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"We're more than just a bunch of party rocking potheads; We are the keepers of the natural order."


From the outside looking in, nobody really thinks too much about Puck. As far as outsiders are concerned, Puckies are just a group of temperamental, party rocking, tree hugging, grass munching, pot heads. Looking past their legendary parties, and getting to know a Puckie will prove people wrong. More than any other group, Puckies are taught to have a deep respect for the natural order. Not what humans see as natural order, but what is truly natural order. Like the Laveaus, they are capable of making friends within Circe and Merlin, though it isn't unheard of for Puckies and Merlinites to butt heads. As far as their magick is concerned, they are often overlooked like the Laveaus. But they do more than talk to animals and make plants grow. Mother Nature has lead her wards for many years with aid of other mentors and have produced students capable of creating entire landmasses and even other creatures. With all of Fae-kind at their beck and call, these are hippies you don't want to cross.

Characters Aligned

4 Characters Aligned, played by 3 Players

Character Portrait: Olgues Wesner

Olgues Wesner played by VenusFlyTrap

"This is poison ivy. And this is not. The leaves look the same. I'm going to mix them around behind my back and you're going to chose one to eat. See if you can guess which one is /not/ the poison ivy~"

Character Portrait: Ayman Majid

Ayman Majid played by VenusFlyTrap

"Two black dudes walk in a bar... What do you mean don't go there?... Ugh. Fine..."

Character Portrait: Avery Hawks

Avery Hawks played by Raisinette

There are little gems all around us that can hold glimmers of inspiration.

Character Portrait: Sasha Romanova

Sasha Romanova played by Little Fox

"Dionysus, you sorry son of a bitch!"

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