"Oh! If you want I could-... Lend you a hand. Hehehehehehe... Hey! Why are you running? I was only offering my assistance!"

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a character in “Happy Tree Friends Gakuen”, as played by Gintoki Sakata


Name: Flippy
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Flippy's Appearance: Image
Fliqpy's Appearance: Image
Flippy's Appearance Description: Flippy can ussually be seen wearing army, camo-colored clothing, and dogtags around his neck. He also sports a green beret, then he wears almost every day. Flippy has naturally green hair, and green eyes. He is wellbuilt, and exceptunately muscular.
Fliqpy's Appearance Description: Fliqpy looks the same as Flippy, other than a few minor features. His teeth seem to narrow to a point, and appear sharper than normal, and his eyes turn a yellow tint.
Personality: Flippy is highly sociable, and enjoys the company of almost anyone. Although he isn't exactly the life of the party, he still seems to be someone people are naturally drawn to and befriend.
He is protective over those close to him, and doesn't tolerate bullying. He will step in and try to resolve things peacefully, but will use force if necissary.
Flippy is very studious, and makes decent grades. He is also a rule follower, and reinforces them, even though he doesn't have to.

Fliqpy is Flippy's alter ego, that has manifested itself within him as a result from his post traumatic stress disorder. His arrival is ussually trigured by something resembling warfare in some shape or form, such as a sudden popping noise, resembling gunfire, or a sharp object.
When Fliqpy takes over, several physical features of Flippy's change, mostly involving his eyes and teeth. Fliqpy is unmerciful, and dangerous. He acts as Flippy's defense mechanism for when the memories of his traumatic past surface. He can easily be described as a ruthless, violent, killing machine.
Through terms of therapy, Flippy has been able to suppress, or rather contain Flippy for several years now. He hasn't had an incedent yet, where Fliqpy has taken over. Flippy has almost completely forgotten about him, up until now. But Fliqpy has always been looking for some sort of weakness in Flippy's mind, for him to manipulate and break through.
Grade: 2nd year
Best Friend(s): (Will be sorted out in OOC)
Love interest: (Will remain empty until the rp begins.)
Likes: Flippy enjoys a variety of activities, including hanging out with friends, reading books, and games. He likes friendly people who are easy to get along with. Flippy has learned to enjoy the simple things in life. He also carries around a pocketknife for protection, but hesitates to ever actually use it, for fear that Fliqpy might come out. No matter how dangerous the situation.
Dislikes: Fliqpy for one would be a big dislike of Flippy's. He would give anything to be rid of him for good. He doesn't like those who would constantly make distruptions or loud noises, and is constantly scolding them. He also tends to veer away from aggressive people.
Other: Flippy is allergic to peanuts.

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