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Ali james


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a character in “Happy Family”, as played by nightwolf


Name: Ali
Age: 17
Personality: Ali can be very half and half with people, if he knows who they are he will be very sweet and welcoming but with new people he can be very unsure about them and generally shut them out. This of course ultimately depends on how his day has gone so far. Ali is slow to react to conversations as his brain needs time to formulate and answer. He does take thing literally sometimes so is and easy target for bullies. Even though Ali doesn't talk that much he likes to be in a safe group either of friends or family, mainly family.
History: Ali was diagnosed with autism at a young age since he had not met the recommended milestones for a child his age, he would stare at things that were small and detailed things such as carpets and lampshades. It took him a while to talk to his parents and of course other siblings, he found it hard with all the changes at school with subjects changing rapidly and pressure to get work finished. He developed relationships slowly with other people in school but didn't maintain good conversation and commitments to going places. He started to write things down that happend in the day so that he could make sure that nothing changed in his routine. He does needs help with certain things but will not ask for help from anyone so he may either just stand still on the spot or hum to himself in order to calm himself down.

At the moment Ali hasn't been sleeping well, he puts off sleep in order to figure things out,certain problems or situations he has faced in the day. The bullies at school make him worried about things and confuse him greatly. He usually doesn't sleep for a few days, but lately he hasn't slept for a couple of weeks, and his autistic traits are showing more and more as he seems to get more agitated the more tired he is.

Other: Ali does spend most of his time alone either writing or organising his space, he collects things such as Pokemon cards, Lord of The Rings memrobillia and things that he finds interesting. He hates anything being changed, for example furniture being moved things not going the way it usually does. When upset Ali will either scream out or throw himself on he floor and pull at his hair, if someone else has upset him he will throw something or attack whoever has upset him.

So begins...

Ali james's Story


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Ali jolted awake suddenly looking around his bedroom in confusion, nothing was misplaced or out of order but something wasnt right then he looked down and sighed softly. He had fallen asleep at his desk again he had been doing that a lot lately not on purpose of course, looking at his watch 8:05 then looking up at his calendar it was Saturday so at least his dad wouldn't come up to wake him up. On weekdays it was a little more difficult to hide the fact he was not sleeping at night. If he didn't sleep the night before, he knew the time that he would be woken up so he would dive into bed a few minutes before and close his eyes.

He didnt know why he stopped sleeping, the boys at school were still making fun of him in class and the teasing had caused Ali to worry more about things he was doing so he would spend most of the night either working on his homework over and over again. Or even working on other projects like drawing or even sorting out his room to a new way then changing it over and over again.

He never felt tired strangely enough perhaps it was because Ali's mind was always working a hundred miles a minute that his body was just naturally slow. He did have moments where he would just fall asleep randomly but he would often make a good enough exscuse to be tired.

Adjusting his hair he stood up from his desk and turned the lamp off that had been illuminating his room most of the night standing up he got changed quickly and left his watch checking the time as he did so 8:07. Enough time to go to the kitchen and sort out his breakfast well try to decide what to have for breakfast first.

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Simon woke up that morning to find his wife, Anne had already left the house. It was something he was getting use to, waking up alone in the morning. He never asked her where she was going, it didn't seem all that important at the time. As he got dressed, and fixed himself in the mirror he sighed, things were changing and he didn't quite like it.

As he walked down the hall he knocked on each of his kids doors, one by one he didn't hear a response, that is until he came to Ali's door.

Knock, knock

"Hey, champ you up?" he asked opening the door slightly.