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Elias Christopher Stone

I LIKE being a nerd.

0 · 437 views · located in Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry

a character in “Harry Potter: The Mythic Conflict”, as played by MarroneGuise


>Elias Stone<


Muggle Born
House: Ravenclaw
Wand:Dogwood, 11", Unicorn hair
Patronus: A Raven
Familiar: A barn owl named Copernicus.

I like having the other races around Hogwarts. They are different, like me. While I am a normal human, I get picked on a lot because of my superior intellect. Even the other Ravenclaws poke fun at me on occasion. Since the arrival of the Mythics, people have paid too much attention to them to trifle with me. I've enjoyed this respite. I'm almost done with my time here at school. I've enjoyed all it's taught me, but my destiny is to teach at Harvard.

Short Biography:
I grew up in a small town that was essentially owned by the government. It was a town that hosted a large government research base. My parents, Bob and Shirley, worked as top research scientists in the base. It was no surprise to anybody that I was a genius like they were, but it was a surprise to my parents when one of the school bullies had suddenly forgotten who he was while chasing me. A few months later, I received a letter to Hogwarts. I'm not sure if my parents approved of magic. It went against everything their scientist natures led them to believe. They still love me and write to me every week, even if I don't respond. It is slightly annoying when I go home for holiday and am treated like a research project.

Hogwarts has been the best thing in my life so far. I never had friends before, but I am finally considered quasi-normal! I even have a few study partners. My goal for this year is to find some friends. Wish me luck!

Reading, Studying, Practicing magic, Pumpkin juice, Potions Class

Bullies, Quidditch, Getting a B, Slytherin, Defense Against The Dark Arts (I always get too scared to react fast enough)

While doing well in my classes is the most important things to me, I have realized that having friends is something that I would greatly enjoy.

So begins...

Elias Christopher Stone's Story

Elias tried to make himself as small as possible as he wound his way through the throng of people. "Sorry!" and "Excuse me." were alternating out of his mouth as he ran into a few people here and there. No one seemed to notice him as he attempted to get to the train unscathed. He pushed his cart as fast as he could manage in the crowd.

Suddenly, a foot blocked his and caused him to lose his balance and his cart. Copernicus squeaked as he rolled into a brick column. He looked up at the saboteur and glared. A couple of 7th years in who-knows-what house were giggling like maniacs. They made snide comments as he stood. One would think "mud blood" would have gone out of fashion when the muggles learned of magic, but it's still in full force. It still hurts just as much.

Elias rushed away from the group of laughing 7th years. He concentrated on his feet as he walked, attempting to hold in his anger and sadness. The year hadn't even started yet. What did this experience say about what was to come? Things were not looking up for him and he knew it.

While he was attempting to get away, he hadn't been paying attention to were he was going and bumped into someone, hard. "I'm so sorry about that." he practically yelled. While helping the girl back up, he realized it was Mona. He sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck, "I'm really sorry." He kept apologizing to the younger girl. He was trying to stop, but they kept slipping out.

#, as written by Elyon

Mona felt a solid body run straight into her and gasped as she was knocked to the ground. As she laid flush with the ground, she took stock of her body. Head's still there. Good. Toes. Check. Her body felt fine. She shook her head to clear her vision as she sat up. A hand appeared in the edge of her vision. She took hold and let it pull her to her feet.

Once she had her feet back on ground, she followed the arm to the face of Elias. She laughed and ceased his apologies. "Hey, it's no big deal." She brushed off her jeans and grabbed the older boy in a hug. "I'm glad to see you haven't changed much."

Didymous had a terrible bug over the summer and had kept her from keeping in touch with her friends. She had travelled over the summer, still taking part in her mother's shows. She had gone to see him when the show was near his hometown. They had a bit of fun for a day, but that was the extent.

She righted Didymous' cage and settled her bag on the ground. "How was your summer?" she asked while cocking her head.

Zach tried to keep his cool demeanor as he stared disbelievingly at the brick column. He looked at his wizard guide and asked, "There? Really? You just...walk through the wall?"

The guide nodded. Zach shook his head. Leave it to the wizards to come up with such a strange cloaking device. He steeled his nerves and jogged to the column and then, through the column. He came out on the other end onto a bustling platform.

His eyes widened, impressed, at the large number of students sitting in the train or walking on the concrete. He slowed his pace to his normal crawl. Why rush? He'll get there when he gets there. He observed the younger students hugging it out with their crying parents. To each his own, but Zach had never been that way. He was self sufficient for the most part. He could do anything that someone put in front of him, but if he could find someone else to do a job, he would.

He made his way to the nearest car, but the assistant alerted him that the car was full. He continued down the tracks until he can upon a group of people that looked friendly enough. One of the blondes was being righted by a tall, bespectacled boy.

Now is as good a time as any, I guess. He mused to himself. "Are you alright there?" He called to the girl as he approached.


"And here I thought we were going to behave at least until we arrived," a familiar voice, joking in tone, chimes in just beside Noelle, as her friend Mona, a Ravenclaw like Knox, slides in beside her. Many of the Gryffindor's closest friends seem to be in Ravenclaw, actually- Mona, Knox, and even Juliet. Noelle turns and makes a face at Mona, the childish sort that involves sticking out one's tongue and pulling the skin beneath one eye down. "Oh, don't be such a spoilsport, Mona. I didn't even do anything- there aren't any rules against speedy escapes. You just think there are because you like to worry too much," Noelle retorts, but a grin makes it clear that she means no ill will to her more mild-mannered friend. Mona may be up for adventures, usually, but she is far more likely to keep her adventures within reach of the rules, and usually has to be tugged beyond what would be her normal limits. She sees Knox nearing them, attention grabbed when he calls out her name and raises his hand. Of course, just as he does so, a familiar ginger crashes right into the young man, prompting a laugh from Noelle, who makes no effort to hide her amusement at the collision.

"Hell, Knox, you really have a magnetic quality about you, eh?" she teases him about the crash, practically pulling Mona with her to meet the two boys halfway. Knox glances at her with a smirk, clearly just as amused by the act of clumsiness as she is. Noelle likes Weasley well enough, of course, but that doesn't stop her from finding any and every such crash funny. "You alright, Wea-" she's cut off by another thud, to find that she'd dragged Mona into a key position to be crashed into by Elias Stone, resident awkward intellect. She smirks, eyebrows raised and eyes sparkling with humor, at the scene while Elias proceeds to apologize to Mona in the most excessive way possible. "Well, now I feel a bit left out, I'm afraid. Where's my frazzled wizard, to knock me off my feet?" she laments, placing her wrist against her forehead and clutching her heart dramatically.

A stranger approaches them then, and for a moment Noelle thinks that he might have heard her and is coming over to crash into her or something. Unfortunately, or fortunately, this isn't the case as he inquires after Mona's well being. "Mona's stronger than she looks, sweetheart. Endurance of a fruit fly, though. Our nights are rarely long, I'm afraid," she adds the last part simply for fun, throwing a wink Mona's way for good measure. Of course, technically she could be referring to night time adventures cut short because Mona gets bored or scared or something, but it's unlikely that anyone would take it away- which is exactly how Noelle prefers it, naturally. She snorts at Mona's comment, "Raised in a Barn, indeed."

Up until this point, she has been ignoring Tomas, to be honest, but she turns back towards him to see the young man acting utterly awkward in such a way that she instantly recognized. He doesn't do the best at hiding his emotions, this one. Noelle glances at Knox, and then look back towards Tomas with raised eyebrows.


A young man with pale skin and a slightly curved posture, less from actual back problems and more as a sign of the wizard's low self esteem. He is gripping his cart, parents on either side of him. The two are muggles, but at this point have become somewhat accustomed to having a child with magical inclinations, because he has been attending Hogwarts for approximately for five years now, and has been showing signs of being odd from far before this official education began. "Tell Tomas we've said hello, and give Mona and Olivia our love as well," his parents tell him. His mother needs to get home soon, however, because they live a decent drive away from London and she has the first day of the muggle school year tomorrow as well, being a teacher. "Now, we have to go, but study hard, and have a good school year, okay?" Charlie hugs both parents goodbye and gives his mother a peck on the cheek before facing the column, tightening his grip around his cart and running straight through the barrier to Platform 9 3/4. Even after several years of running in, the young man still has a moment of fear just before passing through.

When Charlie enters the platform, he meets the sight of crowds of people, both familiar and unfamiliar. This is typical, but what isn't is the conversation he picks up from people here and there. Whispers about the new Mythics that will be introduced to the school this year. Because the ages at which they are allowed to attend begin at his year, 5th year, he can expect to see several new faces among his courses. Will it be easy to tell who? Well, I suppose it'll be the new people. But then, what about their species? Then again, it doesn't really matter, Charlie is absorbed in his own thoughts, standing alone with his cart for a few moments without moving. Once he has finally escaped from the detachment from society, the young man goes to drop off his cart with luggage. Jane, his owl, flutters in her cage when she does so.

"Don't worry, I'll take you on," he assures her with a small smile, grabbing the cage to hold when he boards the train. He turns around and sees Mona and Tomas near each other in a group, but something holds him back from going to them, and it isn't just his own awkwardness. He spots Noelle Fischer and Kaslor Knox among them, and his feet seem to suddenly stick to the ground from the sight. Noelle makes him feel impossibly awkward and nervous, probably due to the fact that she is Veela, though he is unaware of this, and Knox simply scares him. The man is a bully, after all, and truly intimidating.

Erm. I-I guess I'll just go find an empty compartment, then, he thinks to himself, slightly disappointed. Still, the young man reassures himself with the knowledge that he will see them later anyway, and can talk to them then. With luck, the two won't sit in the same compartment as Noelle and Knox, though he knows that, at the very least, Mona probably will. Stroking Jane on the head lightly, he enters the train, but doesn't manage to find an empty compartment. Instead, he kind of hovers near the one that Naida is in, before opening it and clearing his throat to try and get her attention.

"Erm, Can I, erm, sit here?" he gestures towards an empty seat.

#, as written by Elyon
Mona Orson

Mona blushed terribly as Noelle's comment finally clicked. She couldn't help the nervous laughter that sprung from her mouth. She had learned long ago that, when dealing with Noelle, just ignoring her comments and hope that people wouldn't follow her thoughts. Of course, with the age group that they associated with, everyone always did. One more than one occasion, Mona's had to shoot down rumors about a more involved relationship. Noelle flirted with most people she knew and that included Mona, and though she would never admit it, Mona kind of enjoyed it.

One of these days, I'll play along and see her blush! Mona chuckled at her mischievous thoughts. That would be a sight, indeed. There was never a flirt as bad as Mona, especially if she had to make it up as she went.

Mona imagined flirting with Noelle. The surprise on her face and everyone else's. It made her happy to think about Noelle like that. Mona quickly shook the thoughts from her head. I have been spending too much time around Veelas!