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Fallon Eve Hallow

"Once you have truly lost something, you can never get it back..."

0 · 125 views · located in New Orleans 2012 - 2013

a character in “Happy Holidays!”, as played by Coloris


Fallon ✠ Eve ✠ Hallow

♝The Basics β™—
✠ My name is: Fallon Eve Hallow
✠ I’ve blown this many candles: Over two thousand, but appears to be twenty one.
✠ I am a: Female
✠ I’m actually a: Holiday
✠ My Role is: Halloween
♝ Other Information β™—
✠ Give it to me:
β˜‘ Games, she has always added a twist or prank into ever game.
β˜‘ Any type of bug, she finds them cool
β˜‘ Charms, they seem like nice things to play with.
β˜‘ Cutely designed pumpkins, Eve likes cute things, cutely designed pumpkins are amazing and creative.
β˜‘ Rabbits, ones with red eyes, they are just adorable!
✠ Throw it out:
β˜’ Dogs, she is more of a cat person, though she wouldn't say she really likes cats either...
β˜’ Pink, it's just not to her liking. It's so preppy and isn't Halloween-like at all!
β˜’ Hearts, not the actual heart, but the drawing and decorations of hearts. Real ones are cool, the suit ones are simply...
β˜’ Being called a child, she may look like a teenager, but she isn't. Don't you dare insult her.
β˜’ Not wearing a costume, she's Halloween! If she isn't wearing a costume, it wouldn't feel right, something isn't right.
♝ Final Information β™—
✠ Contract Forming: As the person who has the title of 'Halloween', her contract requires blood. Fallon will pull out a crooked dagger, jamming it into the contractor's arm, leg,chest, or wherever she stabbed him or her. The contractor will feel pain at the moment, but will not die, or feel any pain later. The blade will soon disappear, and a scar-like mark will appear on the contractor's body.
✠ Other: [Additional Information? Thank you.]
✠ Username: ColoredJoker


✠ Sometimes I act like this: Many say that first impressions are usually never accurate. Most first impressions about Fallon, are one hundred percent accurate. People say Fallon is an outgoing and odd girl. She is friendly and seems to be quite the 'cute' one. Fallon is always talking, and sometimes, it seems like it's impossible to get this one to shut up for even a second without knocking her out. The girl is considered odd because of her presence. Being Halloween and all, her presence was a mixture of creepy and fun. Others could never read her emotions, since she's always smiling and making sure her presence remains the same. Happy and shifty. Her true expressions are a complete mystery.


✠ Powers, Abilities:
Mediumship - Fallon believes she can speak to the spirits of the dead. It may seem like she's just randomly talking to herself about something, and may throw people off, however, it's natural for her.
Curse - Using the charms or not, Eve can curse others with bad luck. At times, she can make it last for a week, others, only for a few minutes.
Flight - As the stereotype goes: 'Witches fly with brooms'. That stereotype is true when you think about Fallon. She tends to float on a broom, just for the heck of it.


✠ This is my life: Fallon, or Eve, as some may call her, is the most outgoing and bubbly out of all the holidays. Though the girl is like a irresponsible child, she has been planning Halloween and organizing everything for years. She was the second person to be given the title of Halloween, which was when she was probably a thousand years old. Fortunately for her, Eve usually ends up scaring everyone in every holiday for Halloween. Who doesn't love a good scare?

So begins...

Fallon Eve Hallow's Story

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