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Charlie Walker

"We're stronger than you think."

0 · 477 views · located in Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry

a character in “Harry Potter: The Mythic Conflict”, as played by OurStars


Charles "Charlie" Walker

"That's a rather odd question."

"Oh, I'm 100% human."

"It mostly corresponds with age, no?"
5th year

"I never expected this to happen, and neither did my parents."

"People tend to knock it, but it's the strongest house."

"It's not particularly good at hexes, but neither am I."
13", Applewood, Fairy Wing Core

"They say Dolphins help people who are in danger."

Charlie has a small brown owl, which he adores quite a lot. Her name is Jane, and she is quite jealous and defensive of him, pecking at anyone who seems to be making him upset in anyway.

Hufflepuff is a rather underestimated house, often picked out by others as being the most bland because of its full-acceptance policy, which calls for it to take in anyone who has a desire to a drive to learn magic. However, the house is, in fact, probably one of the best to be sorted into. After all, Hufflepuff produces the least amount of Dark Wizards, and that's including Gryffindor, and has the friendliest, warmest atmosphere among its own members. It has the least enemies, as well. Hufflepuffs are said to be patient, loyal, hardworking, and fair. Charlie takes on these traits himself, and most know without asking that he is in Hufflepuff, though they may make that judgement based on stereotypes give to his house. But, anyway, the young man doesn't mind entirely too much, though he dislikes slights on his house, thinking that people who mock Hufflepuff just don't understand it. He is fiercely loyal to his house, after all, and will do his best to try and protect it and its members, even if that means stepping out of his normally quite restraining shell. He is not the sort to leave a friend in need, no matter what, and those closest to him admire this trait in the young man. Protecting friends is one of those few things which he is truly determined about, otherwise being a more flexible sort of person. He tries to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, as well, though this may make him seem more naive, and in honesty he is far more trusting than anyone with good sense ought to be. The young man is fair to the point of being easily tricked, because he gives people the benefit of the doubt far too many times, being completely cemented in his belief that people can change if you give them the opportunity to do so. For someone who shies away from people so much, he has quite a lot of love for others, and believes in humanity above any sort of religious institution or belief in something like fate.

Hand in hand with his naivete is a sort of kindness that seems to persist no matter what, even when he has been kicked down and left to rot. He's the kind of guy who, tracing back to his second-chances bit, will be beaten up by a person, and then turn around and offer that same person help when they are in a tough spot. He is so relentlessly sweet that it is infuriating to those who care about him, because they watch him get shot down over and over, watch him go through that pain, only to get back up and try again. He is constantly being manipulated by others because he is terrified that the one time he doesn't give a person the benefit of the doubt will be the time when they really needed it. Because of this overlying fear, he is the sort of person who is constantly sticking his neck out for those who don't give a rat's ass about him, and he does it voluntarily. He just genuinely hates to see others in pain, and doesn't even hesitate before trying to help others. It's not in his nature to allow others to be in pain, and he doesn't mind investing himself in others fully. When he accepts a person, it is immediately and wholeheartedly. He lets his walls down too easily, and therefore seems to constantly be vulnerable. This has been pointed out to him before, but he always just smiles sheepishly and repeats the process all over again.

When it comes down to it, though, Charlie's love for people is somewhat limited by his own introverted nature. He doesn't mean to be so shy or awkward, but he tends to lose his voice whenever he is talking to a stranger or is feeling nervous, and as such makes rather terrible conversation when it comes to introductions and such. Even among close friends, there are times where he wants to say something, but it simply sticks in his throat, leaving him to choke on his words and lose the courage to say them in the first place. Even when he is able to talk, he's never certain what to speak about unless he has an already recognized mutual interest in something with the person. When that happens, he gets overly excited and speaks too quickly, tripping over his own words like a young child trying to explain their most recent obsession. This usually leads to a few apologies and him lapsing back into his traditional silence. Although he doesn't tend to put up walls, this general awkwardness serves as an accidental one, and does help him from getting too easily hurt, though it is double sided in its tendency to make him seem like an easy target for others. He dislikes arguing with others or fighting, only doing so when he finds it to be absolutely necessary, because he is a pacifist and, to be honest, isn't much in petty arguments. When it something that really matters to him, he can become passionate, but otherwise he has the tendency to be a bit of a doormat.

Charlie has always excelled in potions, and the reason for this probably comes from his naturally creative nature, which allows him to come up with alternative ways of making things in a more effective manner. Of course, the most obvious outlet for his creativity is his music, though he tries to avoid letting others see it because he doesn't believe that he is any good, despite being actually quite gifted musically. The young man's best quality in a tight situation is his ability to be creative about going about things, putting together pieces in a way that others might not think of doing. He appears to see the world in a different way than others, something brought about by his innocence and observational skills, most likely. Part of his creativity also comes from having an idealistic mindset which leads him to think of things in the best possible way and always imagine how things could be or what the good parts of things are. He is an eternal optimist in this way, perceiving things in a light which allows him to bring out the best in others and in situations. It helps that he is incredibly hardworking and patient, willing to sit down and do things for hour straights because if you're going to do something, he believes that it should be done carefully and well. That's why he gets such good marks in classes other than DADA. He has a steel work ethic that will get him far in life, if he only builds up the self confidence to see the benefits of his own decisions and creations.

Naive || Loyal || Humanist || Shy || Awkward || Creative || Hardworking || Humble || Idealist || Kind || Non Confrontational || Easily Manipulated

ImageShort Biography:
Charlie was not born into a world of magical creatures and mystical objects, or even one in which he had the slightest inkling of the existence of magic. Not to begin with, anyway, though as he got older it became increasingly clear that he was certainly not like any other children. But he had small beginnings, born to a normal muggle family -a school teacher and a nurse- as the only child. He was something of a bashful child, his head always in the clouds. He had a preference for books over people, and yet this helped him to bond with neighborhood children- at least the like-minded ones. Although Charlie was never the most popular of children, he wasn't really messed with much either, instead maintaining his own tight-knit group of friends that flew under the radar of more malicious peers. He grew up in a sheltered environment, and this allowed his innocence and naivete to flourish, and he would maintain a childish creativity and trust in others for the entirety of his life. His mother was often busy, but she was the sort who would sing around the house and read stories to her son whenever she could, believing that such things were crucial for the development of a child. It is from her that Charlie gained his love for music and reading, actually, never quite tapping into his father's gift for STEM fields. He was a child with his head in the clouds, the sort whose punishment for doing something bad is to have his books taken away. That being said, he was rarely punished, being something of goody two-shoes when it comes to following the rules, something stemming from never having any real desire to break them. Why would he, after all? Charlie grew up content, and was unaware of his powers until he was a little bit older, because they had manifested in infancy but seemed to go away, encouraging his parents' belief that they had simply imagined it all.

However, when the young man was in third grade, the strange things began happening again, and those who had taken advantage of his innocent kindness as a child withdrew from doing so, scared of the things that would happen around him. When Charlie was upset, things would simply break around him, releasing the anger or sadness that he never dared fully express himself. There were times when it would seem to rain only over their house, as his power was potent in its uncontrolled form. The strangeness around him caused even most of his friends, who shared his awkward qualities for the most part, to take a few steps back from him, confused and frightened by his tendency to suddenly float when happy, etc. All of this distressed Charlie, but he found solace in the belief that everything would turn out for the best, because that was always the case in novels, so why wouldn't it be the case for him? As it turned out, he was somewhat right, and when he was around nine years old, two years before he would enter Hogwarts, a representative was sent to explain the situation to the family. After all, one couldn't really expect them to just accept a random letter telling them that Charlie was a wizard, right? So an explanation was given, which Charlie accepted immediately, and proof was provided, in turn helping his parents to come to terms with the reality: their son was a wizard. Although shocked, the parents embraced this readily, because they loved their son dearly, and fondly mentioned that they had always known he was special. As far as families go, Charlie had a rather ideal one. He would continue to attend public school for two years, drawing away from his classmates as he became more and more enchanted by the prospect of attending Hogwarts, and finding that his friends were beginning to outgrow him anyway. He was teased for those years, teased for his obsession with magic and simply because it was so easy to do it. But the young man didn't mind, because he was going to Hogwarts, and felt bad for those who weren't.

When he finally did get to Hogwarts, Charlie immediately decided that Hufflepuff was the best of houses, regardless of the mocking remarks he heard many make about the house. Thus, he was thrilled to be sorted into the house of patience, fairness, and kindness. Still, being of one of the more minor houses, on top of an awkward nature and a tendency to stick his neck out for others, does mean that he is still subjected to manipulation and occasional teasing from others. On the other hand, he is held in high regard by his friends and many of his teachers, and that is enough for him to feel at home in Hogwarts, even if he often misses his parents and doesn't get letters from them often, because they never quite adjusted to using owls for communication. He has grown up here, beginning to realize his potential as being gifted in potions and herbology. He dreams of becoming a master potioneer in the future, but for now is content where he is. He doesn't get into much trouble, and flies under the radar of most people thanks to his shyness. In general, he is a fairly average student, though it is worth mentioning that he is Hufflepuff's keeper. He's pretty good at protecting things, after all. As far as mythics go, he actually thinks that they are pretty interesting: having grown up in a muggle household, things like that continue to interest him, and he didn't grow up in a place that would have sparked any sort of prejudice against them. Besides, he's a Hufflepuff, and it isn't really in his nature to be discriminatory.


Potions Class
Children's Books
Hufflepuff House
Acoustic Guitar
Afternoon Naps
Happy Endings
Song Writing
Scent of Fresh Parchment
Breathy Voices
His Owl
Noise Pollution
Loud Voices
Nonfiction Stories
Poor Sportsmanship
Spicy Foods
Breaking the Rules
Cold Weather
Action Movies
The term 'mudblood'
Singing in front of people
Playing in front of people
Others reading his poems
Large Groups
Feeling Out of the Loop

So begins...

Charlie Walker's Story

#, as written by Issa
Kaslor Knox

His attention was on Tomas as the boy placed his own hand in Kas' and he helped Weasley to his feet. Kas straightened out from his crouch, let Tomas' hand go and placed his hands on his head. He waited for Tomas to speak, the amused smirk still on his face spread further as Noelle spoke first,
"Hell, Knox, you really have a magnetic quality about you, eh?" Noelle's amused voice received a laugh from Kas. He looked across at her and gave her a quick wink,
" Too bad I couldn't attract you, eh?" He purred at Noelle, the smirk he still had on his face clearly letting her know that he wasn't serious. Not that she would need the smirk on his face to know that, they had been trading flirtatious banter for years now. He knew that she knew that it was nothing serious.

"Sorry about that, Ka- err, I mean, Knox... Thanks.” Tomas said. The red head grinned down at his feet, sheepishly. Kas watched him curiously. He had never had much to do with Weasley outside of the quidditch pitch. He hadn't actually talked to the other boy or at least as far as he could remember he hadn't. Tomas seemed nervous. The thought that Tomas might have a crush on Kas never crossed his mind. Sure, Kas usually assumed that everyone loved him, but people he hadn't had much to do with usually fell outside of this assumption. So Kas put the other boy's nerves down to the fact that Kas was not always known as the most gentle of students, perhaps Tomas thought that Kas would start shouting at him for crashing into Kas.

”How was your summer? Ready for this year?” The question caught Kas by surprise. It seemed slightly out of the blue and when paired with the fact that Weasley wasn't making eye contact with him it left Kas more than a little puzzled.
"My summer?" He repeated, his eyes flicking back to Noelle as he tried to communicate his amusement as Weasley tried to start a conversation. "It was stupendous Tommy. Family trip to Norway." Kas bit back the smart remark he was going to make about whether the Weasley family could afford such a trip. Perhaps it was the boy's nervous behaviour that made Kas hesitate, after all he wasn't shy about teasing other students. Or maybe it was the crowds still milling around the group that made Kas' sharp tongue pause. He really didn't need a report getting back to any of the teachers, he didn't want to risk losing his quidditch captain position just yet.

”I should, ah, probably see to this.” Tomas added as he glanced at his hand.
Kas stepped forward to get a better look at Tomas' hand, grit was embedded in the palm. No doubt it was painful, or at least uncomfortable. Kas couldn't help but wonder at the fact that Tomas was still here talking with Kas when he could be getting his hand treated. Sure, Kas could probably have got his wand out and fixed up Tomas himself but there was a limit to how helpful he would be towards his quidditch rival.
"That looks nasty." Kas said, "Let's hope it won't affect your game."
The last part was said with half sincerity and half sarcasm, an odd mix perhaps. Kas loved winning and any opportunity to further his chances of claiming the Quidditch cup for his Ravenclaw team would be taken in a snap. But he was also proud, he wouldn't want it said that his team he only won because the other houses' teams had been injured.

Naida Adra

Naida sat back slightly in her chair once Tomas was on his feet. She was surprised that Kas had helped him to his feet, it seemed much to kind an action for the older boy. Then again on the crowded train station there was little that Kas could openly do to hurt anyone. Naida could see that Tomas was nervous, more so than she would have thought.
She was just promising herself that she would ask him about it later when the door behind her slid open and someone clearing his throat made Naida turn in her seat.

Charlie Walker stood in the doorway, nervously gesturing towards one of the empty seats.
"Erm, Can I, erm, sit here?" He asked.
Naida nodded, a friendly smile on her face.
"Please, come and sit Charlie." She said. Charlie was a shy boy who Naida had befriended. She gladly indicated for him to sit, pleased to have something to distract her from the situation outside.
"How were your holidays? Are you very excited for the new year? I can't wait to be sorted." Charlie may have been shy but Naida was persistent when she set her mind to something.

As a mythic, a merperson in particular, this was Naida's first year at Hogwarts. She was extremely excited to be sorted into a house and to begin learning magic. The few students she already knew from Hogwarts had had nothing bad to say of the place. She knew a bit about the different houses too and, although any house would be fine, she had her heart set on Ravenclaw.


"You do put in your best effort though, don't you?" Noelle responds casually to Knox, a smile pulling at the corner of her mouth at his comment. While his reactions are never as vivid as, say, Mona or one of the shyer individuals, they are generally sarcastic and, more often than not, he simply plays along with whatever her comment had been. This is fun in its own right, and is why he tends to be one of her favorite conversation partners. Few men can keep up with her without tripping over themselves, intoxicated by the presence of a Veela, and Knox is one of them- something she is appreciative for. There's a reason that she's friends with him, after all, and it's hardly because of his modesty- or therefore lack of. Not that she can talk. Noelle is a tremendously cocky person, as most who have met her will recognize, and reckless to boot. She's frequently in detention for her escapades, or else slipping out just in time to avoid punishment. It often seems as though she's putting forth her best effort to be the leader of this generation's Marauders, though whether she is successful in this is up for debate.

When Mona reacts with nothing but a nervous laugh and a scarlet blush, Noelle can't help but smirk at the girl's general shyness- or the fact that she reacts to every single comment in this manner, never seeming to build up a tolerance against it. This means that she is unlikely to ever be free of Noelle's teasings, because her favorite part of it is making people blush or squirm a little bit. She's not cruel, but she can't help but find such sights funny- especially because she, herself, doesn't exactly blush much, and is unlikely to ever react in such a way. She's too accustomed to herself for such reactions. Still, her eyebrows do shoot up once more when Mona suddenly reaches out and touches the hair of the stranger who had come over to check on her. Of course, seeing the look that Zach gives Mona and then her, Noelle begins to put pieces together and, as a consequence of such deductions, begins grinning once more. Well, no point in telling him otherwise, is there? she thinks, laughing to herself quietly.

Noelle reaches out and wraps her arm around Mona's waist, "Mona, you're making me jealous," she whines jokingly, glancing once more at Zach with a challenging gaze, though he had communicated, unnecessarily, that he wasn't trying to take Mona away from her. Noelle finds it funny, still, that he appears to believe she is together with Mona. Not that she would object to it, personally- Noelle is rather free with her affections, as far as people whom are within her circles go. She doesn't seem to really care much for the standards of what makes a person considered to be promiscuous, and in general is very open about anything she likes, wants, etc. As far as she is concerned, there isn't any other way to be.

"The train should be leaving soon, though. We should get to our compartment- I've already marked it. Would you like to join us, Zach? Can't part Mona from that hair, can we?" she jokes, releasing Mona's waist and beginning to walk towards the train. She doesn't look back to see if anyone is following her, because that has no effect on whether she continues or not.


When Naida indicates that he may sit, Charlie smiles, somewhat relieved, and steps into the compartment. He has, by this point, covered Jane's cage with a cloth to keep her quiet, which is necessary because she does tend to be rather noisy around strangers, not taking kindly to them. It isn't that his owl is shy, but that she tends to be very contrary in general, especially with people outside of the Walker family. All but a few are strangers to his familiar, even if she has met them on several accounts before. Anyway, as he slides into the seat just across from Naida, Charlie sets the cage down beside him, serving both as a way to keep Jane near him and to keep people from sitting next to him. This is not an action of dislike for people in any way, but a precaution taken because he is rather awkward around people in general, mostly, and doesn't want to increase the awkwardness by sitting next to someone he is not completely comfortable with.

"Cheers. Or, erm, thank you," he says, stumbling over his words slightly and ducking his head a little bit, hoping that he doesn't already look like a complete idiot. He gets along well with Naida, of course, but there is always the fumbling, especially for the first few seconds. It's like jumping off of a rock into a lake- maybe you've already done it once or twice before, but there is the surface paranoia surrounding anyway, despite positive experiences. When she asks after his Summer, Charlie smiles a little bit and runs his fingers through his hair, nervous despite knowing that there is no need to feel such a thing. Perhaps it is just beginning-of-school jitters again, or maybe it stems from the fact that there will be plenty of new people, strangers, in his year this school year. Hogwarts rarely has new students after first year, so he'll have to readjust to unfamiliar faces in his classes.

"Oh, it was good. Well, I mostly just stayed home, actually," the last part of his word fades out into it is barely above a whisper, and he seems to regret having said it. Now she'll think I'm an antisocial shut-in, he thinks sadly, disappointed with himself for putting across such an image, as he assumes that he has. "How was yours? Are you still hoping for Ravenclaw? Because, you know, Hufflepuff is really fantastic too," he says cheerily, redirecting the subject with some amount of smoothness. Of course, he tries to sell the idea of Hufflepuff, because the hat does take one's opinion into account, to some extent, and he would like for his friend to be in Hufflepuff with him, even if she's in a different year than he is.