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Arise Kanzaki

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a character in “Harbor a Cyborg: Instructions not Included!”, as played by darkengel


Name: Arise Kanzaki

Age: 18

Appearance: Image

So begins...

Arise Kanzaki's Story


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The male's sleep was blissfully dream-free, the male moving very little during his nap aside from a soft snore. Subject 873 would have continued in his slumber had his circadian rhythm not suddenly been interrupted. His sleep cycle was sporadic and messed up as it was, and being awoken at random intervals did nothing to help even it out.

Still lost in his exhaustion, the man twitched slightly as the light tickled his closed eyelids, pressuring him to open his eyes. No...he didn't want to run any tests tonight! He was so tired, so not in the mood. Closed eyes squeezed tighter in protest to the light, burying his head into the surprisingly squishy bedding. Strange, since when had his cot been this cozy? A groan left his lips, Subject 873's thoughts just barely able to form coherent sentences.

"No...not now doc...please not today...." came a hoarse whine, the figure rolling over on his side.

The light failed to go away, but strangely enough no words from Dr. Fitzroy. That could only mean Dr. Osgood. There was nothing 'good' about Dr. Osgood. And only Dr. Osgood played these mind games with him.

Blue eyes slowly opened, dreading what stupid experiments or questions or exams were scheduled for tonight. Instead of his usual cell at the lab, Subject 873 found himself on a soft and squishy piece of furniture. The fog of sleep lifting from his brain, the experiment recalled the last few hours with clarity and was about to relax at his freedom.

His relief was short lived, the sight of a young woman putting him on edge. How had they found him already?! He didn't recognize this one. Was she an executioner?! His eyes immediately went to the long object in her hands, the item also unfamiliar to him.

Just as any prey when cornered by a potential predator, 873 jumped back and went into the defensive. He let out a startled yelp, leaping behind his current bed and peeking up over the back, huddled for dear life as he clung to the soft structure. Blue eyes were wide, pupils immensely dilated as his stress only grew by the second. How was he to get out of this?!

"W-who are you? Stay back!" he warned, unsuccessfully willing his voice not to shake.


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Subject 873 remained perfectly still, flinching only as the female brought the strange item closer to her chest. Her words did nothing to soothe him, some of her words unfamiliar to him. She'd call the police...who were the police? A group at the facility he didn't know about? Did they have a new force for disciplining badly behaved subjects? A new group to keep them locked up? The thought was a terrifying one, and he didn't want to find out.

"I won't let you!" he insisted with more assurance than he felt. The male felt himself panicking inside, his concentration and control waning the more uneasy he became. Only this time, he didn't feel the usual pain nor did anyone stop him from manipulating the world around him.

Slowly at first, small items about the room lifted into the air and gathered around him in a crude shield, swiftly being followed by increasingly larger objects. After a minute, lamps and a television screen joined the array of objects surrounding the figure, followed by a creaking sound as the furniture tried to inch its way towards him as well. Subject 873 felt somewhat better at the gathering arsenal of objects to hurl at would be attackers, glad to have some way of defending himself.

"You can't make me go back!"


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Character Portrait: Alvar Character Portrait: Arise Kanzaki
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The female's words were met with silence, blue eyes simply watching her warily lest she move in a threatening manner. The experiment was surprised to see the stranger not only stay away from him, but turn around and head elsewhere as her weapon dropped to the floor. She wasn't going to come after him?

For a while, subject 873 remained perfectly still, his arsenal of objects hovering around him going lower and lower until he couldn't hold them in the air any longer. He was just too tired, and adrenaline only lasted for so long. Household items clattered to the floor, and the furniture stopped trying to move towards him. Sweat gathered on his face, causing his hair to cling to his neck and brow. It was hard to move multiple objects simultaneously. Even though he stopped using his powers, subject 873 remained on alert in spite of his weariness, tense and waiting for the young woman to suddenly come back and try to accost him. Minutes dragged by and still nothing happened.

After a half of an hour, the male's body began to relax in submission- fatigue replacing his adrenaline-and-fear triggered bout of stamina at last (though he remained alert far longer than would be considered normal for such a heightened state of awareness). Letting out a sigh, he allowed his head to fall with a thud against the couch he was still hiding behind. It really was the most comfortable piece of furniture he'd ever encountered. And nothing like the cot in his cell...

Wandering thoughts were interrupted by a sudden ding resounding through the modest house, causing subject 873 to flinch and curl up once more, squeezing himself into the darkest corner he could manage near the sofa. His eyes darted around, and he covered his mouth to stifle a panicked whine as a familiar voice announced itself.

"Open up! This is the police!" called a GenTech guard. Police? What was this word? The young woman had said it too...was she part of the organization?!