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Oliver Bannel

Real name Oliver Corron. Otherwise known as "Sir Oliver the Great". C'elladore's most prominent knight.

0 · 183 views · located in The Kingdom of C'elladore and surroundings

a character in “Hard of Heiring”, as played by Cypher


Name: Oliver Bannel Corron
Nickname: Oliver, Knight Captain Corron, "Sir"
Role: Knight Captain of The Realm of C'elladore's Illustrious Order of Knights (aka The Order of Knights, or just Knights)


Oliver stands at at five feet, nine inches - rather short by knightly standards; but then again, no-one has ever bothered to question The Greatest Knight In The Realm about his somewhat diminutive stature. For some reason, the public image of a great knight always demands that he stand at over six feet tall... Oh well. He weighs in (armor off, that is) at around 180 pounds, his weight being so high due to the skewed body mass index - he is greater than ninety percent lean weight, and it shows. Oliver's short form almost ripples with heavy muscle; although he isn't as big as Neema's bodyguard Tain, he still isn't someone you would want to mess with. His skin is fair, and his hair is entirely white, which is a result of a genetic fluke - he isn't a day over 23, but his hair makes him look much older.

When he isn't in his full armor, Oliver dresses simply - an off-white cotton tunic adorns his upper torso, and he usually wears brown trousers and hunting boots. In full armor, you can see what he looks like above.

Fun Facts:
- Oliver has never been drunk before. He believes that inebriation is strictly against the Code, and takes severe measures against those members of "his" Order that appear drunk on duty.
- He has a slight Napoleon complex, which perhaps led him to train so hard to become a Knight, and eventually the Knight-Captain-in-training.
-- Some of the members of the Castle Guard (never a member of the Order) refer to him as "Sir Oliver the Tiny" due to his height, but never to his face. The last time that happened, Oliver hand-built a rack and strapped the guard who called him "Sir Oliver the Tiny" into it for a day and a half.

Theme Song:
"Heart of Courage" - Two Steps from Hell


Oliver is a true knight through and through. His conduct is always stiff and regulated, in observance to the code of chivalry. He doesn't drink, he doesn't womanize, and every action he performs seems to be connected to the royal court in one way or another. When he speaks, his voice shows every sign of having been cultivated from years of speech classes, his every movement appearing rehearsed and calculated. He is always courteous and gentlemanly, and even when angry keeps his tone level and even.

That said, when he is goaded into a fight, he becomes something completely different. He goes totally silent and his eyes seem to turn into steely daggers, piercing deep into the soul of his opponent. It becomes apparent that walking and speaking aren't the only thing he's trained to do well. Oliver has all of the disciplines of a master swordsman, and isn't afraid to show that in combat.


Besides his armor and clothing, Oliver carries two primary weapons. First off, he uses a large two handed sword used for breaking enemy blades. It is primarily used from horseback, but in a ground fight it is fairly useful. It is extremely heavy and balanced such that only Oliver - used to its unique weighting and feel- can wield it properly. His other weapon is a much less ornate and personalised steel shortsword - this is his up close weapon, used when the long reach of the two-handed sword is rendered useless.

Other than that, when travelling, he always carries a satchel loaded down with the essentials - rations, parchment, ink, quills, a change of clothes, et cetera.


Sir Oliver is the greatest knight in the realm of C'elladore, barring possibly any of his forebearers. His father was the previous Knight Captain of C'elladore, having died an unfortunate (but nonetheless glourious) death at the hands of C'elladore's enemies.

This unfortunate death started the grooming of Oliver into the next Knight Captain of C'elladore, which he took to almost completely naturally. Although by no means initially meant to be a knight (Oliver once claimed to want to be a scribe), Oliver's natural affinity for learning quickly shined through and, bit by bit, he picked up the lessons he required. Over time, he went to battle and honed his skills there, proving his bravery and skill with the sword in the fires of combat. He has yet to fill the shoes of his late father, but that is of little trouble to Oliver, despite his long and decorated military career. As long as he is able to be of service to his king, he is satisfied.

So begins...

Oliver Bannel's Story