Yvette Gorbachova

"Honey, you're sweet, but kindness can't buy me diamonds."

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Yvette Gorbachova

Nelly Furtado - Maneater
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Name: "Yva Gorba, that's all you need to know." Yvette Valerija Gorbachova
Nickname: "Just Yva, baby, don't strain yourself." Yva
Age: "-grins- Eighteen." Twenty-four
Gender:"Normally, I'd say my eyes are up here, but this time I'll let it slide- Like my twins?" Female
Sexuality: "I'm not a carpet-muncher if that's what you're asking." Heterosexual
Race: "I'm the best kind there is." Caucasian (French-Russian)
Nationality: "American citizen, unfortunately." American
Alignment: "Baby, if only you knew." Evil

Eyes: "Blue, green, brown-- Does it really matter?" Very light blue.
Hair: "I'm a blonde, yes." Bleached blonde, however is naturally light brown.
Height: "Tall enough to kiss you, baby." An unimpressive five feet and four inches
Weight: "Sorry, I don't own a scale." A couple of pounds over a hundred.
Skin Tone: "Undamaged unlike some of those tanning salon whores you see these days." Pale from lack of sun exposure.
Build: "I got hips for grabs, yes." Thin and slender, bordering malnourished.
Body Markings: "I dunno, got a few tattoos all around, I guess." She's got a flock of birds on the back of her right forearm, a set of flowers on her left hip, and a feather on her left ankle.
Voice: There is not a clear accent, which masks her heritage as well as where she might have lived throughout her life, the tone is usually soft and she doesn't strain herself to speak, however, it is confident and clear enough to cut through steel.
Description: A hundred and five pounds of vain and selfish mass. The woman is a beauty that's for sure, and it is the main reason why she's so good at her game. Sure, she pampers herself left and right to keep up her looks, but even without much determination, she can pass off as a natural beauty on every level. She wears her make-up dark, accentuating the light coloring of her eyes, and while she could pull off the bright red lipstick, she tends to stick to clear gloss. When among friends or alone, her posture may slack, giving her a carefree, relaxed look, but among potential men of interest, her body does this thing where it suddenly turns sexy and alluring.

Quirks: A couple of her verbal quirks include her need to have a pet name for every individual, 'baby' being the most popular. She also says yes after sentences instead of before. Physically, she's got a few situational posture quirks, depending on whom she's with, she'll stand or appear quite differently. Her strides are long, which makes her look as if she's skating across the floor. There is a bit of an obsession with her hair, she hates it being touched and her hairstyles are often extremely detailed.
Fears: Becoming poor, being judged, and although this one is a bit of a secret, she fears being unloved. Also, she has an irrational fear of birds.
Likes: Her hair, of course. Dresses and stilettos, being photographed, being showered with attention. Money, rich men, handsome men, her newly aquired power, outgoing people and people she can have genuine fun with. Parties, clubs, alcohol, cigarettes, music, and sometimes even drugs. The magical qualities of marriage that she abused on numerous occasions. The scent of peppermint, vacations, beaches, cabana boys, holidays, celebrities, and of course, her partner in crime, Alek, or as she lovingly calls him, Sasha.
Dislikes: Bad hairdays, boring people, simple people, authorities, especially police--having been arrested a couple of times before. Poor men trying to win her affections, having a budget, prenuptuals. The color brown, chocolate, red meat, having to work and lifting a finger, bad humour. And Fuckin' birds and their feathers.
Personality: She is a small woman, but the force with which she goes through a man's life can be likened to the damage a tornado or a hurricane leaves. She's charming and outgoing, and pretends to be interested in your personality, your life, ups and downs, but really, she's just a good actress, and the only thing her eyes are set on is your thick wallet. She'll let you woo her, but she's smart, she'll be hard to get, so that when you get her, you're instantly in love. Then she clears out your bank account. It's nothing personal, really, she's just so in love with wealth, there isn't any spot left in her cold heart for the real kind of love. Though ironically, she couldn't function without receiving love. Other than being a gold digger and a maneater, Yva is a great conversationalist, she's actually smart and clever despite being this shell of a blonde. She laughs often, makes jokes, and tends to be the outgoing one in her group of friends. A loyal friend, she'll always have your back, because when it came to friends, she leaves the gold digging and selfishness aside. She values fun over responsibility, so she wouldn't be the best person to fully rely on when it came to a business partnership.

Super Attire: This is her super outfit. A red leather jacket over a black sports bra, black booty shorts over fishnet stockings and red leather high heeled boots-- Usually.
Casual Clothing: She's a fashionista, you'll never see a single article of clothing on her that is out of style. She often rocks stilettos or platforms with a wide array of casual to formal outfits, all in attractive colors.
Carried Items: When not out raging terror on the city, Yva carries a purse with all of her essentials: wallet with a ridiculous amount of credit cards, pepper spray, a make-up baggy, a hair brush, perfume, emergency tampon, pocket mirror, checkbook, several pens, cellphone, pack of cigarettes and a pink lighter.

  • Emotionally Tough: Yva was never the girl that crumbled underneath the weight of the world, instead, she made use of what was thrown at her. She never cried over spilt milk. But she's also never been able to feel compassion for her friends or family, there was never that soft spot for anything.
  • Ambitious: Although she may not have a great work ethic, she is ambitious in other areas of her life, like snagging the richest man around.
  • Athletic: She's always taken care of her body, going through vigorous work-outs to keep it in shape, and the result left a small woman with an adequite amount of strength and tolerance.

  • Wealth: The woman is drastically altered when it comes to money, give her a possibility for luxury and riches, and she will follow up to the depths of earth, however, if she so ends up without a penny, she will most likely lose her mind and her cool.
  • Love: Although Yva never really loved anyone, she must receive love and care nonetheless, without it, she's powerless to the point that she doesn't have the determination to even get out of bed and face the world.
  • Vain: She's a sucker for her own reflection. The woman goes to great lengths to protect herself from age, damage, etc.

Powers: Yva possesses a "phasing" ability that allows her and objects or people with which she is in contact to become intangible. This power also disrupts any electrical field she passes through, and lets her simulate levitation. She's able to bring other people and objects through solid foundations by making contact with them. One of the most useful aspects of the power is that with concentration, she can evade damage. If she's focused enough, she can become intangible when a bullet propels towards her and through her, but if she's distracted, she's not going to have the reflex to use her power when something she isn't aware of is traveling towards her at high speeds. With that said, the weakness of this power is that she's unable to stay intangible for long periods of time, so she's forced to pay attention and watch her back.

Marital Status: In a relationship with her current sugar daddy, who happens to be a young entrepreneur with his father's money. Doesn't mean she's loyal to him-- only to his wallet.
Family: Vlada Gorbachova (Grandmother, 65)
History: Basically raised by her Grandmother, Vlada, Yva learned every trick of her gold digging trade from the woman who was like a mother to her. Vlada has always favored men with heavier bank accounts and a more free flow of money, and having been heart broken before, Vlada made sure to keep her Granddaughter from the same fate, teaching her to value money and material things over love and romance. To her, money cannot wake up one morning and pack it's bags because it didn't love you anymore, if you were smart with it, it stayed with you through all tough and easy times. A lesson that stuck with Yva so fiercely, making the young woman a more emotionless and determined self of Vlada. At times, even Vlada doubted if it was a good thing to teach those values to Yva, but so far, she hasn't regretted a thing, her Granddaughter truly could not be slowed down by love and petty things like that.
Why You Signed Up For Testing: Yvette instantly saw the dollar signs on the poster, and where there is green, there is Yva.
Opinions On Other Supers:
"Alek? Oh! You mean Sasha, yeah I like him. He's fun, sexy, and spontaneous, and has dough, what more could a girl want? It's more of a partnership, though, then again, you know where that leads."

"Oooh, Ivan, met him even before the testing. He's confident, which is probably what I like about him most, well no, I'm lying, he's rich, mhm, that's what I like about him most-- wouldn't mind jumping those sexy bones either."

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