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Half Moon Academy

Half Moon Academy


a part of Half Moon Academy, by guygombaa.

Welcome to Half Moon Academy!

guygombaa holds sovereignty over Half Moon Academy, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The campus of Half Moon Academy is built upon the remains of Half Moon Keep, an imposing structure of stone and mortar. Surrounding the entire school is a massive wall, which is punctuated by four watchtowers.

Roughly five minutes away from the main campus you will find the Sun Dorms to the west and the Moon Dorms to the east.
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Half Moon Academy

Welcome to Half Moon Academy!


Half Moon Academy is a part of Half Moon Academy.

9 Characters Here

Katherine J. Rithe [4] She's technically a technical freak, call her Kate
Sol Arc [4] This story is not about me.
Tea Grey [3] The girl with the earth in her window, and the skies at her door.
Cyrus Days [3] Not at all unhinged
Vynce [3] Anyone, anywhere; hidden in plain sight.
Booker Pryce [2] Peering through reality; an endless onslaught
Nylsah Winterbrook [2] She tries her best
Lara Grihori [1] Lara is a first year phoenix girl....Do you seriously think I'm going in depth with this? Read the CS.

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Character Portrait: Cyrus Days
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The first day of school. Cyrus had waited, and waited, and it was finally here. His first day. He looked out the window as students began trickling in through the front gates. A few had turned up earlier, a few would turn up later, as he had observed in previous years. He watched as teachers directed new students to their dorms, handing out day planners and pamphlets.

Shortly, he would go downstairs to the common room and greet his fellow students, a task he felt surprisingly daunting. He watched the shapes of people skitter past for a few moments longer before flinging himself off the bed, shrugging on his coat, and leaving through the door, quickly moving his hand through his hair to flatten some loose tufts. He pulled the door closed behind him and quickly made his way down the stairs.

It had only been a couple of days since he'd moved into the dorms and he was already starting to become familiar with the place. Before he'd officially been enrolled, Ryan had only let him explore the dorms a few times; mostly between terms, when most of the students were away. It was annoying having to leave most of his things in Ryan's house though.

The fireplace was already lit. Good. He sat in front of the fire, warming his hands. For a summer day, it was quite cold. He probably should go out and greet students as they came in, but he decided to wait here, and greet anybody who bothered to come to him. The excitement warmed him more than the fire.

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Character Portrait: Sol Arc
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~Earlier that day~

Sol meandered in through the lingering chill winds, though the grand front gates, to his surprise there was not an entire cohort of students ready to start their first day as he was. His Uniform was freshly ironed and he had his writing utensils in his pocket. On his back was his woefully under packed bag that due to lack of weight would shift a wide margin with every step. "Perhaps classes do not run on the first day.." Sol looked down at his feet, he felt as if he had not started as perfectly as he could have. "Oh well, I suppose there-"

Sol looked up as a person carrying a stack of things in one hand and what looked like two flat pack tables in the nook under his other arm had approached. The person placed the tables on the ground and used his now free arm to hand Sol one of the books and a pamphlet. "You're a little early, Day class dorms are that way-" The man pointed to a path to the side with clear signage directing students towards dormitories. "-and that there is your day planner as well as a pamphlet on school proceedings, events and extra curricular activities should you be interested."

"Cool, thanks." Sol looked down at the small book and the paper, maybe he would join a club or something. He began walking towards where his dorm was supposedly.

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Character Portrait: Tea Grey
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Tea spent her time under the shade of a nearby tree, waiting on new faces to see. Having arrived earlier at Ryan's behest, she had already set up her living space much earlier than any other incoming students, barring a few excited early birds. While waiting, she meditated where she sat, closing her eyes to the world as she opened them to another. Eagerly peering around, she looked for signs of new presences around the vicinity, awaiting their arrival.

Each addition to the school would breathe a new kind of flavor into the air, and already Tea's mind wandered as to how to mix and mingle them to brilliant results. Her hair fluttered as she began to smile at the thoughts flooding her mind, even giving a few to the idea of finding someone for herself.

With a deep breath, she stilled herself, slowly letting her thoughts drift away as she focused once more. Duty comes first, after all, and a good track record would make it harder for Ryan to be cryptically useless. Even as she waited, she could already sense a few approaching the Day Dorm's vicinity. Once more, she took a breath, then opened her eyes. "Time for the start of a new life."

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Character Portrait: Katherine J. Rithe
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This is the time Kate wished her classes could be just barely starting. Unfortunately for her, she has a few 8am's and 9's coming up as soon as classes begin. She always struggled with waking up on time, but she hoped her punctuality never got in the way. The bite of a slight wind indicates the ending of Summer perfectly and Kate adjusts her sweater, not only to block the chill but also because it brought her comfort, pulling the fabric tighter around her body. Preppy uniform schools have never been foreign to her, but she didn't really know what to expect here... Hopefully a home.

She knew she'd be residing in the Day Dorms, but through all her research of the school, knew little of what that actually meant. "I'm sure it's just a clever naming convention..." She couldn't find the application her mother had sent in on her behalf and all online presence of the campus was rather minimal.

Ignoring any attempt at contact from teachers and adults handing out junk, she walked into what she assumed was the main building away from the courtyard. There was a help desk across the way, somewhere she hoped she could find some answers. The room was enormous, yet fairly cozy at the same time. Ornate plush chairs and couches rested on large equally designed carpets. There was even a fireplace freshly lit. She adjusted her skirt, pulling it slightly further up her waist and walked to the desk with a smile on her face.

There was nobody there, but there was a bell.. She hesitated to ring it, drawing maybe a little too much attention from her peers than she was comfortable for yet. A bell can't go unsung though, can it?

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Character Portrait: Vynce
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#, as written by Kaystee
The gentle summer breeze pushed through the narrowly open window of the yellow cab. It was a relatively cool day. Passing days were pushing the summer towards an inevitable end, and this refreshing wind was a reminder of the autumn season that would soon follow. The passenger in the backseat, a fourteen year old boy chauffeurred by a man in his late 30s, enjoyed the breeze on his face as he gazed outside, towards the blades of grass that hummed together with the wind under a mild afternoon sun.

"Half Moon Academy..." the driver said, attempting to initiate a conversation with the boy who was otherwise really quiet during the five-hour journey from Harp City. "What a school." Of course, what he did not know was that the boy that sat in the back seat was not a boy; neither was he human. "I've taken many students there before from all across the vincinity. You're in for a ride my friend."

Vynce was desperately trying not to fall asleep. There was no excitement for him in this journey towards a place he's never been before, and the driver's small-talk was an opportunity to shake off his lingering feeling of drowsiness. Luckily, the daunting five hour trip was about to reach a conclusion. "In two minutes you'll be standing in front of the front door... Lucky you!" The driver continued.

Vynce shrugged. "Really? Anything of importance that I should know?" She declared.

The driver chuckled. Ηe turned his head to the rear view mirror, and gazed directly into Vynce's eyes. "How about changing into your normal body for starters?" The spark that his eyes emitted made Vynce shiver, shocked as she flinched from hearing these words. "H-how did you..." Vynce dug in her seat, trying to conceal her fear.

"How did I know? You don't need to worry!" Mumbled the driver, "I've been driving kids to this school ever since you were born! It's my job to prepare you for what's about to come." Numbness climbed up her spine to the realization of how vulnerable she was... She was being driven towards a school she've never heard of by a man who probably knew of her shapeshifting gimmick from the very first minute!

It didn't take any longer for Vynce to revert back to her normal form. "As I said, Half Moon Academy is a very special school." The driver said. "Even if you did try to walk through the gates in a different form, the school would spit out your... 'cover', you know." He made a quote sign with his hands at that point. "Truly a school for everyone!" He laughed. Vynce laid back, her numbness slowly fading away. As soon as she realized that she would have to walk in the school like... this, the first thing that came to her head was 'uncomfortable'.

"Here it is." Exclaimed the driver. Vynce finally understood the hype that her driver was building around Half Moon Academy. The school was built upon an ancient castle. From the exterior, it seemed menacing, but then again, Vynce hadn't seen many other 'exclusive' schools before in her life. The gate was right next to the road, wide open, and a couple of students were around there during the time of her arrival - perhaps the rest of them had already come, or were underway. The thin crowd was welcoming, for sure.

The yellow cab stopped. The driver pushed open his door, then went out of his seat only to hold the door for Vynce to come out of the cab. "Welcome to your new life." He said. The trunk opened unpromptedly, and without any further input, he took her single luggage carrier out, and placed it on the ground. "I'm sure you can take it from here." He finally said. "There's a teacher standing by the gate that'll give you further directions." He went back into the cab, and slowly pulled away from the school yard, leaving a confused Vynce standing alone in front of the school gates. She thanked him quietly for saving her from the bother of having to deal with the anxiety that would have followed had she not reverted her appearance. A question puzzled her frail mind: how did the cab driver detect her disguise? Perhaps it was a question for another time.

Pushing towards the gate, a vexed figure stood underneath, looking straight into her as she entered the school. The perimeter was bustling with sounds of laughter and faint screams. The man handed her a sack full of books, a leaflet, and without any further ado or speaking a single word, he raised his finger and pointed towards one of the secondary buildings, this one was towards their left side. Vynce nodded, checking the the leaflet and having nothing to say, she made her way there. It was the dorms... designated the "Moon" Dorms..?

Upon entering, the sight of faces all around her greeted her. However, none of them seemed familiar, or even to say, normal. They all had traits that set them apart from each another. Some were more subtle, and others begged for her attention. She wanted to check upon them one by one; maybe strike a conversation with a couple? Her social skills, having only recently spent time around people, were pretty close to hitting rock bottom, and it was up to her to fix that starting this year.

However, she would leave these thoughts to concern her another time. The wonderful smell of burning logs filled her nose as she made her way further inside the dorms. It brought back memories from the time she would live in a big house, with a fireplace just as enchanting as the one that she was currently staring. The same smell of burning log that she cherished made her feel confortable again, and she shaked off her negative feelings as a wave of euphoria ran through her veins. This charming room was probably being used as the common room, judging by the plethora of sofas and pillows all around. Vynce let her eyes deep dive into the dancing flame of the fireplace, the warmth taking away the cold of a late summer day.

Another person seemed to be enjoying the scent of the properly lit fireplace; a boy, he seemed to be around her age, albeit an otherworldy aura shrouded him in mystery. The atmosphere was warm and pleasing; how could striking a conversation go wrong for an otherwise wary Vynce around here? "Enjoying the warmth?" Vynce exclaimed.

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Character Portrait: Nylsah Winterbrook
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#, as written by Krazaz
Today was the day, today was the day Nylsah would leave the Oricalcum, she had finished her lessons only last week and had become an Oracle, however, as her mentor, Ohl, had told her for her entire time there, her lessons would never be complete without leaving for the worlds beyond, deep down she hoped to return to her home, but amidst the millions of realms, the likelihood of that was beyond laughable.

She prepared herself nervously, relearning how to dress herself in the clothing Ohl had recovered for her, the bra was the hardest part as she never wore one before, she only had recollections of her mother wearing them. After having a bite to eat, she exited her room in her Livingtree, immediately she was bombarded with stares by the Oraclisme and their apprentices, as her unfamiliar garb took them aback. Nyl could only smile nervously at the populace as she stuck out like a sore thumb. She felt a little bad that she couldn't be part of the daily prayer ritual but that feeling was canceled out by her nervousness.

Eventually she had come to the house of Ohl, she knew the doorframe by heart and she felt comforted by it. She walked inside to see the familiar sight of her mentor. Ohl turned to see his former apprentice. “My, don't you look… beautiful” he lied. Nyl could easily see it in his face, the modest culture of the Oraclisme definitely saw this uniform as perverse and awkward. “I know how you feel Master Ohl, but this skirt isn't even that short” Nyl responded.

Ohl scratched his bulbous yellow head, "Well, if you get attacked, you know what to do” he said concerningly. “Master Ohl, you worry too much, I’ll be fine” Nyl was lying as well, she didn't know about the world she was assigned, only that the officials assured her that the people and culture were similar to that she came from. “If you insist” Ohl sighed, “Just know that I am proud of you young Nylsah” he placed a small bag in her hand, she knew right away what was inside, “Here's your parting gift” he said as he opened a portal from thin air. “Off you go”. Nyl stood for a second at awe of the white swirling hole that had opened before her. “Thank you for everything Master Ohl” she said as she hesitated at the opening. “Please, I am no longer your master, I am only Ohl,” he pushed her in with all the force his old body could muster. The portal closed “She is going to get her ass kicked” he said to himself.

Nyl fell flat on her ass as she was dropped into the realm of portals, “That was a bit rude of him” she said aloud, the voice echoed quickly before her as she stood up. There she was, alone. A white void stretched infinitely before her. She looked around, for miles, stone structures dotted the blank landscape, behind her there was no portal, only more structures. She did the only thing she could do, walk. She soon approached a stone structure, it was a portal to another dimension, a marker glowed atop it, she looked down on the card she had been given. The symbols looked nothing alike. Suddenly she felt the dread of being trapped here, roaming infinitely to find her destination.

She panicked a little, running to the next structure for yet another denial. She began to sprint to the next but then felt a hand on her shoulder stop her and turn her around. A man, approximately 20 years old had stopped her, his multicolored hair stood out but she quickly spotted his Oracle robes. “I've been looking for you” he said, “wha, huh, wh-who are you?” Nyl asked. “My name is Mas, you must be Nyl” he said, “Mas?” She said, that name was familiar but she couldn't put her finger on why.

“I have been waiting by the Oricalcum Portal for awhile, what are you doing over here?” Mas said, “Mast-uh, Ohl opened a portal here” she said, holding her tongue. “Ohl? That old bat is still training apprentices? When will he retire?” Mas shook his head. “Alright, follow me and I'll bring you to your new home, Kerectus is nice, I've been there once or twice” He said at last. Nyl followed behind nervously but trusted her fellow Oracle to bring her to her destination. They stopped at another doorway, this one matching the symbol she sought. “Welp, here we are young Oracle, don't study too hard, wouldn't want to miss out on all the action”, Nyl was confused by the statement until she was pushed in by Mas “She's going to get her ass kicked” he said to himself as he reascended.

An old portal on Kerectus flickered to life and plopped out the disoriented Nyl “not again” she said, brushing herself off and gathering her things. She peered at her instructions that would guide her to this Halfmoon Academy, the instructions were carefully written as though what she needed to do had already happened. She exited the hidden portal and made her way through an alleyway to a busy road where she called a cab who appeared as the instructions described. The car ride was about an hour, and the cabbie was rather untalkative but did give her funny looks. She quickly guided her way through the congregation of students who were in similar garb.

The School itself was both beautiful and discomforting, it was one of the few buildings she had seen since she got here and this was the first she had really looked at. Something told her there would be plenty of secrets within this old castle. She immediately felt something was missing about the picturesque scene before her, she reached into the bag Ohl had gave her and plucked a soft yellow acorn, she could feel its warmth radiate from within its protective shell, she gently made a hole in the dirt far from the fence and gently placed the young Oracle Tree within before joining the gathering that led to the heart of campus. She made her way through the crowd, eventually approaching the building at the core. Inside she saw another girl standing hesitantly at the desk with no one on the other side.

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Character Portrait: Teriksa Sunwhit
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Approx. 4:30 P.M.

"You sure?" I asked, looking up into the almost glowing face of my mother. Her smile was nearly as wide as her cheekbones (which was incredibly disconcerting and honestly likely a flaw in her shapeshifting spell) and her green eyes shown with a fervent energy.

"Gods, yes, dear, I am incredibly sure. Would your own mother give you incorrect coordinates?" She shoved the crumpled up piece of paper into my face. "Open it!"

I took it and opened it, feeling through the coordinates. It wasn't too far, actually, not that that was really a concern for me. Just meant that the landscape and culture wouldn't be too different from what I was used to. Mom was standing, giddy, in front of me. The harsh glare of our kitchen lights made it seem as though she was an angel descending from heaven, though that was ridiculous.

“I am so excited for you to go to this new school…! Your father and I weren’t sure at first but, well, you know the story!” She trailed off with a cheery giggle. How my mother could always be so upbeat was beyond me, but she contrasted nicely with my father. Whenever I had an issue, my mother was the one to whom I went first.

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, concentrating for a moment to find a few nearby anchors of the universe. They were big, and they were strong, and they were not made of metal. Rather, they were immaterial and could only be accessed with dimensional magic — as far as I knew.

The nearest ones were only a few lightyears away, which made it easier for me to feel up, through their chains, and across the shattered-glass pattern of their connections. After a half second, real time, I’d located the intersection that I’d wanted. I tugged on the intersection of the four planes and brought it slowly over to where I was, pushing it into the intersection in front of me until they merged together. A ‘whoosh’ sounded, and I knew the portal had opened up; I’d tried to make it about my size and, when I opened my eyes, it was only a little too tall. All of our house’s warm air was being sucked into the portal; it was a chilly day at Half Moon Academy and I’d already put on my black jacket with the white gear symbol. The portal wouldn’t last for too long before the universe decided to repair itself, but a fraction of a fraction of a second to the universe was hours long to me.

“Okay, Mom.” I said, trying to hide a smile. I wasn’t going to give her the satisfaction of knowing that I was — ah, screw it. I smiled big and wide, excited to meet new people, friends, creatures, magic. Who knew? Mom gave me a quick hug and kissed me on the cheek (though I quickly wiped that off). “And you’re sure you got everything?” She asked, looking to my large black suitcase. “All your clothes? Computer? Supplies?” I nodded for the hundredth time; she’d pestered me for the past three days about this sort of stuff, and it’d all been in there the first time. And, regardless, if it hadn’t, I could just warp back home and get whatever I needed, no biggy.

I made a gesture of farewell and my mom began to tear up, squeezing me to death one more time. “Bye, Dad!” I yelled.

“Yeah, see you this weekend.” He called from the livingroom. I shrugged, dragged my suitcase, and walked through the portal, stepping out onto the lush strip of grass in front of the massive stone walls that guarded the castle of my new school.

My charm, a purple and red, woven bracelet, sat snugly against my thin wrist. It provided me with the form of a somewhat frail looking, black-haired, green-eyed human with a splattering of freckles across his face.

I took a deep breath and approached the frowning figure by the tall gates which led into the academy. “Here.” The hooded figure said, and handed me a hefty sack. A bony finger rose, steady and fixated upon a wing of the castle inside the gates, to the left of the entrance.

The castle was immense. Old, powerful, and mysterious, it almost crackled with an aura of magical energy. I suddenly felt butterflies in my stomach; a large group of students were milling around in the courtyard, chatting among each other. All of them looked human, though I could spot a few that seemed to give off an aura of mystery.

I took another deep breath, bit my lip, and entered when the gates opened of their own accord. A shimmer came over my body and revealed my true, canine form. It felt weird to be outside and in my own body, but nobody — well, very few people — stared. Regardless, I blushed and hurried toward the building he’d pointed to, wanting to catch my bearings before meeting anyone.

The lobby of the building had a rather homely, though grand, feel to it. It was spacious, had red carpets, and a small, cozy fireplace on the wall. Around the fireplace were some congenial furnishings: a matching set of wooden-framed, red cloth chairs and one wide couch. Students — I assumed — were scattered around the room, some were on the furniture (as there was another set on the opposite, non-fireplace side of the stone room) and some were just milling around by the numerous decorative plants.

I took a minute to sit and gape, and then a minute more; this was just a smattering of students, but they all looked so interesting. Not because any of them were in their true forms — this was the moon dorm; surely they had true forms, just like me — this was because of the things that they were doing, the auras that they carried, and the subtle hints of differentness that surrounded each of them. This was already a much better choice than my previous school.

I gulped and stopped staring, and I decided to have a quick sit by the fireplace before continuing. I needed to figure out where my dorm room was before doing much else, but I was starting to get cold feet and I needed to take a moment to collect myself, pour my trepidations into the fire and let them burn.

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Character Portrait: Sol Arc
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~Earlier that day, but not quite as early as last time~

"This is very difficult to read..."
Sol threw the pamphlet on the bedside table, he had settled into his dorm room pretty quickly, it was the normalest looking room he could find, he wasn't exactly sure if he was supposed to be assigned a room, but this one was quite average, if a little far from the entrance. "Well, it looks like I was right, classes don't seem to run today, just welcome events."

Sol turned to look out the window, a few more students were present, from up here he could even see some weird looking ones hiding in bushes, watching new students filter by. He hoped there weren't any there watching him as he entered. "That's a little bit creepy." The school seemed nice though, the trees were in a state of colour that the current season was indeterminable, Sol had lost all sense of what day of the week it was, and he could only barely feel a sense of time. "I was expecting this to all be rather exciting, but I think this school thing is going to be awfully underwhelming, with nothing interesting or unusual happening, oh well, that's life I suppose."

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Character Portrait: Katherine J. Rithe
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... and she rings the bell, the sound seemed to echo but maybe that was just Kate. She immediately whipped around, eyes darting to see if anyone was paying her mind. And with the exception of a few minor glances, nobody seemed to care. Of course nobody cared. By the time she turned her attention back towards the help desk she jumped back with a small strangled yelp. Standing over was a man who easily had a foot on her, even in shoes with a couple inches in the heel. The large man laughed, a laugh that filled the room and this most certainly drew some eyes.

"Ha! This job never gets old!" The man had the body of a god and the name of one too, his tag read Prometheus - Head of Security. His finely made suit tugged slightly at the seems and button, as if no clothing could hold this man. Prometheus' hair was tied back in a tight bun and his facial hair was adequately trimmed for a person of his nature. "What can I do ya for small girl?"

The phrase small girl snapped Kate out of her slightly scared and embarrassed state and made her fairly mad, "Is this how you treat all students looking for help? My lord, you make an effort to scare a first year and then you proceed to insul..." Her voice dying at the snap of the large man's fingers, almost as if her mouth were filling with mud.

"Woah woah woah, slow down there little lady." He noticed the panic in her eyes as she couldn't get a word out regardless of how much she tried, it made him smile, "Man oh man have you changed, there used to be so much wonder in young eyes, now it just seems to be anxiety." A sentence which confused Kate, he hardly even sounded as if he was referring to her personally. With a snap of his fingers once more Kate was able to squeeze out some sound and then struggle to what felt like swallowing the spell. "Here, I assume you need your welcome kit, Katherine was it?" She had never given him her name but before she was able to answer her pulled a black folder from under the desk with gold writing across the front, Katherine J. Rithe. This school would be a lot of getting used to. She began to murmur out some confusion "But..." and with a wave of his hand, Prometheus walked back towards his office "It's all in there, you'll be fine! Good luck Katherine, it was nice meeting you!"

She was left with her folder and more questions than when she first tapped the bell. Hopefully soon she'll have her answers, but for now, she has what looks like her dorm room assignment, any roommates, a map of the school, and a list of classes.. some even recommended and highlighted for her attention specifically. Well he was a little eccentric... and hardly useful, I should file a complaint. The thought lingered, then seemed to drift off, at least she had some information.

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Character Portrait: Booker Pryce
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Booker stepped out of the taxi and stared at the gleaming, golden gates. Over the wall of clean ivory stones he could see a castle, the spires of which stretched towards the sky, imposing, yet also comforting. Fairies floated through the air, a lot more of them than he was used to seeing at once. And then he blinked, and his vision shifted, and he saw a far less impressive wooden gate set in the rather ordinary stone wall. But he could no longer see the castle.

A teacher ushered him through the gates, taking his name and handing him a reasonably sized pack filled with books and other documents before pointing him in the direction of an old dormitory. Was it Sun class or Day class? It mattered little. He stepped through the gates, and not too far in the distance, up the path a ways, he could see the main building. Not quite a castle; maybe a fort or something. Despite being far smaller than the castle he had viewed in the Fairy plane, he found it no less impressive. In it's prime, it might've even looked a little something like what he'd seen before.

He trudged on down the path, flicking through a few different 'channels' as he did so. Everything about this place seemed fairly consistent throughout the different planes of reality. More or less the same buildings in the same places, with only the usual aesthetic differences he had come to expect. He wondered who lived in each different version of the castle, and what purposes it served when a girl caught his eye. She was just.... sitting there, seemingly watching all the new arrivals fumble around. Well, the few who were coming down the path at least, anyway.

After a few moments of deliberation, he approached her with a smile. "Hello there Miss. My name's Booker."

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Tea spent her time waving in new students, completely forgetting to give them instructions on dorm assignments beyond the basic division on genders. While most were initially put off by her choice of station, she felt that an open approach, on open ground, right at the entrance of a building they were supposed to enter would be a great place to be, as they would have little to no choice of interacting with her.

And what a variety she was met with! They all shone with their own colors, their very presences already sending the environment into a tangle, and some with more force than others. That is, with the exception of that kid. While Tea herself was keeping her signature as low key as possible, he walked on forward without even noticing her, a veritable void that just seemed like the edge of a black hole due to how nothing he was. He didn't bother her, and so she didn't bother him, and having already seen the pamphlet in his hand, she knew that he knew what he was doing. At the very least, she hoped so.

Her mind was shaken from its train of thought as she saw another new student making his way towards her. His eyes seemed unfocused, as though he were looking at something that wasn't there. She thought to ask, but Ryan told her it would be polite to simply let them in their own time, and never to press for it.

She smiled in return as he greeted her, finally standing up. "Hi, I'm Tea! Tea Grey, at your service. Welcome to the Day Dorms! There are signboards inside pointing to where girls and boys should go. Feel free to pick any room, we're not doing assignments this time. If you have any questions, feel free to ask now!"

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~Still not the present~

Sol's things had been placed on his bedside table and he had left the Sol Dorms out one of the fire exits which led him to the side. Continuing onward he was led into a nice gardened area, a couple of students were making out on a bench but Sol ignored that and continued on his walk. The plants were well tended, perhaps too well tended, perhaps tended by some abnormal means which meant that the constant passage of students through these areas, young and destructive teenagers that they would be, left no discernible damage to the plants, perhaps the school just payed a gardener on weekends and this area was less frequently traveled, that seemed more likely.

The decision made in his mind was to wander for a bit, find something 'interesting' or 'unusual' or anything really, the school scene would be something he would obviously become familiar with over time, seeing it every day. While locating classrooms for future reference would be helpful, that could instead come with time, he didn't know how often he would be allowed to just explore freely, to push the unwritten boundaries that make this circle.

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"Indeed I am." Cyrus replied. "I'm Cyrus. Junior night dorm president." He rose to greet the new arrival.
Unpromptedly, she greeted him back "I'm Vynce... It's my first time here." She said. Having met nobody yet, she was surprised to having run straight into the dorm president first.
"Nice to meet you." He held out his hand. "Have you got a room number?"
It took Vynce a couple of seconds to respond to the boy's greeting. "Nice to meet you too!" She said, grabbing his hand in an awkward attempt to handshake. "I haven't been assigned one yet..."
A person stranger than himself. Lovely. "You should have been given an ID card? Should say on that." He pulled out his own card to demonstrate, with the room number 14 printed on the card.
Vynce placed the sack she was holding on the couch, then quickly went through the stack. Spare notebooks, a bunch of leaflets she had yet to read, a bunch of books she was unfamiliar with... Then she found it: a transparent file containing a card that resembled his, and pulled it out. "Found it." She declared. She held the card out to her new acquaintance. "Is this it?"
"Yeah, that's the one." Cyrus looked at the card, tapping the room number. "Room 12." He said with a smile. "No last name?" He noted. In his head he was already trying to compile what little information he had. He'd avoid going through her head, for now.
"Thanks a lot!" Vynce responded, reaching out to grab her card again. Room number 12 it was. "Yeah, um, I never had one... I've been living with-" But she decided to shut her mouth and end it there. There was no need for her to expose her past life so hastily to people she's just met. "I never had one." She smiled back
Stranger and stranger Cyrus thought. "I see." He stared at the fire for a moments, unsure of how to continue. He only had so many topics of conversation. "Well...." His eyes began glowing faintly as one of the smaller logs in the fire flew out into his hand. He span it around a few times before asking; "What can you do?"
The log took Vynce by surprise, she flinched and took a step back as response to the fire launched towards Cyrus. But the question he raised bugged her even more. "What can I do... You mean like, in terms of school subjects? I'm good at Maths!"
He shook his head. "No I mean-" He threw the log back into the fire. "I can move things without touching them." Among a few other abilities "You'll learn quickly that everyone here has some sort of special talent. So, what can you do?"
She recalled his previous reaction to the torched timber flying out to him, how naturally he pounded it back without even thinking of it. She was standing here herself, in her bare white skin and staring at another person while in it. At this point, she could easily assume what was going on with this school, and judging by Cyrus' abilities, she could theorize what other students could, potentially, be capable of performing... Tasks of magic, or other extraordinaire, similar to her innate shapeshifting. It was the first time, however, that someone actually asked about her abilities without amy sort of interrogation going on. "I would love to." Vynce finally responded. "But I really can't within the school perimeter." According to the cab driver at least, but then again, she hadn't actually tested it. The familiar tingles started running through her veins on the spot, the skin trying to change to the appearance of Cyrus himself. However, there was no response from her brain, as if the gateway between her consciousness and her innate ability was somehow cut. "Yeah, I really can't. I was informed about this." Vynce disclaimed.
Cyrus stares at Vynce for a few moments. "Err.... sure." What absolute bullshit. He thought. "Well, I'm going to sit down. If you have any questions, feel free to ask." And with that he flopped back into his chair.
As he lowered into the chair, Vynce was left standing speechless in front of the fireplace. I totally disappointed him she thought, and having nothing more to talk about, she started making her way to her room. Just as the hearthy warmth of the fireplace began to fade, Vynce turned around to look at Cyrus and ask "See you later then?"
"I'd be surprised if you didn't." He smiled before closing his eyes to relax by the fire.

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#, as written by Krazaz
Nylsah began to approach the desk, she could hear the ding of the bell that the girl had pressed, the girl turned around seemingly unaware of her presence, as she did Nyl came to a halt as a looming figure popped up stealthily from behind the desk. As the girl turned back, Nyl swore she jumped about two feet at the appearance of the man. The man’s brash voice could probably be heard across campus as he stopped the girls words in its tracks, even Nyl felt paralyzed by the man’s words, as though some magic came over her.

The interaction lasted only a minute before the man ducked away into his office. The paralysis lifted, Nyl couldn't tell if it really was magic or some kind of psychological effect. Nyl shook it off, her mind immediately went to the girl. Ok Nylly time to make your first friend, don't screw up she gathered herself and changed from her nervous face to her ‘cool girl’ look, filled with listlessness and melancholy.

She approached the girl and spoke up behind her “Something tells me he's been waiting to do that for a while, he just walked into the office as though the fact he needed to help the other students skipped his mind because he was only thinking of his gag”

Nyl hoped the man couldn't hear her.

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I looked to my right after a few moments to see whom I was sitting with, and I found several quiet people reading intently, discussing intensely, or sitting… incurvedly. Among them was someone, a young-looking, pale adolescent (though he seemed to be on the verge of ‘blooming into a handsome young man,’ as my mom would say), whose energy seemed to draw me toward him. He was someone important, someone with whom I could orient myself and get my bearings in this new, scary world. I put my bag on my lap and awkwardly scooted a few cushions over, as he was just at that awkward range where it was weird to get up to move to him but it was also weird to scoot over to him.

Nervousness clawed my belly, as this was my first impression toward everyone out there, but I put on a half-smile, and said “Hi, I’m Teriksa.” My bag was clutch to my chest, though not tightly so, as a shield against the possible social ramifications of my greeting.

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#, as written by Zekkel
7:12 a.m.

The van ride was finally starting to finish up. A short, blue-haired boy had an annoyed look while he kept pecking at his temple with his pointer finger. He looked out the window. It seemed like they were only a few more minutes away from Half Moon. He gave another annoyed look at what he was staring at before. “You seriously fell asleep when we are 15 minutes away from the school. Just why, Lara.” He said as his head hit the seat’s head rest. True enough, a redhead girl was completely passed out with drool hanging from her mouth.

As the light blue van finally started to go past the gates of the academy, Zeke, the blue-haired guy, shook Lara’s arm hard, startling her. Her eyes almost immediately sprung back to life. “Bah! Zeke? What? Where?” She said with a start as she looked around, trying to analyze her “new” environment. “‘Where’ is the academy. We’re here.” The chauffeur announced to the two. As she gripped her head, she felt herself remembering the exact reason she was, you know, in a van and near an academy. With a stretch, a groan, and a yawn, she decided to ask what was, strangely, her most important question. “How long was I out?” All Zeke could do was cup his hand and put it to his forehead.

As it came to a slow halt near where it seemed everyone was gathered, Lara slid open the vehicle’s door with yet another groan and a new backpack on her back. “Won’t lie, the place definitely looks pretty…” But then there was the bundles of new students who were obviously trying to get situated. “Aaaand crowded.” Not long after, Zeke came out as another van drove up, this time dispensing about 5 muscular men in business casual wear. After a quick conversation with them, he went back over to Lara. “She’s a beauty isn’t she?” “Well yeah. Place wasn’t exactly cheap. It better be pretty.” “You make it sound like you paid for it.” “Hey, hey. The customer likes to be happy too, okay?” Lara said with a chuckle.

He pointed towards his little entourage. “They’ll take care of moving your luggage. Now while they take care of that,” He said as he gave Lara a tiny notepad with instructions. “You need to go and get your schedule, your uniform, and maybe find your way around a bit. Best idea is to get familiar with it early, right?” She nodded. “Right. And we’ll meet back here to go over any last details too.” He gave a thumbs up and a return nod to seal that deal. As he went back to the van, she walked off towards where they were supposed to get all their little essentials. Thankfully, the backpack was completely empty, save for the notepad, a notebook, and some pencils. Little bit of foresight on her part considering there was people taking care of her luggage. More importantly, time to find out where the schedule is at!

Rather conveniently, there was a person not too far away that multiple different students seemed to be gather towards or leaving after talking to. That was way quicker than she thought it was gonna be...Awesome.

She walked over with a smile as she straightened out her clothes. First impressions are important. That and the fact that she wanted to get this stuff over fast. She waved towards the girl before getting near where she was stationed. “Are you the one handing out the schedules and uniforms?” She said. One thing she failed to realize though; She was saying this while blatantly getting in the way of her and some white-haired kid. It took her a second, probably from still being a little out of it from napping, but she took note. Woops.

She took a step back and scratched her head. “Well…Uh...My bad there.”

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-1000 years prior-

"Bad? This is irreparable, no, you've done the inconceivable." Desargon Leadloch lifted the scrawny man he faced by shirt collar to the point of dangling shoes. "Do you not have any idea what you have done, If I had half a sense I would end your bloodline here once and for all." Leadloch threw the individual to the ground and began stroking his chin as he looked at the damage that had been caused. "You're a lucky man Arky. First because I need your particular set of skills, secondly because tearing the wrong pages from this book could have killed you... or worse." Leadloch retrieved a silk square from his blazer pocket before carefully closing and lifting the worn book from the floor of his office, avoiding the two torn pages that had slipped free.

"wo-worse?" "Indeed, magic is not something you can let oneself be so care free around, I once knew a guy who ceased existing after damaging a spell book. Well, at least I think I did, that's the thing you know, or rather you don't know, you never know who you knew." Amidst his tangent Leadloch placed the book back onto his desk, moving some lesser papers out of the way to make space. "Those pages look to be unfilled, so I will forgive you this time, the clients will be unlikely of concern if two blank pages happen to be omitted." The man let out a sigh, taking a look at the shaking, scrawny Arc still on the floor. "Pick yourself up, we have more business to attend to, the day has barely begun."

-present day-

Sol was knelt down peering into a small bush, he had seen a white rabbit disappear among the foliage but could no longer find any trace. "I wonder if this school has animals."

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#, as written by Kaystee
Ten minutes later
Vynce's awkward conversation with that kid, Cyrus, could've been a whole lot better if she could just show him her power. Being unable to use your special ability within grounds where everybody else seemed able to was upsetting. Not to mention this distressing feeling of eerieness that salutes her every time she stays in her basic form, exposed to her surroundings. But she never questioned why.

She'd probably get used to it, sooner or later. Just like a new school. You either get used to it, or die of boredom. Vynce had never been leaning towards either ends.

The narrow corridor stretching from the hearthy common room was dim from the lack of articifial light, save for the fireplace that emitted a soft glow out to the staircase. Paving her way to the upper floor, the sign of the female dorms greeter her - a tiny figurine exclaiming a big "W", stitched in red velvet for whatever reason. Door number fourteen had view to the sole window of the women's dorm main hallway, it couldn't be missed, and with a quick swipe of the ID card over the beeping scanner, Vynce pushed the door open to meet her fellow dorm students with whom she'd share room number fourteen.

The room was devoid of any sign of residence, there were no packs stacked anywhere or any lively voice, save for the faint tic-tac of a wall-mounted clock that kept the students under the pressure of their school curriculum. Vynce had already figured it out in her head - the clock was probably imbued with magic, it would notify them half an hour before class, and would raise concerns if they decided to skip. It was silent for now, but it was only a matter of time before the annoying, repetitive sound of time passing by reminded her of its presence. God, she hated clocks with a passion.

Dorm room number fourteen was a room of four. Another hallway ended in the bedroom and featured two more doors on the right and on the left. She took her time to examine the interior, heading for these doors first. The first one was the shared bathroom of the room, pretty typical stuff but the size of the bathtub had Vynce fantasizing about hour-long bubble baths. It was insanely big for what was supposed to be a simple dorm room. The other room was tiny, and empty - she would probably use it for storage space, Vynce thought. Inside the bedroom, two double-bunker beds were placed next to the two wider walls of the apartment. The third wall had two prominent knobs sticking out, opening them to reveal a large shared closet already stacked with spare hangers, four sets of towels, spare blankets, and after checking the beds she also found two sets of sheets on each bed. A number of drawers below were empty - save for one filled with cosmetic products, mainly bags of wet soap to refill the soap dispenser in the bathroom, and other paraphernalia.

Being the first in the room, Vynce had every liberty to claim whichever bed she prefered - and she chose the one closest to the window of the room. Top bunker, left side, a comfortable choice, a soft mattress to rest her back. She got up from the bed five minutes after checking the mattress to make the sheets. Then, she took her sole piece of luggage and claimed a couple of the hangers for her school clothes, filling two drawers out with the rest of her clothes and underwear. Everything was ready and set.

Now that she was ready, she could probably head back to the common room and surround herself with more of her fellow students, but an aching feeling of exhaustion stuck her for a moment. Staying in the dorm room for another ten minutes to catch her breath was the most appealing idea that she had, and having nothing else to do, Vynce laid flat on her bed, after taking her clothes off and changing to a more comfortable woolen gown that she brought with her, and put on a pair of earbuds plugged into her mobile. She leaned towards the wall as she turned on the radio, tuning in to Easy, 92.0 FM.

"This is Joffrey"
"And this is Meister!"
"Thank you for joining us in time for this day's Evening Chatter-"
"-the premier show of the day where YOU get to listen to the hottest topics of the day-"
"-all accompanied by some of the best music you can find!"
She was just in time to catch up with two of her favorite spokespeople on the radio.