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Aleksandr Zalewski

"This city doesn't know what's about to hit 'em."

0 · 403 views · located in Chesterville

a character in “H E R O E S || V I L L A I N S - Invite Only”, as played by Artik


A l e k s a n d r


Name: "Name's Aleksandr Jedrzej Zalewski, betcha' can't say that five times fast." You probably can't
Nickname:"Oh, you can call me whatever your want really, sexy, asshole, the best you never had, or you can stick with Alek. ~Shrug~ That's cool to." Stick with Alek
Age:"Twenty-five years young, my friend - and getting better every minute." Twenty-Five
Gender:"I like those red lips and flattering hips. Oh, and did I mention vaginas?" Male
Sexuality:"Straighter than a straight guy in straightsville." Heterosexual
Race: "Whiter than white on rice." Caucasian
Nationality: "Polish and proud. Concentration camps, ain't got nothing on me." Polish
Alignment: "The Dark side - yeah, the ones always advertising that they've got cookies." Evil

Eyes:"So blue that the sea is green with envy. It's a joke..Get it? Jeez. Tough crowd." Seriously strikingly blue.
Hair:"I've won a lot of things, but the battle with my hair ain't one of 'em. It does whatever the hell it wants. I've given up on taming it." Alek's hair was once a natural chocolate brown, ever since the testing, it's changed to a pure snowy white.
Height:"Five feet ten inches of pure Pollock." 5'10"
Weight:"Hell, I don't know. A buck sixty?" Yeah, that's about right.
Skin Tone:"One pale fucker." Indeed.
Build:"Bam. Bam. Welcome to the gun show." Alek is pretty athletic. He excels in soccer and swimming resulting in an overall tone physique.
Body Markings:"Are you talking about the dinosaur on my ass?" He's talking about a birthmark first of all, but whether it's shaped like a dinosaur is still up in the air. Otherwise he has a scar that splits his left eyebrow in two and a quite few others on his back, each with a story to tell.
Voice:"Sexy enough to seduce a nun." An low and confident tenor with an accent thrown in the mix.
Description: Alek is a pretty attractive guy, and he knows it. His posture alone leaks confidence and cockiness. His eyes can cause you to do a double take, and his crooked smile a triple take. He prefers to be clean shaven, and always likes to dress to impress - he's particularly fond of bow ties and suspenders. His premature white hair is long and wavy, sticking up whenever he runs his hand through it. Alek expresses emotion so readily on his face, and through gestures that he's easier to read than some books..or so it would seem.

Quirks: Does being obnoxious count? -- Alek talks... a lot, and not just with his mouth, but with his whole body. He's constantly making a variety of facial expressions, hand and arm gestures, and never quite sitting still. When upset or irritated, his nostrils flare and his jaw tenses up and his accent becomes more pronounced. Alek is also quite a playful flirt and tease, often making provocative comments to just about every female in shouting distance. He seems to enjoy being close to people, but he usually expresses this trait in the form of getting up close and personal with people, violating their personal bubbles in order to fuck with them in various ways for his own amusement.
Fears: Alek ironically enough is afraid of being alone. His loud and proud personality tends to send people running in the other direction, which is really quite counterproductive with his desire for some sort of closeness. He's also not to fond of clocks...they drive him nuts.
Likes: It's pretty obvious that Alek likes attention, despite the fact that he goes about it entirely the wrong way. He's also a big fan of fast cars, motorcycles, shit any kind of vehicle that gos fast is a plus in his book. Honestly, anything to get that adrenaline high makes him happy. More personally, Alek likes to feel needed. Even things as simple as give him something to do for you and throwing him a sincere compliment afterwards, and you'd be surprised to see how much it brightens up his features. On the simpler side of things, he also enjoys cigarettes, coffee, smelling good, and sketching - which he's quite good at might I add.
Dislikes: Sitting still - he simply can't do it for long. Especially now with all the kinetic energy he stores, it makes him even more restless and results in more than his fair share of sleepless nights. Boredom. Can't stand. Hates it. It is the bane of his very existence. Yet, he can't get away from it. It's like he's genetically designed to get bored, it's really quite frustrating for him. He hates the cliche stuffy, 'better than everyone else', sit-around-and-show-of-my-rolex, rich snobs, ect, ect, kind of people. You'd think with all the money they had, they'd know how to have fun, or at least be a tad more interesting. No problem though, Alek makes a living taking their wealth and putting it to much better use - not that he really needs it. Again, on the simpler side of things, he's not fond of rap music, orange juice, or authority figures.
Personality: Alek is obnoxious as all hell. He's loud, proud, and dances precariously along the line of cocky and confident on a daily basis. Believe it or not, he's pretty intelligent, clever, and creative. Unfortunately for society, he excels in using those traits to fuck with people. Things are pretty cut and dry with him. Either he loves you or he hates you. If you're interesting, fun, or can make him laugh him some way than you should be good- such as Yva, for example. He can't stand the mundane, the people that work five-nine, doing the SAME. DAMN. THING. EVERY. DAMN. DAY. The idea of it makes him want to...explode. But we'll get to that later, yeah? Alek has a pretty addictive personality. Once he tries something he likes, he has to do it over and over again..until he gets bored with it - and then he moves on. Problem is, he gets bored with everything. Women, alcohol, drugs, adrenaline, money, gambling - he's done it all, and he's had it all. So what's next? Blowing up a Chesterville, bit by boring bit sounds about right.

Super Attire: Being a bit to interested in creating havok, Alek hasn't had the time or desire to worry about some fancy outfit. He dresses nice enough on a daily basis anyway, but they do sport a set of masks for obvious reasons. Alek also sports a fedora or some kind of hat when the need to hide his tell tale locks arises.
Casual Clothing: Alek likes to dress up. Really snazzy shit, ya' know? When the mood strikes him, he's fond of button downs, suspenders, ties and bow ties, slacks, vests, the whole package. Don't get me wrong though, there are occasions when he reverts to the ever classic jeans, t-shirt, and favorite hoodie. Just depends on his mood really. Usually though, he's somewhere on the higher end of the spectrum between lazy and wedding attire.
Carried Items: Smokes, lighter, wallet, keys to he and Yva's get-a-way vehicle currently a sleek, customized motorcycle, and a pocket full of various coins for impromptu explosions.

  • Indifference: Alek honestly couldn't give two shits about what people think of him. He does what he wants, when he wants, and has fun doing it. Insults don't bother him, threatening his family gets no reaction, and don't even bother with that reverse psychology shit. When he needs to be, Alek can be pretty fucking heartless.
  • Fights Dirty:An instigator, Alek loves to push other people's button, get under their skin, and hit 'em where it hurts. He's not the type to take sucker punches though, if he's going knock you on your ass, you'll definitely see it coming, if only because the face you'll make is oh-so-entertaining.
  • Clever & Ruthless: This Pollock is one clever little shit. If there's even the smallest loophole, tiniest window of opportunity, or miniscule crack in your defenses - have no doubts that he'll find it and use it to bring you to your knees, then have you begging for mercy.

Weaknesses: (at least two)
  • Stubborn: It takes a lot, and I mean a lot to get Alek to give in or give up. He refuses to be bested and will fight until he physically can't anymore, and even then he'll keep kicking until he's passed out. Verbally, he go back and forth in a battle of wits and insults until someone's pride has knocked down a notch or two, or until he gets bored of course.
  • Easily Bored: When you have a trust fund more than mile deep, you can buy pretty much anything and everything. Believe it or not, money can buy happiness. Unfortunately for Alek, the duration of his happiness has always been quite limited leaving him wanting and yearning for more, but never quite having enough. It's that yearning for happiness, for affection, for some sort of long lasting feeling that drives him.
  • Eager:
Always ready and willing to throw himself into the new, fun, next best thing - whatever it may be. There are times when his eagerness prevent him from looking it at every angle, and seeing both the pros and cons of the situation, and simply going on the confident assumption that he can cleverly wiggle his way out of any trouble that may come of it. He's been fairly successful thus far....

Powers: Kinetic Energy Manipulation - Basically, he can blow shit up. How you ask? Well, here's where things get complicated. Everything that moves has some sort of kinetic energy powering that movement. Be it something as simple as a ball bouncing, or on the other end of the spectrum something as potentially dangerous as a bullet. The energy that propels these motions among others Alek can toy with in a few ways. To start, he can absorb it and store it within his body. When he absorbs it, whatever he takes it from becomes motionless as a result loosing all of its momentum. However, the more he stores the more fidgety and restless he gets as a result. He can only store so much before he has to expel it in some way. That brings us to the next method of fucking with kinetics Alek can play with and that would be charging, and enhancing the already existing energy of most objects, and things apart from people. For whatever reason when he charges the energy of an object, it becomes a makeshift time bomb. The smaller the item, the larger it takes to charge and the less energy, the opposite works for large objects of course. The size and mass of the item control how long it takes for something to eventually explode. Finally he has to be touching whatever he absorbs and or charges.

[i]Marital Status:[i]"Nice legs...when do they open?"
A sexy, single bachelor of course.
Family: Father - Andrzej Zalewski - Living, CEO, dying of cancer. | Mother - Anelie Zalewski - Living, well known fashion designer.
History: Spoiled? Privileged? Whatever you want to call it, that was Alek's childhood...and teenage years...and even now into his twenties. With a father that created a overseas trading business from the ground up, and turned it into a multimillion dollar company and a mother who came from a wealthy family, and made her fair share of in the fashion industry their only child has never wanted for anything. At least, anything that money could buy. Now don't go thinking - oh, he was starved for attention, his parents were never around, he had some nanny that practically raised him! Nope, when I say spoiled and privileged, I mean in every sense of the word. Sure they were busy, but he got to see more than enough of his parents even if they weren't the most affectionate of people. Currently though, his dad is a pretty cranky old bastard dying of lung cancer, and mom's got more than enough to keep her busy between work and a sick, and relatively elderly husband. Alek was sent to the states as soon as he graduated, with a fully furnished home as his graduation present. He lived there while he attended college, and recently graduated with a double major degree in mathematics and art, and a minor in psychology. The boys not dumb by no means, but by far the best decision he's ever made was to sign up for that paid drug testing. College was both fun and boring in certain respects, but after that shot, he's having the most fun he's had in a long time.
Why You Signed Up For Testing: A drug advertised to give me some sort of superhuman ability to help the city? It was just another fun adrenaline fueled scheme for Alek - and it worked out well obviously.
Opinions On Other Supers: Yva - The two of them have become quite the terror spreading duo lately, she currently helps satisfy his desire and need for new, fun and dangerous things. Time spent with her usually brings quiet an adrenaline rush, not to mention she's more than just something sexy to look at. So far though she's proven to be a great partner in crime, as for any other possible connections, we'll just have to wait and see.
Ivan - The guys dad is the doctor that takes care of his slowly dying father. He's met him the few times he's been to the hospital visit in the past few years. He seems like an alright guy though, as far as he can tell.
Crackers -That one scientist though was a real fucking quack. A wacko in a lab coat, that much was for sure.

So begins...

Aleksandr Zalewski's Story