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Anyone, anywhere; hidden in plain sight.

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a character in “Half Moon Academy”, as played by Kaystee


Vynce (2017 Edition)ÂŽ



Dead birds - trophies are excluded

Standing at 170cm (5'7"), Vynce's base form is characterised by an incredibly lean body, paired with the unnatural white skin colour of changelings, silver grey hair and pitch-black eyes. Her face is made up of simple characteristics. A spherical face encapsulates what means to be a shapeshifting race, boasting a straight stub nose, feature-less eyes, save for their hazelnut shape, where thin, colourless lips secure the deal just above a soft and mildly pronounced jawline. Vynce's straight hair have a habit of retaining a messy state for hours, so she keeps them at shoulder-length and doesn't bother attending to them if the situation doesn't call for more formal attire.

Vynce's appearance can change to match that of her active masks; refer to the Powers segment for more detailed information on that. Apart from her many masks, she also has a base male form as a Changeling; in that form, she boasts an impressive height of 190cm (6'3") with a similar body structure of lean and unpronounced characteristics. A scar runs across her face in this form - starting from just above her right eye, and stretching down to her lips in length. This is a retained birthmark, and one that renders her male form quite menacing; hence why she males use of it so rarely.

Vynce retains a few pairs of the same clothing items that can be described as plain, loose and comfortable: the perfect combination for when one has to change into many different bodies and appearances. Her garnments consist of three basic pieces, all unisex so that they can also be worn by her male form, or while she changes to masks of catalogued male individuals. These consist of a white sleeveless shirt, a heavy cotton jacket, and loose chino trousers secured by a heavyweight black leather belt. When in her base form, Vynce likes to keep her shirt buttoned up above her belly. As for shoes, she only wears a pair of boots that her mother Pan once passed to her; this pair of boots is made with leather dyed brown and infused with magic, allowing it to change size to match the feet size of the individual that wears them. This is the go-to for whenever Vynce changes masks, so that she does not need to keep shoes of all sizes close to her at all times.

Spoiler: show
Male Form

Night class. School safety measures prevent shapeshifters from altering their appearance. As such, she partakes classes in the night curriculum.

Catalogue: This ability allows Vynce to 'catalogue' the appearance of any humanoid she encounters into a 'roster' of appearances, called 'masks'. Adding a new mask to the roster requires her to spend at least five minutes observing the person whose mask she plans to acquire; including listening to their voice, mimicking their movements, and assuming their mannerisms. Spending more time around that person increases the 'effectiveness' of the mask, making it more realistic as to the real person in whose appearance Vynce disguises. Vynce can also edit that mask, if she happens to spend some more time with that individual at a different time.

Shapeshifting: A changeling's racial ability to shapeshift into any humanoid creature of any appearance - changing into the catalogued mask. This action can be performed at will - there is no such thing as an effective cooldown. By shapeshifting, Vynce assumes the natural traits of the person into who she disguises, including gender, voice, height, weight, muscularity or feminity, hair style, hair colour and length, facial and body features such as scars, marks, etc. She does not assume their behaviour, lifestyle, memories, supernatural abilities, and does not gain any of their possessions or equipment during the time she catalogued them.

Uncover Identity: Vynce is a shapeshifter; as such, she has the ability to see through another person's bluff if they have assumed a different appearance through the means of magic or racial capabilities.

Changeling Metabolism: Consumption of poisoned food has little effect on Vynce; consumption of magically enhanced food increases the potent of the magic within said consummable.

Blend: Vynce has an additional racial ability related to shapeshifting; while moving inside a crowd of people, she can adapt a mask so plain and usual that observers have a hard time focusing on her silhouette, eagering to shift their attention to a person with more pronounced characteristics.

  • School backpack; class books, a couple of notebooks, memo, drawing paper, and stationery. Includes a 15.6" ultrabook.
  • Pocket knife.
  • Boots-of-all-sizes (magic item); see Appearance.
  • Pack of cigarettes and a Zippo lighter.
  • Smartphone, a pair of earbuds, dorm keys and some spare change.

Vynce's background is a compilation of unfortunate events and shady parts that she tries really hard to keep for herself only.

Vynce's life started in the wet soaked slums. Her mother goes by the name Pan, and currrently resides in the sprawling metropolis of Harp City, out in the distant west from Half Moon Academy. Fifteen years ago, she was a struggling woman, outcast from the society for being a known changeling, a race feared by men for being deceivers and notorious criminals in their majority. Doing whatever she could to stay alive, at some point she had to result in prostitution to secure her living. During these hard times, a failed contraceptive therapy resulted in the changeling's unexpected pregnancy; nine months later, she would give birth to Vynce, with the identity of the child's father lost among an endless catalogue of customers over a period of many months.

After the kid was born, Pan changed leaf, but only ventured in an even darker path afterwards - assassinating an acknowledged and wealthy individual of the city and assuming her identity for years to come in order to secure her wealth, and growing Vynce inside the best of living conditions that money could buy. After Vynce turned three, the entire of her education was received at home; she was homeschooled until the age of eight, since she could not acquire or adapt to masks before that age. Her life passed peacefully yet lonely; to her mother's eyes, who knew no other alternative but living lawless, this was the best that she could do for her. Ten years went by.

That is, until eventually the missing pieces of the puzzle were pieced together, and the duo was linked to the assassination and identity theft of the mask due to Pan's inability to assume every single one of their picky manners. They had to run away yet once again. The slums were where they would seek sanctuary from now on, but this time around, things had changed a lot. Vynce had grown up in a different environment; the shift was not welcome, neither was the fact that she had to attend a regular public school masked as a twelve year old boy that she once got to met by chance. But she had to roll with it, studying at school in the morning and living off by stealing in the night.

The light of hope shined once again upon Vynce's face, when her saviour arrived - in the form of a letter of invitation. An invitation to an extraordinary institution known as Half Moon Academy, totally unkown to her. She took the opportunity to run away from her miserable life with a smile of redemption on her face. She would finally be able to form a life of her own, free of prejudice against her species in a place far away, in new masks and with new company. The perfect opportunity to start again. Little did she know about the true nature of the school that she was about to enter and its policy for students of 'paranormal' races...

So begins...

Vynce's Story

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#, as written by Kaystee
The gentle summer breeze pushed through the narrowly open window of the yellow cab. It was a relatively cool day. Passing days were pushing the summer towards an inevitable end, and this refreshing wind was a reminder of the autumn season that would soon follow. The passenger in the backseat, a fourteen year old boy chauffeurred by a man in his late 30s, enjoyed the breeze on his face as he gazed outside, towards the blades of grass that hummed together with the wind under a mild afternoon sun.

"Half Moon Academy..." the driver said, attempting to initiate a conversation with the boy who was otherwise really quiet during the five-hour journey from Harp City. "What a school." Of course, what he did not know was that the boy that sat in the back seat was not a boy; neither was he human. "I've taken many students there before from all across the vincinity. You're in for a ride my friend."

Vynce was desperately trying not to fall asleep. There was no excitement for him in this journey towards a place he's never been before, and the driver's small-talk was an opportunity to shake off his lingering feeling of drowsiness. Luckily, the daunting five hour trip was about to reach a conclusion. "In two minutes you'll be standing in front of the front door... Lucky you!" The driver continued.

Vynce shrugged. "Really? Anything of importance that I should know?" She declared.

The driver chuckled. Ηe turned his head to the rear view mirror, and gazed directly into Vynce's eyes. "How about changing into your normal body for starters?" The spark that his eyes emitted made Vynce shiver, shocked as she flinched from hearing these words. "H-how did you..." Vynce dug in her seat, trying to conceal her fear.

"How did I know? You don't need to worry!" Mumbled the driver, "I've been driving kids to this school ever since you were born! It's my job to prepare you for what's about to come." Numbness climbed up her spine to the realization of how vulnerable she was... She was being driven towards a school she've never heard of by a man who probably knew of her shapeshifting gimmick from the very first minute!

It didn't take any longer for Vynce to revert back to her normal form. "As I said, Half Moon Academy is a very special school." The driver said. "Even if you did try to walk through the gates in a different form, the school would spit out your... 'cover', you know." He made a quote sign with his hands at that point. "Truly a school for everyone!" He laughed. Vynce laid back, her numbness slowly fading away. As soon as she realized that she would have to walk in the school like... this, the first thing that came to her head was 'uncomfortable'.

"Here it is." Exclaimed the driver. Vynce finally understood the hype that her driver was building around Half Moon Academy. The school was built upon an ancient castle. From the exterior, it seemed menacing, but then again, Vynce hadn't seen many other 'exclusive' schools before in her life. The gate was right next to the road, wide open, and a couple of students were around there during the time of her arrival - perhaps the rest of them had already come, or were underway. The thin crowd was welcoming, for sure.

The yellow cab stopped. The driver pushed open his door, then went out of his seat only to hold the door for Vynce to come out of the cab. "Welcome to your new life." He said. The trunk opened unpromptedly, and without any further input, he took her single luggage carrier out, and placed it on the ground. "I'm sure you can take it from here." He finally said. "There's a teacher standing by the gate that'll give you further directions." He went back into the cab, and slowly pulled away from the school yard, leaving a confused Vynce standing alone in front of the school gates. She thanked him quietly for saving her from the bother of having to deal with the anxiety that would have followed had she not reverted her appearance. A question puzzled her frail mind: how did the cab driver detect her disguise? Perhaps it was a question for another time.

Pushing towards the gate, a vexed figure stood underneath, looking straight into her as she entered the school. The perimeter was bustling with sounds of laughter and faint screams. The man handed her a sack full of books, a leaflet, and without any further ado or speaking a single word, he raised his finger and pointed towards one of the secondary buildings, this one was towards their left side. Vynce nodded, checking the the leaflet and having nothing to say, she made her way there. It was the dorms... designated the "Moon" Dorms..?

Upon entering, the sight of faces all around her greeted her. However, none of them seemed familiar, or even to say, normal. They all had traits that set them apart from each another. Some were more subtle, and others begged for her attention. She wanted to check upon them one by one; maybe strike a conversation with a couple? Her social skills, having only recently spent time around people, were pretty close to hitting rock bottom, and it was up to her to fix that starting this year.

However, she would leave these thoughts to concern her another time. The wonderful smell of burning logs filled her nose as she made her way further inside the dorms. It brought back memories from the time she would live in a big house, with a fireplace just as enchanting as the one that she was currently staring. The same smell of burning log that she cherished made her feel confortable again, and she shaked off her negative feelings as a wave of euphoria ran through her veins. This charming room was probably being used as the common room, judging by the plethora of sofas and pillows all around. Vynce let her eyes deep dive into the dancing flame of the fireplace, the warmth taking away the cold of a late summer day.

Another person seemed to be enjoying the scent of the properly lit fireplace; a boy, he seemed to be around her age, albeit an otherworldy aura shrouded him in mystery. The atmosphere was warm and pleasing; how could striking a conversation go wrong for an otherwise wary Vynce around here? "Enjoying the warmth?" Vynce exclaimed.

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"Indeed I am." Cyrus replied. "I'm Cyrus. Junior night dorm president." He rose to greet the new arrival.
Unpromptedly, she greeted him back "I'm Vynce... It's my first time here." She said. Having met nobody yet, she was surprised to having run straight into the dorm president first.
"Nice to meet you." He held out his hand. "Have you got a room number?"
It took Vynce a couple of seconds to respond to the boy's greeting. "Nice to meet you too!" She said, grabbing his hand in an awkward attempt to handshake. "I haven't been assigned one yet..."
A person stranger than himself. Lovely. "You should have been given an ID card? Should say on that." He pulled out his own card to demonstrate, with the room number 14 printed on the card.
Vynce placed the sack she was holding on the couch, then quickly went through the stack. Spare notebooks, a bunch of leaflets she had yet to read, a bunch of books she was unfamiliar with... Then she found it: a transparent file containing a card that resembled his, and pulled it out. "Found it." She declared. She held the card out to her new acquaintance. "Is this it?"
"Yeah, that's the one." Cyrus looked at the card, tapping the room number. "Room 12." He said with a smile. "No last name?" He noted. In his head he was already trying to compile what little information he had. He'd avoid going through her head, for now.
"Thanks a lot!" Vynce responded, reaching out to grab her card again. Room number 12 it was. "Yeah, um, I never had one... I've been living with-" But she decided to shut her mouth and end it there. There was no need for her to expose her past life so hastily to people she's just met. "I never had one." She smiled back
Stranger and stranger Cyrus thought. "I see." He stared at the fire for a moments, unsure of how to continue. He only had so many topics of conversation. "Well...." His eyes began glowing faintly as one of the smaller logs in the fire flew out into his hand. He span it around a few times before asking; "What can you do?"
The log took Vynce by surprise, she flinched and took a step back as response to the fire launched towards Cyrus. But the question he raised bugged her even more. "What can I do... You mean like, in terms of school subjects? I'm good at Maths!"
He shook his head. "No I mean-" He threw the log back into the fire. "I can move things without touching them." Among a few other abilities "You'll learn quickly that everyone here has some sort of special talent. So, what can you do?"
She recalled his previous reaction to the torched timber flying out to him, how naturally he pounded it back without even thinking of it. She was standing here herself, in her bare white skin and staring at another person while in it. At this point, she could easily assume what was going on with this school, and judging by Cyrus' abilities, she could theorize what other students could, potentially, be capable of performing... Tasks of magic, or other extraordinaire, similar to her innate shapeshifting. It was the first time, however, that someone actually asked about her abilities without amy sort of interrogation going on. "I would love to." Vynce finally responded. "But I really can't within the school perimeter." According to the cab driver at least, but then again, she hadn't actually tested it. The familiar tingles started running through her veins on the spot, the skin trying to change to the appearance of Cyrus himself. However, there was no response from her brain, as if the gateway between her consciousness and her innate ability was somehow cut. "Yeah, I really can't. I was informed about this." Vynce disclaimed.
Cyrus stares at Vynce for a few moments. "Err.... sure." What absolute bullshit. He thought. "Well, I'm going to sit down. If you have any questions, feel free to ask." And with that he flopped back into his chair.
As he lowered into the chair, Vynce was left standing speechless in front of the fireplace. I totally disappointed him she thought, and having nothing more to talk about, she started making her way to her room. Just as the hearthy warmth of the fireplace began to fade, Vynce turned around to look at Cyrus and ask "See you later then?"
"I'd be surprised if you didn't." He smiled before closing his eyes to relax by the fire.

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#, as written by Kaystee
Ten minutes later
Vynce's awkward conversation with that kid, Cyrus, could've been a whole lot better if she could just show him her power. Being unable to use your special ability within grounds where everybody else seemed able to was upsetting. Not to mention this distressing feeling of eerieness that salutes her every time she stays in her basic form, exposed to her surroundings. But she never questioned why.

She'd probably get used to it, sooner or later. Just like a new school. You either get used to it, or die of boredom. Vynce had never been leaning towards either ends.

The narrow corridor stretching from the hearthy common room was dim from the lack of articifial light, save for the fireplace that emitted a soft glow out to the staircase. Paving her way to the upper floor, the sign of the female dorms greeter her - a tiny figurine exclaiming a big "W", stitched in red velvet for whatever reason. Door number fourteen had view to the sole window of the women's dorm main hallway, it couldn't be missed, and with a quick swipe of the ID card over the beeping scanner, Vynce pushed the door open to meet her fellow dorm students with whom she'd share room number fourteen.

The room was devoid of any sign of residence, there were no packs stacked anywhere or any lively voice, save for the faint tic-tac of a wall-mounted clock that kept the students under the pressure of their school curriculum. Vynce had already figured it out in her head - the clock was probably imbued with magic, it would notify them half an hour before class, and would raise concerns if they decided to skip. It was silent for now, but it was only a matter of time before the annoying, repetitive sound of time passing by reminded her of its presence. God, she hated clocks with a passion.

Dorm room number fourteen was a room of four. Another hallway ended in the bedroom and featured two more doors on the right and on the left. She took her time to examine the interior, heading for these doors first. The first one was the shared bathroom of the room, pretty typical stuff but the size of the bathtub had Vynce fantasizing about hour-long bubble baths. It was insanely big for what was supposed to be a simple dorm room. The other room was tiny, and empty - she would probably use it for storage space, Vynce thought. Inside the bedroom, two double-bunker beds were placed next to the two wider walls of the apartment. The third wall had two prominent knobs sticking out, opening them to reveal a large shared closet already stacked with spare hangers, four sets of towels, spare blankets, and after checking the beds she also found two sets of sheets on each bed. A number of drawers below were empty - save for one filled with cosmetic products, mainly bags of wet soap to refill the soap dispenser in the bathroom, and other paraphernalia.

Being the first in the room, Vynce had every liberty to claim whichever bed she prefered - and she chose the one closest to the window of the room. Top bunker, left side, a comfortable choice, a soft mattress to rest her back. She got up from the bed five minutes after checking the mattress to make the sheets. Then, she took her sole piece of luggage and claimed a couple of the hangers for her school clothes, filling two drawers out with the rest of her clothes and underwear. Everything was ready and set.

Now that she was ready, she could probably head back to the common room and surround herself with more of her fellow students, but an aching feeling of exhaustion stuck her for a moment. Staying in the dorm room for another ten minutes to catch her breath was the most appealing idea that she had, and having nothing else to do, Vynce laid flat on her bed, after taking her clothes off and changing to a more comfortable woolen gown that she brought with her, and put on a pair of earbuds plugged into her mobile. She leaned towards the wall as she turned on the radio, tuning in to Easy, 92.0 FM.

"This is Joffrey"
"And this is Meister!"
"Thank you for joining us in time for this day's Evening Chatter-"
"-the premier show of the day where YOU get to listen to the hottest topics of the day-"
"-all accompanied by some of the best music you can find!"
She was just in time to catch up with two of her favorite spokespeople on the radio.