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Amy Lin

Mother to Leah

0 · 130 views · located in Atlas City

a character in “Hadean”, originally authored by Kiyokojordie, as played by RolePlayGateway



Theme 1 – Sunflower
Theme 2 - I was made for sunny days
Theme 3 - Grilled cheese

Full Name: Amy Lin
Alias: -
Age: 33
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Chinese Australian
Hair: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Body: Average
Height: 160cm
Weight: 65kg
Hometown: Melbourne, Australia (She is currently living in a small mountain village just a few hours outside of Melbourne)
Affiliation(s): -

Personality: When Amy was younger she was extremely rebellious, determined to do anything to cause her strict parents as much grief as possible. She was too honest, too stubborn and too loud in every way. Since giving birth to her own children however, Amy prays every day that her two girls don't turn out to be anything like she was. Amy is still honest but more reserved and calculated. She is independent and often refuses to ask for help. Her determination often outweighs any doubts that she may have about a situation. Amy has an appreciation for life and nature. Her overwhelming wish in life is to raise her children to have the best lives possible.

- Nature
- Tea
- Cooking
- Learning new skills
- Drama shows/movies

- Superheroes/Anything 'super' related
- Violence
- People who are rude or assuming
- Action shows/movies

- Heights
- Her children upset/hurt
- Supers
- Not being a good parent

- She cooks!
- Also gardens!
- Knows self defense
- Budgeting

- Probably carries around a first aid kit in her handbag
- Maybe also a pocket knife


Background: Amy grew up an only child with her two parents in the suburbs of Melbourne. Her parents were strict on her, and as a result Amy rebelled against them as much as she could. She smoke, drank, skipped classes in school, got bad grades and just generally caused as much drama as possible. To the surprise of both her and her parents, Amy was accepted into a Business degree after she had graduated from high school and there she met her now ex-boyfriend Marcus. The next year, at 19 years old, Amy fell pregnant to her first child who they named Zoe. Her and Marcus finished their degree together and had another child 4 years later. They named her Leah.

Not long after Leah's birth Marcus and Amy broke up. A few years later, still living in Melbourne, some strange things began happening with Leah. She could...change things, objects, only in small ways. Zoe noticed it first, but her mother had simply waved it off as her imagination. Eventually small happenings became bigger and more difficult to ignore, so Amy begrudgingly took her youngest daughter to the doctor who confirmed one of her greatest fears; Leah had powers.

This was bad news to Amy. She saw the constant news about supers, she read the online articles about how they lived such violent, turbulent lives. Some were heroes, yes, but it was not often a fun or easy life. It was not a life she wanted for her children. Amy decided to move with her girls to a small mountain town shortly after, deciding that the city was too dangerous for Leah to stay as a super. She would live a normal, healthy life as a child for as long as possible, away from any organization that would snatch her up. Amy is determined to keep her family stable and together, no matter what.

Powers: None

So begins...

Amy Lin's Story


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March 12th, 2045, 9:40am: Atlas City, North Carolina, USA

Day 2

Albert's comms crackled to life as a reply came through. "HQ here Albert. Not certain on that ETA yet, government is supposed to be filling us in on that soon. Sounds like the weapon is some sort of canon, or artillery, not sure. They're going to level the residential area close to the beach, they want civvies moved to the West as much as possible to avoid any collateral."


As Vicki and Maeve arrived on scene to help defeat the Beast of Decay, close to a dozen of its offspring rushed up onto the beach, with 3 targeting Maeve, 2 targeting Vicki, and the remaining others charged towards where Yue, Jericho, and Alex were operating. The sand behind these creatures darkened, as patches of dark mold grew.


And explosion of noise erupted from the entrance of one of the roads leading to the beach, as several of the Beast's offspring were torn to shreds, some bursting into bits of flame. The massive .50 caliber machine gun Richard had was making quick work of the offspring, but this was little more than a temporary measure. The man in tweed too had fired off shots, taking out two more of the dark beasts before needing to reload.

Down another adjacent street, explosions could be heard as offspring got blasted into gory, misty messes. Richard and the man in tweed looked over to see Man-Hawk working to keep his own street cleared of monsters, and allowing more innocents to escape.


Three more offspring landed around Man-Hawk, heavy, wet breathing audible all around him as they all lashed out with their veins, and malformed, claw equipped arms. So far he was managing to dodge the attacks, but another distraction had cropped up, now bursting from... His coms? His phone?

The sound was blaring from phones, radios, TVs, and everything else across the city.


Across the city, supers and humans alike, both heroes, villains, and average folk, got the startling, hopeless tone of a National Emergency Alert coming through on whatever speakers were close by. Even the heroes on the beach, the NAHLA heroes, ACHI, and SINS were getting the same message.

"This message is being transmitted at the request of the United States Government. This is not a test. An existential threat against the United States of America has appeared on the coast of Atlas City, North Carolina. The United States Government has commenced preparations for a counter offensive against the threat. A forward assault base will be established in the residential area of Atlas City closest to beach front. All homes and buildings in this area will be demolished in 20 minutes to create space for this counter offensive. Please evacuate the area immediately and retreat to safe zones set up by emergency and government services, as well as hero organizations. Safe Zones will be located in the following locations."

The message continued by listing various locations across the city to be retreated to. 20 minutes. The city had 20 minutes to ensure all living civilians were out of the front line before the military did whatever it was they had planned.