Paisley Montgomery

Sweet at heart, but has a hard time showing it.

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a character in “Half Past Dead”, as played by ReineJupiter


She's kind of pale, with waist long dreads. She's only 5'4 and 130 pounds. She's in good physical shape after running for her life for a year.

She is kind of keep to herself-ish. Never wants to get in anyone's face and tries to do what she believes is right. She's viewed as a child at only 19 years old, but she thinks she's just as mature as anyone else in her situation. Her greatest fear is being left alone in a world of crazies.

With her all the time, she carries a plain black book bag that's filled with everything she might need if she's ever on her own. A lighter, a water filter, extra clothes, a knife, and of course her pistol she stole from a gun store while they were on a raid.

She's not one to talk about her past, as it brings up painful memories of her family. When this all started, she was supposed to be home for her sisters birthday, but had begged her mom to go out with a few friends. She was already in the subways when they got the alert. She was held down there until the bombs started going off. Then mostly everyone left. She had no idea where to find her family or if they were even still alive.

So begins...

Paisley Montgomery's Story