The Spartan of determination.

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a character in “Halo: UNSC Chronicles”, as played by The Apprentice


Isaac is 6'7'' Spartan-III. His build is slim but athletic. His hair is crew cut and dark brown, his eyes are dark brown as well. His skin tone is tan-olive. His face bears no facial hair or scars, save for his neck which has a slight curved scar running from the back of his ear almost to his lower jaw. This was given to him during an encounter with and Elite.


Isaac is a kind and gentle Spartan. Despite his tougher military background, he has a soft spot for every human he encounters, believeing it to be his job to keep them safe. His is one of the few Spartan's to befriend non-Spartan's, as he has many friends who make up the ODSTs, Marines, Army, Navy and airforce. Always respectable to others, he is well known for his politeness. His darker/sadistic side is only shown to the Covenant, which he personally has a deep hatred for, since his patrents were both killed by a Covenant patrol. He has been known to torture any Covenant that he wounds, and takes great pleasure in causing both mental and physical pain to them, letting them live days and days as broken and bleeding creatures worthy of no respect.


Issac is equipped with the latest Mjolnir Mk.VI armor, being the 6th generation of armor. His armor is all standard Mk.VI, save for his helmet which is the SECURITY variant of Mjolnir. His armor is sage in color, and is never dirty, as Isaac believes his armor the most important piece of equipment for a Spartan. His visor is the standard reflective gold.

His weapons consist of a M90 shotgun and a M6G magnum. His loadout shows his close-combat preference, as he likes to get up close to his enemies.


Not much is known about Isaac other than his parents were killed when he was five. He, along with many orphans, was offered a chance to get back at the Covenant for killing their parents. His homeworld is Mars. He is speculated to be born around 2524, making him 28 years old.

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