Reno Kenta

How 'bout a game?

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a character in “Hand of (Lesser) Gods”, as played by Ziddie



Name: Reno Kenta

Gender: Male

Age: Eighteen

History: Kenta grew up in the lap of luxury. A rich family, beautiful friends, an amazing life in general. Granted, he had a gambling problem—you have to waste money to get money, right? However, with his bizarre ways most women think he's the scum of the earth. Perhaps he is. He began to pray to Aijin-Okane to get a woman. As it turns out, he'll risk anything.

Items: He has a pair of dice he wears around his neck, a deck of cards in his back pocket, and a knife in his front pocket.

Hannya: Aijin-Okane—god of gambling, lust, and wrestling

Quote: "Soul? No, darling, I've already sold that..."

Fighting Style: He's quick on his feet, agile. Just because he's scrawny doesn't mean he can't top brute strength with speed.


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