves the life he has and if he is to die, at least he can say he was able to live a full life.


So begins...

Leonardo Gats's Story

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Sophia grinned as Olgues entered her office in a loud and dramatic fashion. "So what's up, baby?" he said with a wink. She chuckled. "Just waiting for that beautiful smile to brighten up my day." She slowly removed her sunglasses and leaned against the edge of her desk. "So, my little chocolate cupcake, has everything been running smoothly in my absence? I trust the students haven't been too rowdy?" Her grin widened. "Even so, I bet it was the teachers who were partying too much."

The Head Mistress felt a shift of energy in the room and turned to see Sasha sitting in her desk. “I've got something super important to say when you're finished. Unless you say what I have to say because you probably already know.” Nicholas arrived seconds after, just in the nick of time to share a moment with Mother Nature. There was definitely something between them, Sophia could tell. What she couldn't tell was how it exactly made her feel. Regardless, she cleared her throat and sat down on the edge of her desk. She smiled at Nic. "Morning, Sunshine." She laid back on the desk, bringing her face closer to Sasha's. "And good morning to you too, Dearie."

She sat up straight again, looking around the room. "Who are we missing now? Gats and Thor, God of Frightening Teenagers?" As if called, a broad ginger man grumpily walked into the room, as he usually did. "Morning, Paul Bunyan." She said, looking (in a slightly distasteful manner) at his flannel. Honestly, did the man own anything besides clothes that made him look like owned a big blue ox? She mentally shrugged. At least he wore them well.

She cleared her throat once more, sliding off the desk and standing to address her fellow teachers. "There are a couple of us still missing, but they'll just have to be filled in later. This is important." She took a breath.

"I left last week because I was called to meet with the Counsel of Magick in London to discuss a series of extremely concerning events. One of which-" She looked sadly at Nic. "Was the murder of Merlin." She walked in front of her desk. "The Sons of Eden have become much more aggressive in recent years and their reach is spreading to countries where their influence had been virtually nonexistent. They've murdered a large number of high profile casters, including Merlin and our previous Curses and Necromancy teacher, Ms. Thrashing, and their activity has been getting closer to Goodfellow." Sophia took a breath. "War is on the horizon, my friends. I want our students prepared. But more importantly, I want them safe. More wards on the gates, more illusions in the forest, and no student is allowed to leave the grounds without a teacher present unless I personally give them permission."

She toyed with the pentagram on her necklace for a moment. "This is one of the most powerful generations we've taught. They could end the Sons once and for all, but they're still children and they're inexperienced. We need to make sure that they're well trained and well aware of the circumstances. They'll be going under Battle simulations every week now and a combat trail against another coven every other week. It's vital that they know how to protect themselves. I'm sure you'll like that, Erik."

Sophia smiled, attempting to lighten the mood slightly. "And our last matter. There are several teaching positions open and all of them need to be filled. I have several candidates lined up, but there's one I must discuss with you all. I move to have Divinia Doriano have a sort of trial run at the Curses and Necromancy spot." She put her hands up defensively. "I know it might sound crazy, but she has extensive knowledge of the subjects, already successfully tutors a good number of our students, and this is her last year as a student."

She looked around the room. "Thoughts? Questions? Complaints? Song lyrics you want to randomly sing?"


'Well, that was fun.' Eros thought with his rolled up yoga matt under his left arm and bowl of Fruity Pebbles in his right hand. A small, pleased smile rested on his lips as he navigated the school cafeteria, finding a table that hadn't yet been occupied by any of his fellow students. He scooped a spoonful of the colorful flakes into his mouth and looked around the cafeteria, scoping out the crowd out of pure curiosity. Many of them looked incredibly torn up, obviously a symptom of attending his raging party the night before.

Eros had a gift when it came to throwing parties. He just knew how to get everyone to have a good time. He chewed his cereal, the crunch momentarily deafening him as he observed the people around them. 'Oh look.' he thought. 'There's a couple.' They were sitting a couple tables down and trying to feed each other strips of bacon. Eros smiled. They were so cute. Then there was a slight pain in his chest. He hadn't ever really been in a long term relationship. He rolled his eyes at himself. Self-pity was definitely not on the breakfast menu last time he checked. It would happen eventually. It happened to everyone eventually.

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"Leo. Leo. Time to go drop the kids off at the airport." The man just groaned before turning on his other side, facing away from his wife. Penny let out a sharp sigh before beginning to softly shake him to wake him up. "Baby, I know you're tired but we have to go drop them off." Leo sighed before reluctantly sitting up in their bed and looked at his wife. "Fine, I'll take them." The woman just smiled before kissing her husband softly on his lips. "Thanks, baby. You're the best." He just rolled his eyes before getting out of bed and kissing his wife on the cheek before heading to their conjoined closet and get on his clothes for the day. The man look at the clock above the entrance of the closet before groaning even more. 3:00 in the morning. Leo scoffed before slipping his dress shirt over his head. "It's too early for this."

"Oh, stop being a baby, Leo." Penelope said as she walked into the closet with a smirk on her pale face. The man just rolled his eyes as he buttoned up his shirt and jacket and walking out into the room. "Nice pink suit." Leo chuckled as he wrapped his arms around his wife's waist and looked down at her. "You're sarcasm kills me, Penny." He leaned in to kiss his wife as her arms moved around his neck. As they kissed, Leo had a smile on his lips before pulling away and kissing her cheek. "I should get going, I'll be back soon." Penny bit her bottom lip softly and nodded as she let go of her husband. "Okay, I'm gonna head back to sleep. I love you."

"I love you too, beautiful." He kissed her forehead before walking out of the closet and heading to his night stand to grab his keys, wallet and wedding ring from. He slipped the ring on his finger and walked out the door as he slid on his coat. As he walked into the commons, it was so quiet. There was barely anyone awake at 3 in the morning and if they were they were more than likely in a room. He walked towards his car and got in before heading towards the town of the others who lived and liked to visit in Goodfellow. It didn't take too long for him to get to the hotel where all, but one of his children were staying. When he pulled up to the hotel, he saw his children sitting down on their luggage, obviously annoyed by their father being a little late. "Dad, you do know that the plane leaves at 5:30, right?" Rose said as she took a seat in the far back with her twins while the boys sat in the middle after putting all the bags in the back, and Daisy sat in the passenger's seat up front and turned the radio. "Yes, Rosie. I know exactly what time your planes leaves now relax." He told her as they drove off.

As they drove closer to the airport, all of her grown children were asking when's the next time they could visit. "I'm not sure. But, you know all the teachers love you guys." It wasn't a lie, they were all pretty good kids, well except for Daisy who was a little on the mischievous and devious side. But, hey, what can you do? Which made him remember his brother who was in town for a few days. His face went straight as he cleared his throat. "So, um. Where's your uncle Jordan, is he still in town? Did he leave?.--"

"He left dad...I think. The last time we saw him,

Was two days ago walking into the bar." His son, Alexander said with Duke finishing the sentence. Something they were known for doing without really knowing they were doing it. At of both pairs of the twins and triplets, Duke and Alex were the closest, just like himself and Jordan were growing up. "Great, meaning he either went back home in LA or I gotta go look for him later." The kids chuckled as the all returned to their phones either texting the significant others or taking pictures with one another to put on their social networking sites. Except for Daisy who was reading a book on dark magick. It took them about forty five minutes for the them to get to the airport. The father helped his kids with their luggage before saying good bye to all of them. He kissed his daughters on the forehead and gave his sons a hug before heading back into his car and waving good bye. "Tell Iris we all said bye." Poppy said as she rushed inside to catch up with her siblings as they walked towards their gate. He looked at the time before sighing.


By the time he got back to the academy, Leo was exhausted. All he wanted to do is go back to sleep. But, seeing that it was almost seven in the morning, he really doubted that that was going to happen. He really shouldn't have stop to get some food for his wife and himself. As he walked towards his room, he smiled and waved towards some of his students before going into where his room was located. He walked inside to see his wife in the middle of getting ready. Looking her up and down, he smirked and whistled. "Look at you. Just as beautiful and sexy as ever." He placed the food down on the round table before walking behind his wife and kissing her neck. Penny sighed before trying to break free to tell him something. Leo...Leo, stop it," She said as she was laughing. "I have to tell you something." He tickled her sides before finally stopping and pulling away to let his wife get up from her vanity. He chuckled like a small child as his wife put her arms on her hips. "Thank you. Anyway, Sophia wants you and the other teachers to meet her in her office as soon as possible. I told them you might be a little late since you had to go to the airport." The man sighed before putting the three plates of food on the table and nodding so Penelope knew he was listening.

"Jordan called to tell you three things. One, thanks for letting him visit, two, He'll call you later today and see if you would like to go out for drinks later, and three, tell all our teacher friends to go fuck themselves." Leo tried not to laugh but, he couldn't help himself. He loved hearing how much Jordan disliked all the teachers here. More than likely most of them had him in class and they weren't a fan of him. And he certainly didn't like them whatsoever.

"Perfect. I'll call him later. And I'll get going in a minute. First, I'm going to have a cup of coffee and spend some time with my wife." Penny rolled her eyes towards her husband as she walked past him to pour two cups of coffee for the two of them. "Don't we spend enough time together, Leo? I mean, we've spent everyday together for the past, what? Twenty six , twenty seven years?" Leo just shrugged as he sipped his coffee and looked down at Penny. He might have been short, but Penny was only five feet and one inch tall.

Penny smiled as she finished her coffee and headed to get her purse from the front door. "We should get going. Time waits for no man...even you, Leo." She said in a teasing voice as she walked out the door to get ready for the day in the nurses' office.

When the door closed behind his wife, Leo just imitated what Penny had said before setting the two mugs in the sink of the kitchen and places the food in the refrigerator. Looking at the time, he shrugged and teleported into his boss' office. When he appeared he smiled towards the others before hearing Sophia ask if anyone had any questions. "I do. Maybe my grandpa hearing is kicking in, but did you just say that you were letting, Divinia...Divinia Doriano, teach? Now, I respect very much, Sophie and you know that but, this has bad idea written all over it to me."

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#, as written by Vix
In collaboration with Jinny <3

Sasha listened patiently to Sophia as she spoke, bowing her head for a moment at the mention of the deaths. She already knew, as much of Puck and Circe Covens did. She wasn't sure who else knew. When the question of Divinia came up, it seemed like everyone except for Erik and Olgues had to protest against it. Her brow pulled down some and her lips formed a tight line, no dimples in sight. There were few times when Sasha was completely serious, even during her classes.

But now seemed like the perfect time to get serious. “How about we pull our heads out of our asses and think of this from a professional standpoint.” She stood up from her perch and allowed herself to lean against Olgues. “Most of us have known Dimka since she was nine. She's never left this school since she first got here. She's like a little sister to most us. We can trust her, especially in this situation. Preparing students for fights against Sons of Eden is what she lives for.”

Looking over to Sasha, Leo held in a chuckle as she pleaded with them. Personally, Leo knew the Divinia for many years but, he never truly got to know her like some of the other teachers. While Leo wanted to interrupt he just looked up at his close friend, Nic already knowing he felt the same way about the girl as he did. The man didn't hate her, he just didn't believe that it was a good idea to let her teach.

“I'm not asking you to pity her, but remember what she's been through. Remember that she survived for two years by herself against the Sons of Eden. Yeah, she's harsh towards the other students, but look at how much the kids that she's tutoring have improved. You and your wards don't like the way she teaches? Your kids don't have to take her classes. There've been zero complaints from Circeans about her. Sophia wants us to prepare the kids for a fight. Whether you want to admit it or not, you all know Div can do it. When's the last time someone beat someone she's tutored in a fight? Tough and harsh is what we need right now.”

"Sasha, I understand what you're saying but there's a difference between tough and being psychotic. This girl has killed people, have you forgotten about that? I'm not saying she's not powerful, I'm not saying that she's not good at tutoring because she is, I'll give you that. But, is it the right thing to give her complete control of a classroom filled mostly with people who already like to harm others?"

“Uh. So, you're saying that everyone - or mostly everyone - who takes courses in Curses and Necromancy is sadistic?” Sasha lifted a brow as she called Leo out on his profiling of the students, her look ever darkening. “She's not psychotic. She's been through a lot and has developed her own methods. Methods which helped her survive, made her strong, and are making her students strong. Or are you saying that you're afraid of putting her in control of a class because you think the "evil Circeans" are going to get worse under her influence? Don't forget that there's at least fifty of your kids, probably about a hundred of Nic's kids, and even some of my kids that take Necromancy. Are you afraid that she's going to "corrupt" your precious and oh-so-innocent wards?”

Was he somewhat afraid of that? Yes, he was. But, he wasn't going to let Sasha know that. Seeing that, she probably wasn't going to let this go easily. "Sasha, we're not talking about my students, we're not talking about Nic's students, or even Erik's students. We're talking about Divinia. And is she sadistic? Yes. She is.", he pointed out, focusing on Divinia and avoiding the point she made about students of other Covens in the currently teacherless classes.

It almost seemed as though she were going to sneer, but she instead had stopped leaning against Olgues and clenched her hands into fists so tight that her knuckles were becoming bone white. “This isn't just about her, you made it about the others in those classes. She has more knowledge and experience in Curses and Necromancy than anyone else at this school except maybe Soph. Are you saying that we should deny her what she's been busting her ass to do for the past decade? Sadistic. Yes. But she's honest and respectful.”

"What? You don't think I know that there are more than just Circeans in that class, Sasha? Of course I know that. And I get that she's had a rough life, a lot a people have gone through shit in their lives and a lot of other students work hard too. But, I don't see us going up to them like, 'Hey, go teach this class that gives you a huge influence over your peers.'"

“Whether she's formally placed as the Professor and Mentor or not, she's still going to have influence over her peers. She has every damn right and you can't stop her. She's earned her place and has been here longer than any other student. And need I remind you that none of the Curses classes nor any of the Necromancy classes are required? They're completely optional. How many students every year drop out of Battle Magick class because they can't handle it? If students can't handle the class, then they don't have to take it. Yeah, other students work hard. But they aren't fucking qualified. She is. She's been qualified. Have some faith. Most people don't think any one of us should be teaching. Nic's a perverted manchild. Erik scares the shit out of everyone and looks like a rapist sometimes. You're a manchild. Soph acts like a sixteen year old. Olgues and I smoke pot with our kids. And how many of us have had a drink with our students under twenty-one? I recall you and penny sharing a glass of bourbon some time ago with a few sixteen and seventeen year olds. Okay - So she killed some kids. They all made it back and none of them filed complaints. What did they do? They worked harder to better themselves. Alex didn't make it back because he didn't want to come back.”

She was really getting worked up now, throwing everyone under the bus and pointing out that there were a lot of people against them being in their positions as well, gusts of air whipping around the office as she took a strong step forward. “Go ahead and name one person more qualified to teach those classes. Name one person from Circe with the qualifications for the job and the respect from the students of Circe needed to be a Mentor. People are dying, Leo. Merlin's dead. Ariana's dead. They're closing in on us and it's about time that we all buckle down and nut up. If you're so scared for your kids, advise them not to take the class. Either way, it's not up to you. I agree with Sophia full heartedly. If Divinia was as much of a threat to the students and the school as you think and say she is, she would have been expelled and most likely killed by now. But she's still here and she's still alive because she knows what she's doing and she is especially valuable in this particular time of need.”

As Sasha took a step forward and the wind started blowing around the adults, Leo just tried his best not to get blown away. He was a small man and if the wind got any stronger, he would be pushed down. He was about to say something else before he started thinking about what he has done for the past twenty nine years. Giving in just to make to arguing stop. While he hated giving in, he knew that he wasn't going to win this argument.

Leo took a sharp sigh before running his head through his hair and looked at the shorter woman in the eyes. "Just suck it up, Sport and get it over with.

"I just don't want anything happening to these kids, Sasha. Okay? But, if you and Sophia truly think that letting the girl teach will help protect us, then fine. Let her teach. But, if it blows up and ends up going wrong, it's on you, not me."

“Nyeh!” And it was over just like that. Valid points made and argument won, the serious Sasha faded along with the win and the more childlike Sasha came out once more, sticking her tongue out at Leo as she mocked his last words much like an eight year old child before turning to the others. “If you cared about these kids, you'd be tougher on them. I'm going to follow Erik and Divinia's example.” She crossed her arms over her chest and lifted her chin a bit, having to look up at Leo [and pretty much everyone else] as she dared them to start up with her. “I second the motion.”

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Divinia teaching? To be honest Erik was not so sure if that was such a good idea. She was with no doubt one of his best students and by far his favorite. But there was something about it he didn't like that much, he couldn't really put a finger on it, but something just didn't seem right about it. Maybe it was just that he didn't like the thought of having her as a colleague instead of a student.

Damnit.. Where the hell is that wolf when I need him Erik thought to himself as the discussion between Sasha and Leo became more and more heated. Fenris was usually the one Erik confronted when his own feelings confused him. Unfortunately the wolf was probably busy eating his way through the fridge, so Erik would just have to sort his thoughts out by himself.

As the wind started picking up Erik got closer and closer to something of an answer. Remembering he had learned in the military In combat the fighters own feelings should never be taken into consideration, a wise commander didn't call of an attack because he feared for his own life, and he wouldn't order an attack just because someone who meant something to him. If anything like that happened, the commander should be released from duty as he is no longer capable to make wise decision. This was something Erik believed to be the absolute truth and remembering that made him sure that the only reason he din't want her as a teacher was because he viewed her as something of a daughter, and he had a feeling that would end if they were to be colleagues. But he should not put his own feelings before the obviously best choice.

"I vote yes. but as I see it, I shouldn't have much of a saying in this. Everyone knows Divinia is one of my favorites, and that will affect my judgement no matter how hard I try not to." Erik said as Sasha calmed down. He wasn't really surprised when Leo choose to back down instead of standing his ground. "I'll leave the decision to you" He said and nodded to the others while scratching his beard, knowing that they probably would decide to make her a teacher anyway. 11

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*Will be posted later*


Poor Ayman had no idea what Eros had referenced (he had never seen that movie before) and did not understand why exactly people were laughing. He assumed that the male had said something funny. What he found amusing was that Eros had decided Ryan's hair was not perfect enough.

When Ryan asked how they were Ayman smirked. "Oh~ Perfectly dine actually~ In fact, on my way here I hear a funny conversation. This girl and guy were talking, I'm going to assume they were together, but one can never be sure. She was all like: 'Baby~ I'm wet~' How the guy did not get the obvious clue was beyond me. So replied asking is she wanted a paper towel. She claimed she wanted more than that. He offered her two of them. Then she stated that she wanted something thick and round. He decided that she wanted the whole roll" He rambled the joke, "But I'm going to assume that since the guy was Asian, he just didn't want to show off his tiny rod~" Ayman chuckled, simply wanting to keep the air light and humorous. At least to him. He instinctively leaned against Eros and never once thought of stopping the hand on his thigh.

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Nic just silently listened as the other teacher's argued. He knew he would have to make this proffesional and not personal. Because personally Nic wasn't a big fan of Div, sure at times she wasn't bad but from childhood he was taught that there was a strict line between good and evil and that had an impact on how he saw people. He knew Div wasn't all bad and the day her first met her all he wanted to do was protect her from the outside world and the evil that it held. No one ever knew, and he will deny it if anyone ever found out, but deep down Nic had a soft spot for the girl seeing as she had such a terrible childhood. Nic knew she was one of the best choice's for teaching the class, the other maybe being Lucian, since his father is the devil meaning Lucian would have great knowledge of the dead, but Nic highly doubted Lucian wanted to teach.

"I agree with Sophia, Div would be a good influence when it came to that field of teaching, the only other student I can think of that would fit the bill is Lucian Black but thats only for his knowledge, other then that he's kind of a hard ass and I don't think he would enjoy teaching so I also believe Div should teach.....sorry Leo" Nic gave him a shrug as he leaned against the wall. His eyes flashed to Erik.

"Morning you grumpy hairy assed giant" Nic snickered trying to get a rise out of the big guy.

"Well if we are done here I believe I'm going to go shower, care to join Sasha?" Nic grinned teasingly.

"I think you need to go brush your teeth big guy, I thought I smelt rotten eggs but then I realized it was your breath" Nic teased. He mind was telling him to run the hell out of there before Erik attacked.