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Happy Ending

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{ Storyline }
You all know the basic Disney tales, right? The Little Mermaid gets her prince. Jasmine finds her beggar boy by the help of magic and Elsa is reunited with her sister. Well, what if none of that ever happened and these Disney characters were thrown out into the real world to survive? Will everyone find their happy ending? Will it actually be their happy ending?

ImageAladdin is a lonely street urchin struggling to survive in the streets of a busy city, stealing food to help himself and his friend monkey Abu survive. Meanwhile, Princess Jasmine is tired of being given suitors by her father the Saltin, and decides to sneak out to the market place where she lands herself in trouble with a fruit stand owner but is soon saved by Aladdin. After spending time together, Jasmine goes back to the castle and Aladdin is throw in jail by the evil vizier Jafar. There, Jafar tricks Aladdin into leading him to find a genie’s lamp, and Aladdin is stuck inside until the genie helps him escape and Aladdin pretends to be a prince to impress Jasmine and marry her. But Jasmine learns his secret, Jafar ends up finding the magical lamp and sending the kingdom into chaos and Aladdin must save Jasmine and his friends to free the land from Jafar. With Genie’s help, Aladdin saves Jasmine and the Sultan and everyone else and puts Jafar inside the lamp to imprison him forever.

ImageAriel is the daughter of a magnificent merking Trident, with 6 other siblings and living a constantly boring life. Ariel is unique though, collecting human trinkets and dreaming often of how much she would love to walk among humans. One night, she saves the life of a Prince lost as sea and lays him on the beach, but retreating in fear as he awakes but he remembers her voice, and her face. Desperately wanting to be with him again, but her father forbidding her from going to the surface, Ariel seeks the help of an Evil Sea Witch who is obsessed with becoming the ruler of the sea. She sells her voice to the sea witch Ursula, in exchange for legs and a deal that says if she can’t get him to kiss her in a limited amount of time, she will become a mermaid and goes to the surface to spend time with the Prince. As they fall in love, The Sea Witch decides to trick the prince into falling in love with her using the power of illusion, and ends up taking over the undersea kingdom. Ariel and Prince Eric must save the ocean and land from Ursula and end up skewering her with a ship to save everyone.

ImageAfter years of keeping her secret of ice and snow ever since she accidentally froze her sister’s head while playing, Elsa has become the queen of Arendelle and dreads every moment of it while her sister can’t wait to have the gates open. But after Elsa refuses to bless the sudden and infatuated decision of marriage between her sister and a stranger, Prince Hans of the Souther Isle, Elsa ends up screwing her secret and allowing everyone to know. She runs away and makes an isolated kingdom on the top of a great mountain, while Ana teams up with an boy named Kristoff to try and find her. After a heated confrontation, Elsa accidentally freezes Ana’s heart and Ana must hurry to Han’s to save herself by getting a true love’ kiss. But Hans reveals his true intentions and Ana learns that Hans was only marrying her to get rid of Elsa and become the king of Arendelle. Ana manages to get out of the frozen castle as Elsa escapes from a prison Hans put her in to try to get her to stop the impending winter she brought on, and as he tries to kill her, Ana sacrifices herself to save her sister. Since it was an act of true love, Ana unfreezes and puts Hans in jail while Elsa and Ana open the gates of Arendelle and become close sisters once again.


Face Claim | Name | Age | Character | Open - Reserved - Taken


Avan Jogia | Name | Age | Aladdin | Open
Aladdin is a homeless teenager that steals from one of the nightclubs that Genie works at and now is a part of Genie's act.

Kina Grannis | Name | Age | Jasmine | Reserved by Miss Nomer
Jasmine is a CEO's daughter that is forbidden from entering a nightclub but she finds herself sneaking out to go to one.

Jackson Rathbone | Name | Age | Genie | Reserved by aarondalea
Genie is a magician that is a main act at a few local nightclubs.

Jake T. Austin | Name | Age | Magic Carpet | Open
Magic Carpet is Genie's assistant.

Jared Leto | Name | Age | Jafar | Open
Jafar is the night club manager.


Karen Gillan | Name | Age | Ariel | Reserved by Kuukakulily
Ariel is Triton's daughter, youngest sibling of the Triton Family; working towards getting a recording contract.

George Clooney | Name | Age | Triton | Open
Triton is the father of 7 daughters, trying to keep them from falling into poverty.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson | Name | Age | Eric | Open
Eric is a rich, recording company CEO.

Marina Diamandis | Name | Age | Ursula | Open
Ursula is Triton's ex-wife; secretary of Eric.


Dianna Agron | Name | Age | Elsa | Taken by Dead
Elsa is the elder sister of Anna; works at an ice cream shop that Hans owns; he keeps her secret if she does everything he says.

Emma Stone | Name | Age | Ana | Reserved by Meow Meow
Anna is the younger sister of Elsa; college student and part time waitress; doesn't know Elsa's secret.

Chace Crawford | Name | Age | Hans | Open
Hans is the owner of the ice cream shop; knows Elsa's secret.

Garrett Hedlund | Name | Age | Kristoff | Taken by CyberGlowfly
Christof is the college student and his family owns the restaurant that Anna waitresses at.


{ Reservations }
Please reserve characters in the OOC. I won't accept a random submission, no matter how awesome they are. Also, this is not a first come, first serve role-play and you might have to compete for your spot should another person show interest. If you find this tedious and unnecessary, you are free to leave this role-play at any time. And, although you reserve a character, they will be chosen based on creativity, depth, length, and originality. The more creative and detailed your character sheet, the more likely you'll get accepted.
{ Literacy }
Not only will I be looking for details in your character sheet, but proper grammar and spelling as well. This role-play is to be literate, meaning posts are to be kept at a minimum of 100+ words.. Now, I know we are not perfect and we all make mistakes but if you cannot use a proper spell check, it will reflect within your character sheet! So please, be at least semi-literate with the capability to post at minimum one hundred words. What is your favorite Disney film? Favorite Disney character?
{ Commitment }
I am aware that we all have lives outside of role-playing and our computer screens. Some of us either attend school or have a full-time job, sometimes both. All I ask is that you post at least twice a week. If, for any reason, you find yourself unable to post for x-amount of time, please notify me. I do not bite, I do not get angry, however; should you fail to notify me of your departure, I will boot you out of the role-play. I am also aware that some of us may be in other role-plays, and I understand those come first. Notification of departure and how much time you'll be gone is all I ask for.
{ God-modding, Bunnying, Meta-gaming }
God-modding, bunnying, and meta-gaming are strictly prohibited. God-modding is defined as cheating the system so your character is virtually invincible. This is similar to the term "mary-sue" or "gary-sue" in a way. God-modding usually involves a character leaving a battle unscathed. This also includes unapproved hits and/or kills. Bunnying is the use of another character, who is neither your own nor an NPC, without the permission of the character's owner. When your character is attacking, assume each hit misses. When your character is defending, make sure to allow a believable amount of punches/kicks/etc. to hit your character. The term meta-gaming refers to accidentally or purposely using outside knowledge that affects the role-play. For example, if your character knows of a sneak-attack, yet wasn't present at the discussion of it, then it is improbable and considered meta-gaming.

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Re: Happy Ending

May I reserve the role of Aladdin?

Re: Happy Ending

Oh, would it be alright if I used Naomi Scott instead of Kina Grannis as my face claim?

Re: Happy Ending

Hello, I'd love to reserve FC: Jackson Rathbone- but I must wait two days at the least before handing him in (similar to a post for Hogwarts and the Haster for you, Dead) because I am currently taking final tests and really don't want to lose my conditional offer into my dream school!
In terms of movies, I would say that either Tangled, Bambi, or the Aristocats. Favorite character would probably be in a tie between Wreck-it Ralph and Merida.
Thank you

Re: Happy Ending

If Ariel is still available, I would love to reserve her.
My favorite Disney film is Pocahontas and my favorite character is also Pocahontas ^^

Re: Happy Ending

Whoever takes Ana and Hans, can you pm me so we can talk about their history and have it match up?

Re: Happy Ending

d like to reserve Karen Gillen the ariel :3

Re: Happy Ending

Hey there~!

Awesome role play idea, love it! ^=^ So much that I'm stepping out of the box and actually doing a real person RP. (I usually only do anime)

May I reserve Anna please? <3

I'm definitely keeping Emma Stone, she's meh fantasy wifey ;3.

My favorite animal, for sure a white snow leopard~! :)

Favorite Disney Movie: That's impossible... I can't...
-Monster's INC
-Pirates of the Caribbean
-Alice in Wonderland

Favorite Character: Why do you do dis? WHYYYY?
-Jack Sparrow
-Mad Hatter

Re: Happy Ending

Hello! May I please reserve the human, Jasmine? I'll probably keep Kina Grannis for her, unless something else catches my eye. Maybe she'll have a pet fish- I love fish.

Happy Ending

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