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Maureen Isharian


0 · 229 views · located in Tokyo, Japan

a character in “Halcyon”, as played by Soleli


Maureen Isharian

γ€Œ Hesitance is the past tense of regret. 」

【 18 】【 Female 】【 Asexual 】
【 Magician 2 】【 Joylne Kujo 】【 #C5FF58 】



β–Œ H e i g h t // 160cm

β–Œ W e i g h t // 60kg

β–Œ E y e_ C o l o r // Green

β–Œ H a i r_ C o l o r // Black

β–Œ D e s c r i p t i o n // Maureen is a woman of average build, with a toned body beneath her clothing. Constant training has led her to develop slight muscle, albeit not enough to lose her slender looks that causes one to underestimate her. Despite having an odd sense of dying most of her black hair green before bunching them up into two tight buns on her head, Maureen has been playfully dubbed 'mickey mouse' from those who know her well enough to get away with it.

She often has eye bags underneath her eyes, for Maureen finds it hard to get sleep. Constant nights of insomnia has cured her of her habit of telling others to sleep, for she knows she's just being a hypocrite. Arms dotted with bruises from her habit of pinching herself when she remembers something unpleasant, Maureen usually wears Long sleeves lest someone questions her about them. That said, she could care less about revealing her skin. Seeming to feel no embarrassment, Maureen could wear a skimpy shirt and lace and be done with it. However, she is one that watches the occasion and often dresses seriously, so it is difficult to see a more casual side to her unless she was completely at ease.


β—† Strict β—† Blunt β—† Hardworking β—† Mischievous β—† Stern β—†

Maureen understands that regret is just another form of self destruction. Should she let it overwhelm her there will be no looking forward to the future if she keeps looking back, forever hating herself for the one thing she cannot change, the past. It is incomprehensible why she would still feel the need to remember.

It's funny like that sometimes, the irony of her just letting her happiness seep away because she feels unworthy of having it. Ironic, for someone seeking fulfilment. Like a broken cycle of catch and release, she feels some happiness and immediately feels guilty. It has always been like that. Maureen has gotten used to the ache.

Her Mother once told her she sleeps like how she handles herself all the time - tight as a bowstring, restless even in dreams. Mouth opening and closing in silent screams of apology, tears falling out of long lashes. She doesn't remember a time without nightmares any longer. Yet regardless of the fact she must live up to the family name, and so she pushes herself to the extreme. Taking each job seriously, putting everything on the line for success. If she stops working too hard she might just fall apart for the world to see. Part of her wishes that one day she might be killed and she'll finally rest in peace. The other part knows that it's too good to be true.

She learns things from the dead, a little too much perhaps, than she might have liked. Maureen is afraid of dying a meaningless death, because everything that she has been through up till then would have been for naught. As Long as she could accomplish something, any good at all, anything that would lead her to be rendered useful for even an instant would have been enough. She sacrifices everything when she fights as a result, even her allies. As long as they accomplish the mission, their deaths would have some meaning at the least. Often wearing a tired sardonic smile, Maureen feels as though she's slowly becoming a husk of regrets.


β–Œ M a g i c // Training since she was a child has led to rather excellent results. Maureen was taught to be harsh on herself, and therefore her magic is honed to its highest peak.

β–Œ D e t e r m i n a t i o n // To a scary extent perhaps, but Maureen will never stop until the goal is fulfilled. Not when she loses a limb, not until she takes her last breath will she ever admit defeat.

β–Œ F e a r l e s s // When you throw away your life and your being to dedicate wholeheartedly to a cause, there is nothing to fear. What's the worse thing that can happen when you have nothing to lose?

β–Œ S p e e c h // Although mostly silent unless seeing the need to speak up, Maureen is eloquent in her speech and can be quite convincing when she decides to be.


β–Œ R e c k l e s s // Charging into battle headfirst without a single concern for the safety of herself or others.

β–Œ B l u n t // When she speaks at all, it's adding insult to injury, pointing out ones mistakes with no concern about how they would feel.

β–Œ C o n f i d e n c e // Maureen has no confidence in herself whatsoever. It is something that pushes her to work harder, but at the same time she is burdened by her need for perfection.

β–Œ S l e e p // Extreme alertness bordering slight paranoia has led her to spend several sleepless nights 'keeping watch' for the lack of anything better to do.


Maureen was borne to two military parents who took utmost pride in guarding the pillar. Her Father was a man well versed in the art of war, and her Mother a fearsome mage in her own right. Together they raised their only Daughter with precision and tough love, and Maureen quickly gained a strict work ethic and a yearn for perfection. Learning quickly and stopping only at excellence, she was her parents' pride and joy, and even then she still maintained her childhood innocence. There was nothing that appealed to the child more than romping with her cousins, for being an only child Maureen was lonely sometimes. She took comfort in the companionship of her extended family, often watching her aunt's necromancy and picking up a few skills, or calling Lukas out to play. For a time that was all her life consisted of, a simple life yet one she was content with.

Then things changed. More arguments between her family, harsh words thrown at each other that Maureen did not understand. She didn't understand why she wasn't allowed to play with her cousins anymore. She didn't understand why, a few days later, her Father asked her to get into her uncle's storeroom. "Just the papers in his desk" he promised the girl. "Bring those to me and then everything would be over." Maureen did not comprehend, but she wanted more than anything for the conflict to stop, for her life to return to normal. So she did just that. Returned to playing with Lukas and gained his trust, enough for her to 'borrow' the key and sneak into the storeroom for the blueprints.

Things were better then, for a period of time. The two families were cordial to each other, and Maureen believed, in all her childish naΓ―vetΓ© that it will remain that way as Long as she got the papers. But things weren't peaceful for Long. Soon came the incident that shook her to the core and changed her ever since. Her Father didn't come home that night, and only in the morning did Maureen learn of her uncle's death, as well as her father's position as a traitor. Young and impressionable, she was immediately struck with the realisation of what went on, yet burdened with the secret of her guilt that her Father forbade her to tell anyone. Knowing that she was part of the entire situation, Maureen tried on many occasions to apologise, but the words never left her threat. Instead, she developed a fear of the dead, and a crippling guilt and regret that haunts her to this day, forcing her to put her all into training in order to forget, just for a little while, how undeserving she was to live freely.


β–Œ S t r e n g t h // ?? | 10

β–Œ D e f e n s e // ?? | 10

β–Œ I n t e l l i g e n c e // ?? | 10

β–Œ S p e e d // ?? | 10

β–Œ M a g i c a l _ E n e r g y // ?? | 10

CS - Chrian Blaire
Inspiration - Scar-, bethelit, Verix
Player - Username

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Maureen Isharian's Story