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Sengoku Saito

A wandering samurai

0 · 373 views · located in Japan

a character in “Hard Times Come”, as played by jung567


A young samurai at the age of 24. Saito has his hair tied up in a topknot with his hair spraying out like some sort of misshapen leaf. His face has very confident eyes that shows that Saito knows what he is doing. His face is also masculine and angled with an arrogant light on it. People has mistaken him for a very arrogant young man. Saito wears a set of hakama with a haori over them. The top part of the hakama is white with barely any blemish. While the bottom part of the hakama is dark blue with the shade as dark as indigo. His haori is black at the shoulders and has a wavy flame-like design at the bottom. His body has well-toned muscles underneath his clothes as a result of long and hard training. It is a tad above a boxer's build.


Guy at left


Saito is confident like his outside appearance. People have ridiculed him many times as being very arrogant. However, he is very realistic of his own limits despite what people say. He is more of a down-to-earth type of guy. Every situation is dealt with his realistic point of view. Despite that, he also has a heart to help people whenever they need it, which irritates him a little bit. On the outside, he believes people are under the rules of the strong. Yet, in the inside, he believes that people should live in peace without violence and be together as equal human beings. Which brings the existence of not wanting to kill. It leaves a bad taste in his mouth.

Alignment: Neutral, but a little leaning to good.


He uses a katana and wakizashi, a daisho set. Along with a suburito to deal with small fry.

Skills: Tenshin Muto Ryu (Heavenly No Sword School)

Strengths: Resolution, Master swordsmanship, Great control of own body

Weaknesses: Arm strength is low which depends more on body control for strength instead, Tends to help those who seem to be in need for help, Food


Saito lived in his dojo for almost the rest of his childhood. He was taught Tenshin Muto Ryu at a young age. Ever since he was nine, he took on dojo challengers who believed they could take on his seventy year old master and his fourteen year old daughter at the time. During that time the other practitioners were around the country to go on a warrior's journey as part of their style's curriculum. Every challenger left in disgrace as they each lost against Saito. However, they did not let their loss known... So their dojo was not very well known for a long time... Saito was later took part in a martial arts tournament at the age of 14. He was able to take down three martial art schools with differing styles through quick ambushes and using the environment against his enemies. The rule was that if the leader that representatives of each school was killed, then that school has lost. This made Saito and his other fellow dojo mates advance the tournament. Later, war broke out and Saito and his dojo mates were forced to enlist. Once the war was over, Saito and a fellow dojo mate were the only ones to survive. To this day, Saito decided to wander around the country alone after mastering the final secrets of his style with that dojo mate. His fellow dojo mate is currently the head of the school and is teaching more students to this day as well...

So begins...

Sengoku Saito's Story


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#, as written by jung567
So... We starting after we get more people? :o