Eric Zink Username: HiredHand

"If you need something I can help you out."

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a character in “.hack//Reboot”, as played by GamerX


Name: Eric Zink
Age: 18
Gender: Male
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Username: HiredHand
Class: Rogue
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Although typically a nice person, anyone would think that the Rogue 'HiredHand' is a devious person. However anyone that has done business with HiredHand knows that the Rogue is easy to get along with but seems to be a bit of a mystery. Even in the real world he is still a slight mystery to the eyes of the spectators of the world. Even though he hides his real self he seems trustworthy and anyone says they can vogue for that.
Eric's family is in the lower part of the upper class and he chose to go to public school. He met many people at school and likes the laid back life in comparison to his family's high class busy life. He came into the game as a beta tester and seemed to pick up on both the basics and advanced bits of the game quickly. He always preferred not being in any type of control over anything other than himself in gaming; completely different from in real life where he is great as a leader and is thinking of following his father's footsteps and take over the business.
To help hide the identity of the person behind the controls Eric has a voice changer that is set to give a voice that sounds like static is taking over the mic. (Click here for an example from Youtube which starts at the 2:35 time point. Also the real voice is L's voice from there. Keep in mind that link is to a fandub version.) HiredHand says this is to further distinguish him from all the others. He is not much into the fighting aspect of things as much as information gathering. However he will do any job asked of him (within reason) if he is paid half the fee up front and the other half when the job is done. He also is great with making items and sells them for some extra profit. Those who need to get a hold of him and are new customers they can easily find him in the main city if they ask around for him. His specialties are poison/potion making, trap construction, stealth, information gathering, and his escape tactic are great for what he does. He can fight really well but he usually prefers not to do so.

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Eric Zink Username: HiredHand's Story