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Earth Lords

These beings are ancient, and their origins unknown. Though capable of death, never has one been killed. (will be added to)

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a character in “Hallowed Eve: The Eternal Hallowe'en”, originally authored by The Adversary, as played by RolePlayGateway


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Coatlicue is called the Mother of Gods, and is the mother of many of the Earth Lords; though the "father" remains still unknown. She can assume the visage of a humanoid woman warrior, but, her true form is that of a huge beast wearing a skirt of snakes - like she does in her humanoid form - with two massive snakes instead of a head. Her power is said to be vast beyond reason, and she cannot be killed.

A female Earth Lord in the form of a massive sea monster with an infinite thirst for blood. Her past holds the answer to a great mystery.

The Leviathan is one of the two largest beasts in the world. None surpass his great size. His armor is thicker than any material, and he can breathe flames that boil the seas. His size is so tremendous that he can only sleep in the pacific ocean.

The Behemoth is the second of the two largest beasts in the world. This Earth Lord sleeps deep underground, his footsteps cause earthquakes and tsunamis. His mortal enemy is the Earth Lord Leviathan.

The Black God is immense. A great, armored giant sporting a huge mace and shield. He can assume a smaller size, but his natural one is much more fearsome.

Typhon is one of the most fearsome of the Earth Lords. A - slightly exaggerated - depiction of him says that his human upper half reaches as high as the stars. His hands reach east and west and have a hundred dragon heads on each. His bottom half is a gigantic viper coils that can reach the top of his head when stretched out and makes a hissing noise. His whole body is covered in wings, and fire flashes from his eyes.

Revolving Beast
A Hideous and vile creature, the Beast haunts the islands around Ireland. Its bones and muscles are constantly moving underneath its flexible skin. This allows it to assume almost any shape or form, though not a pleasing form, nor one even remotely human.

Tammuz, the Green Man
The Green Man is considered one of the most powerful of all the Earth Lords. His strength fuels all the natural life on Earth, and can even create large realms within forests for those that live in the wilds of nature. His true nature is that of a huge, plant-like creature. He can assume a more "humanoid" form, where he is robed in white and wearing a silver mask of a face surrounded by leaves.

Cernunnos, the Horned God
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The Horned God is the third most powerful of the "nature" Earth Lords. He is the ruler of all horned animals, and the commander of the Wild Hunt, which consists of him leading an army of huge, spectral wolves to destroy those who violate his territory. His true form is a huge, green creature with horns. His smaller one is that of a horned being covered in dark armor.

Considered the foremost of the "destruction" Earth Lords, he is one of the Trimurti: Three very powerful Earth Lords born from the death of an even more powerful one.

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Vishnu is sometimes seen as the leader of the Trimurti, called the Preserver.

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Brahma, the Creator, is one of the Trimurti, and the oldest and most powerful of that trinity.

Apophis, the Destroyer, is a great serpent that usually dwells in space, around Earth. But, he now sleeps coiled around the Great Pyramid, buried deep under the sands.

The Aten
The Aten is one of the most mysterious - and supposedly one of the most powerful - of all the known Earth Lords.

Dagon is one of the sea Earth Lords. Mostly insignificant in the grand scale of the race, he is not one of the most powerful but one of the older Earth Lords. He is not seen as a threat as he is considered "benign".

Nidhogg is the nightmare child of the Leviathan and Tlaltecuhtli, and one of the destruction Earth Lords. His hunger is infinite, and when loosed he will begin to devour all in his path. Therefore, he was trapped underneath the Earth Lord construct Yggdrasill. As such, he is the only Earth Lord remaining in the Otherworld.

Gaia is the foremost and most powerful of all the nature Earth Lords. Together with the death Earth Lord Tartarus, she, the life Earth Lord, is the mother of Typhon. The Green Man and Cernunnos are both considered her consorts, though neither are as strong as she, nor as old.

Tartarus was the Earth Lord who dug the Tartarus Trench in the Otherworld, originally it was meant to hold Nidhogg, but it proved not to be enough. Tartarus is also the father of Typhon. Amongst the Earth Lords he is feared greatly, for he is one of the most powerful of them all.

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Ba'al, or Hadad, is considered a nature Earth Lord, as he has the power over storms and rain. Ba'al is one of the truly unique Earth Lords, as he does not have a true physical form. He can manifest himself as a non-corporeal statue or an indiscernible image in storm clouds and the like. He is also one of the few that is not truly asleep.

The Bogeyman
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Even more so than the Aten, the Bogeyman - whose real name is unknown - is extremely mysterious. Known all over the Earth by children as the creature that will "get you when you're bad", the real Bogeyman is something far worse. It is the embodiment of darkness and fear, dwelling in nightmares while it sleeps. Its physical body even has the ability to change to many other forms. There is an ancient rumor about the Bogeyman, that it is not just asleep, but imprisoned.

So begins...

Earth Lords's Story