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Joshua Sullivan

0 · 288 views · located in The Lake

a character in “Half-Breed Haven”, as played by Just Sayin'


Joshua Gabriel Sullivan
Josh(If you really want to annoy him, call him "Joshy" though.)

Physical Description:
Age: Twenty
Eye color: A light green colour.
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Weight: One hundred ninety pounds(190lbs.), most in which is muscle.
Height: Six feet four inches (6'4")
Peircings/scars/tattoos/birthmarks: He has a birthmark on his right shoulder blade in the shape of a bat.
Skin tone: His skin is gently tanned, baring many scars, mostly along his chest.
Style: Josh usually a pair of and no shirt. If he must wear a shirt it's a plain tee shirt or a button down.
Joshua is naturally a warm-hearted, caring person. However, over the years people have turned him "hard." He's constantly treated different because he is deaf, treated as if he is dumb. He is far from it. He likes to joke around with people, mostly Dacia since she's the only one he's around that knows ASL. His jokes consist of making fun of other people who are talking to him loud, as if that will help in any way; he. cannot. hear. He can read lips rather well though, so, if somewhere were to talk slow, looking him in the eyes, he'd get most of what they were saying. Of course, he couldn't really reply.
Josh likes seeing people smile, and is secretly a romantic in his own little way. Don't let his sarcastic demeanor when first meeting him scare you off. Once getting to know him you'll find a person with good intentions. (More revealed through the role play.)
Signature weapon: His fists, or his fangs. Pretty good with a gun though.
Hobbies or interests: Joshua likes to work out, run, play the drums(yes, feeling the beats and such help him. He can play well.), make people smile/laugh, sports, etc.
Sexuality: Straight,
Hates: People treating him differently, someone hurting Dacia, death, annoying people, anger, etc.
Fears: Death, especially Dacia dying, she's his only friend.
Breeds: Merman and Vampire
Mother's Breed: Vamipire
Father's Breed: Merman
Past: When Joshua was born both his mother and father's side of the family looked at him as an abomination. They did not accept him being a halfling, therefore his parents gave him away. He was thrown into a orphanage at two weeks old. The people who worked there knew there was something odd about him when he was three months old. He would not respond to sounds, therefore they had him tested. They found that Josh was deaf. Along with his weird nature and the fact he couldn't hear only made it worse on him. No one adopted young Josh, not even as a little kid.
When he got older he ran away from the orphanage and stumbled across Daciana and her parents. He was surprised when they "adopted" him, since he was nothing of their kind, but quickly felt accepted. Daci became his best friend, and he soon forgot about his actual parents, Dacia's parents becoming his own. When they died their death hit him hard, but he had to stay strong. Following after his sister on their unknown journey, wary when they came across the Haven.
Strange abilities: N/A
Other: ...

So begins...

Joshua Sullivan's Story