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Divinia Doriano [11] "The tinman does have a heart. You just have to dig to find it..."
Sasha Romanova [10] "Dionysus, you sorry son of a bitch!"
Erik Odinson [10] "welcome to hell. Class is now sett"
Harper Elle Valine [10] " Let us read, and let us dance; these two amusements will never do any harm to the world."
Olgues Wesner [10] "This is poison ivy. And this is not. The leaves look the same. I'm going to mix them around behind my back and you're going to chose one to eat. See if you can guess which one is /not/ the poison ivy~"
Sophia Divinus [10] "Magick is a force that runs through all- Young man, please turn your familiar back into a frog."
Ryan Hensley [9] "You and me? Oh we got this."
Eros Caballero [9] "I'm a lover and a fighter. But more of a lover. Let's go to your room."
Nicholas Everett [8] "That's right I'm a teacher, got a problem with it? Didn't think so"
Ayman Majid [8] "Two black dudes walk in a bar... What do you mean don't go there?... Ugh. Fine..."

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1 Day before

As Maisie was packing up her clothes for the night, she looked towards her roommate and best friend, Erin who was doing the same thing. The only difference was that Alex had her clothing tossed all around their room. Maisie shook her head as she put in her black leggings and gray shirt into the small gym bag. "You know, Rin. That we're only staying on the beach for two days and a night, right?" The girl asked with a smirk on her face as her friend threw a shirt at her head. "Hush, Maze. Unlike you, some of us get to catch the attention of other people." Rolling her eyes, Maisie walked over to her friend and looked at the clothes she had scattered all across the floor and her queen size bed. "You could wear this today, these tomorrow, and your new leggings tonight. We can be matching." She held up a pair of her friends dark wash jeans and a light red shirt. Alex sighed as she inspected the outfit and smiled as she grabbed the two articles of clothing, folding them and putting them in her blue bag. "Thanks Maze."

The blonde just shrugged before walking over to her side of the room and grabbing her bag. "Ready?" She asked.

"Yea, but aren't you going to wait for Des? I mean, the cutest couple of the year needs to be together at all times." Erin said with a sarcastic tone and a smirk on her face as Maisie chuckled with her. "He's already there setting up and we just got back to school. Most people don't even know we're together yet, which is the way I want to keep it. The last thing I need is for girls to start flocking even more to him just because now he's finally taken." Maisie said as she looked up at her best friend. "Even if they do, he's not gonna notice. He has his little Sweethart now, he doesn't want anyone else."

"Unless, Sophia shows up. Then he'll forget all about me." She said as she looked at the time on her phone and rolled her eyes when she said Sophia name. While she respected as a teacher, that's where it pretty much ended. She wasn't her friend, she wasn't some sort of adult who seemed more like her sister to the girl, no nothing like that. She was a very attractive woman who Maisie saw as a threat to her relationship.

Erin set her bag down on the wooden floor as she walked over to her best friend. "Will you stop? Des does not like the headmistress like that, even if he did, who cares? He wouldn't leave you for her. He wouldn't hurt you like that." Erin knew how jealous her best friend got around women and girls she saw as 'threats'. She tried to hide it from most people but, her two best friends, Des and Erin, have seen it more than a few times. Erin was about to say something else but before she could, they both heard Maisie ringtone, Come to Me go off. They both looked at her phone on the girl's bed before Erin reached for it and saw it was a text from Des. As Maisie looked at her friend, she just had her hand out waiting for the city girl to put the phone in her hand. "What's it say?"

"Nothing. Just him leaving you for Sasha, Sophia, and possible Divinia as well." Maisie snatched her phone away and read it only to look at her friend and softly push her. "You're a bitch, you know that?" She said as she watched Erin pick up her bag before walking back to her friend's side.

"Yea, but I'm your bitch." Erin said as she jumped on the shorter girl's back and wrapped her arms around her neck. "Now, onward, my sassy blonde steed!" Maisie just rolled her eyes before standing up straight and making her friend fall off on accident...for the most part. "Sorry, Erin." She said as she helped her friend up. "Don't worry about it. C'mon, let's go tell the others." The taller girl said as she put her arm around Maisie and walked out of their room, closing the door behind them.

The present

Maisie was sound asleep with her Adeline right next her, using the girl as a pillow as she laid on her legs. She could feel Adeline stirring but, it wasn't until she felt someone softly trying to wake her up, when she finally started to wake up. She heard the person say something but, she didn't know exactly what they say as she started to wake up. She turned towards her boyfriend as her eyes opened. "Good morning my bird got you a fish, and I got you juice" She groaned.

"No. Five more minutes." She said with a smirk in a mockingly childish voice before reluctantly getting up. She sat up on her blanket before she looked at her best friend and saw his sweet but, awkward smile. She smiled towards him before she stretched her arms above her head before answering her boyfriend. "Good morning, handsome." She said before moving in to give her boyfriend a small kiss on the lips. She looked towards Peter and petted his head. "Good morning, Peter and thanks for the breakfast." She said with a small smile. She turned towards the food before licking her lips. She put the plate on her lap as she reached for a knife and fork.

Adeline opened her eyes at the sound of people talking and soon moved over to Des as she laid her head on his lap. Maisie just rolled her eyes as she looked at her familiar before taking a bite of the food. Addy looks up when she heard someone coming towards the couple but, relaxed when she saw it was just Lisa. "And hello to you to Des and Maisie,"

Maisie just smiled and waved towards her as the other blonde took a seat in the sand to join them. "Is anyone else up yet?" Mazy shrugged her shoulders before listening, trying to head if someone else was awake, it still was a bit early so she doubted a lot of people were up just yet. "I'm not sure. I just woke up and it is a little early."

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Divinia simply shot Ryan a glare but uttered not a word. She could feel the stares of people on her and she couldn't help but to feel a flash of anger sear through her like a brand. She didn't care that people thought that she was the Regina George of the school; Smart, beautiful, manipulative, powerful, classy, and mean. She didn't care that people thought that she was a souless whore of a bitch. But how dare think that she would have so little respect for others that she would not shed a tear for their deaths. She sat in silence and otherwise ignored their presence until she felt a hand on her shoulder. She needn't look to know who it was: Evanne. Evanne was just about the only student who would comfort Divinia publicly. Mostly because nobody else knew what to do – Divinia didn't get vulnerable for the public eye. It wasn't in her nature to show weakness in the face of her enemies. She was even capable of dismissing the slight bit of pity that Evanne radiated. She could already hear Deseronto's teasing when he found out that she had shed tears in public, silent as they may have been. She would honestly rather have him tease her than to comfort her. He was such a dick! Him and every other Merlin with their fucking hero syndrome. But she did have respect for the ancient wizard nonetheless.

Even if he had called her the spawn of demons and devils.

At the nudging of Meg's elbow she finally took a bite from her toast, pulling out her cell phone. It was Audrey, one of her other best friends. She liked Evanne and Audrey the best out of most others, though she'd never say so. Couldn't have people know who was close to her. While they certainly weren't Ivy or Ryan, the two other young women ha a certain...innocence that she liked. To corrupt? No. Just to be around. They weren't sanctimonious and they understood her in a way that her other friends didn't. She wasn't about to propose to either, but she found her time was better spent in their presence. To Sorellina: I'm in the cafeteria – Usual table. She put her phone away and returned to eating her toast with her expression growing slightly more amused as she watched other students rush out to vomit after seeing Meg swallow yet another fat mouse whole, making a show of slurping down the tail. “Don't worry, little one. You'll have a smile on your face within the next thirty or so minutes.” Divinia turned to Meg at the cryptic message, though she didn't bother trying to pry into her Familiar's thoughts for an answer. Meg may be a Familiar, but she was once a very powerful and very old witch. If she wanted Divinia out of her head, she didn't have to put that much effort into it.

Div simply shook her head before turning to face Ryan and Ivy, taking a few extra seconds to wash her toast down with a gulp of her smoothie. “Classes probably won't be starting for another day or two. Either way, we're going to need a meeting. Soon. I'll talk to Odinson about it.” Her gaze moved across the cafeteria a bit and her lips pulled into a frown as she spotted Eros and his latest groupie interacting with Harper and her friend Ryan. She didn't really like Harper or Eros, she found them both to be immature and annoying twits possibly deserving of being erased from the cosmos. She didn't really know Ayman but she knew that he had a smart mouth. He stayed out of her way though. Ryan Simpson... He was Harper's friend but he defended Divinia's honor when people talked about her. Yet he wouldn't approach her. She would have to handle that later. She was simply curious. But her attention was drawn back to the table before her where she continued on with her breakfast, Meg shifting from her human form to that of her snake form. Divinia felt a bit more comfort as the massive snake wound herself around her ward, resting her head against Div's shoulder.

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Even though Maisie pleaded adorably for a few more minutes of sleep Des insisted she wake up by rubbing his nose against her cheek playfully "Nope, you've had enough beauty sleep, time for breakfast." He said before quickly getting up to grab his plate before someone awoke and took it for themselves, returning just in time to see his girlfriend fully awaken.

Seeing Maisie stretch into awareness reminded Des how tired he actually was, having stayed by her side until she had fallen asleep in his arms before tucking her in and slipping out to spend the rest of the night outside standing watch over the camp with his suite mate Keith and few other Merlin males. If their was one thing to be known about Keith it was that he was good to have by your side in a fight, and this sorta made up for his slight drug problem.

Des was taken from his thoughts and blissfully brought back to the present by a small and gentle kiss on the lips which made is face turn a shade of salmon quite quickly. He still wasn't use to a beautiful girl like Maisie placing her lips on his but each time she did, it sent the same rush of emotion over him, and while Des avoided addictive drugs because he feared their effects he was pretty sure this was how they felt. "Ill never get tired to that." He thought to himself as a cheerful grin grew across his face.

Maisie was now looking towards Peter and he rubbed his head against her hand as she petted him. Pete loved Maisie for the simple fact that she made Des happy and kept his emotions stable, which in turn keep the sky's clear and allowed him to enjoy the freedoms of flying and hunting. "Good morning, Peter and thanks for the breakfast." She said with a small smile. Peter nodded acknowledging her appreciation. At the same time Adeline had now opened her eyes and moved from where she had been sleeping with Maisie to lay her head on Des' lap. Being a dog lover from an early age Deseronto gently stroked down Addy's long flappy ears before saying "Hey darling how are you today." Maisie just rolled her eyes as she looked at the two before taking her first bite of food. Adeline looked and at first Des thought it was because she saw Maisie eating but the real reason was that someone coming towards the couple. It was Lisa and as she entered the tent she greeted them "And hello to you to Des and Maisie,"

Maisie both smiled and waved towards her as Lisa took a seat to join them. "Mornin Lisa glad to see you're up early." Des said with a smile "Is anyone else up yet?" Shaking his head Des answered her question the best he could "Not that I know of, We're the only early birds as of right now but ill go check, In the mean time have some breakfast." Moving his plate over to Lisa Des stood up and exited the tent but not before calling for Peter, who immediately flew to his shoulder. "Think anyones awake Pete?" "Nope I really doubt anyones up without that disgusting poison you humans drink." "You mean coffee, don't you..." "A rose by another name still stinks" "Im positive thats not how that goes Pete..." "Yea yea whatever, I'm gonna go sneak an aerial view you contemplate my mastery of the human language." "you've got issues pete."
"You and me both buddy." The two laughed as Des walked across the beach enjoying the silence and peace.

With thoughts of the ceremony and festivities still fresh from yesterday Des couldn't help but be pleased that the Merlin coven's little gathering had been a success so far and the only thing left to do was return to the school later. It was smart of them to have kept this event a coven secret, meaning no one of Merlin coven was supposed to tell anything about where, when, or why they were all leaving. The less anyone who wasn't one of them the safer they would be. Of course upon returning they would be free to brag and rub it anyone faces about the time they had but Des wasn't one for that kind of behavior and just wanted to make sure everyone his worst nightmare didn't happen. With Sons of Eden picking off casters as strong as Merlin there was very little safety even in numbers and he knew this.

"Umm Des.... I think... I see something..."

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Hellion was scaring people as him and Audrey made their way down the hall. The young woman shook her head at her familiar. Innocent Merlins would scream and start running away. The cheetah believe it to be the funniest thing in the world and Audrey snickered a bit as they scurried in a different direction. "You are just horrible Hellion" Audrey said to him. He looked at her and gave what she believes was supposed to be a smile. "Thank you darling" he responded. Any insult she gives he just takes it as another character trait she's describing. But Audrey loves her familiar despite their different ideas of a fun time. The blonde pulls out her phone and checks to see no response from Lucian. The new scar had stopped burning, but she wanted to figure out what did it. Right as she was to put the phone in the pocket, it vibrates in her hand. Looking at the screen, the ID reads Div. It was a reply. Quickly reading over it, a smile formed on her face. Audrey was already headed to the cafeteria. Her phone was put away and she made a left.

"I can help you. Stop asking everyone else for help." Hellion scolded me. Audrey ignores him. Hellion can't help her when it comes to hell. He has never been or heard of half of the demons she would describe from the dreams. He was useless when it came to this curse. Eventually the two made it into the cafeteria. Eyes were burning holes in the sides of her face as they looked at her paint. They knew what it meant and they didn't even bother asking why. So much disrespect. Not one person attempted to pay their respects. Even if they were on the darkside, they were important to the institute. Before she angered herself about this, she walked through the line to grab food for Hellion. The caster wasn't hungry or eat much. As she moved through the line, she stacked all different kinds of meat on the plate. Blood Sausages. Regular Sausages. Bacon. There was other things that Hellion told her to grab that she couldn't name. Task two was to find her way to the table Div was sitting at.

Audrey's steps were slow as she made her way into the crowd of students. She could hear jokes and laughter coming from her right. Harper, Ryan, Eros, and Ayman took up that table. They were having fun and cracking jokes as usual. Her gaze wandered about the room and she was almost searching for Deseronto. He was always checking in on her to make sure that she wasn't causing harm to students. Of course she refrains from doing it while he is around, but it still gets done. Finally she saw the table that contained Circes. The paint made it much easier to find them. The casters pace sped up and Hellion trailed behind. Audrey came up and gave a soft smile to everyone at the table before sitting down. Hellion sat on the floor behind Audrey and she handed him the plate of meet. He was extremely grateful and started eating right away. "Hello everyone. How is everyone this morning?" she asked softly.

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'Get this abomination off of me.' Grim growled out as Ryan and Dracula his familiar came to the table. Drac decided to himself that it was okay to sit on Grim. Grim and Drac don't like each other. Grim turned his head around almost in a 360 and snapped his sharp canines at the bat. He was going for his leg hopefully so that he could break it so when Grim devours the animal, it can't leave. Ivy watched as the two pets went at each other like cat and mouse. "Grim play nice, don't want to get charged for murder." Ivy said only half joking. They don't arrest animals but they do send them to the pound. Which is similar to jail, just for dogs. Grim huffed and sneered until he went back to his still posture at the table. "Good boy." That received a low growl from Grim.

Ivy took a bite of her apple completely finishing it. She set it down and that's when Evanne came. She went up behind Div and set a gentle yet firm hadn't of her shoulder. Div didn't even react to the touch, though she didn't have to. Just Evanne's presences alone could almost calm anybody down. She didn't have to open her mouth. She could just sit their and let you break down and she wouldn't utter a word. Ivy would know. But that's for another story. 'Give me your apple.' Ivy looked at her apple, then at Grim. Back to her apple. With a shrug she used her elbow and nicked the apple off the table. Grim caught it with his mouth and used his powerful jaws to eat the heart of the apple. The part that no one ate. Grim had weird eating habits.

“Classes probably won't be starting for another day or two. Either way, we're going to need a meeting. Soon. I'll talk to Odinson about it.”

Ivy nodded her head in agreement with the meeting. It would be a good to get everyone together so they could discuss the topic of the murder of Ms.Thrashing. The sooner the better too, "Some people might want to talk about it, and maybe hatch a plan to get revenge on the Sons of Eden." Ivy said shooting Div a pointed look. She was probably the most affected about this than anybody in the Circe group. If someone wanted to get back at the Sons of Eden, guarantee Div would be the one to do it. Though it might take some training to get to that point. If the Sons of Eden could take down a powerful teacher, a student wouldn't last a second in that arena. Ivy rested her head on her two palms elbows on the table. She was tired and just wanted to go to the dorm, rub the make-up off, throw the robe away and sleep. But doing such things like that would be highly frowned upon and would forever breath down Ivy's neck.

"Hello everyone. How is everyone this morning?" Ivy looked at the new comer. Audrey with her familiar Hellion the cheetah. Probably the nicest Circe member you would see. But don't forget that she's still a Circe at heart. Ivy grunted in reply to Audrey's greeting. Ivy and Audrey didn't really have the best relationship out their. They had absolutely nothing in common and things were super awkward between them. However Ivy doesn't hate her, just would rather be in a different room than her. 'Hellion, come and we shall rain hell over this land together.' Grim said walked over to the cheetah with a wolfy grin. Grim and Hellion were probably the best of friends. Kind of sad that the pets could get along perfectly but not the masters.


Ryan playfully winced at the cold glare Div shot him at his little joke. 'I thought it was pretty hilarious. Some people just don't have a sense of humor.' Drac said and to make it more dramatic he shook his head and gave out a sigh. Ryan chuckled at his familiar who was now residing on the table in front of him. Well after his mini chase with Grim, Ivy's familiar, he thought it would be better to just stay away from the hungry wolf. Ryan couldn't agree more. Ryan would like his bat alive than eaten. Ryan reached over to Ivy's bowl of dry cereal and grabbed another handful and stuffed it in his mouth. Ryan was never sure what they put in the cereal which made it so addicting. Cocaine? Marijuana? Whatever it was, Ryan wanted more.

Ryan acknowledge Evanne's presence as she came to comfort them. Div more specifically who's cries seemed to die down over time. Evanne had that calming affect of people that got people to relax. But when it came to Ryan it was the exact opposite. Ryan likes to inflict rage to other people a power that he has only used a couple of times. It's not hard to make people mad Just say a couple of false words and then bam! Fight in the hallway. People were so easily influenced and empowered by the smallest rumors which is very pathetic and humiliating. Especially when you find out rumor is wrong but you've already acted on it. Like if some guys girlfriend was told that her boyfriend was caught cheating. You believe them and break up with them causing a heartbreak which is hard to get over. Then you find out your boyfriend is heartbroken too. Well because you broke up with him for no reason. You actions based on a rumor that was never true.

“Classes probably won't be starting for another day or two. Either way, we're going to need a meeting. Soon. I'll talk to Odinson about it.”

Ivy nodded and with a mouthful of frosted flakes Ryan said yes. 'Hasn't your mother ever tell you not to talk with your mouth full?' Ryan rolled his eyes at the fake stern tone Drac was giving him. My mother was too crazy to care about how I ate. You of all people should know." And with that Ryan tuned into what Ivy was going to say. "Some people might want to talk about it, and maybe hatch a plan to get revenge on the Sons of Eden." Ryan agreed and disagreed with that statement. Clearing his thought he spoke up. "I don't really think we should be talking about getting the Sons of Eden back. We really need to focus on calming the other Circeans out there. Some of them aren't as strong bone as we are and might need to know that the Sons of Eden aren't going to come after them." 'Yet.' Drac added and snicked and sadly it was true. who knew how long it would be until they came after the rest of us.

"Hello everyone. How is everyone this morning?" Ryan turned to look at Audrey with a dazzling smile. "Well hello beautiful. I realize there's no room on the table, why don't you sit on my lap? I promise it's comfortable. Ryan said winking at her. But instead she just sat down and Ryan put his hand over his heart. "Ouch, you couldn't let me down gently could you?" Ryan said and went back to his goofy facade. 'Oh Dear god! She brought Hellion! Grim and Hellion both hate me! Why would she do this to me! I thought what we had was special? Ryan raised his eye at his familiar. "First of all, they only hate you because you're childish and silly. And second, you and Audrey don't have anything. You can't even sit on her shoulder without freaking out." Ryan said the last part with a laugh. Drac just huffed and crossed his wings over his chest. "One day, one day."

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Nic just silently listened as the other teacher's argued. He knew he would have to make this proffesional and not personal. Because personally Nic wasn't a big fan of Div, sure at times she wasn't bad but from childhood he was taught that there was a strict line between good and evil and that had an impact on how he saw people. He knew Div wasn't all bad and the day her first met her all he wanted to do was protect her from the outside world and the evil that it held. No one ever knew, and he will deny it if anyone ever found out, but deep down Nic had a soft spot for the girl seeing as she had such a terrible childhood. Nic knew she was one of the best choice's for teaching the class, the other maybe being Lucian, since his father is the devil meaning Lucian would have great knowledge of the dead, but Nic highly doubted Lucian wanted to teach.

"I agree with Sophia, Div would be a good influence when it came to that field of teaching, the only other student I can think of that would fit the bill is Lucian Black but thats only for his knowledge, other then that he's kind of a hard ass and I don't think he would enjoy teaching so I also believe Div should teach.....sorry Leo" Nic gave him a shrug as he leaned against the wall. His eyes flashed to Erik.

"Morning you grumpy hairy assed giant" Nic snickered trying to get a rise out of the big guy.

"Well if we are done here I believe I'm going to go shower, care to join Sasha?" Nic grinned teasingly.

"I think you need to go brush your teeth big guy, I thought I smelt rotten eggs but then I realized it was your breath" Nic teased. He mind was telling him to run the hell out of there before Erik attacked.

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Lucian Black

A harsh growl escaped Lucian as he teleported back to school grounds. The trip he had taken to hell last night was an unpleasant one because he was in charge of the soul passing that night, his father wanted to take a night off. Lucian was starting to think the man's age was finally getting to him. But that was not that thing that had soured Luke's mood, he enjoyed doing his job, but not when he sees someone he knows. Luke had to pass along his necromancy teacher whom was murdered by those sons of Eden. His teacher had given her last goodbyes to him and crossed over smiling at him even if he knew it wasn't a true smile. Even with her list of sins Luke had broke the rules and ignored them, passing the woman along to enternal peace instead of damnation. Of course he had gotten in shit for it after but Luke just shrugged off the punishment. Once he was back on school grounds his phone chirped, informing him he had a text. He looked and saw it was from Audrey, but instead of answering he went in search for her.

He instantly went to the cafeteria, thinking she may be eating, and also the fact that he was starving. Pandora, Cerberus and Axe followed Luke, the loyal hellhounds never left his side, not once in his life had he been without them. From the cradle to highschool. Luke went to the line where students waited for food but was let to the front when the other students literally cowered and scurried away, forgetting about their food. Luke was rolled his eyes, he wasn't that intimidating, though maybe his sour mood darkened his aura. Going to the front Luke grabbed a plate and pilled on food, not really caring what it was. By the time he finished he had a mountain of food on his plate. Glancing around Luke spotted the group of Circes and made his way towards them. Without saying good morning, cause it sure as hell wasn't, he sat down beside Audrey, awkwardly trying to fit his large body into the small confines of the table.

"You wanted to talk to me?" Luke asked Audrey, looking over at her then glanced around at the other's. The instant he saw Div's tears a shift protective instinct kicked in making him become tense. An inhumane growled rumbled in his chest unconiously but he quickly grew silent again as he reached into the pocket of his leather jacket. He revealed a small piece of folded paper.

"Here Ariana Thrashing gave it to me before she passed over, its addressed to you Div" Luke said holding out the paper for her to take. He hadn't read it since it wasn't met for him. Pandora, Cerberus and Axe stayed by his side but Pandora, being the chatty one, walked slightly over to Grim and Hellion. Axe growled possesively, huffing at his mate to return back to his side but Pandora just snapped at him and turned back to the other's. Cerberus gave out a grutting noise similar to a chuckle.