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Daciana Sullivan

"Goodnight, Goodnight, parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say goodnight 'til it be 'morrow!" - Shakespeare

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a character in “Half-Breed Haven”, as played by Just Sayin'


Daciana Alexandria Sullivan
Daci or Dacia

Physical Description:
Age: She is Eighteen, but has a birthday coming up soon.
Eye color: Her eyes are a very unusual colour. They are a plum purple, seeming to always catch a persons attention.
Hair Color: A dark brown colour that looks ink black when it is wet.
Weight: One hundred twenty-five pounds, (125 lbs.)
Height: Five feet six inches (5'6")
Peircings/scars/tattoos/birthmarks: Dacia has her belly button pierced, a dangling, diamond ring hanging from it. Her ears are pierced twice on each side, she usually wears little studs. As for birthmarks, she seems to have one on the inner part of her left thigh. It is shaped like a small cresent moon. Daci has two tattoos. One is on her left side, gently resting on her hip. It is a cherry blossom branch that she got in memory of her grandmother. A cherry blossom tree was her favorite. The other is on the lower part of her back. It is of two sparrows in memory of her parents who died two years ago.
Skin tone: Her skin is smooth to the touch, it is lightly tanned and scarred in a few places. She received those scars from tussles as a younger child.
Style: Dacia likes being comfortable. She usually wears a pair of nice fitting pants, a tee shirt, or long-sleeved shirt, sometimes even just a tank top. She likes wearing plaid, and when she can get away with it she doesn't wear sh oes at all. However, you will see her running around in a pair of shorts and her moccosins which come up to her knee. They were made by an actual indian.
Daciana is and extremely stubborn. She won't take no for an answer, and once she set her mind to something.. It will get done. She loves a good challenge, and has, in many ways, the qualities of a wolf. After all, her name means 'Wolf' in Romanian! Daci loves to play fight, especially with other werewolves, or "halfings" as she puts it. So, do not be offended if you get a light "love punch," or are tackled out of nowhere. It's not uncommon for her to bite either, or growl playfully at someone when she's bored. Dacia loves to have a good time and laugh; her laugh seems to be contagious. She hates tense situations, tending to avoid them.
Daciana does have a bit of a short temper, and once she's mad, she's mad; like a storm coming your way. It does not take a lot to bring her back into a good mood though, she does not like to be angry. During arguements her comebacks are rather witty, and actually, Dacia is rather intelligent. Beneath her sarcasm and rough outer-exterior you will find a girl who loves to sing, play instruments, and read/write poetry; she can recite from many plays of Shakespeare. You just got to get to know her to know the real Daciana.
Signature weapon: She's good with a bow, and a dagger, however, Daci likes hand-to-hand combat, it gets her adrenaline pumping.
Hobbies or interests: She loves to sketch, write/read poetry, read novels, play her violin or her flute, sing, run, dance, play sports(especially tackle football), photography, etc.
Sexuality: Straight
Hates: Yelling, Rude or Judgemental people, Carrots(She's allergic), Complete silence, Thunderstorms or any storm in general (She's had a huge fear of them ever since she was a little girl.However, she adores the rain.), etc.
Fears: Being caught out in a storm, her "brother" Joshua dying or being treated differently, falling in love, death in general, etc.
Breeds: Werewolf and Siren
Mother's Breed: Siren
Father's Breed: Werewolf
Daciana lived a fairly normal life. She and her mother traveled with her father's pack for a long time. Daci spent most of her time with her grandmother who was an elder in the pack, but once her grandmother died she found herself hanging around the young teenagers her age. Most, in which, were boys. They taught her to tough, and she fought with them a lot; that being the way she earned her many scars. At the age of fourteen her parents adopted Joshua, a vampire/merman who seemed misplaced in the world. Josh was deaf, which intrigued Dacia. She quickly learned ASL(American Sign Language) and he, her "brother," became best friends. Two years ago her and Josh's parents died. A strong member of the pack betrayed them all, most of the pack being killed. She and her brother escaped, that's how they came across the haven. Daciana has been through a lot, but she's is tough, and can handle it.. She hopes.
Strange abilities: N/A
Other: She knows ASL and a few kinds of martial arts..

So begins...

Daciana Sullivan's Story