Rae Foster

*Sniper shot, sound of reloading* "..." -Rae Foster

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a character in “Halo: The Last Effort”, as played by Maci-Care


Rae Foster


AGE: Twenty-Nine

GENDER: Female

HEIGHT:Five-foot, five and a half inches.

WEIGHT: One-hundred and fourteen pounds

PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: Rae is mostly seen in her armor, which is of always of a dark color, unless the assignment is in a winter area. Seen in various armors, this also depending on the assignment, she always has her MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor helmet equipped with a black or silver visor, and HESA-E sensor devise. But all of the armor she wears isn’t female issued, it’s the regular male issued. Rae knows that it has more protection from combat, how she knows this is classified, though she wears this issue instead of the female issue that other females wear. Out of armor people actually get to see Rae. Rae has hazel brown eyes and black hair, also her skin is fairly tanned, though it doesn't see most light in combat. Though she is a girl and is average built, she does have muscle on her, thus having her armor not be too heavy for her. From combat, it would be a surprise for her not to have any scars, but most of them are healed or not as noticeable, but her most seen one is a cut across her left cheek from a Covenant energy dagger when she was snuck up on by an Elite which first off through her and knocked off her helmet and then tried to kill her with its dagger, luckily Rae still had her pistols and killed the Elite, but still getting a cut across the face. The scar hasn’t gone away since, and won’t ever. Her choice of clothing out of armor, is usually seen in light blue denim jeans and a white tank top with a button up casual jacket, usually opened.


ARMOR/BODY MODIFICATIONS: Rae has an upgraded sensor system built into her HESA-E, thus making it easier and quicker to detect enemies around her, along with that, the sensor devise sends the marked target's location to her fellow comrades, thus easier for her to mark out targets. Along with the updraged sensor and marker, her armor has upgraded main properties, one her main ones is that it has a built in stealth mechanis, which she can activate at anytime, though it can only stay on for five minutes, and takes a while to refill. Rae doesn't like the idea of bodily mods, but still accepts them. Like one is that her right eye has a valuable mod which at first was a big risk that couldve made her go blind, but luckily it didn't. This mod helps her detect if the creature she is looking at through her scope, or just plain eye sight, is friend or not. Helps with seeing if any vehicles have Covenant in it or not. Along with her eye modification, the skin from Rae's wrist to her elbow on both of her arms have been replaced with some of the best steel, better than most of the armors of Spartans also, but since it is so hard to make, there is no armor for it. Though it is only on her wrists, it comes in handy, it is said, but not yet proven, it can protect from the Covenant's energy daggers, and maybe even their swords. [Will be edited and added to]

PERSONALITY: Rae is a quiet type, almost never talking, very few people have heard her voice, though some actually think she’s mute, but she’s not, she only talks or speaks in case of an emergency, or when she’s giving cover and needs to warn her protectees. Besides being quiet, this doesn't mean she is shy or scared, just quiet. Well also being very anti-social, she can be cold, and completely ignore people when they don’t exactly agree with her or when they say the stupidest stuff ever in her opinion. Rae is very loyal to whoever is in charge, and will follow orders, and dislikes people who don’t. Even though she does follow orders, doesn't mean she likes them, but she keeps that to herself, like everything else. Though she can get annoyed, it is very rare for her to get pissed off. Though for most people to get on her good side, it is usually hard, but Rae is somehow good friends with the HOUR-0 Spartan.

PREFFERED WEAPON(s):Sniper rifle or battle rifles, likes to use long range weapons, won’t use Covenant weapons, refuses to. But always carries two pistols in case she gets into a close-combat fight.

HISTORY: Rae was recruited to UP-RISE station after being recommended by others, whose names are not named and classified for a reason. Rumors saying she was one of the best snipers to enter the ODST program, or also known as Orbital Drop Shock Troopers. Rae once worked with one of the earlier Spartans, Linda-058, spotted for her once. And also worked with Jun-A266 before he became a Noble, they were great friends. And after the attacks on Reach, Rae was one of the only solo ODSTs. She assigned to over watch of many civilian and military encampments so-called safe areas. Thus when the Sangheili, or commonly known as the Covenant, started to attack these areas, Rae couldn’t protect everyone, seeing death of many people, and then moved to open combat areas. But being the most asked for and recommended sniper by many different combat stations gave Rae many scars, mental scars though, leading to her being so quiet. But after the most recent where she was able to work with the helping give over watch to escaping marines and high officers, this is what mainly get Rae invited to UP-RISE.

OTHER: With Rae not talking often, and in her armor being the male issued, most don’t know that she is actually a she. This actually happens most of the time, only being known of a female when she actually talks, or when she takes off her helmet and armor, the removing of armor is way more common than her talking. Also, Rae is one the main sniper in the HOUR-0 ODSTs, thus usually hanging back from everyone, mainly because she likes to be by herself.

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