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Brandon Faust

"These fists of mine... they are my redemption as well as my damnation."

0 · 426 views · located in Mt. Hood, Oregon

a character in “Half-Blood Village”, as played by XShishioX


Image Character Name: Brandon Faust

Play By: Hayden Christensen

Age: 17

Godly Parent: Ares

Eye Color: Grey

Hair Color: Brown

Height: 6 feet


Brandon was born in Minnesota to his mother Linda. Brandon's mother was wonderful. She was the single most caring mother anyone could ever have, but heaven help you should you piss her off. Brandon likes to joke that his temper came from her. Brandon grew up without a father, but it wasn't that bad. He had his mother and one overprotective, super strict parent and that was enough for him. While Brandon was growing up, he noticed something about him was different from the other kids. They threw temper tantrums and nobody got hurt, people got cranky, but were generally ok. Brandon's tantrums were cause to refurbish the living room. Brandon's tantrums almost killed his mother. As Brandon got older, he learned to control his anger, he stopped hurting things without trying to and started living much more calmly.

However, no one is perfect. Brandon got into a few fights, not because he wanted to, but because he had to, to protect people. He fought for a homeless guy who was getting beaten by some teenage brats. He defended a little girl from some pretty sketchy old guys. He protected a nerd who was getting beat on by some other kids. Every time he lost it, Brandon felt stronger A few months after he turned fifteen he met his father for the first time. That was the first time Brandon truly lost it. Brandon didn't remember much about the fight, only that he woke up feeling stronger than he'd ever felt, wearing a pair of bracelets, a gift from his father. Just as Brandon was about to throw the bracelets away, not caring much about a father who was never there, he heard the cries of his mother. During the fight she'd gotten involved, she was covered in burn marks and bruises and scrapes. Brandon rushed to her side but it was too late. She'd taken too much damage. Brandon cried as she died in his arms. Though Brandon hated his father, he loved his mother, and respected her wishes enough to go to the village where she said he'd be safe. Brandon is a permanent resident of the village. He lives there now, training every day to control his vast strength and hopefully atone for the death of his beloved mother.



~Odinkineses: He has the ability to induce rage but only in himself. He CANNOT make others angry. Further, when he induces rage within himself, he cannot control himself past a certain point of anger. There is a point where he will see red and become unable to control himself at all. The only way to stop him from rampaging is to knock him out or kill him. Once he sleeps, his body will revert back to its old personality and he will be normal again until he chooses to fight once more.

~Enhanced Combat: While Enraged, Brandon becomes much more proficient in battle. He hits harder, moves faster, reacts quicker, and his body becomes much more durable. He has very little control over this power. The way it works is both simple and exponential. The more he becomes enraged, the more powerful he becomes. It stands to reason then, that while he remains in control of himself, he will not be fighting at his full strength. However, on the flip side, as he cannot control his anger he will not be applying it in a way that is best for everyone.

~Limited Pyrokinesis: When enraged, Brandon can cover his fists in flame. He can only summon the flame on top of his fists, he cannot control it in any other way. As a side note, he has limited Flame immunity when this happens, but only on his hands and arms, the rest of his body is still susceptible to both the heat and actual fire. He has very little control over this ability as when he becomes enraged, he doesn't have much control over himself at all.

Weapon of Choice: Cesti, or heavy knuckles, built into a pair of thick gauntlets. The Cesti add punching power and the gauntlets protect his arms and hands. Otherwise, if his "Bully Bashers" aren't in working order, then he just uses his fists wrapped in some bandage.


Cabin #: TBA

Crush: As of now, NONE. Who would love such an angry dude anyway?

Enemies: Currently none, Brandon doesn't like to make enemies, afraid of what he might do to them.

So begins...

Brandon Faust's Story