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"Pain and Glory!"

0 · 466 views · located in Atlas City

a character in “Hadean”, as played by CrossKnight35



Theme 1 – Accel World OST - Monster Machine
Theme 2 – Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance OST - Red Sun
Theme 3 – Beast in Black - Berserker

Full Name: Carnifex-04
Alias: Scourge
Age: Newborn
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Ambiguous

Hair: Bald

Eye color: Yellow and pupil-less

Body: A hulking mass of muscle, with pallid green, tightly stretched undead flesh covered in scars and stitches.

Height: 2.26 meters/ 7'5

Weight: 227 kg/ 500 lbs

Hometown: Atlas City

Affiliation(s): Kiran Kingsley (creator)

Personality: An unhinged, gleefully violent man with a taste for pain and havoc, Scourge feels the most alive in the middle of battle. His words are profane, his actions impulsive, and he has little regard for collateral damage. He relishes the thrill of dominating dangerous foes, and ignores those he deem weak or defenseless, but won't go out of his way to avoid them. He's a card-carrying killing machine, through and through.

In his downtime, Scourge appreciates more calming hobbies, such as literature and baking. He is fascinated by romantics and people with strong ideals and personalities, heroes and villains alike. He was born to be a servant, and his very existence depends on Kiran's maintenance. He's mostly content with this fact, having little desires beyond his next bloodbath. But if he is to serve, then he'd rather have a master who intrigues him.

- Reading

- Baking and sweets, with a particular appreciation for sticky toffee pudding

- People he deems ‘entertaining’

- Kiran

- Pain

- A lack of resolve

- People dismissing him as a dumb brute

- Punchables faces. That he can't punch.

- The scent of roses

- A life without worthy enemies to crush

- Kiran

- Roses

- Sensory deprivation

- Brute force: Scourge’s fighting style is direct and unrefined, with a focus on large sweeping haymakers, grapples, and overwhelming his enemies with the nearest heavy object. He’s not without tactics, however, knowing when to go all-out and when to use his superior size and reach to keep faster enemies away.

- Marksmanship: Scourge knows how to operate heavy weaponry on instinct alone, favouring gatling guns and big cannons.

- Baking

Costume Identities:


A heavy, black, spike-covered leather belt, underwear, and boots with a mouth-covering mask that connects with a high-tech collar. It does little to nothing in the way of protection, and that’s the way he likes it.

- Thrall's Collar - part of his costume, the collar is a tracking device, kill switch, and performance booster all in one, loaded with a reserve cocktail of Kiran's special fluids to aid in Scourge's recovery.

- Gatling Gun - brought on by Scourge for special occasions. Not exactly portable.

- Body Modifications - Scourge's body has been equipped with a series of prototype augments courtesy of Kiran Kingsley:
Prototype Armoured Skin - an extra layer of synthetic skin that enhances Scourge's already top-tier defences.

Rib Cage Plating - self-repairing, reinforced rib cage plating that renders Scourge immune to small arms and resistant to heavy firepower.

Toxic Glands 1.0 - prototype poisonous glands that turns Scourge's blood corrosive to the touch.

Pile Bunker - carbon fiber-laced bone stakes embedded within Scourge's forearms. With a mental command, Scourge can drive these stakes forward at high speed, piercing even the toughest armour at critical range.

Impalement Rod - twelve-feet long tentacles hidden within Scourge's forearms. These tentacles grow stiff on command, and makes use of extreme centrifugal force to deal loads of damage. A viscous, pain-inducing white fluid seeps from the tip to corrode his enemies' mental and physical defenses.

Berserker Node - Scourge's strongest augment. A complex array of organ and system redundancies that ensure Scourge's ability to continue fighting after enduring injuries that would kill lesser supers a hundred times over. Additionally, when Scourge nears a critical state, the Berserker Node will imbue him with a "second wind" which rapidly enhances his performance while repairing his injuries. This ability can only be used once every six hours.



An undead abomination born from Kiran Kingsley's twisted experiments. Scourge was fused from the corpses of many mercenaries, terrorists, and MMA fighters who had fallen at Kiran Kingsley and the Shapeless Club's hands. He served as the infamous villain's brutish thrall, on the pain of death and the reward of pain. With the sudden and mysterious appearance of the Beast of Decay, Atlas City and its people might just need horrors such as himself upon its soil...



Ruinous Scourge -
[Brute - 9 (normal) 11 (near death), Shaker - 0 (normal) 2 (near death)]
Scourge was made for one thing, and one thing only: dealing as much physical damage as possible. He’s strong enough to uproot small buildings and toss military vehicles, and tough enough to survive point-blank explosions that would reduce his surroundings to rubble.

Scourge gets even stronger the closer he gets to death, gaining the power to exude blood red, corrosive haze from his wounds which turns melee combat with him into a death sentence. As a trade-off to all his power, Scourge is slower than most metahumans and even regular humans, and his enormous size makes him an exceptionally easy target to hit.

Revenant Scourge -
[Brute - 3]
In the event that Scourge is mortally wounded, he can survive for a prolonged amount of time as long as his brain matter is intact. He is entirely dependent on Kiran for reconstruction, however.

Power Origins:
Other - Kiran Kingsley’s experiments

Color Code:#2b6d00


So begins...

Scourge's Story


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0.25 INK

Deep beneath Shapeless, where the walls and shadows seemed as one, where the sun dared not spread its light. A sickly green glow permeated through the darkness, spread by the myriad distilleries which lined the floor like the pillars of a profane temple. This was level 8, the Alchemist's Nightmare, the penultimate level of Kiran Kingsley's laboratory. 

Upon one corner of the chamber, surrounded by thick roots of cables, hoses, and wires, was a carcass. A pale green thing, lying upon a slab of concrete, seven foot tall and four foot across. Its flesh was etched with a myriad veins and sutures, bulging with muscles that stretched and distended its skin. It was almost entirely naked, save for a harness of black leather and spikes which provided the barest concealment for its dignity, as well as a heavy collar around its neck, fitted into a mask that obscured the creature's features from the eyes down.

Its eyes…

Pale, yellow, and bulging open, without the barest glimpse of life. For that was what it was, a corpse. Cold, bloated, and rigid… but not for long. Upon its right shoulder, seared underneath the skin with jet-black ink, was its name: "04 CARNIFEX."

A tall, slender woman with pale skin and stark white hair gazed at her creation and smiled. It was a common thing for Kiran to change the shape of their physical body, and their current shape could land them a career as an actress or model easily. With their reputation changing their appearance now and again was a necessity. They gazed at the creation before them with a look of pride. "All ready to wake up, just need a good chance to test you out."

The intercom crackled to life, interrupting their musings. Pyro was coming down here? Curious. Moving to the control center in the center of the floor and a few button clicks and What Kiran saw in their elevator made them blink. Vicki Vortex??? What would possess her to come back here? A smile slowly started to creep onto their face. That was a juicy thought indeed. But what would they force the rock star to do as payment for whatever the woman was here fo…oh.


Their gaze had drifted back to Scourge, still on their slab. This was perfect. With a giggle, Kiran flipped a few switches for the facilities security measures to force Vicki and the Pyromancer into the fifth layer. If the two were so bold to come down here then they were going to make a lovely stress test for Kiran's new "son". Stepping back over to the slab, Kiran's hands becoming a blur of movement across a panel covered in switches and buttons. Wires began to hum with power while a cocktail of chemicals began to rapidly be pumped into Scourges still body. A restraining bolt that had been keeping the brain from being connected to the rest of the monstrous humanoids body was ejected violently out of the back of its head. the space it once took up in the soft flesh soon healing over in seconds. The body began to convulse and strain against itself as its tailored biology began to rapidly acclimate to itself and reach some sort of equilibrium. Months of painstakingly work and three failed creations lead up to this moment.

Kiran couldn't help but laugh as the hulking form before them drew in breath with a growl. "In the theatrical words of Victor Frankenstein . . . It's Alive~" And like that, a new terror was brought into the world.


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0.00 INK

Fingers twitched. What was once cold and still jerked, once, twice. Bones were stretched to their limits and crunched. Muscles rippled beneath the skin. Veins bulged as they were flooded with sickly glowing green fluids. Light glinted upon dead eyes, and the flesh of brows and cheeks distended as the monster's growl crescendoed into a blood-curdling roar.


Steel bent like butter against quintals worth of muscles. Shackles and chains snapped, and broken wires spat out sparks. The monster reached for the skies, his silhouette cast against the dark grey walls.

The metallic thud of the door seemed twice as loud inside Pyromancer's mind. It took him a second to process what had happened. Golden rings came alight in his eyes, and he glared straight at the closest intercom.

He reached for the lapels of his suit and tossed them aside. Embers came unfurled around his body, flying, swaying around him like a horde of furious fireflies. Before Kiran could continue on his overlong speech, Pyromancer pulled his arm far back, summoned a fireball in his hand, and pitched it, far, fast, and high.

"Lab Rat, you Son of a BITCH!"


The speaker shattered. The Lab Rat was silenced. Black and grey detritus rained from above. Pyromancer blinked, and silently hoped that the Shape would not take this out of his paycheck.

Silence ensued. Pyromancer bent his knees into a guarded stance and kept himself close to Vortex. His eyes darted left and right.

The floor erupted. A green arm burst through layers of concrete; resembling a man's, yet far too big and too long to be one. Dust and debris scattered towards them. A shard of rubble grazed Vicki Vortex's cheek at high speed. Pyromancer stumbled, and just barely secured his footing.

The rest of the creature emerged from beneath, like a zombie crawling out of its grave. He leered at them, with his pallid yellow eyes. He was a man, but not human. Not anymore. His veins shimmered in tune with his false heart. He took a step forward. A single footfall shook the earth beneath their feet.

"Well, well, WELL!" The monster remarked, with a voice that was boisterous yet mundane compared to his form.
"My creator has blessed me with such taut, succulent FLESH"

Pyromancer stepped back, and fires came alight within his palm.

The creature's mask obscured much of his face below the eyes, but Vic could sense his smirk. He looked straight at her. Hungry, eager, and undressing her through his leering eyes.

"I! Am! SCOURGE! Butcher, executioner, and DELIVERER of her will-"

A gout of flame struck Scourge in the face. Pyromancer held both of his hands forward, and maintained the stream. On, and on, and on, and on.

Scourge chuckled.

Then approached.

He lumbered with every step. A slow, yet steady advance.


Pyromancer widened his eyes. He halted his flames and hopped back. "Move!" He whispered Vic's way.

"Give me MORE!"

The monster swung, and a tentacle shot out from his forearm. The throbbing shaft shot out, gaining twelve feet of length in two seconds, and struck at both Pyromancer and Vic, hard.

"Hakh!" Pyromancer gasped out. His body was flung across the arena, then crashed onto the seats with a bone-shattering thud.

Scourge's brows knit together with a lascivious smirk."Yessssss…". His tentacle retreated into his arm. White fluid dribbled from the tip before it disappeared, sizzling as it stuck to the floor.

Pyromancer clutched the armrest of a seat with one hand, and his ribs with the other. He winced, and sputtered, and looked around for Vicki Vortex.

The ground quaked with Scourge's steps, like the slow and menacing beat of a war drum. His skin rippled and shifted. "Hiding WON'T save you! I'm not satisfied YET."

His eyes narrowed. "Not until I have YOU. Spent! Broken! On your knees, BEGGING, for release…"


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Scourge's whip didn't throw Vic back with Pyromancer. It cut her in two.

At least it looked that way. Her halves disintegrated away into nothing as the whip swept through her. Then she was everywhere. And she would have been satisfied staying like this, if it weren't for everything about the enemy in front of her. His taunts had a flavour to them that had made her stomach knot.

Vic flew up as far as she could before she reappeared, her left hand still out of order. She raised her right, pointed at the back of the Scourge's head and blasted off her air cannon, furiously intent on sending him back to the Clive Barker novel he belonged to.


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An invisible bullet struck Scourge's head, with the sound and fury of a thundercrack. The monster's head jerked forcefully forward. His skull rang, his eyes were filled with static. But his body stood tall and still.

Vicki Vortex couldn't see it, but the creases around his eyes deepened into deep and furious cracks. "Gyahaha! You wicked SOW!"

Scourge spun, and sent forth his tentacle. "GET OVER HERE!" The flesh-coloured rod propelled through the air, higher and higher - but not high enough. It turned turgid and motionless two meters from her body, and gave her more than enough time to evade.

The monster slammed his rod down with a furious grunt. A row full of seats were bisected in its wake. He bent down, braced his heels, and swung from the full force of his hips.


In an instant, three rows of seats flew high into the air, spun and launched towards Vic. The bolts that secured them to the floor seemed like paper against the monster's strength.

"Show me a good time!" He roared, then violently wrenched his tentacle back inside his arm.


An explosion erupted over the monster's back. He did not budge.

Boom! BOOM!

Scourge turned his head to see. Pyromancer lobbed fireballs his way, from one hand, then the other, and again, and again. All of them exploded across Scourge's shoulder, and chest, and abdomen, and the monster didn't even blink.


The monster shot forth his tentacle. Pyromancer hopped to the side. The tentacle shot past him… then curved, under his arm, over his chest, and around and around, until he was completely wrapped within his mercy.

Pyromancer widened his eyes. He squirmed. The monster drew his tentacle back - and the captive super with it. The latter met his eyes with a steely glare. Embers gathered into his clenched fists. Brighter and brighter as he was pulled close, until…


Pyromancer's fist met his face. The embers that had gathered erupted into a bright, searing explosion. The monster's head recoiled from impact. His tentacles loosened, and Pyromancer landed on his knee, foot, and fist. He looked up, and met Vicki Vortex's eyes.

His head.

Pyromancer's eyes narrowed in realisation. It was the closest thing to a weak point for this creature.

"Good… GOOD!" The monster roared, undeterred even as its green flesh turned black and crumpled. A giant green haymaker launched forth. Pyromancer rolled away. Another followed. Too slow. The supervillain weaved, then countered, with a flaming fist to the monster's gut.

A loud thump. Embers scattered. The monster didn't even flinch. He leered at Pyromancer, his cheeks bunched with a hint of amusement. The Pyromancer followed it up with an uppercut, which the monster caught and stopped dead mid-way.

"Is this all you've GOT?!"


Pyromancer gasped. His knees buckled. Every nerve screamed, every bone in his hand crumbled within Scourge's fingers. The monster tightened his grip.


Pyromancer sank lower and lower, under Scourge's shadow. Embers danced around Scourge's grip, to no avail. The monster raised his other arm high, and drew it back for a finishing blow.


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Vic reappeared at Scourge's side, swinging out a leg that never hit his head. Instead a wave of air pressure slammed against his face like a wall, sending him staggering at least a few steps.

"Fuck off, you big green rapist," she said, floating back to the ground beside Pyromancer nursing his broken hand. Despite her casualness, torrents of sweat were rolling down her back. A heavy force of air contested the abomination's strength to give her some time to calm her frenzied heart. Vic had no plans, nor means to gracefully execute one. "Do you want to die as BGC jerk off material?" She asked Pyromancer, extending her stump his way. "Get off your fucking knees. I probably need you."


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"THATS ENOUGH." The voice of Kiran Commanded from speakers all around the arena that couldn't be seen. The sound of clicking heels heralded the appearance of a tall and lithe figure appearing at the uppermost seats of the coliseums stands. Glowing red eyes similar in appearance to the pyromancers glared down at the central arena. They eyes seem to travel over to Scourge first. " Did I say you could damage them my child?" Their head cocked to the side. " And I clearly didn't say that you could rip your way through the levels now did I? J̢u͞s͘t̨ a͏ ̷n҉ewb̛oŗn and̛ yo͡u tes͘t ̧m͟y p̡at͢i̷e͏n̴c͡e͘ ̛s̶o̸ s̀ǫon͢~" Their voice came out as a cold distorted growl that came off rather inhuman. The undead brute seemed to flinch back as if physically struck by Kiran's words. Good, just born but he does know his place.

They regarded the two "guests" within their domain. " Pyro, you really should know better then to try and come in here unannounced, especially with unexpected company~" Kiran was all too well aware that out of the two of the villains present, Kiran was the indispensable one in the eyes of the Shape. And they were all too happy to remind the injured pyrokinetic of that fact. Their usual playful tone returned as two beasts lumbered out of the shadows to flank their master. The monstrosities looked like a skinned bear and gorilla fused together then covered in bone plates and growths. the idea that either could have been human before was hard to believe unless one had been forced to walk through the nest of horrors.

" Vicki Vortex . . . . color me surprised that you decided to come back and seek me out." The beasts both growled and snapped their maws but remained still. " I should warn you, harming a tinker in their lair is a death wish. Even for someone that can become gas." A cackle echoed throughout the empty hall of blood sport. " Though to be fair . . . . even if you were to kill me you really should know that death is an inconvenience for someone like me and nothing more . . . . . . so by all means, do try something if you want. but you wont be getting whatever it is you came for if you do Little Rockstar."


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Scourge didn't even hear Vic.

Until it was too late.

The wind that struck was a force of nature. And while he was not human, he was still just one man. One man who was swept off his feet, and launched far, far away, into the wall at the edge of the arena.

The resulting crash rumbled through the entire level. The wall caved in against Scourge's monstrous weight, and shattered concrete trickled upside his head.

The monster laid there, partially embedded into the wall. He choked and wheezed, the impact tilting his head too far from his neck. His eyes were wide, yellow, and staring off into the distance.

Pyromancer looked up with a gasp. He stared at Vicki Vortex, and for a moment, the pain in his hand felt so insignificant. Her words were vulgar, and devoid of compassion, and yet…

"You… need me?"

Those simple words gave such feelings to his chest. The ‘probably’ went in one ear and out the other. He looked at her stump. Then glanced at his own broken hand, now a shapeless, bloodied lump. And back to her eyes. He inhaled. His brows knitted into a determined glare, he took her stump with his good hand, and returned to his feet.

"HOW- uerfkh... TOUCHING!"

While their eyes were off him, Scourge had erected himself out of the hole. He stood tall, reached for the top of his head, and-


The monster winced. His broken neck straightened instantly.

Pyromancer drew a long sigh, bent his knees, and drew his arm back. He stared down Scourge. Tongues of flames erupted from his hand, which extended and coiled into a flaming whip. The Pyromancer cracked said whip, and a trail of fire danced from where it struck the ground.

“Hooooo…,” Scourge remarked, a hint of amusement in his eyes. The monster raised his arms high. His bloated muscles flexed naturally, the veins across his bicep threatening to burst through his skin. The slids for his tentacles parted with a wet sound. White liquid seeped from the tip of the purple rods as they emerged. He met Pyromancer’s unblinking gaze.

“Mine’s bigger.”

A voice came in legion. The colour drained from Scourge’s face. Pyromancer’s gaze darted left and right.

Scourge turned cold and stiff at Kiran’s words, his gaze straight-on, his arms by his side. Vic and Pyromancer were too far to see it, but his hands were trembling. The doctor’s distorted voice sapped the warmth from his body, and the beat of his heart slowed to a crawl. It stirred something primal, something instinctive within him. This voice… was his God. They were here, and watching, disapproving. With a whim, the doctor could take back the un-life they had given.

Pyromancer’s glare burned with seething contempt. His good hand clenched into a fist which snuffed out his flame, then moved behind his back. He struggled to keep his eyes off the two aberrations that accompanied Kiran. His brows wrinkled in disgust. An expected reaction, but it wasn’t towards the creatures. Not entirely. Such cruelty, inflicted upon the pitiable souls which these creatures used to be… the mere thought turned his stomach, and brought the heat to his head.

“Degenerate,” Pyromancer growled. Orange embers floated down and settled upon Kiran’s shoulder. A tiny flame came to life behind Pyromancer’s back.

“You have no authority over me!”

Pyromancer launched his burning orb far, high, and fast, straight towards Kiran. The heat from the orb primed the embers on the Lab Rat’s shoulders, and-



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Yeah, the 'probably' went over Pyromancer's head. So did the expression of apprehension as she stared back down at him and it dawned on her that she'd triggered something icky and emotional and likely related to ones mother relationship with their mother. As Pyromancer reached out for her stump in an agonizingly slow fashion, an unconsensual Put Your Head On My Shoulder started to echo in the empty mall of her mind. The second he was up she jerked her stump right out of that moment.

She was prepared to send another unimaginative gust Scourge's way when Kiran showed theirself, wearing skin as pale and sterile as hospital walls or a freshly dry cleaned strait jacket. It was stretched tight over a Victoria's Secret mannequin - no matter how beautiful Lab Rat could make theirself, Vic couldn't see more than plastic. That creepy childhood doll you played with to appease or else it come at you in the night with a potato peeler. It was those glassy, rattling eyes. And did they ever rattle on. She tried to remind herself why she was there, that it was worth throwing away the free bone they'd given her their last encounter, but she couldn't feel it in her hand.

This was a womb. Kiran Kingsley reigned over birth and rebirth, and this depraved womb hosted all of its darkest aspects. She'd waded through creatures born from the sticky afterbirth left in the wake of Kiran's thirst for greater creation. Her feet had sunk into soft, spongy flesh and oozing toxins from its pancreas. She was fighting slimy, quivering protrusions that dribbled out stinking fluid whenever their master smelled blood. When Vic made the descent, her misery had accepted that death was worth such a risk. But she hadn't accounted for what really stung her nerves around Lab Rat. That if she were to die at their hand...

She wouldn't.

The disgusting feeling weighing down her stomach lifted the instant Pyromancer launched his attack. She shouted in alarm and launched herself at him. Her hand clamped around his wrist and thin arm struggled to stop his from shooting off another orb. Embers bit at her flesh and her skin flared up with little burns. Her other hand materialized, the chip in her palm, to help her wrestle Pyromancer's arm. That's when a fleshy whip struck her in the back and sent them both across the coliseum.

She was flung off the pyromaniac and tumbled across the ground with the grace of a barrel thrown down a really big fucking hill. She raised her fuzzy head, and before she could notice her wounds, the mind-numbing, heart-sinking realization struck her. She'd let go of the chip. Her hands frisked her immediate area for it. Nothing. Her head whipped up to the menacing form of Scourge hulking towards her. Vic saw red and scrambled into a sprint towards him. She went out of sight for only a second before she threw herself at him. The extensive list of deadly power applications at her fingertips went right out the window as her reedy legs wrapped over the freak's shoulders and her thumbs stabbed into his eyesockets.

"What's the matter?" She shouted over his guttural roar of pain, "Sounds like you've never been SKULLFUCKED before!" Her thumbs jabbed in deeper, the jelly oozing down his cheeks. "Yeah. I do innuendos too, motherfucker." She muttered, then pulled a hand back and started repeatedly punching him in the face, completely obliterating her hand in the process.

Vic and Zeke were very angry.


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Scourge bellowed, with a blood curdling roar that betrayed more pain than pleasure. Black bile gushed out from his eye sockets. The monster waddled back and forth, his gorilla-like arms swatting the air in blind panic.


His screams drowned out the sound of Vic's breaking knuckles, her pale flesh muddied by blood and bile.

Pyromancer struggled back to his feet. He hunched over, the pain on his back too much for him to stand straight. He glared down at Scourge, who reeled, and flailed, and screamed against the skinny woman's savage attacks. The monster's wretched voice rang loudly in his ears. A cacophonous sound that rattled his skull.

"Shut…," the Pyromancer grunted through gritted teeth. Tongues of fire burst to life in his hand. His skin took on a warm orange glow, which grew brighter, and hotter, and brighter, and hotter, until his very body burst into flames. "...The FUCK up!"

The Pyromancer bent back, held his hand forward, and blasted forth, with a rapid-fire hail of flaming bolts that assailed the monster. The heat from his body burned away at his shirt and pants, until there was nothing but ash scattered behind him.

The bolts struck the monster's body, over and over and over again. His flesh blackened from the impacts, but was otherwise unharmed by the lingering flame. A lucky hit tore open the suture across his abdomen, spurting out bile and exposing the organs clumped together underneath.

Pyromancer dug his heels and maintained his fire. The floors beneath his feet glowed a bright, hissing orange, melting under his rising heat.


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A gout of fire burst over Vic's back while she was in the middle of getting Scourge's eye juice under her nails, setting her 100% polyester shirt ablaze.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" Came her offended shout, and she poofed to the ground. She rocked up to her her elbows, squinting at Pyromancer. "Whose... side are you on... dickhead." She grunted out and rolled to her side, when she caught something small and geometric ahead of her. Right near the edge of the hole Scourge had punched out of. Vic's eyes grew two sizes and she scrambled across the ground for it.


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As the three continued to fight the arena suddenly began to shake. the sound of heavy machinery could be heard all around them but nothing appeared to visibly change other then there suddenly being multiply , large video screens unfolding and facing the arena from every direction. Each screen came to life showing the image of the real Kiran lounging on a black leather couch all dressed up. aside from the albinism, there was no real indication that this was Lab Rat. The woman looked almost too picture perfect, a far cry from the overly plastic looking body double that lay smoldering in the stands next to the now dead beasts that had accompanied it. The Tinker's new appearance almost looked too perfect, like a photoshopped and touched up picture of a model done in real life. It was stunning yes, but gave off enough uneasiness that left ones skin prickly from goosebumps. Kiran's voice continued to speak from all around the coliseum from. " Have you all had your fun?" Their voice was sickeningly sweet, with not a hint of malice or venom to be heard.

More sounds of metal shifting and air hissing could be heard now. " Let me set the stage for you~" Kiran shifted on their couch as a corgi hopped onto their lap which they began petting absently, all the while still smiling at the camera. " You all are in My lab. Which is deep underground, and the space between each level can be extended. none of you know how deep my facility truly goes after all." They paused a moment to give the corgi a kiss on its head before letting it run off. Thor is such a good boy. " The level you are on has become entirely air locked and sealed off. At any moment i can fill the room with neurotoxins, acid, release any number of horrors or simply cause every molecule of oxygen to become ignited until the entire room is sterile and you all are nothing but atoms."

Kiran then laced their fingers together and rested their chin on their hands. " You know who I am and are aware of a fraction of what I am capable of. I wont hesitate. As long as you are down here, consider me your god until you leave. So by all means, continue fighting, shout defiantly at me and attempt to escape. Give me a reason to erase you instead of helping you."

Their head tilted to the side, followed by that characteristic grin. Their all too perfect face contorted into the smile of a predator with teeth that made sharks look tame by comparison. Their words came out as a guttural growl. " Stop now or I wont tend to you all or even consider helping with whatever it is you are here for. you get no more warnings." Their was no manic playfulness to this side of Kiran. There was no trick. they were serious and focused. and that was arguably much more unsettling then the mad doctors usual whimsical attitude.


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"One second," Vic said, and dived down the hole.


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Sadly, the hole had been sealed. As Kiran had stated. They looked on with slight bafflement at Vicki Vortex’s shear stubbornness. That and there was some hilarity in the fact that the next floor down that Ms. Vortex was trying to escape too was infinitely worse.
They flesh must be remade and be sculpted into something pure.


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As the ground shook, the chip began to vibrate. Vic shot out a hand for it, but it leapt away from her fingertips, right down the hole the beast had been born from. It disappeared into the dark with no sound to tell where or how far it fell. Vic could barely sit still through Lab Rat's threats before she excused herself.


Vic hit the blockade as air. She reared back, smacking against it a few dozen times without making a scratch. Her defeated human form slouched over the barricade. Her head slowly thudded against it.

She slid her gaze over to the screens, her head still planted on the ground. She gave Lab Rat, Scourge and Pyromancer all a dead-eyed glare.

"You made me drop my manager," she said dryly.


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Kiran stared back through the numerous screens with a deadpan look in their eyes. They had no idea what Vicki was talking about and was ready to inquire what she was talking about but was quickly interrupted by A buzzing in their pocket. They blinked and held up a finger. " Hold on a moment." A quick glance lead them to roll their eyes. " Boss and their meetings . . . ." Kiran Sent a message back quickly before turning their attention back to the arena.

Going to be a minute >.>
New Son got a little excited so I'll need to patch the two up first
Also need to find out what Vicki Vortex wants.
Yes I have a son now lol
You are going to love him, adds another heavy hitter to our roaster~

The doctor clapped their hands together three times and smiled. " Alright Kids, we are all going to behave now and I'll patch everyone up. Ms. Vortex, I'll be happy to address whatever it is that possessed you to come to me so long as you behave. Pyro, the Boss is going to be having a meeting soon and our presence has been requested. Both of ours." Kiran sat up from their couch on screen and began to stretch a bit as their coat fell to hang from their elbows. " Scourge darling, you can take care of yourself, you Will be behaving and coming with me to be introduced to our employer."
They flesh must be remade and be sculpted into something pure.


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Pyromancer's glare seethed, with contempt that nearly overshadowed his flames. Kiran was right. About the pointlessness of challenging him, of the fact that they needed him. Without Kiran, his hand would be too far gone. Of course, without the tinkerer, his hand wouldn't be so fucked up in the first place.

Pyromancer's flames died down. The heat within his body faded, evaporating into steam and perspiration that coated his physique. Wiry, sculpted, and bare; his modesty protected with the barest threads of his jet-black fireproof underwear. The adrenaline was leaving his body, and in its place was pain. Pain that throbbed, and burned, and screamed through his hand. Kiran was right, and Pyro hated them even more for it.

Meanwhile, Scourge was reeling back. He groaned, and moaned, and clutched his face, black bile dribbling between his fingers. "YOU WHOOOORE! GAAKH!! THAT WAS A FOUL!" He snarled, not a trace of pleasure in his pain.

"You made me drop my manager."

Pyromancer and Scourge turned to look, utter confusion written all over their faces. "...Manager?" "What manager?!" They both asked in unison. Scourge drew back his hands. "Are my ears as far gone as my eyes?!" He asked, foul blackness oozing down the hollow sockets which were once his eyes.

Then came a voice, delivered from all around them through the loudspeakers. A man's voice; calm and commanding and candid in equal measure. A voice whose cool authority swept aside Kiran's, if only for a moment. A voice that fizzled the last trace of Pyromancer's - or Zeke's - fury.

Zeke straightened himself, slicked back his hair, and walked over to where he had left his jacket. He looked up to one of the screens, staring straight at Kiran's face, then held up his crumpled, bloodied mess of a hand.

Meanwhile, Scourge seized up when Kiran addressed him directly. "Yes, mother," the monster replied, his tongue flapping faster than his brain.

The conference room. Zeke and Scourge had gathered here, the former sat near Maxwell while the latter loomed right beside Kiran, any chair far too small to fit his gigantic green frame. The pyromancer was dressed in his full ensemble, of dark azure coveralls and a red-eyed gas mask which obscured his emotions. Meanwhile, Scourge’s eyes had been restored. His bright, yellow peepers leered up and down Gideon Gauss’ hologram. The mayor’s shoulders were the broadest and biggest in the room, obvious even under the covers of that suit. Scourge was most pleased.


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The Time Tunnels

Outside the cracked glass that occasionally dotted the walls of the time tunnels sat the Outer Chronoclasm, a realm of pure chaos and destruction. A black void of a realm, constantly moving with unseen forces and energies that few could make sense of, and fewer could even conceive of surviving. It was a torrent of utter destruction, the likes of which even the roaches had learned long ago to respect.

Two soldier roaches guarded this tunnel, waiting for reinforcements to arrive and do a changing of guard. Word had already spread that a massive assault on the tunnels had cost them hundreds of laborers, at least. Work on their war ships would be slowed to a grinding halt as a result, and the Queen… Still living, but the utter disrespect she’d suffered at the hands of those filthy interlopers, it was inconceivable to the roaches, and they would have their revenge.

The two guards chattered and clicked in their insectoid tones, nearly mimicking machines. Topics of conversation had varied from their beloved Queen, the attack earlier, the tastiest fallen comrades they’d consumed, and much more. But soon their talking stopped, having noticed something odd out of their peripherals. Something had been moving strangely, coming from… Behind the glass?

The quiet of the hall was erased by an explosion of noise; glass bursting open, the tinkling and crashing sound of it hitting the floor, the mighty roar of the chaos beyond the glass.

Winds whipped around the hall, threatening to pull the two roach guards to a fate that might be worse than death. A heavy thud was heard, causing them to turn their gazes back towards the now destroyed window. There was a figure standing there.

Twelve feet tall.
Carrying a sword.
Covered head to toe in armor.
Surrounded by a blue, mist like light.

The armor was shaped intentionally to mimic that of what one would see on a knight, but the material was far from simply ‘medieval’. It was more like a patchwork of a thousand war zones, across thousands of years. Some of it bore the steely look of an ancient warrior, some of it gleamed as though from some far flung, space-age time. And other parts still looked as if it could have been stone.

All of it appeared to have severe cracks throughout it, but they were fused together, like thick scars or fissures. The same was true of the sword in fact. It must have been shattered into thousands of pieces, yet here it stood in one, monolithic piece. A testament to its long journey. And to its wielder.

And the blue light, a strange substance that seemed to be both at once a sort of intangible mist, and light. It glowed a beautiful, vibrant, soft tone of blue, and when touched it might seem as though it were air, or a cloud. At least that is how it currently would feel…

Whoever this individual was, he was what the bugs had seen on the other side. Out of the Chronoclasm. The roaches tried to respond quickly, one opening fire on him nearly immediately, landing every shot on the intruder.

The shots did nothing to the man. He turned to the roach that had shot him, and sent a mighty fist into its skull, colliding the creature’s entire body into the ground beneath him.

The other now began to open fire as it tried to flee, but the towering intruder was able to catch it in only a few mere steps. The knight wrapped a hand around the creature’s neck, lifting it off the ground, before slamming it back down into it. Once. Twice. Thrice.

He lifted it back up in front of him, bringing the roach to eye level with him.

“*klik* Pitiful…. Creature? *kilk* Man… Human! What *klik* ever you are… You cannot… *klik* defeat the Roaches! We are… *klik* the masters…. Of the End of Time!”

The hulking figure was silent a few moments, before a soft, amused sigh could be heard from within his mask. “Well I guess today isn’t your day then, because I’m from the Beginning of it.” Bright blue light surrounded the man and the roach, as he pierced his left fist through the carapace like chest of the Roach, and pulled at its head with his right, removing it with ease.

As he dropped the corpse of the roach to the ground, he walked back to the other that shot first at him, his feet landing heavily on the ground, body swirling with the bright blue, misty light that followed him wherever he walked. It began to pour forth from him, surrounding the other roach and lifting it into the air, screeches erupting from it as it felt its body being crushed down by some kind of incredible pressure.

“I will only ask this once, ‘pitiful creature’. Where is the Artifact?”

The roach looked to him, what little its eyes could show were showing fear. “It was *klik* taken by a human, to another time! We don’t know where *klik* it has gone!” The words were sputtered out as the mountain of a man stood before it, the blue light enveloping the roach pulled it closer and closer to him. “You *klik* fool… You think you can *klik* defeat us? Who are *klik* you to think you can defeat what has *klik* already passed!”

A moment of silence passed as the tall figure held his sword out, feeling the weight of it as the blue light swirled around them. “I’ve fought worse.” His voice was monotone as he lifted the sword and cleaved the roach from top to bottom, it’s thick armor offering up no resistance.

The body fell to the floor, and while the blue light continued to swirl, the giant knight quickly went over his next plan of action. It sounded as though someone either very stupid, or very unaware had gotten their hands on the artifact. Either way, he needed to figure out where they had gone, and quickly. Otherwise…

His thoughts were cut off by the sound of approaching roaches, a group of twenty or so who quickly spotted him, and the remains of their comrades. They lifted their weapons to him, and the blue light cascaded towards them.

No time to waste then.


The Resort

Richard had been on his way to return to the library when he heard some loud noises coming from another part of the resort again. He couldn’t place exactly where it was, but it sounded like there had been some crackling? Like electricity?

He passed by the buffet dining hall, stumbling upon Devon who seemed to be taking advantage of his own coffee routine. But he seemed kind of tired, almost as if he’d had a rough night or something. At least mentally. Richard chose to put it aside and gave a wave to the German. “Hey, George wants to see us in the library. You should come along.”

Richard continued on towards the library, passing through the kitchen first, and once again stumbling upon someone, Henry this time. Strange, he also seemed a little on the tired side. Had others been having trouble sleeping or something? Might be a bit of projection on his part though, he doubted Henry had the same reasons to be losing sleep as himself. “Hey Henry, sorry to interrupt you, but George wants to see us all in the library, you should come with.” With that, he exited once again, Henry in tow, and Devon gravitating in the same direction.


George heard a soft, English voice pipe up in the library, and upon lifting his eyes from the pages of his book was greeted by Klaus, a man who had the most interesting timing of any man he’d ever met. He smiled back to Klaus, giving a nod in greeting.

“Good morning Klaus, and yes I’m doing as well as can be expected in the circumstances. Thank you for asking. How are you managing? I expect this has taken quite a toll on everyone.” In fact, George had been weighing that on his mind considerably. He’d speak to the others as a group, but felt it was time to offer them some much needed mental respite; someone to talk to.

Before anything else could be said, a flurry of noise erupted from another part of the resort. Sairyn’s library. George furrowed his brow and let out the softest sigh one could imagine, the tiniest loss of composure he could muster given his growing agitation. “Excuse me a moment Klaus.” George briefly exited the library and made his way to the lab.

On the floor in a heap was Sairyn, Pendleton, and Yue. Standing in the room was a nearly shirtless Alex, and some ball he was holding in his hands. George looked to all of them, brow furrowed slightly, eyes that uncomfortable narrowness of someone ready to scold. But rather than do that, he was very simple, brief, and commanding.

“Library, now. Everyone.”


The team was now gathered together in the library, everyone capable of arriving there at least. George was seated back in his seat, and Klaus had remained in his for the time being, still enjoying the steaming cup of coffee he had.

“Now that you’re all here, we have some matters to discuss, namely the memorial, and a… New Mission that’s come to us. But before we begin, how about you all update me on what’s been happening today. Seems you’ve all run a little more loose and wild than I had anticipated.”

His voice carried a little sternness to it, but was not cold or unkind. It was almost like a parent who had come home to find their children drawing all over work documents. Of course, blowing up a chunk of the property was a little more expensive to fix.


Club Shapeless: Atlas City

Maxwell smirked upon reading the response he’d received from Gideon, but chose to disregard the remark. They’d both had their independent successes, but now they were going to have to rely on each other, work together to get what they wanted out of Atlas City, and potentially beyond.

As each member entered the room, he would greet them with an affirming nod, though under his mask he was raising an eyebrow at Spiderblood’s entrance. What were they riding? Was that a dog in a spider costume? He decided not to address it, there had been weirder things to have happened here.

And Scourge… That was a mountain of a man, something he hadn’t anticipated seeing so soon (and in such good condition) from Kiran. But here he stood: The Shape’s response to ‘Balthazar’, or whatever those Witchfinder nuts called the monster they’d bought.

“Thank you for joining me everyone. We have some business to discuss, some of it being… Breaking news. I’m sure I don’t need to remind you that what is discussed in this room stays in this room, but I’m going to out of care for our mutual needs.”

His eyes flicked over to Zeke, Kiran, and Scourge before continuing. “At times I believe it is essential to remind everyone that a betrayal of each other is a betrayal of me. I expect you all to protect each other as much as you would protect me, and our business operations.”


The Memorial: Atlas City

Victor followed Cannonade with his eyes as Cannonade passed by with very little regard for their welcomers. He smirked. “There’s that famous confidence I’ve heard about.” He chuckled, speaking mainly to himself and the Attorney General.

She looked on with uncertainty and discomfort. There were other words she could think of than ‘confidence’ that would be impolite to voice out loud. “And you’re thinking about trying to invite them to work for us?” She asked in a tone trying to mask her incredulity.

Victor nodded and smiled. “At the very least inviting. Last I heard they were missing a team, so perhaps we can help them out.”

“If you say so…” Was all the AG could mutter back.

The President briskly followed Cannonade, as did his entourage, as he attempted to make friendly overtures to the hero. “Again, it’s so good to have you here! We’re inviting some of the heroes who were on the beach that day to speak some words of encouragement to the crowd, is that something you’d be up for? We can absolutely get a time slot in for you!”


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Cathedral of Saint Albertus Magnus
Atlas City, North Carolina, United States of America
7:42 AM

Marcus stifled a yawn as he pushed open the door to the cathedral, bits of spittle dotting the wrist of his cassock. He hadn’t slept much the last few days - too busy counseling the aggrieved, or volunteering in search and rescue or clean up endeavors. He hadn’t had mass even once since the disaster on the beach had interrupted Sunday’s Latin service. A flawless seventeen year streak, broken in the most unimaginable way possible. Even so, the church had never been empty in the past week. If anything, it seemed to gain new faces each time he opened the door, and thus he’d resolved to resume regular service this morning

The silhouettes of parishioners were visible in the side-chapels of the cathedral as Marcus stepped into the hall, the creak of the heavy wooden door echoing off the walls as it swung shut behind him. It was almost deafeningly silent in the building, despite the number of people in here; the quiet was only kept from becoming oppressive by the soft hiss of distant whispers and occasional muffled sob. The hush of the Father’s footsteps across the carpet was easily the loudest sound in the building as he began to cross between the pews to the lectern in front of the cathedra.

He stopped mid-stride, somewhat slowly, as his attention was grabbed by something he hadn’t noticed immediately. A woman, sitting hunched in the pews, head so low he hadn’t noticed her until he was standing almost directly adjacent to her. It wasn’t unusual for someone to be praying in the pews this early - this was a church after all, and considering recent events, Marcus could hardly blame a woman for choosing to arrive early to mass for a moment of personal prayer.

Except, she didn’t seem to be praying. Her eyes were closed, forehead resting on the pew in front of her, and for a moment Marcus thought she might have been sleeping, if it were not for her left hand gripping the top of the pew so tightly that she crushed the wood under her hand, splinters jutting from between her fingers.

“Ma’am?” Marcus spoke softly, reaching out with his fingers to brush gently against her shoulder. “Are you alright?” She tilted her head ever so slightly, eyes opening to peer at him with dark eyes before his fingers had even reached her, making his hand momentarily stiffen in midair. Despite the tenseness in the woman’s hand, her face seemed utterly impassive. Marcus let his hand drop.

”I’ve never known a priest to interrupt someone in prayer,” she said, so softly Marcus had to strain his ears to hear it. He thought she had some sort of accent… English, maybe?

Marcus’s lower lip quivered briefly before he spoke up again. “I apologize, you seemed to be…” his eyes flickered back to her hand again. “ some sort of distress. If you’re in need of any sort of counsel-” he was interrupted by the soft clatter of wood shards as she released her grip on the pew in front of her, following Marcus’s gaze to her hand and appraising it as if she hadn’t noticed the damage. She wiped the dust off on the knee of her slacks before standing.

She was tall. So, so, very tall, over seven feet easily, and Father Marcus stumbled back a couple steps, hand pressing against his chest in dull surprise. ”None that can be provided by mortal men, I’m afraid,” she said, still in that soft voice, leaning down to pick up the black jacket of her black suit, then straightened her tie as she rose back up to her full height. ”Thank ye for your concern, Father. Excuse me.”

Marcus struggled to form words as she stepped past him, her stride carrying nearly all the way to the door of the cathedral before he rallied. “Mass begins in-”

”Another time,” she called back over her shoulder, almost at a normal speaking volume. Her voice sounded hoarse, as if it were painful to speak that loudly. The creak of the door as it closed behind her seemed a far easier sound to make.

Club Shapeless
Atlas City, North Carolina, United States of America
Shortly After the Meeting Began

”Sorry I’m late,” Maeve said as she stepped into the meeting room, moving to sit at the Shape’s left side, between him and Pyromancer. Her eyes flicked at the monster behind the doctor briefly, trying to recall if he’d been there before.

Sheri leaned againat a bookshelf with her arms crossed, near the back of the little gathering where her new... employer... wouldn't have direct line of sight on her. Time roaches? Ghosts? She scoffed quietly at the recounting of the others' "adventures".

The mention of the other super, though. Polarity, Isotropic... she wracked her brain, trying to remember if they were familiar to her or not. Had she heard either of those names before? Polarity sounded... well, as familiar as any generic super name sounded. If nothing else... she supposed she could put some feelers out with her own contacts, but decided not to volunteer if old Georgie wasn't going to force the issue.


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Pyromancer bowed his head. Maxwell spoke the truth. Business was all that mattered. And as much as he loathed every fiber of Kiran's being, the Rat was an essential part to their operations.

"Apologies," he grunted, swallowing his pride.

Scourge, meanwhile, scoffed aloud. "HAH! So… you're 'The Shape'? Our fearless leader?" The big green abomination loomed over and squinted. "Hmpf. You're smaller than I expected."

Pyromancer glared straight at Scourge. His fists clenched, and a red glow came alight from his goggles. He had half a mind to blast the wretched creature right then and there…

It was then that Scourge remembered his Father's instruction to behave. He chuckled and wiggled his brows. "But I suppose big things come in small packages, eh? Eh?!"

And then, the door opened, and in came Maeve, who drew attention from both Pyromancer and Scourge. The former stepped back, and the glow faded from his goggles. The latter whistled and leered at the newcomer from top to bottom.

She was a specimen of a woman, statuesque, with white-streaked black hair which made her feel that much more rugged. That suit fit her like a glove, oozing sex appeal not through bare skin, but rather from style and modesty. Scourge stood straight and folded his arms close to his chest, ensuring the maximum girth of his bulging muscles. "Hiya gorgeous. Ya come here often?"

Pyromancer rolled his eyes, then turned towards Maxwell. "Boss. You mentioned breaking news?"


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The Resort

George listened intently as Devon started off, describing events that frankly baffled the mind. The old man maintained a stoic face, but his mind worked over the information as it came out. Now he was aware of the fact that there were a great many matters he had been unaware of up until now. That both excited and worried him, as the conversation implied potentially new allies, but also enemies.

It was when Devon presented a strange orb that the room seemed to draw in to that one space, George himself carefully studying the strange, arcane device. "It creates a weapon you say? Most peculiar... I urge caution, but this is promising. We will need any and all assistance we can get. With your permission, I can perhaps have some of my own researchers take a look at it, and perhaps some of our more scientifically oriented team mates." He gave a nod of his head to Sai and Klaus in consideration.

Henry spoke next, confirming more of Devon's story, and adding onto it. "Henry, it sounds like your team has had some substantial experience with this... Strange series of events. It concerns me greatly that so many events appear to be coalescing at this time. Whatever these ‘time roaches’ are, if they’re connected to the creature from the beach, they're going to need to be dealt with. As for the woman, I'll see what I can do to locate her as well. I'm worried she could be connected to the soldiers that had appeared on the Beach the day of the attack. Even if she's not, her appearance warrants investigation."

Before George could ask further about the situation with Wayland, Akiko had seemingly appeared from nowhere to explain what had been communicated between her and the otherworldly man.

Richard listened intently, feeling his skin crawl as Akiko described what Wayland had seen. It was bizarre to think he'd stood next to that man only a few days ago, but somehow this girl had been speaking to his spirit? That did seem a little less strange than the Time Roach stuff, which felt completely out of his element. But this.... Felt like a description of Hell itself. "You ahh... Spoke to his spirit?" He asked a little uncertainly. "Did he say anything about getting to that place he saw?"

There was a moment of silence before Akiko and the others made it clear that that was knowledge Wayland hadn't possessed. With what she recounted though, maybe that was for the best.

Akiko continued, now describing the rest of the events with Polarity/Isotropic, and an 'artifact' she'd escaped with. George needed only a split second of consideration before he rose a hand to interject again. He opened Wuthering Heights to a blank page and produced a pen from his jacket.

"Black stone with symbols? Do you think you could recreate some of those symbols for me? Write them down here?"

He nodded to the blank page, placing the pen down next to it. The old man's eyes carried hint of intensity to them now.


Club Shapeless: Atlas City

Maxwell gave a brief nod to Maeve as she entered the room, feeling quite pleased as she took her seat next to him. "It's quite alright, I'm glad you were able to join us." Others may have seen it as presumptuous for her to take a seat next to him, after all she was still very new to the organization. The Shape, however, felt it was exactly what he wanted. She was remarkably powerful, confident, and a sign like this signaled a growing sense of loyalty. There was ambition there for certain, but when ambition and loyalty came together, they were a force to be reckoned with.

Scourge's voice filled the room for a moment, as he remarked upon Maxwell, and his comparably lesser size. He smirked under the mask as he looked in the direction of Kiran's 'child'. "Fearless, and feared." He replied confidently. "Don't worry, I'm quite formidable. I wouldn't be in charge here if I wasn't." Maxwell spoke pleasantly, intent on proving something to Scourge: that the newborn giant of a man could trust The Shape to lead.

And finally, they were drawn back to the matter at hand by Zeke, who seemed to have the embers of resentment still burning inside, directed at Scourge. Maxwell was going to have to find some way to cool them both off later, infighting was not going to help.

"Yes, breaking news, as in only having taken place probably 20 minutes ago. Our 'friends' the Witchfinders have had a little accident befall them." Maxwell pulled out his phone, making a few quick swipes while a screen on the wall flickered to life. On it were images of a collapsed warehouse. "After the attack at Atomic Anne's, I had some of our men collecting intel on where Witchfinders might be storing weapons. We'd had suspicions that this warehouse might be one location, and it seems they've been confirmed."

He turned back to those gathered, clasping his hands together on the table. "I need some of you to investigate it immediately, before authorities catch wind. Everyone's been fairly caught up in the memorial, but it won't be long until someone shows up. Having said that, I'm also concerned the authorities may have been involved in this somehow, but we can't not move on this. Whoever is arming these terrorists, we need to find them and deal with them. Quickly."