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Hard of Heiring

The Kingdom of C'elladore and surroundings


a part of Hard of Heiring, by tylisasweet.


tylisasweet holds sovereignty over The Kingdom of C'elladore and surroundings, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The Kingdom of C'elladore and surroundings is a part of Hard of Heiring.

4 Places in The Kingdom of C'elladore and surroundings:

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Oliver Bannel [0] Real name Oliver Corron. Otherwise known as "Sir Oliver the Great". C'elladore's most prominent knight.
Beryl Giabel. [0] Hit me again and I'll bite your hand off.
Hokona [0] The most incompetent and lazy of the princesses, Hokona's only talent is her singing.
Phillip [0] "I'm just a stable boy, and you want me to travel with you?"
Sayf Smithson [0] "There's gotta be an answer...somewhere."
Princess Neema [0] The most innocent and humane of all the princesses at five years old.
"Cat" [0] My character is so secretive, and so under any radar, he makes myths look like math.

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#, as written by Irish
Orwaith was playing his mandolin. He strummed quietly in the small copse and watched as Chira and her company arrived at the gate. He could spot the silver-haired woman's posture and gait from a mile off, even disguised as she was. He then observed the rest of the party carefully. He was interested now. He knew of the princesses of C'elladore and had seen paintings of them, even snuck into the grounds having followed Chira home and then using the same method to sneak in again and watch her and her sisters about the castle parks. But then of course, he would keep that to himself. Ripe pickings in that castle. Orwaith reckoned he'd sold Chira a few of her own posessions several times.

The man sighed and strapped his mandolin to his back.

"Bollocks to this then. Let's get a move on."

He patted his horse's neck and walked it towards the group on the road. As he approached them he raised a hand in greeting, his business smile playing over his lips. He appeared the honest shop-keeper. An honest working-man. He bowed to Chira, taking her hand and planting a kiss on the back of it. A gentleman. He gave her a subtle wink and smirk as he raised his head.

"Princess. I do hope I've not kept you waiting long. A little argument with a guardsman had me waiting outside for fear of reprimand. Now that I can see we're all here, perhaps it's best we make our way onwards. The road leads straight to the bridge. No need to dally then. Perhaps you'd like to ride up front with me. There's something I'd like to discuss with you. Privately."

His words were honey-laced, and steel-edged. He turned and gracefully mounted his horse, spurring it forward along the road, its hooves clopping on the flagstones. Behind him he could just make out the faint cry of an irate guardsman.

"What the 'ell 'appened to my 'orse!? If I ever get my 'ands on that bastard 'ore's-son I'll skin 'im alive with a bloody spoon!"

Orwaith's lips curled up into his un-mistakable smirking grin. He was enjoying this little trip already.