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Evangeline Richter

NAHLA's Radiant Queen

0 · 351 views · located in Atlas City

a character in “Hadean”, as played by XianEvermor


Evangeline Richter


Imageβœ–|| Full Name ||βœ– Evangeline Richter

βœ–|| Aliases ||βœ– Eva | Ouroboros

βœ–|| Age ||βœ– Appears early 20s

βœ–|| Gender ||βœ– Female

βœ–|| Nationality ||βœ– American

βœ–|| Ethnicity ||βœ– Germanic

βœ–|| Hair ||βœ– Eva's hair is long and wavy, reaching to her mid back. Most of the time her hair is a dark purple, though she has occasionally been known to dye it blonde or pink. Nobody is sure if that's her real hair color or not. She obviously spends a large amount of time caring and grooming her hair, as there is never a single strand out of place and it's almost always luxuriously styled.

βœ–|| Eye color ||βœ– Eva has heterochromia of the eyes which is s a possible side effect of her abilities. Her right eye is a crystal clear blue, and her left is swirled with pink.

βœ–|| Body ||βœ– There's no two words about it: Eva has a perfect figure. Nobody has ever seen her in the training room, lift a single weight, or even physically exert herself so how she keeps her svelte curves is a mystery. She is always well dressed and presentable, especially when appearing in the public. Her public persona is very professional, and she always appears in her signature white NAHLA dress uniform when addressing the media. Inside the NAHLA HQ she wears an assortment of dresses made by the best designers. Her favorites are a line of custom dresses made by the famous designer Lig-na-Paiste, each of which is one of a kind.

βœ–|| Height ||βœ– 5'8''

βœ–|| Weight ||βœ– 146 lbs

βœ–|| Hometown||βœ–: "New York"

βœ–|| Affiliation(s)||βœ–: NAHLA | Atlas City Division Chief

βœ–|| Face Claim ||βœ– Art Breeder

βœ–|| Voice Profile ||βœ– Maika Sakuranomira | Blend S | Maika Sakuranomira V2

βœ– Personality βœ–:Image
{Sweet | Direct | Professional | Sadistic | Yandere }
Eva has a very confident and direct, even sweet demeanor with most people. Anyone who's been around her long enough, however, knows that she curates her words to keep a positive public image, and that she does have something of a sadistic streak. Eva enjoys making people uncomfortable and is sometimes known to say and do intentionally hurtful things, especially to her aides. This behavior never appears to cross the threshold of physical violence, and her aides will vehemently deny any wrongdoing on her part if questioned. Eva does have a natural glare to her expression, even while smiling which gives her an intimidating air in spite of her slight frame.

βœ–|| Likes ||βœ–Image
βœ” Tea

βœ” Fine wine

βœ” Designer fashion

βœ” Thunderstorms

βœ” Subtlety

βœ–|| Dislikes ||βœ–
βœ— Recklessness

βœ— Beggars

βœ— Poor hygiene

βœ— Open violence

βœ— Cold weather

βœ–|| Fears ||βœ–
☠ Fear only affects the weak.

βœ–|| Skills ||βœ–

β˜… Certified NAHLA CQB Course complete

β˜… Certified NAHLA Master Fencing Course complete

β˜… Certified NAHLA First Aid, Triage, and Search and Rescue Courses complete

β˜… Certified NAHLA Marksman course complete

β˜… Master Cartographer, Expert geographical knowledge, perfect recall of locations and coordinates

β˜… Cryptography and Spycraft

β˜… Eva is a fantastic dancer and painter.

βœ–|| Costume Identity ||βœ–

Uniform: The trademark white NAHLA dress duster, same as Sairyn wears while in public at least.

Mask: None

Equipment: A fancily crafted Germanic long sword, with a gold and silver hand guard and hilt hung from the belt of her dress uniform. Nobody has ever seen her draw it. However, Sairyn, who's considered to be the most accomplished swordsman in the area aside from Hudson Li, has declined to train or spar with Eva during the fencing classes he instructs stating that "for the time being, he prefers living."

A 7.63mm Mauser C96 broomhandle pistol from World War 2. Appears to be an original, and is in immaculate condition.

βœ–|| Background ||βœ–

(WIP - Subject to minor changes)

Eva's family has been prominently involved with NAHLA since its inception, and Eva bears a striking resemblance to her mother who was one of the founding members. Her mother, the previous director died of unknown causes about 20 years previous and willed everything to her daughter Eva, who'd been given up for adoption. Eva joined NAHLA five years ago to honor her mother's wishes and is regarded as something of a prodigy. It seems like everything she touches turns to gold. She's demonstrated near genius level aptitude in every subject she has studied, and master level skill in all of the martial classes, especially pistol marksmanship and swordsmanship. She picks up everything almost instantly, like she's already had dozens of years of practice and study.

Eva became the NAHLA Division Chief in Atlas City after a meteoric rise through the ranks and has been a solid pillar of leadership for the organization for the past two years. She appears beloved, but there are murmurs in the corners of the organization... like some pieces don't quite fit. Her mother's death was ruled as a heart attack, the body was cremated and the urn of ashes buried with honors... and then the doctor, her lawyer, and Eva's foster parents all disappeared without a trace soon after she joined the organization. Eva also inherited a massive fortune born from over 100 years of her family's hard work and strategic investments which isn't strange by itself... just combined with the fact that she has no other living relatives.

βœ– Powers βœ–: Image

|| Teleport ||
Mover - 10 | Striker - 4
{ Subclass(s): Blink Mover }

Eva can slip between dimensions to instantly move herself, and any object or person she can physically touch to any location within her line of sight. She can also teleport to any location she has previously visited. Eva can teleport people and objects without transporting herself as long as the landing meets one of the previous criteria. She does not need to be grounded to initiate a teleport, nor is she required to have the landing be on a solid surface, so long as the location meets the criteria. There does not appear to be a mass limit to the objects that she can teleport so long as she can make physical contact with it, and it isn't permanently affixed to a structure or the earth. Subject(s) momentum does not change during a teleport.

For a brief moment before and after the teleport, Eva's eyes flash blue.

  • The location must meet certain criteria for her to land: She must either be able to see where she's going or have physically visited the location in the past. Seeing the location through a photograph is not sufficient.
  • When teleporting an object, it must not be permanently affixed to the earth. I.E. she could teleport a car, but not a building.
  • If she would land in a location where her body would not fully materialize (like inside a wall, or intersecting an object) she is ejected back to her original location. The force of this ejection is proportional to the amount of her body that was intersected.
  • Teleporting does not change the subject(s) momentum.

|| Wurmloch ||Image
Mover - 10
{ Subclass(s): Gate Mover }

Eva can generate portals which connect two locations together. The portals last until dismissed, and any object or person that can fit through the entrance can move through the portal. Like her teleportation ability, she must either see the location where the exit portal will open, have visited the location in the past, or have precise coordinates. Small portals can be opened and closed instantly, though a portal large enough for a person to walk through takes a couple of seconds to open.
Eva is capable of creating extremely large portals that can accommodate large crowds or massive vehicles, though it's taxing to maintain for very long and it can take a while for large portals to fully open and close. Eva is able to control the entrance and exit directions of each portal at will. Anything caught in a closing portal will be severed on either side.

While channeling the dimensional energies required to sustain a portal, the color drains from Eva's skin and her eyes glow a bright pink, giving her a somewhat vampiric appearance.

  • The location must meet certain criteria for the exit portal to form: Line of sight, a previous visit physically to the location, or precise coordinates. Photographs don't work with the portals either. However, she could generate an exit portal based on an extremely detailed map.
  • Anything caught in a closing portal will be severed on either side.
  • Large portals are taxing to maintain.
  • Portals are stationary
  • A lapse in concentration will immediately collapse all portals.

|| Regeneration ||
Brute - 6
{ Subclass(s): Regen Brute }

Eva heals at an alarming rate. Most injuries heal over night. Severe injuries heal within 24 hours. Life threatening injuries heal within 48 hours. Eva's body is constantly returning to its prime state, which has significantly reduced, reversed, or eliminated the effects of aging on her body. As a side-effect of this, drugs, medication, poisons and toxins of all kinds have a significantly reduced effective length.

This aspect of her abilities is a closely guarded secret.

  • ALL medications, drugs, poisons, and toxins have a significantly reduced effect length, including beneficial ones.
  • Nearly impossible to get drunk.
  • She might die if she's killed. It's not on the list of things to test out.
  • Recovering from serious trauma is incredibly taxing. If she suffers enough damage, she'll fall into a comatose state while her body heals.

Power Origins: "Birth"


Color Code: Color - #FA649B

So begins...

Evangeline Richter's Story


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March 12th, 2045, 9:40am: Atlas City, North Carolina, USA

Day 2

Albert's comms crackled to life as a reply came through. "HQ here Albert. Not certain on that ETA yet, government is supposed to be filling us in on that soon. Sounds like the weapon is some sort of canon, or artillery, not sure. They're going to level the residential area close to the beach, they want civvies moved to the West as much as possible to avoid any collateral."


As Vicki and Maeve arrived on scene to help defeat the Beast of Decay, close to a dozen of its offspring rushed up onto the beach, with 3 targeting Maeve, 2 targeting Vicki, and the remaining others charged towards where Yue, Jericho, and Alex were operating. The sand behind these creatures darkened, as patches of dark mold grew.


And explosion of noise erupted from the entrance of one of the roads leading to the beach, as several of the Beast's offspring were torn to shreds, some bursting into bits of flame. The massive .50 caliber machine gun Richard had was making quick work of the offspring, but this was little more than a temporary measure. The man in tweed too had fired off shots, taking out two more of the dark beasts before needing to reload.

Down another adjacent street, explosions could be heard as offspring got blasted into gory, misty messes. Richard and the man in tweed looked over to see Man-Hawk working to keep his own street cleared of monsters, and allowing more innocents to escape.


Three more offspring landed around Man-Hawk, heavy, wet breathing audible all around him as they all lashed out with their veins, and malformed, claw equipped arms. So far he was managing to dodge the attacks, but another distraction had cropped up, now bursting from... His coms? His phone?

The sound was blaring from phones, radios, TVs, and everything else across the city.


Across the city, supers and humans alike, both heroes, villains, and average folk, got the startling, hopeless tone of a National Emergency Alert coming through on whatever speakers were close by. Even the heroes on the beach, the NAHLA heroes, ACHI, and SINS were getting the same message.

"This message is being transmitted at the request of the United States Government. This is not a test. An existential threat against the United States of America has appeared on the coast of Atlas City, North Carolina. The United States Government has commenced preparations for a counter offensive against the threat. A forward assault base will be established in the residential area of Atlas City closest to beach front. All homes and buildings in this area will be demolished in 20 minutes to create space for this counter offensive. Please evacuate the area immediately and retreat to safe zones set up by emergency and government services, as well as hero organizations. Safe Zones will be located in the following locations."

The message continued by listing various locations across the city to be retreated to. 20 minutes. The city had 20 minutes to ensure all living civilians were out of the front line before the military did whatever it was they had planned.


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"Hmph," he grunted, eyeing the general and his companion with the expression that he was expecting someone else and was sorely disappointed. He leaned his back against the railing and turned his gaze back to the slate floating in front of him, receiving a notification from Tracer which brought a bit of a smirk to one corner of his lips.

"Lots, but based on the timing of your appearance and your expression you're convinced you already have the answer and that this plan you have us all scrambling to implement is sure to work. The fact that you asked in the first place instead of just informing me suggests you want me to stroke your ego by allowing you to correct me," he sighed like this was all so troublesome, using the slate to send Tracer back to the battlefield and observe the creature. Back in Olympus Heights, it warbled something sarcastic at Sheri before flying out of the garage and shrieking back towards the beach.

"Very well, I'll humor you," he said lifting the cup towards his face reflexively. He paused, looking down at it in dubious silence for a solid minute like he was trying to remember when exactly he received it. Sairyn took a breath and casually tossed the cup over the railing, moving on like nothing was amiss. "I won't make any assumptions about its origin, but it appears to be a regenerating multiplier class, per my broadcasts over the NAHLA network which I assume that you've read already," he explained, flashing a phone into his hand and tapping it a few times when he noticed that there was no signal. He ignored the smug look on the Colonel's face and tossed the phone over his shoulder flippantly where it dissolved in a flash of light. A second, phone-like device flashed into his hand, looking more like a science-fiction device cobbled together from the scraps of dozens of electronics and a miniature particle accelerator. He tapped a message silently into it for a moment.

Truce for today. Need something to deal with an S Class regenerator. Drinks after XOXO.

Somewhere, in a certain laboratory, a certain someone's phone chirped.

"Anyway, seeing that every time its damaged it creates more minions, and that it was able to withstand and instantly heal a massive wound to a vital area... unless your toy completely annihilates Slionheart over there down to its last molecule, you're probably just going to make the situation worse for the front liners," he explained, brushing a silver lock out of his face.


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"I understand you're eager for me to rub salt into your wounded pride, but I'm busy," Sairyn replied without looking up. His nose was buried in a slate as he reviewed footage of the fight, occasionally scribbling down notes on a small pad. Nearby a soldier sat with a pile of broken data slate pieces looking for someone to rescue him, having received vague orders to "fix it" after Sairyn had thrown it to the ground earlier.

It had been a sudden, but brief change in demeanor as soon as he had watched the footage of Cannon throwing themselves through the creature and killing it. For just one moment he was a wreck, like everything he'd been working on had been completely invalidated. After it passed he'd just re-composed himself, materialized a new slate and continued about his work.

The slate in his hands chirped. Notification from Tracer: Target acquired. He pressed his finger to it quickly, expanding the overhead video of someone back-talking Sheri from the rear seat of her motorcycle... That was surely a one-way ticket to walking to his destination. Now if only that gods damned woman had a phone or-

A comm frequency blipped onto the screen: ACHI was still tapped into the NAHLA network and someone had given her a commlink. Finally. He sent her a simple message, directly to her comm to be read at her leisure.

Give your invoice to Archer @ front desk. He will make sure you get paid. Discuss terms for your permanent contract later. -S

Sairyn was suddenly aware of a handful of men surrounding him. He exhaled as the Colonel's girlfriend began to approach... apparently the Colonel's request was not optional. A swift backstep got his back to a wall so they couldn't flank him from behind. His Volta pistol was in his hand suddenly leveled at the woman. One of the men took a step too far and collapsed to the floor convulsing as he was entangled in an electrified net. Everyone halted. Nobody had seen him place the traps.

"I get a phone call," he advised sternly, flashing a phone into his hand and expertly tapping a number into it with his thumb. There was an anxious silence as he brought it to his ear and it began to ring.

After a tense moment, Alice Cooper’s β€œPoison” began to play from the woman’s pocket, eliciting a raised eyebrow from Sairyn. She casually pulled out the phone and let it ring until the chorus, canting her head ever so slightly to one side.

I wanna love you but I better not touch (don't touch)
I wanna hold you, but my senses tell me to stop
I wanna kiss you but I want it too much (too much)
I wanna taste you but your lips are venomous poison
You're poison, running through my veins
You're poison-

She answered it, gently pressing the phone to her ear. Sairyn swallowed visibly and cleared his throat.

"The military is trying to take me without permission,” he said, with a level voice.

"Accept the consequences with an ounce of dignity,” she intoned gravely after a tense pause, and then hung up. He couldn’t suppress the icy chill dancing down his spine as she placed the phone back in her pocket and watched him expectantly from behind the mask.

"Inconvenient,” he muttered after a while, lowering the pistol and the phone.


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The Pentagon - Washington, DC

"Tch. Predictable," Sairyn muttered after the Colonel let him know they'd be sitting on their thumbs for another two hours and ignored his offer of refreshments. If these government types were good at anything, it was certainly wasting his time. "What's this even about?"

"I heard it's because you've been a bad boy, and have been working on some things you're not supposed to...," the woman replied from behind the mask, sidling up to him coyly. He flicked a narrowed emerald eye towards her and held her masked gaze for a long moment.

"So you don't know either then," he stated, turning his nose up at her slightly and causing her to pause. "If this were only about an unsanctioned prototype that failed after a single shot, they'd have admonished me via email. There are lots of dangerous sociopaths on federal payroll. Having the biggest stick is likely just an excuse to rope me into a job they can't pawn off on anyone else," he said, spearing the Colonel with his gaze, and shoving his hands into the pockets of his coat when the woman tried to take his arm. She stepped up onto the planter he was standing next to and draped herself over his shoulder instead.

"Hmm... you know you trap more flies with honey," she whispered into his ear. "They might be more lenient with your toys if you were a little more agreeable," she continued. Sairyn could feel the grin spreading across her face and for a solid minute the tension between them continued to mount. She suddenly flickered out of view a fraction of a second before a net sprung from his back and landed limply in the courtyard near the Philly Cheese-steak stand. She appeared sitting next to the Colonal with the dull thud of displaced air.

"Almost caught me that time," she giggled, removing the mask and watching Sairyn with her mismatched eyes, a smile splayed across her perfect red lips. "Tell me why you push everyone away, we have time."

"Hate is easier to manage- I need to talk about a new hire," he said, changing the subject.

"Oh? Hang on," she instructed, flickering away once again. Sairyn took a deep, controlled breath. She was gone for several minutes, and Sairyn spent it coolly observing the courtyard and everyone in it like he was expecting ninjas to jump out of the planters at him. He took a moment to materialize a phone and tap out a text.

Have to postpone our date. Someone in Pentagon took offense to my latest project.

Kiran's phone chirped.

The phone dissolved into light as he dropped it. Sairyn was regretting promising a date... hopefully Kiran would take him at his word and not do anything rash. Broken promises were a pet peeve of theirs. The woman appeared in front of him, the thump of displaced air causing him to flinch as she pressed a paper cup into his hand and vanished. She appeared again back on the bench, handing a coffee cup labeled with Italian writing to the Colonel and sipping from one of her own.

"Eva..." Sairyn sighed with a note of some annoyance.

"Did you collect another stray then?" she asked grinning at him from the rim of her cup.

"I'm making a move to poach a contractor from ACHI," he explained leaning back against the planter and raising the cup like he was going to drink from it. Eva arched and eyebrow at him excitedly. "Ivetta might take some offense, but her contract is expiring and she hasn't made any move to renew it."

"Oh?" she asked, like she knew more than she was letting on. Sairyn narrowed a suspicious emerald gaze at her. "I gave you discretionary control over who to hire for your team four years ago and so far you've only taken Silver Fang and one single intern, why bring this up now unless..." she trailed off, tilting her head to the side coyly, watching him with her pink eye and letting a lock of dark purple hair to fall across her face.

"What?! It's not because I like her or anything!" He spluttered, turning his face away with a scowl. "I just need a competent marksman for my team that doesn't need babysitting." Eva laughed, causing his scowl to deepen.

"You are such a tsundere," she chided, clucking her tongue. "I'll see what I can do."


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"I have to go back to the camp," Sairyn said, suddenly looking supremely anxious. He snapped his fingers repeatedly at Eva and began walking towards her, though she just held up her palm and he stopped in his tracks.

"Speak, use your words."

"Ugh. I can't explain it, I got a bad feeling," he muttered with a scowl.

"Has your soul-mate fallen and can't get up?" she giggled. Sairyn folded his arms and averted his gaze, his scowl deepening. "I'm sure everyone is fine, there's hundreds of medical staff on hand, and Peter is there-"

"Peter?" Sairyn's attention snapped back to Eva. "That degenerate SINS agent??" He asked. His right eye twitched solidly, now clearly agitated.

"Oh you say that but I don't think you really know him. He's perfectly lovely once you strip away that cartoony facade he's always trying to shovel onto everyone," she giggled. "He's not going to whisk your team off to some far away dungeon."

"Tch," he grunted, swirling the liquid in his coffee cup absently. Eva seemed to perk up and excitedly grabbed the Colonel's hand.

"He's gonna say it!" She whispered in barely contained excitement.

"Don't get the wrong idea, it's not like I care or anything! GOD, I hate it when you do that!" He blurted out like something short circuited in his brain. He huffed a sigh of supreme annoyance and stomped off towards the Philly Cheese-Steak stand while Eva was collapsed against the Colonel gasping between fits of laughter.

"Oh," she chuckled after regaining her composure and dabbing tears onto the Colonel's sleeve without a care. "You're too easy Sairyn, wait... wait where are you going?"

"To get a drink!" He snapped, dunking the coffee she'd gotten him into a trash can on his way which sent her into another fit of laughter.

Sairyn had to get a message to somebody at NAHLA without them catching on and he couldn't think of a way to do it with everything being monitored. If only he had invented a super-sonic carrier pigeon or something... a slate materialized in his hands as he walked and he tapped into Tracer's video feet, using the drone to quickly scan the camp for anything out of the ordinary. He rubbed his chin in thought while the stand attendant retrieved a juice-box for him, and he absently swiped his phone over the sensor to pay.

What if he tried to fold space... He grimaced at the idea. It only worked with the one place and... anyone he was close with. His eyes narrowed... maybe he could get it to Yue? He didn't really consider them that close, in fact he'd actively avoided becoming close with people because the space-folding bond was such a deep and personal connection for him. It meant being irrevocably connected through time and space and he hadn't shared that with anyone since...

"Worth a shot," he muttered, pushing the thought from his mind. A Sharpee materialized in his hand and he inscribed something onto the juice-box. He observed the juice box for a long moment as if proof-reading his message, and then his eye twitched. He hastily scribbled another note on the bottom as if compelled. The Juice box lay flat in his hand for a long minute while he focused, reaching through time and space for anything he was familiar with. Finally, the juice box shuddered, he got a bite! Sairyn snagged hold of it, securing the connection and sending the box away in a flash of pale emerald light.

He exhaled. Hopefully that wouldn't turn around and bite him.
Atlas City, NC - Triage Camp

With a subtle hiss, the air shuddered and with a *POP*, a juice box materialized in a flash of pale emerald light, flopping neatly into Vicki's hand. It was a box of Hi-C, fruit punch: the kind you drink when you're severely hung-over. A message was carefully written on either side in thick black ink.

Is everything OK? Secure comm (a string of numbers)
Don't tell that degenerate anything if you can help it.

On the bottom, scrawled in obvious haste: NOT THAT I CARE


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Sairyn felt like he maybe should have warned Alex that temporary heightened aggression was a minor side-effect of the bone growth stimulation chamber, but when he turned to do so Alex was already on his way. He clucked his tongue once.

It'll be fine.

"Yes, I ate already. We're the first ones up so there should still be plenty but... if you can't find anything after Jemma has her way with the buffet I can prepare something for you," he said offhandedly, glancing down at his phone. "Be careful if you intend to go to the beach: I didn't catch sight of SINS in the area on my last Drone flyby but that doesn't mean they're not observing the area, and they know all our faces," he said, draining the last quarter of his cup in a single draft. The grip on his coffee cup tightened noticeably on Pendleton's arrival, and he regarded the lawyer through a narrowed expression like he might will the man out of existence right there.

"D-... Don't you have something better to do??" he asked, in an icy tone. "Anyway," he muttered, turning back to the others. "Be cautious on your trip," he said in a very deliberate tone that suggested what he meant was "Don't give SINS the opportunity to test the red tape protecting them" and "We're not talking about my involvement with the lawyer about."

Sairyn's phone buzzed, drawing his attention. He quickly tapped out a reply and a few moments later the air was sundered by tendrils of shimmering pearlescent energy, revealing a rift leading back to NAHLA's evidence locker. A pale skinned woman with purple locks and glowing pink eyes ushered a dolly laden with several sealed medical totes through and carefully lowered them next to him. She wiped her hands on the front of her white NAHLA duster afterwards, looking nearly as frumpy as Sairyn. Clearly neither of them had gotten very much rest recently.

"Sai, I..."

"It's fine, I know you can't stay long," he cut her off, his face twisting into a scowl at the sight of the totes.

"It was already over when I got there," she said softly, laying a hand on his shoulder.

"I know: it was over in under a minute. The only way you could have gotten there faster was if the fucking moron been using the drone I built for him instead of that useless mask camera. Could have given you coordinates," he said, though his voice lacked the usual bite. "I'll forward you the results once my analysis is complete."

"I can delegate this to someone..." she offered, letting the rift close behind her. Color flushed back into her skin, and the glow faded from her mismatched eyes.

"No," he said firmly, taking the dolly and starting back towards the lobby with it. "It has to be me. Nobody fucks with my family," he replied icily. Eva blew an exhausted sigh as he left.

"Good morning Pendleton... Hello," she smiled at the others. "I hope he hasn't been too prickly..."


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"Uh, who are you lady?" Henry asked. Though from the gist and how she greeted Pendleton, he could gather she was a part of NAHLA.

"Money, first," the ebon machine spoke through his built in communicator. Sent on untraceable 8G wavelengths stretching the span of North Carolina's eastern coast, on a secure channel. He sat in a dark room, the dim red light of his optics lighting the room. "Direct deposit to the account I sent you the previous day. I know it's unbecoming to request a bonus upfront, but this is not an easy job. This has been my third venture into Atlas City this month. You understand more than I, the hazards in my line of work one would face in terms of maintaining subterfuge."

"Of course. Money is no issue, but I trust you'll understand if the bonus is eschewed should any part of your assignment is botched. You'll still be payed handsomely, of course you will. You're the one risking your life, after all."

"..." Silentium pondered for a moment. "Acceptable. Business is business after all."

"Ah, thank you, my friend! always a pleasure to work with the Guild!"


"A death at a funeral. A bit trite," He sat up, walking over to the armory lined along the ships walls. There would be...a fair bit of opposition at the Atlas City Memorial. Heroes aplenty. The grieving the angry...."But the challenge...My God," Silentium would smile, had he any mouth to do so. If he'd hair, they would prickle upward. Feel a tingle in his spine. Cyclotrons wring rounded in his brain, simulating thrill. Exhileration. Memories of the dead, given life once more. A 21st Century, Frankenstein's Monster, cursed with the fire of Prometheus.

He mechanical digits touched the gun, his cyclotronic brain making the rounds again, artificially simulated neurons firing in his head, simulating the could touch of colder metal. A weapon of death. It felt good. Almost like it once was. But just almost.

"Still not good enough..." Silentium noted tapping on the metallic hull of the stealth fighter, it's hangar opening up, and the robot standing within, activating his invisibility field to match the imperceptible vessel he was standing in. "Commencing operation."

His gun locked and loaded, Silentium leapt from the ship, landing on the roof below without so much as a thud.


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Devon listened to the proposal to head for the beach and do a little investigation from Henry. It had been three days and as far as he knew the beach hadn't been closed off for more than a day, whatever evidence he was going to be looking for if it was anything physical it would have been long gone. He took a long sip of his coffee as Sairyn interjected with some offers towards Alex and Jemma, followed up with a warning for potential SINS agents floating around the scene. "What kind of evidence are you even hoping to find, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have reopened the beach if there was even a trace left of what had happened. So I'd prefer to know what kind of evidence you expect to find there before risking a run in with some SINS agents trying to make a mistake."

Downing the last bit of his coffee down his gullet he watched as the miss appeared from a rift, honestly if he hadn't been in the super world for as long as he had been it probably would have been surprised by that, it was truly astounding how utterly desensitized one could get to this mind and physics breaking nonsense supers pulled off like it was just something normal. He uttered an almost disinterested "morning " to the miss before turning himself to the Silver cactus in their midst "I might join in on your little training session, I'm kind of feeling a bit rusty with only clay pigeons as a target, they are too predictable."


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Sai pushed up a little cart to Sheri's room like he had every morning for the past three days, sliding the previous morning's cart out of the way. He'd instructed the hotel staff and other NAHLA personal not to disturb her, and had shooed Pendleton away several times... the pest. He meant well... but he sure was annoying about it. They should have sent someone he could depend on... like Archer. Wasn't he going to school for... something useful? The delivery had been tucked away in Sairyn's lab for the time being and he still needed to oversee Silver Fang's sparring match to make sure the aggressive side effects of the bone grown solution didn't drive her to destroy the place...

"Inconvenient," he muttered when he checked the previous cart: the meal he'd cooked hadn't been touched. He sighed sharply through his nose, feeling his left eye twitch. There just wasn't enough time in the day to deal with all this bullshit. He scrawled a note hastily on a scrap of paper with a pen he'd come to keeping in his pocket, lest it be whisked off through time and space to... someplace, and slid it under the door with the others he'd left.

Need you alive.
Eat your food.
Breaking down the door and force-feeding you at dinnertime.

He didn't know what she liked, but he guessed she was Russian or Belarusian based on how she spoke on the plane. It was a simple spread: a scrambled egg, a couple Draniki, a small serving of Kasha and a butterbrot with a slice of ham alongside a pot of hot water and a few different choices of tea. Sairyn left the cart in front of the door so she couldn't exit the room without tripping over it and began rolling the old one back towards the kitchen with a sour expression on his face.

Outside, Henry's question caught Eva's attention, causing a sultry smile to twist the corners of her ruby lips.

"I'm Evangeline, the NAHLA section chief for Atlas City... and you are under arrest," she replied in a serious tone, sidling up to him. "For being criminally cute!" She finished, with a smirk.

"You know, the creature is suspected to be a dimensional being according to my brief... so if you're looking for 'unconventional' evidence you might try looking for dimensional resonance as well. Things that slip through dimensions leave a... 'residue' that can be traced. Might shed some light on where it came from, though by now any ambient signature will have faded. You'll have to find something to analyze... dense organic matter like bone holds onto it the longest," she explained.


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"I guess trying to find that man Richard told us about could be a good starting point, if his spirit is still floating about he might be able to tell us a bit more. Beyond that it would be an extremely lucky find if we came across some kind of sample from the monster." Devon said as he considered the options, weighing in the possibility of finding something that carried that trace of resonance.

"At any rate, I'll tag along with you lot. I probably won't be able to help with gathering evidence, but I recon I can at least cover your backs... And I might have a way to get us out of dodge if there are too many agents to handle. No promises though I haven't properly tested it."


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"Huh, you're the chief?!" Henry asked in surprise raising an eyebrow. "Guess you're here to pay George a visit. But yeah, thanks for the advice," he nodded. Looking over to Devon, he said, "Okay, cool. Sounds like we've got a plan then...or some semblance of one anyway."

Bzz. Bzz.

Henry glanced down at his phone. A message from his cousin. The days following the chaos at the beach, he'd gotten a phone from their benefactor and proceed to let his family know he was alright. The messages he'd gotten since we're likely enough to give his phone a full memory, but this time it was a simple message.

We heading there early. Gotta beat traffic.

Hmm...not a bad point. Once the Memorial really got underway, the streets...and the skies would be filled with bodies trying to pack themselves in from Atlas City and beyond.

Thanks, cuz. Imma get there early too. Henry texted back.

Aight, cool. ....Also what happened not the SUV again???

Henry put his phone in his pocket for now and stood up. Looking to Akiko and Devon, he said, "I think I'm gonna go ahead and head over there now, before a ton of people get there for the Memorial. Y'all can head with me now or later, I think we'll be good either way."

Henry briefly stepped back inside towards the dining room to address the shapeshifter eating breakfast with the others. "Yo, Jemma! I'm about to head there now, meet you there whenever's good for you!"

With that, he made his way towards the hotel's massive parking lot. The drivers stationed there were ready to take any of them to wherever they wanted to go within reason. There were multiple drivers on standby just in case they were needed, Henry simply chose one and was on his way a long with any of his cohorts who wanted to head there early with him.


1 Hour Later, Atlas City Beach. An hour before the Memorial.color

Henry sighed, even going there early traffic wasn't entirely unavoidable. Most people were gathered in the Memorial sight proper so far, however. Those who chose to pay their respects on the beach were few and far between. Which was perfect as far as this impromptu investigation was concerned.


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"O-oh uh," Akiko stammered as Henry left. Her face became pensive for a moment as she stifled a sigh. She turned to Devon and Evangeline with a small smile.

"I guess that's uh, that's my excuse- I mean my uh cue to go as well. Can't go talking to spirits in this," Akiko said with a laugh as she indicated her bright pajamas. "It's very nice to meet you Evangeline. That was a smooth line, by the way. Might borrow it. Devon, I'll see you on the beach. "

Akiko began to walk away but she stopped, turning to them. She opened her mouth and looked like she was about to say something but looked conflicted. She turned but called out, "Don't be late!" before leaving.


Spookmeister meowed as Akiko slid the helmet on. She smiled and bent down to pet him before going to check if he was set before leaving. He watched her carefully, her hands slightly shaking as she reached down to check the water. The lanterns on her belt ringing softly.


"Henry," Shinigami said as her feet landed upon the sand, her suit it in its gray, base form. She had flown there, invisible, since she felt the car would take too long for the time she took to prepare. It had hardly made a difference however. Her eyes weren't glowing yet either. Akiko was hesitant to use her power until they were ready and also showed herself as soon as she landed, not wanting to use it a second longer than necessary. She exhaled and could feel her breath get colder. "I..."

Again, Akiko found herself struggling to warn Henry as she had with Devon earlier. This shouldn't be strenuous... It's fine. Is it?

"I hope you have a plan in mind on what to ask these ghosts if they cooperate. I'd rather not be late to a funeral," Shinigami finished in her cheery voice as she looked around the beach. "I don't think it falls under the 'fashionably late' excuse."


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After a short conversation over the phone Henry made the decision to go early trying to beat most of the crowd that was going to be incoming. Which Akiko had had taken as the best chance to get out of the conversation and get dressed into something more proper, leaving just Devon and miss Evangeline standing there. Before an awkward silence had any time to form Devon spoke up. "If you would excuse me, it would seem my attention is required elsewhere and I fear I'm quite underdressed for the occasion. If you'd wish to find Sairyn he's usually in his makeshift laboratory just opposite the banquet halls, if you enter through the doors over there and follow the scent of baked bread and pastries it'll lead you to the right location. Should he not be there I believe there is a gladiatorial spectacle to start in a matter of minutes behind the building, which might be entertaining enough to bide the time." His voice sweet as honey and carrying a gentle posh accentuation to the words while maintaining a stance and expression that gave a somewhat regal air to him. However it soon cracked and a gentle playful smile cracked through his expression as black smoke dissolved him like an illusion blown away by the gentle winds.

Devon headed for one of the open windows near his room silently cursing that he hadn't opened own window for ease of access, but then again he hadn't expected to be returning to it so soon. Luckily the room he had chosen as his point of entry was unoccupied and he could just pass through and under the door into the hallways without causing any potential misunderstandings. After passing under another door he stood in the interior of his room and turned back into his corporeal self grabbing his gear from one of the chairs and getting dressed in his costume. If there were SINS agents abound it wouldn't matter if he was suited or not for detection purposes, but it would matter a lot if it came to blows with them. He then opened the window and let the take him once more as he leaped out of the window frame and into the air beyond, after about half a second of free falling the smoke had fully dissolved him and the additional rush of adrenaline would prepare him for the longest 'flight' he had attempted so far.

A rather swift flight later he found himself floating around the beaches, feeling satisfied that he finally managed to stabilize the use of his power and get rid of the nauseating disorientation and mind splitting information overload that his senses where given in this form. After a bit of searching he noticed both Henry and Akiko on the ground seemingly having just met up. He flew near to them and opted to make his appearance a couple feet behind Akiko giving Henry a full sight of him walking out of a forming cloud of smoke. "Did someone order a sniper team?"


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#, as written by Nulix


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"Are we going to have to pay for that?" Anthony asked Izetta, leaning over to whisper as Albert gave his speech.

"They're going to demolish the stage later anyway," she replied, not looking up from her phone. "If they make a fuss, just take it out of the budget for his plane."

"Oh, he'd be thrilled about that."

Izetta didn't respond, too absorbed in the holographic display of her mobile device. It had barely left her hand in the last three days aside from when she was moving rubble around; she hunched over it constantly, brow furrowed like a gambler who's just realized she and the dealer are playing two seperate games yet isn't willing to fold just yet. She must have been quite the sight to the audience at the memorial - sitting up on stage, the leader of NAHLA sitting to her left and the president only a couple of yards away as famous names came up one after the other to say their piece, yet appearing to all the world like a moody teenager dragged along by her parents.

"-am? Ma'am?" Ivetta's eyes flickered up at the emcee. "Did you also wish to make a statement, as leader of ACHI?"

Ivetta leaned back in her folding chair and crossed her legs, fur-lined coat sliding down her shoulders as she continued tapping at her palmsized screen. "No. Ba- Crimson Shield is a member of my team, so his words are my words."


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Eva's mismatched eyes narrowed near imperceptibly at Albert's spectacle, and though she kept a saccharine smile on her face, she couldn't hide the subtle twitch of her left cheek.

"Ma'am. I believe you're up next," informed one of the stage hands.

"Oh my, that time already then?" She chirped, though she hesitated to stand. Her eyes drifted off the stage to where Cannonade had been standing before a wry grin twisted the corners of her lips. "Oh, nobody wants to hear a droll statement from some boring official like me... why not have the world's greatest 'hero' take the stage and say something instead? I can go afterwards," she insisted, shooing the stage-hand away.


The spent bullet casing was tagged with a holographic as Yue approached, careful not to disturb the rubble.

"Good question...," she trailed off in response to Devon as she traced his line of sight from the door, tapping a metal finger on the chin of her mask. "My guess would be to obscure the evidence but... if that were the goal, why leave anything at all? This place is rather out of the way... especially with the Memorial pending it's a safe to assume they'd have had plenty of time to clean up even without knocking the building down. Curious," she noted thoughtfully, and then turned to see Akiko "trampling" over her crime scene.

She took a step towards the woman, making a choked noise of surprise before she noticed the detritus passing through her body as though it weren't there. Yue still couldn't help but scurry over to supervise closer, though, making noises of obvious discomfort and twitching whenever Akiko would "touch" something that wasn't catalogued. Investigator swooped over, making some very rude noises, mirroring Yue's anxiousness as it watched her pick through the rubble and hurriedly scanning anything new she turned up. Yue made a few gestures on an interface only her HUD could see, and Investigator dropped a handful of capsules no bigger than a thumb onto the pile. They unfurled into tiny centipede-like machines and scurried into the cracks to catalogue everything inside the cavity Akiko uncovered.

Yue jumped visibly as Jemma landed, spinning around and expecting to find trouble. Well... she wasn't wrong at the very least. When her gaze stopped on Jemma she relaxed noticeably.

"You. Are... SO cute," she muttered inside her helmet, unable to stay mad.


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Medical Area: The Memorial

Upon hearing the tall man's request, several of the medical staff simply looked at him, blank faced. They were not prepared to tell an absolute stranger about patients they were caring for, and certainly not one that most of them weren't familiar with. Luckily, a hand rose out of the group of people to wave over to Henry. George stood, face grave and stony as he ushered Henry to join him.

Before the cosmic titan could ask anything of his new 'employer', George cast a pointer finger to his lips and led Henry to a part of the tent with fewer people, and less noise. "Thank you for coming Henry. There's been a... Complication today." He looked a little shaken, but not just because of the attempt on his life...

"Someone just tried to assassinate me. Richard has gone to try and catch the sniper, and I guess he hoped you'd be able to serve as protection for me." He looked to Henry and gave him a concerned smile. "For what it's worth, I don't feel quite as in danger with you here now. But we need to stay focused, figure out what to do about this right now."


Stage: The Memorial

As Cannonade finished their rousing speech, the crowd broke out into a raucous chant:

"Can-On-Ade!" Was how it started.

"Crim-Son-Shield!" Was how it was followed.

The two names continued to be chanted for a few moments, before they bled into chants of 'U-S-A', and other proud and patriotic cheers. The President stood, clapping profusely in his fit of enthrallment for the 'heroes of the city'. Victor and Claudia both found themselves clapping as well, though both less inwardly enthused. Claudia looked to Victor, trying to hold back a smirk.

"Looks like that idea just got flushed down the toilet." She teased nodding at Cannonade.

Victor only smiled and gave a slight shrug. "Mmm, I think it may still be too early to say. And at the very least, I still have other candidates I've got lined up." He pointed with his eyes in the direction of the newly rebranded 'Crimson Shield'.

"But... He's working for ACHI. I doubt they're gonna want to let him go."

"Who said anything about them letting him go? Don't forget my area of expertise as well Claudia, I'm a businessman first and foremost. I have a mutually beneficial business arrangement I think Ivetta will be pleased to hear."

Claudia nodded along. Victor probably had the budget afford trying to get the pilot on their payroll, but this all assumed they were willing to work with the government. Time would tell, she supposed.

"By the way Victor, what was all that about the 'Beast of America'?" She questioned, raising a curious eyebrow. "That's some pretty intense choice of wording there, not sure it's what our speech writer's would have come up with."

Victor turned his gaze back to Claudia again, the two of them now resuming their seats, the clapping having come to a close with the next speaker getting prepared. "Our enemies sent Hell itself to our shores. The people are absolutely terrified, and how could they not be? How do you stop being scared of monsters and beasts?"

Claudia stared back and sighed. "By becoming one?" She asked, already expecting the answer.

He chuckled in response before turning his gaze back out to the audience. "Don't worry about the speechwriters. It's going to become politically popular very soon, because for as angry as me, you, the President, or any of these heroes may say we are? None of us are more angry than America and her people."

Whilst heroes, politicians, and businessmen participated in the memorial, off to the side Douglas MacNamara flipped through a few messages on his phone. He looked up long enough to listen to Cannonade's speech, smirking a little to himself before going back to sending a reply text message. 'And a special team run by Super Roma's Number 1 no less. Interesting. Very interesting...' He thought to himself.

'One more thing to keep our eyes on.'


Club Shapeless: Atlas City

The door's of the meeting room opened gently, giving way to the sight of a masked figure standing on the other side.

The Shape.

There was the briefest moment of silence before he granted a bow of his head to Vicki Vortex. "Vicki, pleasure to see you again. Won't you come in?" He said indicating to the meeting room. Kiran was absent currently, but as Maxwell allowed the rocker in, retaking his own seat at the table, he set to work in assisting Miss Vortex in her task.

"Lab Rat isn't here at the moment, as you can see. But what is it you'd like to speak with them about? Perhaps there's some way I can be of assistance."


Roof of the Galliant Building: Atlas City

Richard's mouth swung open about as fast as Sairyn's had.

What was this guy's problem? Richard was about to snap something back at the guy, but bit his tongue on remembering that Sairyn was the one with the drone's that Richard currently needed. It wasn't made any easier though by the inclusion of unrequested software being sneakily put on his phone. Of course, this was ignoring all the data collecting software likely already on the phone when he bought it...

"Alright, alright, I got it. And the thing doesn't like 'made up words'? Is that supposed to be a special 'feature' or something?" He remarked mostly rhetorically. It was a slight dig, Richard found he couldn't help himself in the face of the tinker's choice of wording, which the icy hero found to be somewhat grating.

Richard pulled out his phone and started to get the software running, and once it was operational, he spoke some brief orders. "Uhh... Tracer; fly to the rooftop of the Galliant Building in Atlas City."

He heard some shouting from the other end of his earpiece, something about poison? "Are... You alright? What was that about a... Tongue?" He asked confused.

"I'm sorry, your request for 'tongue' cannot be completed as requested." Tracer chirped through his phone.

"Disregard that Tracer. Please come to the roof of the Galliant Building." He heard Klaus's voice come through the other end as well, and quickly muted his phone so Tracer wouldn't get any more confused.

"Thanks Klaus, see you shortly."

After he felt confident things were settled and that the drone was almost in position, Richard snuck out of the elevator and carefully made his way across the roof, with the thick, cool fog encompassing nearly the whole area. As it spread out over the roof, it began to leave a thin coating of frost on the surfaces it touched, giving them a slight glimmer.

Richard wasn't sure if his plan would work, but since he couldn't see someone that was invisible, he figured seeing something frost covered would at least bridge the disadvantage.