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The most well-read of the princesses, Jogyenna is most often found with her nose in some book or other...

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a character in “Hard of Heiring”, as played by tylisasweet


Princess Jogyenna [pronounced jo-HYEN-nah] has long, brown hair that waves down her back. Her brown eyes often sparkle whenever something sparks her interest. At the ripe young age of 13, Jo is just beginning to blossom into a lovely young woman. She is thin and long-limbed, but only 5 feet tall. She has a long nose and smiling pink lips. Jo is pretty, but definitely not the most beautiful of the sisters. Though she could be very attractive, she does not spend much time on her appearance and, therefore, rarely looks her best. Cleaned up, she looks something like her avatar. Otherwise, her hair is often in a mess and she almost never wears any makeup or takes much care as to how she looks. She has a very fair skin tone, likely due to her rarely being outside. She prefers the library to the outdoors, but is eager to travel in order to learn more about... everything. She is rather weak and nonathletic when it comes to muscle; she has little coordination. What muscle Jogyenna has likely comes from her carrying about heavy books and climbing up and down ladders to reach the high shelves of the library.


Jogyenna is definitely a realist, relying on facts and evidence to determine her mood. Though she would like to be more happy and optimistic, Jo can't help but realize that, in some cases, probability is simply not in her favor. Although she might be very compassionate and loving, Jo has a tendency to let the thoughts in her head overrule the emotions of her heart. This can be a positive aspect, allowing her to be level-headed and calm and to make good choices, even under pressure. On the other hand, though, it prevents her from forming deep bonds with anyone, really. Jo finds her friendship and comfort in knowledge. She would rather spend her time reading a book on the history of C'elladore or on the Scientific Method than think about boys, even at her age. If you have a question that Jo cannot answer, it is likely that nobody around could answer the question either. Her immense brainpower is only aided by a magnificent photographic memory, allowing her to recall the slightest details from anything she's read at almost a moment's notice. Jo willingly and gleefully soaks up new information like a sponge.
Jogyenna's decisions are more likely to be based off of morals and themes she has learned from books, rather than from personal experience. In all honesty, she is not one to have many experiences outside of the library. Jo is the opposite of spontaneous. Her actions would be almost predictable to anyone as well-read as she. For instance, if she were to see two roads in the middle of Widdor Wood, she would take the advice of Robert Frost quite literally, and take the road less traveled by, without a second thought. (Yes, I realize that Robert Frost poetry is an anachronism. Sorry.)
She does not talk much to anyone, preferring to delve into literature rather than carry on conversations with her sister. She only really opens up to Raggard, who has read many of the books she has. It cannot be said, however unfeeling she may seem, that Jogyenna is incapable of love. She has had her fair share of crushes, though she would never think to act upon them. She is much too nervous in social situations, unless the topic of conversation is something she's read about. Instead, she imagines fairy-tale happy endings for herself and her sisters. If she ever puts down her books, Jo would very much like to become a writer, and create her own works.
She is often described (resentfully, I might add) as a know-it-all. Jo does not mean to be condescending when she offers up her knowledge, but as it is something she just... knows, it often comes off as "I'm-smarter-than-you," when that's not at all her intention.


Jogyenna's most important asset is her brain. It is a supreme store of information that can be recalled to help out in the toughest of situations.
Jo also always carries with her a book-bag, filled with her latest reads. Her current favorite is "The C'elladore Code: Deciphering Ancient Languages." That's right, she's teaching herself everything that is known about Native C'elladoran. If there were such a thing in her time, Jo would have won a Nobel Prize in everything by the time she was 12.
Jo prefers outsmarting opponents to fighting them. She will sooner confuse an enemy into a trap than pull out a sword and force them to their knees, especially since she has not the strength or skill necessary to wield a weapon. Jo is more likely to be behind the scenes, planning the strategy for attack and defense rather than carrying out the battle.
Jo always carries with her a little pawn from some old chess game. Before her mother left, Princess Jogyenna and Queen Brienna would often play chess together. The pawn is Jo's keepsake, something to remember her beloved mother by.


Princess Jogyenna was born on July 15, 997. She learned to read before she learned to talk.

She has read about C'elladoran and Yonadoran history, the geography, biology, and science of the region, mathematics, economics, and language. She knows C'elladoran, English, Latin, and a significant amount of Native C'elladoran. She has also read various works of fiction, ranging from fantasy and romance to tragedy and satire.

It is rumored that she has a crush on one of the servants in the kitchen, but this has been neither confirmed nor denied by Jogyenna herself.

More history will be revealed as the roleplay progresses.

So begins...

Jogyenna's Story