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Tea Grey

The girl with the earth in her window, and the skies at her door.

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a character in “Half Moon Academy”, as played by CloudJhi



Tea Grey | 16 | Human | Junior Day Dorm President


Tea is a short girl standing at 5'3". Her most notable feature is her white hair, readily bouncing light wherever she goes to give her a mildly glowing look. The length of her hair can change very quickly depending on her moods and wishes, growing longer and heavier when weighed down by unwelcome thoughts and feelings, and staying short to reflect lightness and ease of heart.

Her eyes are mostly black, having only a faint shine to them, sparkling as though there are stars hidden within them. Her skin is a very light tan, her cheeks having a faint but visible blush a majority of the time. It is in her nature to be quite emotive, being generally easy to read unless she forces herself to pull on a poker face. Her bodily features are smooth all throughout, featuring little contours beyond that of her anatomy itself, her skin seamless besides the very faint traces of an intricate scar running all over her.

She wears a variety of clothes, her most notable trend being that of layering excessively. Her most common combination would be wearing a tank top with a loose, baggy long sleeve, often with a pastel coloration or various loud, localized prints. She alternates between wearing all kinds of leg wear depending on what she feels would match with her top, her most common choices being of various muted shades.


Medium: As a medium, Tea has a great affinity towards balance, instinctively seeking to maintain it wherever she goes. Her connection to the world at large is greatly enhanced, allowing her to communicate with it a receive a degree of responsiveness in turn. Baser, more malleable lifeforms are greatly responsive, and often plants seek to grow in her presence, while ancient forms, especially those that don't contain the spark of life may be more stubborn and respond with silence to her attempts at conversation.

Affinity - Order: Her affinity for balance allows her to wield order, restoring things to their most orderly state. Often this is used to rebuild things, countering the effects of natural decay such as rust and wear, or reversing damage done by sealing wounds and mending flesh. However, her ability to wield order is directly tied to her state, increasing her own state of chaos the more she uses it.

Affinity - Chaos: Her affinity for balance allows her to wield chaos, reducing things to their baser states through entropy. Often this is used to breakdown things, bringing such effects as rusting metal or crumbling stone. This is also used offensively, often by reopening old wounds or simply breaking down flesh. However, her ability to wield chaos is directly tied to her state, increasing her own state of order the more she uses it.

  • A small, trilliant cut gem, strung with a smooth, dark cord. This pendant hangs from her neck, used as a focus for her powers.
  • A leatherbound book, filled with illustrations of various flora and fauna that she's observed. The back pages contains people she's met as well.
  • A luggage filled entirely with clothes. How it was able to fit all those clothes is a mystery. Tea is highly advanced in the art of packing.
  • A phone and a laptop. Nothing fancy, just exactly what she needs.
  • A leather satchel containing everything else that didn't fit in her luggage for reasons.


Raised as an only child, Tea lived a fairly contented life which she always took at her own pace. Homeschooled by her parents in some strange, non-standard form of education had given her strange ideas on what counts for regular interaction, something she thankfully was able to tone down as she grew up. Her abilities manifested early as a young child, though at the time none really understood what she was capable of, only remarking that she was oddly good with animals, and always seemed to excel in biology projects.

As she grew older and shifted to standard education, she was initially remarked as weird by her peers, but in taking such a branding in stride, she was able to have a peaceful childhood without being bullied and rendered a social outcast for being an other. During this time, however, she already gained a fierce streak of independence, oftentimes wandering off whenever she could, exploring her abilities once she became aware of them, seeing a different layer of the world that was all but invisible to others.

Her wanderings had brought her farther and farther as the years passed, til at some point it took several months before she even managed to return to the place she called home. During these wanderings, she practiced often with her abilities, using it to perform magic tricks to earn her keep while on the road, often joining up with other entertainers to see where their path would take her, before parting ways where she felt her own begin to diverge.

During her travels, she happened upon a peculiar man with a cane, who offered to guide her and expand upon the things she already knew, if she would do him a favor. Eager to learn more about what hides in the world that shift in the corners of her gifted sight, she agreed. Thus, upon returning home and spending a few weeks with her parents, she then left once more to join him in his school.

So begins...

Tea Grey's Story

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Tea spent her time under the shade of a nearby tree, waiting on new faces to see. Having arrived earlier at Ryan's behest, she had already set up her living space much earlier than any other incoming students, barring a few excited early birds. While waiting, she meditated where she sat, closing her eyes to the world as she opened them to another. Eagerly peering around, she looked for signs of new presences around the vicinity, awaiting their arrival.

Each addition to the school would breathe a new kind of flavor into the air, and already Tea's mind wandered as to how to mix and mingle them to brilliant results. Her hair fluttered as she began to smile at the thoughts flooding her mind, even giving a few to the idea of finding someone for herself.

With a deep breath, she stilled herself, slowly letting her thoughts drift away as she focused once more. Duty comes first, after all, and a good track record would make it harder for Ryan to be cryptically useless. Even as she waited, she could already sense a few approaching the Day Dorm's vicinity. Once more, she took a breath, then opened her eyes. "Time for the start of a new life."

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Tea spent her time waving in new students, completely forgetting to give them instructions on dorm assignments beyond the basic division on genders. While most were initially put off by her choice of station, she felt that an open approach, on open ground, right at the entrance of a building they were supposed to enter would be a great place to be, as they would have little to no choice of interacting with her.

And what a variety she was met with! They all shone with their own colors, their very presences already sending the environment into a tangle, and some with more force than others. That is, with the exception of that kid. While Tea herself was keeping her signature as low key as possible, he walked on forward without even noticing her, a veritable void that just seemed like the edge of a black hole due to how nothing he was. He didn't bother her, and so she didn't bother him, and having already seen the pamphlet in his hand, she knew that he knew what he was doing. At the very least, she hoped so.

Her mind was shaken from its train of thought as she saw another new student making his way towards her. His eyes seemed unfocused, as though he were looking at something that wasn't there. She thought to ask, but Ryan told her it would be polite to simply let them in their own time, and never to press for it.

She smiled in return as he greeted her, finally standing up. "Hi, I'm Tea! Tea Grey, at your service. Welcome to the Day Dorms! There are signboards inside pointing to where girls and boys should go. Feel free to pick any room, we're not doing assignments this time. If you have any questions, feel free to ask now!"

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#, as written by Zekkel
7:12 a.m.

The van ride was finally starting to finish up. A short, blue-haired boy had an annoyed look while he kept pecking at his temple with his pointer finger. He looked out the window. It seemed like they were only a few more minutes away from Half Moon. He gave another annoyed look at what he was staring at before. “You seriously fell asleep when we are 15 minutes away from the school. Just why, Lara.” He said as his head hit the seat’s head rest. True enough, a redhead girl was completely passed out with drool hanging from her mouth.

As the light blue van finally started to go past the gates of the academy, Zeke, the blue-haired guy, shook Lara’s arm hard, startling her. Her eyes almost immediately sprung back to life. “Bah! Zeke? What? Where?” She said with a start as she looked around, trying to analyze her “new” environment. “‘Where’ is the academy. We’re here.” The chauffeur announced to the two. As she gripped her head, she felt herself remembering the exact reason she was, you know, in a van and near an academy. With a stretch, a groan, and a yawn, she decided to ask what was, strangely, her most important question. “How long was I out?” All Zeke could do was cup his hand and put it to his forehead.

As it came to a slow halt near where it seemed everyone was gathered, Lara slid open the vehicle’s door with yet another groan and a new backpack on her back. “Won’t lie, the place definitely looks pretty…” But then there was the bundles of new students who were obviously trying to get situated. “Aaaand crowded.” Not long after, Zeke came out as another van drove up, this time dispensing about 5 muscular men in business casual wear. After a quick conversation with them, he went back over to Lara. “She’s a beauty isn’t she?” “Well yeah. Place wasn’t exactly cheap. It better be pretty.” “You make it sound like you paid for it.” “Hey, hey. The customer likes to be happy too, okay?” Lara said with a chuckle.

He pointed towards his little entourage. “They’ll take care of moving your luggage. Now while they take care of that,” He said as he gave Lara a tiny notepad with instructions. “You need to go and get your schedule, your uniform, and maybe find your way around a bit. Best idea is to get familiar with it early, right?” She nodded. “Right. And we’ll meet back here to go over any last details too.” He gave a thumbs up and a return nod to seal that deal. As he went back to the van, she walked off towards where they were supposed to get all their little essentials. Thankfully, the backpack was completely empty, save for the notepad, a notebook, and some pencils. Little bit of foresight on her part considering there was people taking care of her luggage. More importantly, time to find out where the schedule is at!

Rather conveniently, there was a person not too far away that multiple different students seemed to be gather towards or leaving after talking to. That was way quicker than she thought it was gonna be...Awesome.

She walked over with a smile as she straightened out her clothes. First impressions are important. That and the fact that she wanted to get this stuff over fast. She waved towards the girl before getting near where she was stationed. “Are you the one handing out the schedules and uniforms?” She said. One thing she failed to realize though; She was saying this while blatantly getting in the way of her and some white-haired kid. It took her a second, probably from still being a little out of it from napping, but she took note. Woops.

She took a step back and scratched her head. “Well…Uh...My bad there.”