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Jinxabell LaVant

I'll never tell....

0 · 240 views · located in Hogwarts: School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

a character in “Harry Potter Next Generation”, originally authored by Lux_Disraeli, as played by RolePlayGateway


If nature wins over nurture I am in trouble

Full Name:Jinxabell "Jinx" LaVant
Face Claim:Taylor Mormsen
Gender: female
Personality: Jinx is dark and quiet, she comes across and strange and aloof not letting her get to close to people. But if someone gets to know her she opens up and is charming and witty. She is loyal to the end of anyone who gets to know her at all.
Hair Colour:blonde
Eye Colour:blue
Quirks:She twitches bad when anyone says her mothers name and tends to always reach for her wand.
Appearance Description: She wears too much makeup for her age making her look a lot older then she is. She has waist length blonde hair. She is very thin almost sickly skinny.
Quotes:"You dont judge a tree by its roots why do it to me?
Death Eater or the Order of the Phoenix: Order of the Phoenix is where she wants to be, but she fears she will be made to be a death eater because of her mother.
Favorite Food:any type of junk food
●learning new spells
●being with people
●people that think she is just like her parents
●death eaters
Wand:11' willow with a kelpy hair/fairy wing core
Parents: Rabastan Lestrange and Alecto Carrow
Favorite Class Charms
History: Jinx grew up with her who she thought was her father a man named Victor LeVant getting taught how her parents were innocent and it was because of her mothers prison sentence that she went off the deep end and followed the wrong person. Once Jinx was old enough to read the old papers her father kept she learn who she really was and was scared to death she would be anything like her parents, her father found her burning the old new clippings when the letter to come to Hogwarts came. Her father told her she should be in the slithern house like her mother and father instead of the Hufflepuff house like Victor himself. Much to her relief she followed his steps and became a Hufflepuff.

So begins...

Jinxabell LaVant's Story

Fred packed his clothes. "Father,i need your trick kit " as he smiled. "First year at hogwarts and im already starting to look more and more like my father. "If only ". He pulled out his chocolate frog pack and opened it trying to catch it.
He chewed around on the bits and ate it noticing he had gotten a harry potter card. " I've got six of those " as he was leaving his father walked up to him." Fred, you are just about to leave and since this will be our last moment until Christmas ".His father reached out and gave him his pack of tricks. " You remind me alot of your uncle ". They both left as they got to platform nine and three quarters. "Alright son we are gonna do this together ". As fred smiled they both went through the wall . They
then they walked around as children everywhere were getting on the train saying their goodbye's as Fred looked at his father." What if i can't be sorted into Gryffindor,what if im sorted in slytherin or hufflepuff " he frowned as his father smiled at him." Listen Fred you are a weasley, It's a family House , And if slytherin or ravenclaw Get you well they will be in luck ". Fred smiled as he slowly got on the train." Bye father". Fred put his Things up and fed his owl a treat.
He went into a room with five other kids and sat down smiling at his father. The train started off as Fred placed a smile on his face. He pulled out a small packet called " Boomers Boom ". He opened the packet as a small little firework came out flying everywhere. He whispered maybe i won't get in slytherin ". He looked at everyone and smiled. "Hey im Fred, you may know my dad's store on diagon Alley ". He sat on the end as a woman came by." Want anything from the trolley dears". Fred pulled out two gallons and got a chocolate frog." "Thanks" he sat back down.

Jinx rolled out of her bed, well what past for a bed it was more a cot then a bed but it was something off the floor. She flipped open her letter reading it over again. She got up and walked to the cracked mirror hanging on the wall. She quickly braided her hair into two pig tails smirking at her self softly. It has to be better then being here it just has to. She hurried down stairs to the kitchen where "he" sat. She glared at her well who she thought was her father. "I got you something for school today Jinxabell Lestrange." Victor said with a smirk as he slide a green and silver dress robe for her. "Your family will be so proud of you." Jinx looked at him with a dangerous look. "Don't call me that." She spat with as much venom it made her face glow crimson. She hated her temper not wanting to be anything like "them". She stormed up to her room after grabbing breakfast.

Jinx tossed on a black tank top and a yellow off the shoulder sweatshirt. She smiled at herself in the mirror before dragging her trunk to the door. Victor scowled at her choice of school colors. He snapped his mouth shut as they waited for the taxi to take them to the train station. Without getting told how to get threw the portal once she barreled on to the platform hurring on to the train.

She spotted a group of first years in a cart together she straightened her shoulders and walked in sitting next to a girl with bright red hair eyeing the boy and the other two girls in the cart "Hi, I'm Jinxabell LeVant, but you can call be Jinx." She held her breath unsure of how she would be view just waltzing into the cart like she was invited.

Lisbeth listened patiently as everyone introduced themselves and took note of every name. Fred, Anthony, Alana, Jinx, Laurie, and Charles. She recognized most of the last names as her parents' classmates, especially Alana's. She didn't feel the need to mention or inquire about any of their parents, knowing that most of them would hear enough about their parents from teachers and other students. When it seemed like the girl who had originally been in the cart wasn't in a hurry to introduce herself, she decided it was her turn to state he name.

"I'm Lisbeth Scamander." She spoke in a soft, happy, and slightly distant voice. "With a compartment this packed, we're bond to become good friends." She smiled dreamily and glanced out the window. The train would leave in a few minutes and her mother and father were still socializing with the Potters, Weasleys, and other old friends. She swung her feet back and worth a bit and turned back to the group. Not having much more to say, she simply tucked her wand behind her ear and examined the other kids with slightly wide eyes for a moment. Once she was done checking out her classmates, she pulled a copy of the Quibbler from her bag and carefully began reading it from the first page. She smiled at an article about her mother and another creature that she had proved to real. She had been told the story at least twenty times over dinner, but loved the way it looked in print. Lisbeth glanced out the window quickly again, feeling a small bit of sadness that she wouldn't be seeing her parents until the next holiday. Luckily, she wouldn't let something like homesickness bring her mood down and her expression didn't change at all as she went back to reading.

"Lisbeth? That's a pretty name," Alana smiled at the pretty blond. "Hey Freddie," She waved cheerfully to her cousin and grinned at the others.
"So who wants to be in what house?" The Potter frowned slightly, making her forehead crease. "You know... I've always been told about Gryffindor.. but I'm not sure I really want to be in that one. Frankly, I don't think that bravery is my best feature though I am pretty brave. I just don't think it's that important. I'll just have to wait and see what the sorting hat puts me in," She grinned again.
"What if I was put in Slytherin?" The red head giggled quietly. "My dad would probably faint."

" I know that's right, if im sorted into slytherin my father would pass out wake up and pass out again ". Fred giggled. " Most slytherins do become great at things but im really into Gryffindor or Ravenclaw". And quidditch i can't wait to be Lead Chaser. Fred got out his wand and Said. " Do you wanna see a spell guys, i know one that can Make a cool efect. "He flicked his wand and said. " Desperi Confetri ". Then a little spark came out and fell in Fred's hand. " Nice right '".

Interesting... Alana smiled softly to herself. It was very interesting. Jenna Malfoy hmm? Who died and named you God? But she liked it. But she didn't care. IT was her goal to become friends with her. She was going to do everything she could to do things her own way. But Alana hesitated. Would Jenna be one of those purebloods that hated on the muggle borns? That wouldn't do.. She decided to wait and see. She took out her own wand and examined it. How amazing, Ollivander said the core was from the feather of the same pheonix that her father had. IT disgusted her. No matter what she did, people kept lumping her in with her father.

"Hey guys? Could you save my for me? I have to give my brothers and my sister some money for the trip, Mum just gave me the whole bag by accident." Smiling she manuevered herself out the door, humming a short tune to herself.