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Cynthia Stone


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a character in “Happily Ever After, Perhaps”, as played by Mystique Amethyst




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Cynthia Marie Stone


February 28th




Of German, English, Scottish, Irish, Northern Irish (Scots-Irish), Welsh, Italian, French, Swedish, and Dutch Decent.

|Fairy Tale|

Cynthia is a very patient person. No matter how difficult someone is being she always seems to be as calm and patient with them as possible. She is also very independent, caring, and overall a very easy person to get along with. Though she tends to be very forgiving and understandable she does get angry at times but it is very difficult to do. She cares about everyone, no matter their race, age, size, or if they have a disability, she treats everyone the same.

Due to Cynthia having to grow up pretty fast, she became a lot more mature than her age. She did all she could to take care of herself given the circumstances she was in. Cynthia tries her best to be as optimistic with situations as she can but she does have a small tendency to look down upon herself. Because of how much she loves animals and believes that every living thing deserves a chance to live their lives, she doesn't eat any sort of meat, making her a vegetarian. She tries her best to hold her tongue about when other people eat the meat and even kills them the best she can.

â™Ĩ Animals
â™Ĩ Helping Others
â™Ĩ Freedom
â™Ĩ Dancing
â™Ĩ Singing
â™Ĩ Traveling
â™Ĩ Reading
â™Ĩ Art
â™Ĩ Lemonade
â™Ĩ Clothes
â™Ĩ Photography
â™Ĩ Writing
â™Ĩ Poetry
â™Ĩ Kids
â™Ĩ Music

✘ Abuse
✘ Liars
✘ Slavery
✘ Step Family
✘ Being Alone
✘ Meat
✘ Animal Cruelty
✘ Thieves
✘ Slobs
✘ Clowns
✘ Prejudice People
✘ Thunderstorms
✘ Cold Weather
✘ Self Absorbed People
✘ Disrespect

☠ Cynthia has always feared never being able to find the guy of her dreams and have her only family because of how closed in and mistreated she always tends to be.
☠ She doesn't like walking around by herself in the middle of the night in fear of whatever could jump out at her without knowing about it. She thinks of it as all the creeps come out at night.
☠ Something happening to her causing her to no longer take care of her future kids and them having to go through everything she had to while growing up without her parents.

Sabrina Stone || Mother || FC: Amber Heard || Deceased

Matthew Stone || Father || FC: Ashton Kutcher || Deceased

Catherine Williams-Stone || Step Mother || FC: Ashely Greene || Alive

Darla Williams || Step Sister || FC: Vanessa Hudgens || Alive

Laela Williams || Step Sister || FC: Selena Gomez || Alive

Cynthia was born to a very wealthy family in Scotland. But because of this she never really knew who her true friends were because everyone wanted to be around her and her family just because they had money. Throughout school she was one of the most popular girls because her parents were rich. She honestly hated being the center of attention like this, but in the end she had no choice. Everyone knew her and she had to get used to the fact.

At the young age of seven her mother was killed by cancer, leaving her alone with her father. A couple years later he married a woman named Catherine, bringing her two daughters, Laela and Darla into the household with them. Cynthia was never able to get along with her step-sisters because they always treated her rottenly, though she never attacked them physically or verbally. She was taught how to hold her tongue and just try to be patient with people at a young age.

When Cynthia was ten years old her father also passed. He got in a bad car accident during a bad storm in the middle of the night, resulting in her fear of storms. Since then Catherine and her two daughters started treating her like a slave, forcing her to do all the cooking and the cleaning. Cynthia was never given the chance to do anything she wanted. She found herself becoming close friends with the animals around the house and her pet cat, Nala.

Nala, Cynthia's cat.

So begins...

Cynthia Stone's Story