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Booker Pryce

Peering through reality; an endless onslaught

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a character in “Half Moon Academy”, as played by guygombaa


~Booker Pryce~
Ignore the bandages. He has a faint scar on his right cheek, and a blue hand-print on his left shoulder. He's 5'5
15 | Male | Human | Day Class

Booker can peer through reality, enabling him to see other planes of reality, reflections of our world. When viewing other planes, he can exert a tiny amount of influence over them, which manifests as phenomenon often associated with ghosts, such as chill winds or objects moving slightly.

Booker was born in Niveo City, where he led a rather normal childhood. His mother was an artist and his father owned a theatre; two passions that Booker inherited. Though his parents were both middle-class, his fathers investments ensured that they were never light on cash. Booker's earliest memory is watching the Pirates of Penzance in his fathers theatre, which would become one of his favourite shows.

At the age of six, Booker first discovered his ability to see through reality on Halloween. Dressed in the first of many pirate costumes, he knocked on the door of his neighbours house, only for the door to open into a vast nothingness. Perturbed, he turned to see the entire street was filled with crumbling houses that appeared to have been abandoned for years, black vines weaving their way through the street. As he looked around, confused, a grotesque beast rounded the corner, it's eyeless face looking directly at him. And then, it was gone, and his parents led him back home. It wasn't until another year and several more strange occurrences that his mother realised he had inherited her gift, an unfortunate family curse.

Booker was already considered odd by his class-mates, but his 'episodes' made him feared and despised by the rest of the school, making primary school even more of a trial than it already is. Rather than give up, Booker made an effort; inviting other kids to his dad's theatre. As he gained control of his power he was able to turn into a parlour trick; telling people about the other realities and the creatures within. Most people assumed it was made up, but regardless, Booker had found friendship.

In his first year of high-school, Booker had an excursion to a train station. During the excursion he got into an argument with another boy who teased him for 'making up stories'. Booker pushed him, and he pushed back; pushing Booker directly onto the tracks, right into an oncoming train. He closed his eyes, and everything went silent. He looked, and before him was a train, old and decaying, covered in black vines. Booker could feel that something was different: he wasn't just seeing, he was really there. He explored the train, but he couldn't find anybody. Over the next few days, Booker explored the desolate city. He could feel something watching him; things crawled and moved in the shadows. The thick black vines that were everywhere shifted at his approach, even the air seemed to be against him: it was thick and smokey. Through the constant, thin mist he made his way back home. It was there that he came face to face with that old beast that had haunted him since Halloween so long ago.

It chased him through his house, but it was faster, stronger, smarter than he was. It caught him and left a scratch along his face, because a glowing silhouette grabbed him and dragged him to safety. Suddenly, he was back at home, his parents staring amazedly. Where his mysterious saviour had touched him a blue hand-print was left behind. Shocked by the entire ordeal, Booker was pulled out of school. He spent the next few years at home, his parents urging him not to tell anyone of what he saw, or where he went. He passed the time by learning archery and playing various instruments with his mother, until a letter from Half Moon Academy finally convinced his parents to return him to school.

-A compound bow.
-A flintlock pistol (without a firing pin.)
-Ye olde timepiece
-Ye olde record player
-Ye modern music playing device (and phone)
-A fine naval themed chess set.
-Clothes and other essentials. Booker mostly wears band tees and cardigans with cargo pants. He also has a large collection of hats.

So begins...

Booker Pryce's Story

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Booker stepped out of the taxi and stared at the gleaming, golden gates. Over the wall of clean ivory stones he could see a castle, the spires of which stretched towards the sky, imposing, yet also comforting. Fairies floated through the air, a lot more of them than he was used to seeing at once. And then he blinked, and his vision shifted, and he saw a far less impressive wooden gate set in the rather ordinary stone wall. But he could no longer see the castle.

A teacher ushered him through the gates, taking his name and handing him a reasonably sized pack filled with books and other documents before pointing him in the direction of an old dormitory. Was it Sun class or Day class? It mattered little. He stepped through the gates, and not too far in the distance, up the path a ways, he could see the main building. Not quite a castle; maybe a fort or something. Despite being far smaller than the castle he had viewed in the Fairy plane, he found it no less impressive. In it's prime, it might've even looked a little something like what he'd seen before.

He trudged on down the path, flicking through a few different 'channels' as he did so. Everything about this place seemed fairly consistent throughout the different planes of reality. More or less the same buildings in the same places, with only the usual aesthetic differences he had come to expect. He wondered who lived in each different version of the castle, and what purposes it served when a girl caught his eye. She was just.... sitting there, seemingly watching all the new arrivals fumble around. Well, the few who were coming down the path at least, anyway.

After a few moments of deliberation, he approached her with a smile. "Hello there Miss. My name's Booker."

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#, as written by Zekkel
7:12 a.m.

The van ride was finally starting to finish up. A short, blue-haired boy had an annoyed look while he kept pecking at his temple with his pointer finger. He looked out the window. It seemed like they were only a few more minutes away from Half Moon. He gave another annoyed look at what he was staring at before. “You seriously fell asleep when we are 15 minutes away from the school. Just why, Lara.” He said as his head hit the seat’s head rest. True enough, a redhead girl was completely passed out with drool hanging from her mouth.

As the light blue van finally started to go past the gates of the academy, Zeke, the blue-haired guy, shook Lara’s arm hard, startling her. Her eyes almost immediately sprung back to life. “Bah! Zeke? What? Where?” She said with a start as she looked around, trying to analyze her “new” environment. “‘Where’ is the academy. We’re here.” The chauffeur announced to the two. As she gripped her head, she felt herself remembering the exact reason she was, you know, in a van and near an academy. With a stretch, a groan, and a yawn, she decided to ask what was, strangely, her most important question. “How long was I out?” All Zeke could do was cup his hand and put it to his forehead.

As it came to a slow halt near where it seemed everyone was gathered, Lara slid open the vehicle’s door with yet another groan and a new backpack on her back. “Won’t lie, the place definitely looks pretty…” But then there was the bundles of new students who were obviously trying to get situated. “Aaaand crowded.” Not long after, Zeke came out as another van drove up, this time dispensing about 5 muscular men in business casual wear. After a quick conversation with them, he went back over to Lara. “She’s a beauty isn’t she?” “Well yeah. Place wasn’t exactly cheap. It better be pretty.” “You make it sound like you paid for it.” “Hey, hey. The customer likes to be happy too, okay?” Lara said with a chuckle.

He pointed towards his little entourage. “They’ll take care of moving your luggage. Now while they take care of that,” He said as he gave Lara a tiny notepad with instructions. “You need to go and get your schedule, your uniform, and maybe find your way around a bit. Best idea is to get familiar with it early, right?” She nodded. “Right. And we’ll meet back here to go over any last details too.” He gave a thumbs up and a return nod to seal that deal. As he went back to the van, she walked off towards where they were supposed to get all their little essentials. Thankfully, the backpack was completely empty, save for the notepad, a notebook, and some pencils. Little bit of foresight on her part considering there was people taking care of her luggage. More importantly, time to find out where the schedule is at!

Rather conveniently, there was a person not too far away that multiple different students seemed to be gather towards or leaving after talking to. That was way quicker than she thought it was gonna be...Awesome.

She walked over with a smile as she straightened out her clothes. First impressions are important. That and the fact that she wanted to get this stuff over fast. She waved towards the girl before getting near where she was stationed. “Are you the one handing out the schedules and uniforms?” She said. One thing she failed to realize though; She was saying this while blatantly getting in the way of her and some white-haired kid. It took her a second, probably from still being a little out of it from napping, but she took note. Woops.

She took a step back and scratched her head. “Well…Uh...My bad there.”