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Halo: Combat Evolved

Halo: Combat Evolved


This role-play is based in the Halo universe. It takes place at the earliest signs of the Human-Covenant conflict--Harvest.

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Harvest was a UEG Agriculture World. The colony was the seventeenth to be settled and the most remote at the time of its founding. It was founded in 2468 by the UNSC Skidbladnir. Located in the Epsilon Indi System, the planet had the unfortunate distinction of being the first human planet discovered and destroyed by the Covenant. After disastrous First Contact, the planet was subsequently glassed by the Covenant during the First Battle of Harvest, but most of its population managed to escape in freighters.

Harvest was one of the UNSC's more productive and peaceful colonies. Within two decades of its founding, it had the highest per capita agricultural manufacture of any outer colony. Major crops, such as corn, wheat, watermelons, peaches, apples, grapes, and numerous other foodstuffs nourished the inhabitants of more than half a dozen other colonies. By 2524 the population of Harvest was three hundred thousand, most escaped during the First Battle of Harvest. The capital city and its largest population center was Utgard, also home to Harvest's seven space elevators connected to the Orbital Space Station, Tiara.


Harvest was known to the Forerunners approximately 100,000 years prior to the Human-Covenant War, and possessed at least one relic, a holographic stellar cartographer that pointed the way to another star system, Procyon. It is unknown whether the relic pointed to other Forerunner worlds and installations, or whether it was specifically built to guide users to a particular system. It is unknown whether Harvest held any other significance to the Forerunners.

Harvest was founded in 2468 when the UNSC Skidbladnir arrived transporting colonists, then dismantled to form the core of Utgard. The seventeenth colony world founded by the UNSC, as well as one of the furthest and most isolated, the population was still small when Sergeant Avery J. Johnson engaged in his first mission on the planet. By the time he returned in 2525, the population of Utgard alone had doubled. Many of the population of Harvest were of American descent, specifically the Mid-Western states of the United States of America. Most locations on Harvest were named in reference to Norse mythology, as were its AIs Sif and Loki.


In 2502, Avery Junior Johnson was involved in the assassination of Jerald Mulkey Ander, the head of the People's Occupation Government on Harvest as part of the ORION Project's Operation KALEIDOSCOPE.

Harvest was the first colony to be attacked by the Covenant and the first human world to be glassed. It was also the first place humanity officially made contact with the Covenant, after the incidents on This End Up and Minor Transgression.

In 2524, Staff Sergeant Johnson returned to Harvest along with Staff Sergeant Byrne and Captain Ponder, all survivors of Operation: TREBUCHET. They were to train a Colonial Militia and, unbeknownst to them, fend off what UNSC had believed to be Insurrectionist attacks on ships in the systems.
On February 3rd, 2525, the Harvest orbital platform, the Tiara, made long-range radar and spectroscopic contact with Rapid Conversion. Contact with Harvest was lost thereafter.


The citizens of Harvest soon found themselves in the middle of the first battle between the Covenant and humanity, using their newly trained Militia to herd hundreds of thousands of civilian survivors from Gladsheim, Vigrond and other locations to the Utgard Space Elevators to escape the planet. During the first Covenant attack on Harvest about 250,000+ humans managed to escape the planet by packing into 236 freight containers which were then loaded into seven elevator depots in Utgard. Every five to seven minutes, seven pairs of freight containers were loaded into the Space Elevator. Loaded ahead of these freight containers were seven "grease buckets", maintenance containers, two which were loaded with Johnson's men and Jilan al-Cygni. The other five were decoys rigged with claymore mines which were used to soften the Brutes, Grunts and Drones which had boarded and taken control of Tiara. While the other two "grease buckets" holding Johnson and Co. stopped and they were fighting off the Covenant, the number seven strand of the Space Elevator snapped a few thousand kilometers above its anchor due to the stress caused by the load becoming unbalanced. There were 11 pairs of freight containers on the strand when it snapped, killing around 40,000 people. The remaining freight containers carrying the survivors of Harvest continued up the elevator, out into space, where they met up with propulsion pods that Sif had placed previously. Once Johnson and Co. finished fighting the Covenant on the Tiara, they joined the survivors and used the propulsion pods to enter Slipspace.

At the time of these occurrences, the first prototypes of the Brute Chopper was made by a Huragok named Lighter Than Some. However, these were destroyed by JOTUNs commanded by the AI Mack.

After the destruction of the Tiara, the now rampant AI Mack buried its strands in a form of a funerary ritual for the AI Sif, who he is in love with.
The discovery of Humans on Harvest was the catalyst for the attempted Covenant genocide of the Human race, due to a mistranslation of Forerunner glyphs by the Prophets, as seen on many writs and machines amid Covenant technologies.
By April 12th, 2525, the Colonial Military Administration sent the scout ship Argo to investigate. Other then confirming its arrival at Epsilon Indi no other transmissions were sent, and the Argo was presumed MIA.

On October 7th, 2525, Fleet Command assembled Battlegroup 4 to investigate, due to the fact that the Harvest situation was deemed to have become serious. The battle group consisted of the destroyer Heracles, commanded by Captain Veredi, as well as the frigates Arabia and Vostok. They entered the Harvest system only to find the planet's surface almost entirely melted down to glass. While there, the battle group encountered an unnamed Covenant Battleship. This vessel immediately fired on the inferior human vessels, and the Vostok and Arabia were lost with all hands. The Heracles managed to jump out of the system, but took several weeks to return to Reach due to damage sustained in the battle. Upon hearing Veredi's report and realizing the scale of the threat, the UNSC was placed on full alert and a fleet was assembled to meet the threat.

Vice Admiral Preston Cole fought and barely won the Second Battle of Harvest in 2526. The UNSC was able to retake the planet but with the loss of 2/3 of their fleet, even when they had outnumbered the single Covenant ship in Harvest orbit. Harvest would continue to be contested in the following years, as not long after, the Covenant attacked again. The battle for control of the planet lasted for five years until 2531, when Admiral Cole led a group of ships, including the UNSC Spirit of Fire into the system and neutralized the Covenant force. They later discovered that the Covenant had established a presence on the planet's surface, and more shockingly, had uncovered the previously unknown Forerunner relic which lead the Spirit to Arcadia. And later the Flood-controled Shield World where they were able to stop a major Covenant plot.

It is unknown if the UNSC still maintained control of Harvest with the war's conclusion in 2552, but Harvest likely lost whatever strategic value it held during the conflict by this point in time.


Harvest was a small planet, approximately one-third the size of Earth with an equatorial diameter of slightly more than 4,000 kilometers (2,484 miles), making Harvest slightly smaller than the Sol planet Mercury. In terms of surface area, Harvest possessed ~50 million km², roughly one-tenth the surface area of Earth. Harvest orbited Epsilon Indi extremely quickly, much faster than most other UNSC colonies, at roughly 150,000 km/h, or ~41km/sec (by comparison, Earth orbits Sol at roughly 30 km/sec). Harvest had no natural satellites. Harvest also has a day/night cycle only 17.5 Sol hours long. Out of a total of five planets in the Epsilon Indi System, Harvest was the only habitable planet, as well as being fertile for farming. The super-continent Edda dominated the planet, taking up roughly 67% of its surface. Two low-salinity seas covered the remainder of the planet, Hugin to the north, and Munin to the south. Almost 86% of Edda is within 500 meters of sea level, the only major change in elevation is the Bifrost, an escarpment that "cuts" Edda in half.

Harvest's surface was once beautiful, covered in grassland and forests, lush fields and rolling hills, and a thousand lakes swarming with fish. The orchards were filled with luscious crops. At night, bats filled the skies. After being glassed, however, the surface was reduced to a layer of melted glass, the destruction visible from orbit. The environment suffered a catastrophic blow as a result, the once glorious landscape turning into a nearly frozen tundra, causing most species to quickly go extinct. Soon, all that remained of Harvest's original ecosystem were the scavengers, feeding off the rotting remains of the planet's once abundant wildlife, and even they perished before long.

Toggle Rules

God-Mod: For those of you that don't understand, Godmodding at the expense of others Godmodding occurs when a player already describes the outcome of their own actions against another character.

For example:

Joann Carver punches Jasmine in the face and breaks her nose.

In this example, Joann is forcing the outcome of her action on Jasmine. Joann can of course describe her own action, but a better choice would have been a swing at Jasmine with intent to punch, next to that she cannot already decide what the outcome of that will be. If Jasmine's nose is gonna break or not, is up to Jasmine as well, since it's up to both of them what will happen; they are in the role-play together.
It's like in real life; when you hit someone in the face, you never know for sure whether or not you will break their nose.

Godmoding or Powerplaying

Both terms pretty well describe what they mean; playing as if you're a God, or have invincible powers. Nothing is more tiresome for players to see someone going around who laughs at everything inflicted to them, who states to get a kick out of torture and more importantly; also doesn't have any other vulnerabilities which do hurt their character.

There is of course not that much wrong with playing a character who gets off on pain, but if it's obvious that other players are trying to inflict hurt upon you, then you should let out what the way to do that is then. Sure, you can say "It's up to them to find my weak spot", but that's like having people guess a number that you have in your mind and every time someone guesses it, saying "No!" and changing it.

Every good role-player knows how to role-play a defeat, for defeat is a part of role-play. If you believe that role-play only consists of winning, then this really is not the game for you; you will soon meet people who will get annoyed by your presence and who will ignore you. So, be a good sport, for this is a game.

Infeasibility is NOT an option here. However, if well enough explained, I MAY allow it. Nevertheless, SPARTANs are not indestructible. They can die. If you get hit by a hunter's plasma cannon-its game over. Stuck with a grenade, over. Period, end of discussion. I might be warping the timeline just a little, but not enough to break the 'spirit' of desperation by humankind against the onslaught of the Covenant.

SPARTANS AND ODST: SPARTANs and ODSTs will be 'earned' and not granted as a given. Two reasons for this. Someone who doesn't know enough about the halo universe to actually role-play a very expensive tool of war will only bog the role-play down. Two, as stated above, there are those that think they are M.C and can run out into a throng of Covenant and not have a scratch on them. Lethal or not, there are casualties. Especially if you go William Wallace from Braveheart and start butchering countless enemies. There are repercussions.

The way to earn the right to be an ODST or a SPARTAN is simple, but deceptively so.

ImageSPARTANs require six paragraphs sent to me via P.M; Two for explaining to me the extent of knowledge you have about Halo be in games or books. I have read them all and played them all so I think that makes me a fair judge. The four paragraphs thereafter will be of a sort of response to a said situation of my choosing of how you would deal with the situation in a very detailed, coordinated effort.

ImageODST requires four paragraphs. One explaining your knowledge of the Halo universe, the other three explaining a response in a coordinated manner to a situation of my choosing. ODSTs can use heavier equipment, have less armor and are more trained than a typical Marine grunt. However, they don't have energy shields and if they are struck with burning hot plasma, will get hurt.

Remember, Both SPARTANs and ODSTs, are capable classes in their own right. But they can be killed. In the Halo universe, plasma is explained like a corrosive gelatin that dissolves metal plating very quickly in the books, and in the game it has been expressed numerous to be a quick and effective way to take down shielding.

Also, all SPARTANs are SPARTAN-IIs. The time frame this role play takes place is 21 years ahead of John-117 who is a SPARTAN-II though he wasn't yet 'formally' announced. So they aren't as fast, as strong nor as endurable as their enemy counter-parts. They are above humans in capabilities, but at the time frame--weaker than the Sangheili, or "Elites". The Elites are stronger, faster, more maneuverable and have far lasting shields which is why I say 'coordinated' effort. Going lone one somethings is fine, but all the time and you will be out manned and the only bullet you should have left in the chamber should be one for your characters head.

Have Fun: Just as it sounds. We are all here to enjoy ourselves and enjoy a common entertainment and mythology. So no being mean.

Be Respectful:Once again. Common sense people. But I would prefer it if you would, at least help those who don't understand as much as you do but also would like to enjoy the role-play. You see some one struggling with a concept; if its wrong then tell them, if you think it may help, ask them and formulate a plot. I'm not going to be babysitter for a bunch of seven year olds. We are all mature here, we can at least act it.

Spelling and Grammar and Post length Requirements: Please, please spell correctly. Its frustrating, and non-exciting. I do NOT want to see "u" being used for "you". 'b4" used in place of "before" or anything of the sort. You will be banned, yes, banned for that. I understand a simple mistake here and there, but there are dictionaries and there is such a thing as an auto-spellchecker. Also, the post minimum is four sentences long. You don't think you can post that much continually, don't join. It will be hard enough trying to get a detailed image of what is going on with everyone, without someone not fully thinking something out. So, four sentence paragraph minimum.

Taking place in...


Harvest by Seraph


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Harvest by Seraph


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