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Nicholas Everett

"That's right I'm a teacher, got a problem with it? Didn't think so"

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a character in “H.A.G.S. Academy”, as played by AvalonKnight


"We are the light, need we say more?


Another One Bites the Dust || Queen


I have a Bubble so stay out of it, well unless your hot then by all means Welcome.

Trust me she knows who she is *cough* Sophia *cough* Sasha *cough*


The Basic's About....
Holy Shit! That's Me!

Full Name:
Nicholas || Issac || Everett
That person right there, yeah there, he's ammmazing.

Nic || Mr. Everett
Just call me Nic, no I mean it call me.

Two Hundred & Eighty Four || 284
I may be old but I'm still sexier then you.

Vancouver | British Columbia | Canada
That's right ladies I'm Canadian Eh!

Protection Magick & Study of Runes Teacher at H.A.G.S
Yes I get to teach young witches and wizards their A,B,C's.

June 16
Best day in the year

100% Irish
Let's go search for my pot of gold

One word people, Boobies.

Turn To Page 394.

Hahaha No, No, No I'm Just Kidding


I've Got The Magic...
I Am All Powerful! Mwhahaha!

I can be your hero baby...oh god did I really just
quote song lyric's?

Years spent at Hecate:
Forty Five || 45
To freaking many.

Protection Magick || Study of Runes || Light Magick
Hmm let's see, I am teaching it after all so I must be good.


Protection Magick
Protection Magick ranges from mental to physical. Nicholas is about to put up physical barrier's, for example a light barrier or a barrier made by a type of element and force fields which is an invisible shield that is actually gravity bending to keep whatever Nic wants out to stay out. He can also create mental barrier's to keep people out of his head.

Study of Runes
The Study of Runes isn't so much magick as it is reading. Runes are able to tell what is to happen and what already has. The ability to look at the runes and see if your future holds fortune and success or disappointment and darkness. Each witch or wizard must make their own rune's for the rune's will only use the magick of the original user. Nic's rune's are made from black onyx and coated in pixie blood, with engravement's that are on ever set of rune's.

Light Magick
Everyone has to have a defensive and offensive magick and for Nic his offensive is Light Manipulation. He is able to bend and shape visual light, rather is be the faint glow from a candle or the bright beams of the mid day sun. He is able to concentrate the light particle's together tightly to from a type of plasma for which he can then shape and manipulate for offensive attacks.

Nic's familiar is a big female tiger named Blue. I know weird name for an orange and black tiger, but Nic's reasons are for that she has the bluest eyes he has ever seen. They are like two pools of the clear's Caribbean ocean with the brightest clear blue sky reflecting above it. Yes they are that blue. She's a very lazy and sarcastic cat, who treats Nic more like a cub then a fully grown man. She will scold him for his flirty behavior and will be the one to judge what girl is good enough for her little Nic.
She loves me a bit to much sometimes.

I'm The Nicest Guy You'r Ever Going To Meet.

Just Kidding Actually I Can Be Kind Of An Asshole At Times, But I'm Never Mean.


Who I Really Am...
Oh That's Deep, I'm Touch By Your Curiosity.

Nicholas is extremely playful, witty and is always one to crack a joke. Though people may think he acts the way he does so his students thinks he's cool but really he's not acting, he's being himself because he truly believe's people shouldn't hide who they really are. Nic has no shame and isn't shy what so ever. If he's running late for class he won't try to make a quick effort, no instead he'll brush his teeth, grab a coffee and doughnut and go to class in his pajama's and bed head, claiming he looks good in anything. He's a major goofball and a bit perverted at times, but come on he's a man, well that and he's over two hundred years old he needs and little humor to spice up his life. Though he may act goofy and humorous Nic is a very good teacher and has his 'serious' moment's, like if someone is in danger or has done something wrong in his class. He won't just stand there and crack jokes, no he'll take swift action.

✔ Jack Daniels ||
The heaven of all whiskey's.

✔ Curvy Women ||
I know a few nice curvy women I wouldn't mind getting closer to.

✔ Blue ||
She's the mother I never had.

✔ Merlin ||
Who doesn't love the hero?

✔ Sex||
I'm a man, I've got two heads. Now the question is which one do I use more?

✔ Keeping I Shape ||
Just cause I'm old doesn't mean I can't look good.

✘ Sons of Eden ||
They are starting to give us all headache's.

✘ Circe ||
Its more like future villain's.

✘ Harm To His Students ||
That's like f*cking with my family, No one f*cks with my family.

✘ Late Night Paper Work||
Why can't I make it disappear!?

✘ Tea ||
I'm more a coffee man thanks.

✘ Mistreatment of Women ||
Does someone need an ass kicking?

Nicholas is the middle child of a group of four. His father was a light Magick user while his mother was human. Nic and his sister, Susan, were the only two who had received their father's gift and because of this their mother rejected them, only ever giving her attention to her normal children. Even though they were both of good light magick Nic's mother still viewed him and his sister as monster's and unnatural. She was a big believe in god, the kind the dedicated their to the Catholic Church. A few choice words his mother said to him, Susan and his father were 'devil's spawn' and 'unholy beings' and those were the censored names, Nic would rather not repeat what she called them while using as he put when he was young 'potty mouth'. Nic's mother kicked out the three of them and divorced his dad, not knowing what he was when she married him. From that day on Nicholas had become extremely protective of his family. Later in his early twenties Nicholas learned that his great grandfather was friends with a wizard named Merlin, whom was a teacher at Academy called H.A.G.S. At first Nic payed no attention and wanted to live his life. He traveled and bedded many women and had a good time. Then one night at a bar he meant this beautiful woman by the name of Sophia. He tried to impress her but instead probably made himself look like an ass when he did a drunken strip tease on a bar table. Sure he earned a few bucks by accident but he hadn't seen the woman after or ever since. That is until he heard Merlin was retiring and resigned his teaching job. With the help of his grandfather and Merlin, Nic got an interview for the new teaching position and that's when he met Sophia again. To his surprise she was the head mistress. And he had no clue if she even remembered him. But because of his advanced knowledge on protection magick and runes Nic was able to get the job and has been teaching ever since. Sadly he still hasn't gotten the balls to ask out Sophia or even ask if she remember's him.

The 'Talk' he gives himself after he fails to ask Sophia ►►►

So begins...

Nicholas Everett's Story

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"Glad to see the place is still standing." The sun reflected off of Sophia's golden hair as it bounced with every step she took toward Hecate Academy. To the mortal eye, there was nothing here but trees and dirt, but with a wave of her hand, the illusion of nonexistence melted away from Sophia's eyes. The Head Mistress walked up to the large, magickally endowed gate protecting Hecate's border and placed her index finer on the lock. "Hecate, Mother of Witches, please grant me your power." A familiar surge of energy ran throughout her body and a silvery black spark flew from Sophia's finger tip and the gates swung open. "Thanks Mom."

She wore a pleasant smile and a sexy black dress that clung tightly to her curves as she strode across the Academy lawn. She sighed deeply, stressful thoughts swirling like a violent maelstrom in the back of her mind. She had been forced to travel away from the academy to discuss several incredibly large issues with the Counsel of Magick. One of which, the very recent murder of Merlin, her mentor of several centuries, was very close to her heart. The Sons of Eden were gaining power, reach, and becoming increasingly aggressive within the last couple of months. Frankly, it had always been concerning and a problem, but once they killed Merlin, Sophia vowed that she'd take them all down. One by one if necessary. Sure, revenge was petty, but the Head Mistress knew it would feel glorious.

She had allowed the students to take a one week intermission between their classes. She figured that they needed a break, even if they had only been about three months into the school year. Now, she believed some changes were needed to be made to the academy to keep it safe. The illusions and wards surrounding it would need to be fortified every week instead of every month. More creatures would need to be recruited to protect the grounds and twice as much crème needed to be offered to the Fay in Goodfellow's forest in exchange for them to lead humans away from the school. Sophia sighed. There really was a lot to do.

'Do you want me to notify the teachers?' A raspy voice came from Sophia's side. She looked to see the large, dark furred form of Delphi. The Great Dane paced along side her, but looked around, as if she was looking for something. Sophia pursed her lips. "Hmm... I really should speak to them." She whistled, several large ravens flew out from several nearby trees. Sophia smiled. These birds were a of her own magickal dabbling and they possessed the ability to relay various messages between people. They flapped in the air near her face, cawing in anticipation for an order. "Would you be dears and tell my teachers that I've returned? And to come meet me in my office? All of them, please." The birds nodded and went away to find their targets.

"Now then." Sophia said, turning towards her familiar. "How about we plan a ball?" 'A ball?' The dog sounded skeptical. "Yes, it's been far too long since we've had a proper ball. It's absolutely dreadful. And we haven't had a tournament yet this year! We need to ignite that fire within our students and competition tends to do that." Delphi sighed and looked at her paws. 'If that's what you think.' Her master laughed. "You'll see, Darling. They need to be prepared for what I believe is coming."

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Sasha Romanova & Nicholas Everett

Image Image

A hurricane in Louisiana. A tornado in Oklahoma. A flood in London. A tsunami in Japan. Clear skies and perfect waves for Hawaii and Australia.

Despite her rather busy night, Sasha still managed to make it back to Hecate Academy by early morning, not at all tired. She had no time to be tired! She had to conduct her morning yoga class, finish with her lesson plan for the first semester, some private tutoring, dance class, and Sophia was most likely going to want to see her at some point during the day. Rest wasn't part of her vocabulary at the moment. Dammit! And she still needed to have breakfast. But that could come after her yoga class. She was already dressed in her yoga gear before the sun had risen, greeted by her usual yoga class and a few new others as well. “Namaste, everyone. It's great to see you again. Now, just because I'm a little bit tired and I know many of you are as well, let's go ahead and start with our corpse pose.” Strange enough, the purely Russian woman who was raised by a Greek had a strong Australian accent. That was probably because she spent a great deal of time in Australia – It was one of her favorite places in the world. There was a bit of laughter from her class as she gave a dimpled smile and they all began their morning by lying down on their mats for a while. Everyone felt refreshed as they went through their usual routine, throwing in a few more poses here and there as they greeted the sun.

“Beautiful, everyone. Absolutely beautiful. Let us move from Child's Pose to our Eagle Pose and finish with a strong Warrior's Pose.” They took a good few minutes for each pose, Sasha's green eyes sparkling as everyone moved gracefully with ease. Breathing in through her nose and out through her mouth, she joined everyone in ending their last pose by bringing their feet together, placing their hands together, and giving a light bow at the waist. “Beautiful. Now, go ahead and get some breakfast. And by breakfast, I do not mean leftover pizza from last night's party washed down with warm beer. Alan.” She earned a few more laughs as she shot a teasing smile to a student with messy black hair and a sheepish grin. As everyone gathered up their mats, she disappeared back through the door in her tree only to re-emerge with her running outfit, shorts and a sports bra.

Barefooted, she made her way out of the central courtyard and had to make her way through the halls a bit, flashing a smile and wave to those she passed as her name was called out. She didn't stop for anyone though, keeping a careful pace all the way to the sports training area. Or at least one of them. She figured that Nic would be at the eastern one because she knew he liked watching the sun rise while he ran. And right she was, spotting him just finishing with tying his shoes. “It's a lot more comfortable without shoes, y'know? I don't see why you won't just hike with me in the morning.” She flashed him her famous dimpled smile, pulling her long hair up into a ponytail.

Nicholas just chuckled softly at Sasha, ignoring the slight butterflies in his stomach that happened whenever she was near him. He shot a lazy mega watt smile as he stood up and stretched, feeling the muscles beneath his light grey t-shirt tighten then relax.

"Well I'm always up for a change so why don't we go run in the bush? I'm already bored of this track." Nicholas questioned. He felt good today, so good in fact that he had woken up really early this morning and finished all his class schudules and shit that he usually would put off until the last minute. He was excited for the school year. He couldn't want to see the smiling faces of his students. He also had some witty names and pranks for the barbarian, Mr.Erik Odinson.

"And I'm good with shoes, you ready to get going?" he questioned, pointing towards the trees behind them.

“Well, let's get going then. Try to keep up, Sasquatch.” Sasha teased him with a playful shove, a light smirk on her lips as she remained oblivious to the butterflies in his stomach, though highly aware of the ones in her own. With hardly another word, she took off ahead of him with long strides, every now and then giving a shout of bliss. Despite being hit by a few thin branches every now and then when she forgot to duck, she was absolutely ecsatic. She loved the smell of morning dew on the forest floor and the sounds of the animals around them. She felt little to no pain as stickers and burrs clung to her feet and other exposed skin, simply relishing the feel of running through nature. She had to remember that Nic was with her to keep her from simply disappearing into a swirl of petals and taking off to who-knows-where just because.

She could get a little carried away [no pun intended] when she was running.

“How's the view from back there?”, she called over her shoulder, not realizing the double meaning of her words until she actually said them. But that was her, not always thinking about what she said before she said it. She quickly turned her head to the front once more, lest he see the dark pink shade take over her tanned cheeks.

"Pretty damn fine!" Nic shouted back. He hadn't even realized Sasha was so far ahead, having been taking in the scenery of the forest around them. Nic couldn't help but grin widely as he took a quick look at Sasha's ass before picking up his speed. Moments later they were running side by side.

"I'll race ya to the pond," he challenged, a cheeky smirk adorned his handsome features as his dark hazel eyes glanced over at Sasha.

“Oh, yeah? Alright. But the loser - which will be you - has to kiss the winner. Which will be me.” A thinly veiled show of affection, she held her head high before taking off. It was a win-win situation, so she was hardly worried about the outcome. Unless he told her that he didn't want to kiss her. She frowned for a moment, but ran on anyways, her lithe figure absolutely graceful as she leapt over a fallen tree. For a few moments, she debated taking the form of a rabbit and waiting for him at the pond. There was no way he was going to beat her.

Nic only nodded his head and took off, his long legs carrying his further along as he dodged branches, stones and fallen trees. His sneakers made no noise as he ran. It may just be his manly pride but he wasn't going to lose to a woman, no matter how attractive she was. As Nic dodged another low hanging branch the pond came into view, the morning sun shone down on the smooth, clear surface of the water making it glisten. The pond was pretty deep and at the moment Nic had an insane urge to jump in the water, wanting to feel it cool his warm skin. His pace picked up at the pleasurable thought and he passed Sasha.

Damn it, he was gaining on her and soon passed her. She pumped her legs faster as she pushed onward, the pond within her line of sight as well. She would have won if a large stag hadn't jumped out in front of her. She had been so absorbed in her own thoughts and focused on winning that she hadn't paid enough attention to hear its thundering hooves as he made his way towards her with a doe and a few little ones in tow. She allowed them to pass, but she had already lost. Her lower lip pulled out into a small pout as she sulked her way over the pond. “You just got lucky. Don't get cocky.”, she huffed softly, her green eyes storming over a bit as a large gust of wind tossed her hair and the leaves around her, the sky darkening just a little.

Nic noticed the sky darken and walked over to Sasha. "Don't be a poor sport." Nic chuckled before gently grabbing Sasha's face between his hands and pulling her forward, bringing her against him as he leaned down a gave her a soft kiss. He didn't want to push it, even if he wanted to stay there longer, so he pulled back moments later and gave Sasha a big pearly smile while brushing stray pieces of dark hair from her face.

"You win." Nic said, smiling down at Sasha.

Sasha was indeed content with being a poor sport, poking at the ground with curled toes like a child who was told "no" several times. She wasn't about to start crying, of course. But she was still rather upset. She liked to win and she very much liked to think that she was stronger than Nic. Magick-wise, she'd kick his ass. But he could definitely take her on in a physical fight unless she shapeshifted. “I'm not being a p-”

Her words were cut off as he stepped to her to place a kiss on her lips, effectively shutting her up. As far as she was concerned, for that whole five seconds the world didn't even exist. She could feel her ears and cheeks get warm as her face turned bright red, realizing that even as he pulled away, her eyes were still closed and she was still leaning against him, having contently melted against his muscular figure. “Of-of course I win. I always win.” She stepped away and quickly recovered - sort of, giving a bashful laugh. “Hardly as exciting as I thought my first kiss would be, but I suppose it was special enough.”

She gave him a grin and took a seat on the bank of the pond, sliding her feet in until the water went up to her knees. It wasn't really one of those ponds that gradually got deeper. It was fifteen feet straight down from the center on out.

"Ouch, well that just wounded my ego." Nic said, trying to sounded wounded but it didn't really work with him having to resist the urge to chuckle. He then removed his sneakers, socks and shirt placing them near a large rock before he took a runner's stance. Pushing off Nic ran towards the pond, jumped and landed in the water with a loud splash, spraying Sasha. Nic didn't surface but instead used his protection magick to form a bubble of air around his nose and mouth so he could breath as he swam to the bottom of the deep pond. It was dark but with a snap of his finger's golden balls of light surrounded the area allowing him to see. Nic saw small fish and other aquatic life, along with seaweed, shells and stones. He stayed under for a while until he grew bored and resurfaced, the air bubble and orbs of light disappearing as he did.

"Well that was refreshing." he grinned as he saw a slightly soaked Sasha. A loud screech brought Nic's attention from a wet Sasha to a large black bird. One of Sophia's.

Sasha rolled her eyes as Nic's failed attempt to appear hurt by her words, a small smile still on her face as she kicked her legs in the water a bit. This was one of her favorite ponds because it was a salt water pond. The water itself was straight from the Pacific Ocean right off the coast of Australia. It wasn't like the water was special, or anything. But it was her little piece of Australia right there in Washington. When Nic jumped in, she could have easily avoided the splash, but she welcomed the cool water that soaked her, tilting her head up as it chilled her skin. While Nic was submersed, she looked up to the sky and let her thoughts turn away from him for a few minutes, focusing on the matters of the world outside of the school.

She didn't have too long to think about it before Nic resurfaced and one of Sophia's ravens came for them. The Head Mistress requests your presence in her office immediately. As it cawed, Sasha understood the bird as though it were speaking perfect English. “Right - Give us five minutes.” She smiled politely as the bird nodded and flew away, her eyes turning to her friend in the water. “Soph wants the Mentors in her office...But we've got five minutes for you to make up for that sorry kiss you gave me earlier.” There was a teasing tone in her voice as she kicked water at his face.

Nicholas was slightly shocked at what Sasha had said but didn't question it as he climbed out of the pond, soaking wet and lifted Sasha off the ground. He didn't know if she was serious but he would take any chance he got. He held her up and against him by her ass, pinning her back against a tree and kissed her. This kiss was more passionate then the first not wanting to disappoint this time. He pulled back once he knew they had to go but didn't put her down but instead smiled at her.

"That better?" he asked cheekily.

To be honest, she had fully expected Nic to splash her back and have some witty remark ready. She was completely taken by surprise with his swift movements, squished between him and a tree soon enough with his hands squeezing her ass. Well, having his hands on her ass wasn't really a foreign experience. The two had played cat and mouse since the day they met forty years ago, but it had never gotten so far. But, it was a new year with new dangers. Just more of a reason to live in the now as far as she was concerned. She was all too happy to collect the knowledge she had gathered from movies and books, having no actual prior experience before, letting her hands settle on the back of his neck as they kissed. Rather than five seconds, this kiss lasted almost five minutes.

As he pulled away, she forced herself not to pout but wasn't able to shirk the dazed look in her eyes or the goofy smile on her lips. “We should try this more often.”, she responded breathlessly.

"I agree." Nic grinned playfully, his voice held a husky undertone. He gently placed her back down on the ground, gave her a swift chasted kiss on her lips then went over and grabbed his shirt, socks and shoes. Quickly, he threw them on.

"Let's get heading back, Sophia's probably waiting." Nic said. Run or teleport?." he questioned.

Like a giddy schoolgirl, she could only smile as she took a step back from him and straightened out her hair. “Let's see you win this race.” After punching him in the arm playfully, the woman's figure seemed to just fall apart, becoming swirling pink petals that zoomed through the forest on a strong breeze. It was almost no time at all that Sasha arrived in Sophia's office, her body reforming with her sitting on her adoptive mother's desk. “I've got something super important to say when you're finished. Unless you say what I have to say because you probably already know.” She smiled at the woman before her just before Nic arrived, flashing him a smirk. “I win. Again. You owe me. Again.”

Nicholas grinned. "I'll pay you back any time." he smirked, winking at Sasha then turned his attention to the Head Mistress and the other teachers. "Mornin' everyone."

(This post is made by both Little Fox and Myself {AvalonKnight})

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Erik was in the middle of his usual morning routine when the raven flew in through the barley open window. At first Erik didn't even notice it, too busy knocking the shit out of a punching bag hanging in a corner of his room. To be honest Erik didn't notice the raven itself at all, it was more the sudden movement of the huge wolf resting on a cot that caught his attention. In just a moments notice the wolf had jumped from one side of the room to the other, holding a black raven that seemed impressively small in the predators huge paws. "Down Fenris" Erik said as he turned around, sweat cowering his shirtless body. He had given the command like one would talk to a dog, which of course annoyed Fenris. "I caught it. I decide what happens to it" was the answer Erik got. It made the large guy laugh a little "Check if its one of the talking ones first" he replied with a little shrug before he walked into the bathroom to take a quick shower.

"You are to report at Sophia's office immediately" was the first words to great Erik as soon as he stepped out of the bathroom, dripping wet. "Not surprising, send the bird back and tell her I'll be there in 15" Erik replied while drying of his body with a towel as he headed for the most appreciated furniture he owned; the fridge. "....That will not be possible" not really being able to shrug, Fenris had to settle with going back to resting on the cot. Erik couldn't really do anything else than sigh, "well well, done is done."

Getting dressed had never taken Erik long. He just grabbed the first clothes he could reach, today it was a simple pair of brown cargopants and a plaid "lumberjack" shirt of wool. He would have to grab breakfast later. "Help yourself, I'll be back as soon as possible"

About 10 minutes later he opened the doors to Sophia's office, only to discover that he was the last to arrive."Mornin'" Erik said in his usual grumpy tone, not really making a great number of his late arrival. Better late than never. "So what was the urge?" Erik had never been one for meaningless smaltalk and he had no plan about starting now.

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Sophia grinned as Olgues entered her office in a loud and dramatic fashion. "So what's up, baby?" he said with a wink. She chuckled. "Just waiting for that beautiful smile to brighten up my day." She slowly removed her sunglasses and leaned against the edge of her desk. "So, my little chocolate cupcake, has everything been running smoothly in my absence? I trust the students haven't been too rowdy?" Her grin widened. "Even so, I bet it was the teachers who were partying too much."

The Head Mistress felt a shift of energy in the room and turned to see Sasha sitting in her desk. “I've got something super important to say when you're finished. Unless you say what I have to say because you probably already know.” Nicholas arrived seconds after, just in the nick of time to share a moment with Mother Nature. There was definitely something between them, Sophia could tell. What she couldn't tell was how it exactly made her feel. Regardless, she cleared her throat and sat down on the edge of her desk. She smiled at Nic. "Morning, Sunshine." She laid back on the desk, bringing her face closer to Sasha's. "And good morning to you too, Dearie."

She sat up straight again, looking around the room. "Who are we missing now? Gats and Thor, God of Frightening Teenagers?" As if called, a broad ginger man grumpily walked into the room, as he usually did. "Morning, Paul Bunyan." She said, looking (in a slightly distasteful manner) at his flannel. Honestly, did the man own anything besides clothes that made him look like owned a big blue ox? She mentally shrugged. At least he wore them well.

She cleared her throat once more, sliding off the desk and standing to address her fellow teachers. "There are a couple of us still missing, but they'll just have to be filled in later. This is important." She took a breath.

"I left last week because I was called to meet with the Counsel of Magick in London to discuss a series of extremely concerning events. One of which-" She looked sadly at Nic. "Was the murder of Merlin." She walked in front of her desk. "The Sons of Eden have become much more aggressive in recent years and their reach is spreading to countries where their influence had been virtually nonexistent. They've murdered a large number of high profile casters, including Merlin and our previous Curses and Necromancy teacher, Ms. Thrashing, and their activity has been getting closer to Goodfellow." Sophia took a breath. "War is on the horizon, my friends. I want our students prepared. But more importantly, I want them safe. More wards on the gates, more illusions in the forest, and no student is allowed to leave the grounds without a teacher present unless I personally give them permission."

She toyed with the pentagram on her necklace for a moment. "This is one of the most powerful generations we've taught. They could end the Sons once and for all, but they're still children and they're inexperienced. We need to make sure that they're well trained and well aware of the circumstances. They'll be going under Battle simulations every week now and a combat trail against another coven every other week. It's vital that they know how to protect themselves. I'm sure you'll like that, Erik."

Sophia smiled, attempting to lighten the mood slightly. "And our last matter. There are several teaching positions open and all of them need to be filled. I have several candidates lined up, but there's one I must discuss with you all. I move to have Divinia Doriano have a sort of trial run at the Curses and Necromancy spot." She put her hands up defensively. "I know it might sound crazy, but she has extensive knowledge of the subjects, already successfully tutors a good number of our students, and this is her last year as a student."

She looked around the room. "Thoughts? Questions? Complaints? Song lyrics you want to randomly sing?"


'Well, that was fun.' Eros thought with his rolled up yoga matt under his left arm and bowl of Fruity Pebbles in his right hand. A small, pleased smile rested on his lips as he navigated the school cafeteria, finding a table that hadn't yet been occupied by any of his fellow students. He scooped a spoonful of the colorful flakes into his mouth and looked around the cafeteria, scoping out the crowd out of pure curiosity. Many of them looked incredibly torn up, obviously a symptom of attending his raging party the night before.

Eros had a gift when it came to throwing parties. He just knew how to get everyone to have a good time. He chewed his cereal, the crunch momentarily deafening him as he observed the people around them. 'Oh look.' he thought. 'There's a couple.' They were sitting a couple tables down and trying to feed each other strips of bacon. Eros smiled. They were so cute. Then there was a slight pain in his chest. He hadn't ever really been in a long term relationship. He rolled his eyes at himself. Self-pity was definitely not on the breakfast menu last time he checked. It would happen eventually. It happened to everyone eventually.

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"Leo. Leo. Time to go drop the kids off at the airport." The man just groaned before turning on his other side, facing away from his wife. Penny let out a sharp sigh before beginning to softly shake him to wake him up. "Baby, I know you're tired but we have to go drop them off." Leo sighed before reluctantly sitting up in their bed and looked at his wife. "Fine, I'll take them." The woman just smiled before kissing her husband softly on his lips. "Thanks, baby. You're the best." He just rolled his eyes before getting out of bed and kissing his wife on the cheek before heading to their conjoined closet and get on his clothes for the day. The man look at the clock above the entrance of the closet before groaning even more. 3:00 in the morning. Leo scoffed before slipping his dress shirt over his head. "It's too early for this."

"Oh, stop being a baby, Leo." Penelope said as she walked into the closet with a smirk on her pale face. The man just rolled his eyes as he buttoned up his shirt and jacket and walking out into the room. "Nice pink suit." Leo chuckled as he wrapped his arms around his wife's waist and looked down at her. "You're sarcasm kills me, Penny." He leaned in to kiss his wife as her arms moved around his neck. As they kissed, Leo had a smile on his lips before pulling away and kissing her cheek. "I should get going, I'll be back soon." Penny bit her bottom lip softly and nodded as she let go of her husband. "Okay, I'm gonna head back to sleep. I love you."

"I love you too, beautiful." He kissed her forehead before walking out of the closet and heading to his night stand to grab his keys, wallet and wedding ring from. He slipped the ring on his finger and walked out the door as he slid on his coat. As he walked into the commons, it was so quiet. There was barely anyone awake at 3 in the morning and if they were they were more than likely in a room. He walked towards his car and got in before heading towards the town of the others who lived and liked to visit in Goodfellow. It didn't take too long for him to get to the hotel where all, but one of his children were staying. When he pulled up to the hotel, he saw his children sitting down on their luggage, obviously annoyed by their father being a little late. "Dad, you do know that the plane leaves at 5:30, right?" Rose said as she took a seat in the far back with her twins while the boys sat in the middle after putting all the bags in the back, and Daisy sat in the passenger's seat up front and turned the radio. "Yes, Rosie. I know exactly what time your planes leaves now relax." He told her as they drove off.

As they drove closer to the airport, all of her grown children were asking when's the next time they could visit. "I'm not sure. But, you know all the teachers love you guys." It wasn't a lie, they were all pretty good kids, well except for Daisy who was a little on the mischievous and devious side. But, hey, what can you do? Which made him remember his brother who was in town for a few days. His face went straight as he cleared his throat. "So, um. Where's your uncle Jordan, is he still in town? Did he leave?.--"

"He left dad...I think. The last time we saw him,

Was two days ago walking into the bar." His son, Alexander said with Duke finishing the sentence. Something they were known for doing without really knowing they were doing it. At of both pairs of the twins and triplets, Duke and Alex were the closest, just like himself and Jordan were growing up. "Great, meaning he either went back home in LA or I gotta go look for him later." The kids chuckled as the all returned to their phones either texting the significant others or taking pictures with one another to put on their social networking sites. Except for Daisy who was reading a book on dark magick. It took them about forty five minutes for the them to get to the airport. The father helped his kids with their luggage before saying good bye to all of them. He kissed his daughters on the forehead and gave his sons a hug before heading back into his car and waving good bye. "Tell Iris we all said bye." Poppy said as she rushed inside to catch up with her siblings as they walked towards their gate. He looked at the time before sighing.


By the time he got back to the academy, Leo was exhausted. All he wanted to do is go back to sleep. But, seeing that it was almost seven in the morning, he really doubted that that was going to happen. He really shouldn't have stop to get some food for his wife and himself. As he walked towards his room, he smiled and waved towards some of his students before going into where his room was located. He walked inside to see his wife in the middle of getting ready. Looking her up and down, he smirked and whistled. "Look at you. Just as beautiful and sexy as ever." He placed the food down on the round table before walking behind his wife and kissing her neck. Penny sighed before trying to break free to tell him something. Leo...Leo, stop it," She said as she was laughing. "I have to tell you something." He tickled her sides before finally stopping and pulling away to let his wife get up from her vanity. He chuckled like a small child as his wife put her arms on her hips. "Thank you. Anyway, Sophia wants you and the other teachers to meet her in her office as soon as possible. I told them you might be a little late since you had to go to the airport." The man sighed before putting the three plates of food on the table and nodding so Penelope knew he was listening.

"Jordan called to tell you three things. One, thanks for letting him visit, two, He'll call you later today and see if you would like to go out for drinks later, and three, tell all our teacher friends to go fuck themselves." Leo tried not to laugh but, he couldn't help himself. He loved hearing how much Jordan disliked all the teachers here. More than likely most of them had him in class and they weren't a fan of him. And he certainly didn't like them whatsoever.

"Perfect. I'll call him later. And I'll get going in a minute. First, I'm going to have a cup of coffee and spend some time with my wife." Penny rolled her eyes towards her husband as she walked past him to pour two cups of coffee for the two of them. "Don't we spend enough time together, Leo? I mean, we've spent everyday together for the past, what? Twenty six , twenty seven years?" Leo just shrugged as he sipped his coffee and looked down at Penny. He might have been short, but Penny was only five feet and one inch tall.

Penny smiled as she finished her coffee and headed to get her purse from the front door. "We should get going. Time waits for no man...even you, Leo." She said in a teasing voice as she walked out the door to get ready for the day in the nurses' office.

When the door closed behind his wife, Leo just imitated what Penny had said before setting the two mugs in the sink of the kitchen and places the food in the refrigerator. Looking at the time, he shrugged and teleported into his boss' office. When he appeared he smiled towards the others before hearing Sophia ask if anyone had any questions. "I do. Maybe my grandpa hearing is kicking in, but did you just say that you were letting, Divinia...Divinia Doriano, teach? Now, I respect very much, Sophie and you know that but, this has bad idea written all over it to me."

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#, as written by Vix
In collaboration with Jinny <3

Sasha listened patiently to Sophia as she spoke, bowing her head for a moment at the mention of the deaths. She already knew, as much of Puck and Circe Covens did. She wasn't sure who else knew. When the question of Divinia came up, it seemed like everyone except for Erik and Olgues had to protest against it. Her brow pulled down some and her lips formed a tight line, no dimples in sight. There were few times when Sasha was completely serious, even during her classes.

But now seemed like the perfect time to get serious. “How about we pull our heads out of our asses and think of this from a professional standpoint.” She stood up from her perch and allowed herself to lean against Olgues. “Most of us have known Dimka since she was nine. She's never left this school since she first got here. She's like a little sister to most us. We can trust her, especially in this situation. Preparing students for fights against Sons of Eden is what she lives for.”

Looking over to Sasha, Leo held in a chuckle as she pleaded with them. Personally, Leo knew the Divinia for many years but, he never truly got to know her like some of the other teachers. While Leo wanted to interrupt he just looked up at his close friend, Nic already knowing he felt the same way about the girl as he did. The man didn't hate her, he just didn't believe that it was a good idea to let her teach.

“I'm not asking you to pity her, but remember what she's been through. Remember that she survived for two years by herself against the Sons of Eden. Yeah, she's harsh towards the other students, but look at how much the kids that she's tutoring have improved. You and your wards don't like the way she teaches? Your kids don't have to take her classes. There've been zero complaints from Circeans about her. Sophia wants us to prepare the kids for a fight. Whether you want to admit it or not, you all know Div can do it. When's the last time someone beat someone she's tutored in a fight? Tough and harsh is what we need right now.”

"Sasha, I understand what you're saying but there's a difference between tough and being psychotic. This girl has killed people, have you forgotten about that? I'm not saying she's not powerful, I'm not saying that she's not good at tutoring because she is, I'll give you that. But, is it the right thing to give her complete control of a classroom filled mostly with people who already like to harm others?"

“Uh. So, you're saying that everyone - or mostly everyone - who takes courses in Curses and Necromancy is sadistic?” Sasha lifted a brow as she called Leo out on his profiling of the students, her look ever darkening. “She's not psychotic. She's been through a lot and has developed her own methods. Methods which helped her survive, made her strong, and are making her students strong. Or are you saying that you're afraid of putting her in control of a class because you think the "evil Circeans" are going to get worse under her influence? Don't forget that there's at least fifty of your kids, probably about a hundred of Nic's kids, and even some of my kids that take Necromancy. Are you afraid that she's going to "corrupt" your precious and oh-so-innocent wards?”

Was he somewhat afraid of that? Yes, he was. But, he wasn't going to let Sasha know that. Seeing that, she probably wasn't going to let this go easily. "Sasha, we're not talking about my students, we're not talking about Nic's students, or even Erik's students. We're talking about Divinia. And is she sadistic? Yes. She is.", he pointed out, focusing on Divinia and avoiding the point she made about students of other Covens in the currently teacherless classes.

It almost seemed as though she were going to sneer, but she instead had stopped leaning against Olgues and clenched her hands into fists so tight that her knuckles were becoming bone white. “This isn't just about her, you made it about the others in those classes. She has more knowledge and experience in Curses and Necromancy than anyone else at this school except maybe Soph. Are you saying that we should deny her what she's been busting her ass to do for the past decade? Sadistic. Yes. But she's honest and respectful.”

"What? You don't think I know that there are more than just Circeans in that class, Sasha? Of course I know that. And I get that she's had a rough life, a lot a people have gone through shit in their lives and a lot of other students work hard too. But, I don't see us going up to them like, 'Hey, go teach this class that gives you a huge influence over your peers.'"

“Whether she's formally placed as the Professor and Mentor or not, she's still going to have influence over her peers. She has every damn right and you can't stop her. She's earned her place and has been here longer than any other student. And need I remind you that none of the Curses classes nor any of the Necromancy classes are required? They're completely optional. How many students every year drop out of Battle Magick class because they can't handle it? If students can't handle the class, then they don't have to take it. Yeah, other students work hard. But they aren't fucking qualified. She is. She's been qualified. Have some faith. Most people don't think any one of us should be teaching. Nic's a perverted manchild. Erik scares the shit out of everyone and looks like a rapist sometimes. You're a manchild. Soph acts like a sixteen year old. Olgues and I smoke pot with our kids. And how many of us have had a drink with our students under twenty-one? I recall you and penny sharing a glass of bourbon some time ago with a few sixteen and seventeen year olds. Okay - So she killed some kids. They all made it back and none of them filed complaints. What did they do? They worked harder to better themselves. Alex didn't make it back because he didn't want to come back.”

She was really getting worked up now, throwing everyone under the bus and pointing out that there were a lot of people against them being in their positions as well, gusts of air whipping around the office as she took a strong step forward. “Go ahead and name one person more qualified to teach those classes. Name one person from Circe with the qualifications for the job and the respect from the students of Circe needed to be a Mentor. People are dying, Leo. Merlin's dead. Ariana's dead. They're closing in on us and it's about time that we all buckle down and nut up. If you're so scared for your kids, advise them not to take the class. Either way, it's not up to you. I agree with Sophia full heartedly. If Divinia was as much of a threat to the students and the school as you think and say she is, she would have been expelled and most likely killed by now. But she's still here and she's still alive because she knows what she's doing and she is especially valuable in this particular time of need.”

As Sasha took a step forward and the wind started blowing around the adults, Leo just tried his best not to get blown away. He was a small man and if the wind got any stronger, he would be pushed down. He was about to say something else before he started thinking about what he has done for the past twenty nine years. Giving in just to make to arguing stop. While he hated giving in, he knew that he wasn't going to win this argument.

Leo took a sharp sigh before running his head through his hair and looked at the shorter woman in the eyes. "Just suck it up, Sport and get it over with.

"I just don't want anything happening to these kids, Sasha. Okay? But, if you and Sophia truly think that letting the girl teach will help protect us, then fine. Let her teach. But, if it blows up and ends up going wrong, it's on you, not me."

“Nyeh!” And it was over just like that. Valid points made and argument won, the serious Sasha faded along with the win and the more childlike Sasha came out once more, sticking her tongue out at Leo as she mocked his last words much like an eight year old child before turning to the others. “If you cared about these kids, you'd be tougher on them. I'm going to follow Erik and Divinia's example.” She crossed her arms over her chest and lifted her chin a bit, having to look up at Leo [and pretty much everyone else] as she dared them to start up with her. “I second the motion.”

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Divinia teaching? To be honest Erik was not so sure if that was such a good idea. She was with no doubt one of his best students and by far his favorite. But there was something about it he didn't like that much, he couldn't really put a finger on it, but something just didn't seem right about it. Maybe it was just that he didn't like the thought of having her as a colleague instead of a student.

Damnit.. Where the hell is that wolf when I need him Erik thought to himself as the discussion between Sasha and Leo became more and more heated. Fenris was usually the one Erik confronted when his own feelings confused him. Unfortunately the wolf was probably busy eating his way through the fridge, so Erik would just have to sort his thoughts out by himself.

As the wind started picking up Erik got closer and closer to something of an answer. Remembering he had learned in the military In combat the fighters own feelings should never be taken into consideration, a wise commander didn't call of an attack because he feared for his own life, and he wouldn't order an attack just because someone who meant something to him. If anything like that happened, the commander should be released from duty as he is no longer capable to make wise decision. This was something Erik believed to be the absolute truth and remembering that made him sure that the only reason he din't want her as a teacher was because he viewed her as something of a daughter, and he had a feeling that would end if they were to be colleagues. But he should not put his own feelings before the obviously best choice.

"I vote yes. but as I see it, I shouldn't have much of a saying in this. Everyone knows Divinia is one of my favorites, and that will affect my judgement no matter how hard I try not to." Erik said as Sasha calmed down. He wasn't really surprised when Leo choose to back down instead of standing his ground. "I'll leave the decision to you" He said and nodded to the others while scratching his beard, knowing that they probably would decide to make her a teacher anyway. 11

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Nic just silently listened as the other teacher's argued. He knew he would have to make this proffesional and not personal. Because personally Nic wasn't a big fan of Div, sure at times she wasn't bad but from childhood he was taught that there was a strict line between good and evil and that had an impact on how he saw people. He knew Div wasn't all bad and the day her first met her all he wanted to do was protect her from the outside world and the evil that it held. No one ever knew, and he will deny it if anyone ever found out, but deep down Nic had a soft spot for the girl seeing as she had such a terrible childhood. Nic knew she was one of the best choice's for teaching the class, the other maybe being Lucian, since his father is the devil meaning Lucian would have great knowledge of the dead, but Nic highly doubted Lucian wanted to teach.

"I agree with Sophia, Div would be a good influence when it came to that field of teaching, the only other student I can think of that would fit the bill is Lucian Black but thats only for his knowledge, other then that he's kind of a hard ass and I don't think he would enjoy teaching so I also believe Div should teach.....sorry Leo" Nic gave him a shrug as he leaned against the wall. His eyes flashed to Erik.

"Morning you grumpy hairy assed giant" Nic snickered trying to get a rise out of the big guy.

"Well if we are done here I believe I'm going to go shower, care to join Sasha?" Nic grinned teasingly.

"I think you need to go brush your teeth big guy, I thought I smelt rotten eggs but then I realized it was your breath" Nic teased. He mind was telling him to run the hell out of there before Erik attacked.