Sayf Smithson

"There's gotta be an answer...somewhere."

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a character in “Hard of Heiring”, as played by Ziddie


Well-muscled, tall and with caloused hands, Sayf is the perfect image of a well-seasoned smith. His dark hair matches the color of the forge naturally but his constantly sad gray eyes are usually his most-loved feature. He never wastes time with being lazy so his body is that of a grand protector. Strong, but not the fastest runner.



Talented in smithing all types of metals, Sayf could be called upon for fixing of making anything. But don't take his creativity as a stopper for his muscle. He loves to tinker but he's a strong boy and an expert sword fighter. Naturally, he's gentle, smart and a bit arrogant. The brunette is a terrible singer but he loves to join in with music. He finds it easy to talk to children because they're innocent and harder to read. However, he tends to over-think things and go into natural philosophies that sound insane to anyone older than twelve. Sayf has the imagination of a child but the maturity of an adult.


A common broad sword, a claymore and a short dagger-like gladius


Born amongst smiths and planning to die amongst smiths after taking a wife, Sayf is surprised when offered the chance to protect the twelve princesses. Of course, glad for the adventure he takes it.

Sayf's life was never an easy one--his mother, a seer that lived in Widdor Wood, had died in childbirth and his father blames him for it, believing that not crediting his smithing talent is an accurate punishment. He also learned swordfighting from a Yonadoran knight named Vidar--unfortunately, Vidar was killed by the young Alex Black when Sayf was thirteen, one year younger than the assassin.

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Sayf Smithson's Story