Arabella Narcissa Malfoy


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Arabella Narcissa Malfoy

Age: 18
Race: Human but a Witch
Year 7th year
Bloodline: PureBlood
House: Slytherine
Wand: 8.5 inches, Ash wood with thestral hair
Patronus: Hungarian Horntail Dragon


Arabella, or Bella as she goes by, is a quiet, reserved girl with a brilliant streak a mile wide. She's a genius, a literal genius. Bella can master anything she puts her mind to in a short amount of time. She was making potions of a 7th year level when she was only a 3rd year, and she excels in transfiguration, charms and care of magical creatures. Bella is motivated by her bloodline, as she wants to bring her grandfather, father and brothers pride.

Short Biography:
Bella is extremely shaped by her family. Her grandfather pushed her harder than anyone else, always comparing her to her four older brothers. One of her brothers is very high in the ministry, another is going into muggle work to be a chemist, the third is going into the ministry as well, and her youngest brother, who is three years older than her, is already an accomplished, and quite famous, quidditch player. Bella's parents, siblings, cousins and grandparents force her into many things, including muggle cheer leading and quidditch, both of which she is good at but doesn't like.

Bella wanted to go to Beauxbatons, seeing as how she has an aunt who lives in France, but her family wouldn't hear of it. Her grandmother is a half Veela, which really doesn't effect Bella, but she still likes to tell people about it. When she found out she couldn't go to Beauxbatons, she was crushed. It was Bella's one real dream. Bella wants to live in France after she graduates and work for the French Ministry of Magic.

+ Her eyes
+ Learning
+ Chocolates
+ Running
+ Magical creatures

+ The color pink
+ Rude people
+ People being rude about her great great grandfather
+ "Deatheater" jokes
+ Caramel

Bella is openly bisexual


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