Roberta 'Bobbi' Marshall

Gryffindor Seventh Year

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a character in “Harry Potter: The Golden years”, as played by WheresWally



Name: Roberta 'Bobbi' Marshall

Age: 18

House: Gryffindor

Wand type: 10', willow, Veela hair

Appearance: Tall and willowy, Bobbi is the archetypal rehead with chalky skin and green eyes.

History: Bobbi's mother was a green-fingered witch who had joined the Women's Land Army during the Great War, and her father was a muggle American soldier who met her in a dance hall whilst on leave;they married a few years after his discharge from the Army. Bobbi was born into a typical post-war household, where everything was scarce. Bobbi first showed signs of magical ability during her toddler temper tantrums, when stuffed animals would explode. Her years at Hogwarts have been fairly usual, thus far; she has been Quidditch captain since her fourth year, and was made Prefect in her fifth.

Strengths: Bobbi is friendly and charming, and finds it easy to make friends. She's always been very athletic; she played a lot of sports at her muggle Primary School and is now a fine Quidditch player and strategist. She's good with animals and is a good student in Care of Magical Creatures.

Weaknesses: Bobbi's not particularly academic - she simply would rather sunbathe than study.

Likes: Parties, animals, relaxing in the grounds on sunny days, weekends, quidditch games.

Dislikes: Boring people, double classes.

Pet: A cat named Boo.

Other: She is a prefect and a Chaser/Captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team.

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