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Antony Fletcher

"Really? That's absolutely fantastic! Tell me more!"

0 · 273 views · located in Hogwarts: School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

a character in “Harry Potter Next Generation”, as played by Sneakyrio




Full Name: Antony Fletcher

Face Claim: Alex Pettyfer

Age: 11

Gender: Male

Personality: Antony generally displays a light-hearted, talkative, easy-going, witty and cheeky manner. He treats everyone he meets the same until given a reason not to. He generally loves to spew information at people just so that they can know as well. He is a bit eccentric, finding anything out of the norm (even wizard norm) to be exceedingly interesting. He is also able to rapidly switch between moods, from mania to anger to nonchalance and uses this as a form of reverse psychology on several occasions. Unlike most from his house, he loves being wrong. If he is wrong, that means he has learned something new and will never be wrong about that again. He is incredibly curious and likes to experience things first hand.

Antony was told by his family that he was a toss up between Ravenclaw or Gryffindor. For he seems to be fearless, seeing danger as “hands on” education or a field test for his spells. He refuses to give up in any situation or endeavor and refuses to let his friends give up either. He has very good control over his emotions. When angered, depending on the situation, he will either become exceedingly snarky or will simply walk away agreeing with whatever insults are flung his way. Even though he acts rather humble, he really loves to be adored, often saying information to get reactions out of people and also shows off to impress people. He keeps this in check though, no one would call Antony arrogant.

House[b]: Ravenclaw

[b]Hair Colour
: Blonde

Eye Colour: Green

Quirks: Tends to spin his wand on his middle finger like a six shooter due to it’s curved shaft. He also has a hip holster for his wand that belonged to his dad that he often practices quick draws with while bored. He also has a tick that if he talks too fast or too long his left eye will squint and the left side of his mouth scrunch and he'll cock his head to the left and twitch for a few seconds. This is thought to be a side effect from the Cruciatus Curse.

Appearance Description: Antony is in excellent physical condition for his age, due to constantly helping her mother her Quidditch training. She always believed in a healthy mind and body, and Antony is a good representation of that. His hair is in the middle of short and medium length. His bangs are usually in a form of messy spikes. The sides of his hair half-way cover his ears and the back of his hair goes half-way down his neck. His skin is lightly tanned due to all the time he has spent outside. His eyes are a deep green that have a sort of genuineness to them. As if even if he disagrees with you, he will be honest about it. He is 5'7" which is a little tall for his age and is 128lbs. He has matching scars along and around his shoulder blades from the stone floor he was being tortured on. The constant vibrations and thrashing caused his shoulder blades to be cut up rather badly.

Quotes: “Fantastic!”, “Geronimo!”

Death Eater or the Order of the Phoenix: Order of the Phoenix

Favorite Food: Shepard's Pie

-Wand Lore
-New Experiences

-Ignorant People
-People who hate school
-Death Eaters
-When people give up too easily
-People who judge him by his House

Wand: 14 ½ inches, Hornbeam, Thestral tail hair, quite rigid

Parents: Artemis Fletcher & Morgan Fletcher

Favorite Class: Defense Against the Dark Arts/ Transfiguration

History: Antony comes from a full wizarding family and spent most of his life in Cardiff, Wales. His mothers side had mostly been in Slytherin and his fathers side had mostly been in Gryffindor. His mother, Morgan, was one of the Chasers on the Cardiff team in the British Quidditch League. He was always very proud to say she was his mother. She wasn’t famous like the players on national teams, but she did pretty good for her family.

His father, Artemis, made a name for himself as a professional duelist. He had won numerous competitions and was renowned for his skill and actually was quite famous among the dueling crowd. Antony would always go to his dads matches and cheer him on. He wanted to be a duelist just like him.

Unfortunately, the spring before his first year of Hogwarts was to begin, Death Eaters came knocking on their door. They were there to recruit his mother, for her sister and brother were apart of their ranks. She refused, the Death Eaters then delivered a warning to her that if she didn’t join them, bad things would happen. She still refused, saying that their time was over and that they were too weak to accomplish anything.

The Death Eaters were true to their word. During one of her matches, the Death Eaters grabbed him and his father and took them away to one of their safe houses. They both were put under the Cruciatus Curse. They mainly tortured his father, but they definitely gave Antony a few rounds of torture. This was all so they could send his mother a memory of them being tortured to be viewed in a pensive so she would join them. After about an hour of torture, while the Death Eaters were distracted with torturing Antony, his father managed to take one of their wands and disarm most. Unfortunately, he could not get them all and they killed him right in front of Antony.

Fortunately for Antony, a team of Aurors raided their safe house and chased them off. They asked Antony if he could identify any of them, but they were all masked. He could identify one by her voice, his aunt Dahlia Grimoire. Recognizing a voice wasn’t enough for conviction so they couldn’t bring her in. Witnessing the death of his father didn’t seemed to change Antony at all, and his mother was happy for it. Though, the core of his wand is Thestral tail hair. Only people who have witnessed death and are willing to face it can be accepted by it. Meaning that his fathers death has affected him more than he lets on.

So begins...

Antony Fletcher's Story

Fred packed his clothes. "Father,i need your trick kit " as he smiled. "First year at hogwarts and im already starting to look more and more like my father. "If only ". He pulled out his chocolate frog pack and opened it trying to catch it.
He chewed around on the bits and ate it noticing he had gotten a harry potter card. " I've got six of those " as he was leaving his father walked up to him." Fred, you are just about to leave and since this will be our last moment until Christmas ".His father reached out and gave him his pack of tricks. " You remind me alot of your uncle ". They both left as they got to platform nine and three quarters. "Alright son we are gonna do this together ". As fred smiled they both went through the wall . They
then they walked around as children everywhere were getting on the train saying their goodbye's as Fred looked at his father." What if i can't be sorted into Gryffindor,what if im sorted in slytherin or hufflepuff " he frowned as his father smiled at him." Listen Fred you are a weasley, It's a family House , And if slytherin or ravenclaw Get you well they will be in luck ". Fred smiled as he slowly got on the train." Bye father". Fred put his Things up and fed his owl a treat.
He went into a room with five other kids and sat down smiling at his father. The train started off as Fred placed a smile on his face. He pulled out a small packet called " Boomers Boom ". He opened the packet as a small little firework came out flying everywhere. He whispered maybe i won't get in slytherin ". He looked at everyone and smiled. "Hey im Fred, you may know my dad's store on diagon Alley ". He sat on the end as a woman came by." Want anything from the trolley dears". Fred pulled out two gallons and got a chocolate frog." "Thanks" he sat back down.

A boy stood on the top of a grassy hill, the sun rising behind him. His hand hovering over a holster, fingers twitching. He licked his lips in anticipation. An Elf stood next to him in a black suit with a white tie. He held a whistle in his hands. All was silent and still for several moments. Then, the elf blew the whistle and the boy spun around, drawing his wand with a spin and aimed it at a can. "Flipendo!" The wand emitted a blue light and the can shot into the sky and into the woods below. The elf clapped wildly, yet still holding a dignified posture. "Splendid! Absolutely splendid Antony! You'll be a first rate duelist yet." The elf claimed in an officious tone. Antony smiled and looked down at the elf. "Thanks Isambard. Ever since I received my wand, Ive been practicing every spell I could find like a mad man. I feel like I should have a basic practice of magic before receiving a proper education in it." The boy stated to his best friend. The elf chuckled to himself. "You are so much like your mother, always wanting an edge against the competition." The elf stated as they made their way back to the run down abandoned cottage. Antony and his mother had been staying there as a part of an Auror protection program. The house was actually quite nice but it was charmed to look abandoned.

Anontyu looked down at his little friend disapprovingly. "I just want a better foot hold for the remainder of my academic future, Izzy, not an edge. And I don't see my fellow students as 'competition' as you so indelicately put it." Isambard looked up at Antony with a sly smile. "As you say, Antony. Now you need to hurry up or we'll be late." Antony smiled and nodded and rushed into the house. He threw on khaki slacks with a grey shirt with a blue zip up hoodie. He then raced to his mothers room and banged on the door. "Come one, mum, we're going to be late!" He put his ear to the door but heard no answer. He opened the door. "Mum?" The bed was nicely made and everything about the room was tidy. He walked back downstairs dragging his trunk behind him, where he saw Izzy wearing a sympathetic expression. "She's not here, is she?" Izzy walked over to Antony and held his hand tight. "I am so sorry, Antony. She wanted to be here, but the Auror's still need her help in their investigation." Antony held his head low for a then popped right back up. "Aw, it's alright. I'm not going to let anything get me down today! I'm going to Hogwarts! Come on Izzy, let's go!" Th elf smiled. "Now that's the spirit!" Isambard was a Rail Elf. He served as chief steward on his Grandfathers Railway company on his finest train. His mother freed him when she was pregnant with him. Izzy had helped raise him and was practically a big brother to him.

Antony, trunk in hand, grabbed onto Izzy's hand on top of the hill. Then, a moment later, they were gone. They suddenly reappeared on Platform 9 3/4. Antony fell forward breathing heavily. " get that." Izzy patted him on the pack lovingly. "Come on, let's go." They walked through the station, Antony's eyes bulging. The crimson wonder that was the Hogwarts Express was even more beautiful than he could imagine. Antony handed his trunk to an attendant and it was time to say goodbye. Antony got on his knees and hugged Isambard harder than he ever had. Izzy returned the hug. "I'll miss you and mum. Tell mum to write to me when she can, and I'll do the same. Come visit me some time too, i know you can apparate inside of Hogwarts." Izzy smiled a very warm, knowing smile. "I'll visit when I can. And your mother would write every day if she could. Now, go on. We can't deny the world it's most brilliant wizard any longer. I love you Antony." Antony released the hug and smiled. "I love you too, Izzy. Bye!" With that, Antony jumped inside the train.

He maneuvered past the larger students and tried to find a section with first years in it. He came across a few empty rooms, but wanted social interaction. He then came across two rooms. One with two girls in it, the other with one boy. He couldn't decide which one to go into. So he, started to spin in place with his eyes shut. After a bit he stopped and stumbled in a direction. He looked over and saw it was the girls room. He opened the door and had a very warm smile on. "Hey, you guys don't mind if I sit in with you, right?" He came in and sat down next to the girl with the longer blonde hair. "I'm Antony, Antony Fletcher. It's a pleasure to meet you both."

"HAve fun dear," Ginny hugged her youngest daughter tightly and gave her a warm smile. Harry ruffled her long ginger hair fondly and she gave them both a reluctant smile. Actually, she just wanted to get on to the train. Her two older siblings were already on it but her parents had kept her behind for a few extra words of encouragement that she felt that she didn't need.

"Remember, Alana, that even if you don't get into Gryffendor, we'll still love you." Harry said quietly and she rolled her big green eyes.

"I'm getting into Gryffendor." She said firmly and pulled out of her parent's embraces. It was annoying and embarressing. "Stop worrying."

"Try finding cousin Fred." Ginny said. "He's in his first year too."

"I know that. we've discussed this already." Alana grumbled and boarded the train without another glance back, though she could hear them call their farewells. As soon as she was in, she grinned at the enourmous bustle of people. She was thrilled that she was finally free! To finally be in Hogwarts, where she had heard so many people talking about. Grabbing her bag that contained her sketchbook, mp3 player and a small bag of sickles and galleons, she walked into the compartment a few people that looked her age. Two blondes and a boy. Taking a breath she took a seat across from the blonde and guy, and smiled.

"Hi, I'm Alana Potter. It's nice to meet you"

Screw Cousin Freddy. How the heck was she going to find him in all the compartments?

Fred held out his hand and greeted everyone while the train started to leave. He kept his harry
potter card in his pocket and looked as his father started to leave. He sat next to the Brunette and greeted her
" hey, im fred ".

Lisbeth listened patiently as everyone introduced themselves and took note of every name. Fred, Anthony, Alana, Jinx, Laurie, and Charles. She recognized most of the last names as her parents' classmates, especially Alana's. She didn't feel the need to mention or inquire about any of their parents, knowing that most of them would hear enough about their parents from teachers and other students. When it seemed like the girl who had originally been in the cart wasn't in a hurry to introduce herself, she decided it was her turn to state he name.

"I'm Lisbeth Scamander." She spoke in a soft, happy, and slightly distant voice. "With a compartment this packed, we're bond to become good friends." She smiled dreamily and glanced out the window. The train would leave in a few minutes and her mother and father were still socializing with the Potters, Weasleys, and other old friends. She swung her feet back and worth a bit and turned back to the group. Not having much more to say, she simply tucked her wand behind her ear and examined the other kids with slightly wide eyes for a moment. Once she was done checking out her classmates, she pulled a copy of the Quibbler from her bag and carefully began reading it from the first page. She smiled at an article about her mother and another creature that she had proved to real. She had been told the story at least twenty times over dinner, but loved the way it looked in print. Lisbeth glanced out the window quickly again, feeling a small bit of sadness that she wouldn't be seeing her parents until the next holiday. Luckily, she wouldn't let something like homesickness bring her mood down and her expression didn't change at all as she went back to reading.

"Lisbeth? That's a pretty name," Alana smiled at the pretty blond. "Hey Freddie," She waved cheerfully to her cousin and grinned at the others.
"So who wants to be in what house?" The Potter frowned slightly, making her forehead crease. "You know... I've always been told about Gryffindor.. but I'm not sure I really want to be in that one. Frankly, I don't think that bravery is my best feature though I am pretty brave. I just don't think it's that important. I'll just have to wait and see what the sorting hat puts me in," She grinned again.
"What if I was put in Slytherin?" The red head giggled quietly. "My dad would probably faint."

" I know that's right, if im sorted into slytherin my father would pass out wake up and pass out again ". Fred giggled. " Most slytherins do become great at things but im really into Gryffindor or Ravenclaw". And quidditch i can't wait to be Lead Chaser. Fred got out his wand and Said. " Do you wanna see a spell guys, i know one that can Make a cool efect. "He flicked his wand and said. " Desperi Confetri ". Then a little spark came out and fell in Fred's hand. " Nice right '".

Interesting... Alana smiled softly to herself. It was very interesting. Jenna Malfoy hmm? Who died and named you God? But she liked it. But she didn't care. IT was her goal to become friends with her. She was going to do everything she could to do things her own way. But Alana hesitated. Would Jenna be one of those purebloods that hated on the muggle borns? That wouldn't do.. She decided to wait and see. She took out her own wand and examined it. How amazing, Ollivander said the core was from the feather of the same pheonix that her father had. IT disgusted her. No matter what she did, people kept lumping her in with her father.

"Hey guys? Could you save my for me? I have to give my brothers and my sister some money for the trip, Mum just gave me the whole bag by accident." Smiling she manuevered herself out the door, humming a short tune to herself.

Antony chuckled to himself slightly when he saw Charles wave his wand in protest to Jenna's prefect brother, Scorpio. He couldn't do anything, The Hogwarts Express was an extension of Hogwarts itself. He could conjure up anything he liked and he couldn't get in trouble. Though, he wasn't one to go looking for it, so he still holstered his wand anyway. No reason to flail it about with no purpose. Jenna and Lisbeth seemed to be getting along rather well, and he laughed a bit when she suggested Scorpio's head was filled with Wrackspurts. He saw Jenna twirling the flower he gave her around, then putting it in one of her books. He was glad that she liked it, he knew it would be a good ice breaker. He would have to thank Izzy for suggesting it to him.......and his dad for teaching it to him. Jenna then apologized a second time for her brother, obviously feeling a little embarrassed. Antony sat back up. "I'm sure your brother isn't all bad and means well........or something like that." Antony said with a smile.

Jenna then sort of asked a string of basic questions for the entire cart to answer at their leisure. Being himself, Antony decided to pipe up and be one of the first to answer. "My mom, Morgan Fletcher, is the Special Move Chaser for the Holyhead Harpies. My father, Artemis no longer with us. But, he was a rather famous professional duelist. I'm very proud to say I'm their son." He said with a smile, a single tear forming in his eye, but it disappeared before it fell. "I was raised my whole life in Cardiff, so if you couldn't tell by my accent, I'm Welsh. I also live with a Rail Elf named Isambard. He sort of my oldest and best friend. I'm an only child, which I'm sort of sad about. Though, Ive always seen Isambard as an older brother." He then stopped and thought for a moment about the next question. "I'd have to say I am most excited for Defense Against the Dark Arts. Though, my real passion would be Dueling and the Study of Wand Lore, but I won't be able to get electives until my third year. Pretty much holding out until then." Antony said in a pleasant tone with a warm smile on his face. He then looked towards Jenna. "What about you, Jenna?" Antony asked for her to answer whenever she felt comfortable to.

Alana listened to Antony answer. Morgan Fletcher?

"Wow, Your mom is Morgan Fletcher?" Alana's eyes bugged out in awe. "That's so cool. I've been to see all of her matches. She's so amazing!"
She couldn't help but feel a wave of envy. His mother was so cool. Then she turned to Jenna,

"I'm Alana but you can call me Aly if it's too long for you," The red head smiled warmly. "My parents are Ginevra Potter and Harry Potter, they're both aurors and so I'm usually home alone with my three older siblings, James, Albus, and Lily. They're all kind of stuck up so.." She wrinkled her nose distastefully. "So it's best to just stay away from them, Cause James is a Prefect for Gryffindor and he'll try to make the first years' lives miserable."

"MY main interest is in Charms and Potions. But there are many topics that interest me like Dueling would be so great, my brother says that its really neat. Plus, Care of Magical Creatures seems fascinating," Alana leaned back in her chair, hoping she didn't sound to eager to be friends.