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Draco Malfoy

"Draco Malfoy, the villain that survived"

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a character in “Harry Potter and the Branded Snake”, as played by Ivisbo




Name; Draco Lucius Malfoy
Birthdate; June 5th
Age; Twenty years old
Height; 5'9"
Weight; 150 pounds
Sexuality; Closeted Homosexual
Relationship; Harry Potter
Hogwarts House; Slytherin
Wand; Hawthorn wood & unicorn hair, 10 in.
Patronus; None
Boggart; Himself as the Grim Reaper


Before the war, Draco was a very different person.

But before the war, the entire Wizarding world was an entirely different place, so you can blame him for changing so drastically.
Draco had spent his entire life following his fathers guidance. Lucius kept a tight reign on his son, only teaching him his own moral principles, which therefor allowed him to shape Draco's words and thoughts into replicas of his own. It was only natural that Draco would mimic the older Malfoy- he had been raised to think Lucius as his hero and sole role model. Maybe this is why- after Lucius was sent to Azkaban for the second time- Draco felt so lost.

Lucius was the kind of father that inserted himself in all categories of Draco's life. So now that he was permanently removed, Draco now had to make his own decisions about everything. And his first choice was to distance himself from everyone, hiding himself away from the anger of the wizarding world and the clutches he feared his mother might still have on him. She was always much kinder then Lucius, but he was determined to remove himself from the tarnish of the Malfoy name. Create a new title for himself- possible begin living in a world were he is Draco over Malfoy.
Of course, secluding yourself in a small apartment and drinking copious amounts of alcohol really does nothing to change your persona- it only furthered the title of Coward on his name.

Hiding himself from the public and rejecting all form of human contact changed Draco from his normal agitated, adrenaline filled, outwardly vocal self into a more reserved and internal simmering fire. He still had the same Malfoy rage, but instead of screaming about it for the whole world to hear, he now keeps his own thoughts to himself. The old Draco was always surrounded by at least one goon, the new Draco prefers to traverse the halls by himself over the senseless babble of his old cronies. Because of Draco's ever present fear of what others are thinking about him, he is constantly aware of other people in the room and every slight glance in his direction. You might call it paranoia, though its well founded as people are usually glancing his direction when he entered a room. And above all else, the biggest change in Draco's personality is his loneliness. Though he chooses to walk alone, eat alone, study alone, and live alone, Draco does not really want all this. He misses the Slytherin common room and the camaraderie of the Quidditch team. He doesn't specifically miss Crabbe and Goyle, he does miss having friends to surround himself with.

But for now, Draco has resigned himself to the bed he made. Aligning himself with his father and Voldemort was a choice he made, so he had to live through the repercussions.


It didn't take long for the Ministry to hunt down the Malfoy's after the dust settled at the end of the Battle of Hogwarts. Lucius was put on trial, but everyone knew that he was going straight to Azkaban for life. To be honest, Draco assumed all of his family were doomed to a fate within those wailing walls- he would never in 100 years have imagined that Harry Potter would stand up for the Malfoy family. Somehow his arch-rival and enemy was able to reduce his mothers sentence and give him a pardon. Draco had already resigned himself to his fate- he honestly had no idea how he was to rejoin the Wizarding world after everything- but there Potter went, sticking his nose in where it doesn't belong and saving the day once again.

Yes, Draco hated him for it.

And Yes, he did thank the daft fool...

Draco returned to a boarded up Malfoy Manor. Sometime during the duration of the trails word had spread that the Malfoy residence had housed the Dark Lord and his accomplices during the duration of the war. Draco returned to his home only to see it in shambles- almost as if the manor had been the location for the battle and not Hogwarts. It looked as if a few dozen wizards had decided to decorate with fire, bricks, spray paint (he wished the twats had at least used something magical, but the markings looked horribly like something a muggle would write), and hundreds and hundreds of Howlers. So many Howlers- in fact- that they cascaded out the front door upon Draco opening it and attacked him, screaming in so many different voices that Draco couldn't make out a word.

He understood the message though.

Draco had no wish to stay in that home, even without the howlers and the destruction, Malfoy Manor had become a bad memory for him, and if he ever hoped to regain any position within the wizarding community he had to let go of his previous life. So Draco moved and found a little flat in ___. He kept himself disguised when he went out of his apartment, but for the most part he didn't leave the safety of its walls. Though the wizarding world was rejoicing over Voldemorts death, they were also still healing from the wounds he inflicted. As the only Death Eater to be pardoned and allowed to rejoin society, Draco mostly feared that they would do to him what had been done to his child hood home.

He stayed hidden for a little over two years. Mostly keeping to himself, Malfoy spent his time with a few bottles of liquor, his books, and a head full of angst. He assumed his mother had been released early, thanks to Potters doing, but he had not bothered to check. Frankly, he was enjoying his solitude. He knew that the world was in no way ready to accept him back and frankly he did not expect to be. Often he drunkly swore at Potter for pardoning him and letting him stew in this purgatory of a life, but he knew that it was better he had not ended up in Azkaban.

When his letter arrived, Draco was sure he had lost it. Sure, he drank, but hallucinating Minerva McGonagall inviting him to rejoin Hogwarts to complete his final year? Honestly, he ignored the damn thing for a few days. Itchingly he would go back and read it, then angrily crumble the thing across the room. Really, what was he doing with himself here, in this hovel of an apartment? He knew if his father could see him now he would-

It was exactly that train of thought that had Draco packing up his belongings the next day. As much as he despised his father for what he turned his family into, he would not allow himself to turn into a bitter snake like him. Yes, Draco had been compared to Lucius on more then one occasion, but he no longer wanted to become his father. If McGonagall was willing to have him, Malfoy would use this chance to maybe create a better name for himself and step out from under his fathers shadow.

So begins...

Draco Malfoy's Story