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Sakura Minami

Recently Orphaned Girl About To Be Raped...

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a character in “Hard Times Come”, as played by jung567


A rather happy-go-lucky young girl around the age of thirteen. She has rather short hair compared to other girls of her age and wears a ribbon to tie the back of her black hair. Her hair doesn't cover her forehead and flows down to the sides of her face as normal-sized bangs. She has normal brown eyes for her pupils and a somewhat pale complexion on her skin as a result of being a farmer's daughter. Her body build is somewhat normal and has some curves... Yet she doesn't have a bust size yet as a result of not growing her breasts yet... She wears a normal set of blue jinbei.

Age: 13
Race: Human
Occupation: Farmer's daughter
Skills: Farming and sewing, (soon expert swordsmanship)
Weaknesses: Insects, Naivety of the world, stubborn, and embarrassed of her flat chest. ... hapter.jpg


She's rather very strong willed and has a very large sense of justice. One could say she has a heart of an angel, but this can lead to her downfall as people can exploit her goodness in this country of anarchy. Sakura is rather a stubborn girl in several instances. It would be very difficult to sway her as a result of her stubbornness. However, when the situation calls for it, she'll change her stance to do what is right despite she doesn't like it. Besides that, she is pretty much known to be quite feisty when someone pisses her off. In any case, Sakura also bewails at the fact her breasts hasn't even started to grow and even prays for the day they start growing...


Bokuto (will get after meeting Saito, Misaki, and Mamimi) and Sewing materials


She was born to a farmer's family as the only child and lived a normal farmer's daughter life. Sakura was known to be quite a hard worker in the family and was quite loved. There's nothing really much to say for her history until a group of bandits came in to the farm and killed her parents for food. She saw her mother kill herself before being raped in front of her eyes by the bandits. Now it would be her turn, until the group (Saito, Misaki, and Mamimi) comes in to help her...

So begins...

Sakura Minami's Story


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#, as written by jung567
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