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Olivia Everard

0 · 357 views · located in Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry

a character in “Harry Potter: The Mythic Conflict”, originally authored by Raisinette, as played by RolePlayGateway


Olivia "Liv" Everard


Age: 17
Race: Half-vampire
Year: 6th
Bloodline: Wizard father, witch-turned-vampire mother. Technically a pure-blood, but the whole vampire thing kind of changes things in most people's eyes.
House: Hufflepuff
Wand: 10" in length, made of Willow with a Unicorn Hair core.
Patronus: Lynx
Familiar: Cleo, a gray tabby kitten she got just this summer.

Olivia tends to be a bit awkward and unsure of herself, never quite sure of where she fits in. Which is one of the reasons she is thankful for being a part of the Hufflepuff house -- no matter how different you are, there's a place for everyone. Although, even Hufflepuffs have a limit to how accepting they can be, and, with Liv being one of the more... misunderstood mythic races, she'd rather just keep that part of her identity quiet for now. She is much stronger than she looks, and was finally talked into to trying out for the Quidditch team last year as a Beater, which shocked the hell out of most of her house. Liv is rather shy and doesn't like to be in the spotlight, and at times her quietness may come off to others as snobbery, although that couldn't be farther from the truth. She has a knack for finding the good in people, and nearly everyone she meets has some quality that she admires (although she may not express that to them), and this results in her being a bit naive. To those few people she's actually opened up to, she is a fiercely loyal friend. Academically, she is hard-working and studious, and she excels in Care of Magical Creatures and Charms, and has a particular fascination with, if not complete proficiency in, Divination.

Short Biography:
Liv was born to a what would be a pure-blood wizarding family with good social standing, if it weren't for this one tiny detail of her mother having been turned vampire. That's not something looked on too fondly by most, and her parents decided it was best to keep it on the down-low. It wasn't too long after her mother was turned that she found out she was pregnant with Olivia. She lived a pretty sheltered childhood, with her parents wanting to protect her from the judgment and discrimination of others. With two older sisters who were fully human preceding her at Hogwarts, it was easy for people to think there was nothing different about her, either.

Magical Creatures

Being singled out, or in the spotlight

She is nervous about the inclusion of Mythics at Hogwarts. While she wholeheartedly supports integration, she knows she will not be able to keep her secret much longer when there are students like werewolves on campus who would find her out as soon as they catch her scent.

So begins...

Olivia Everard's Story

Olivia arrived at the King's Cross Station early on the morning of September 1, as she always did, before all the hustle and bustle that was soon to come at Platform 9 and three-quarters. It was much easier for her than fighting the tangle of students and families closer to departure time. Right now, there were only a few other early arrivals leisurely making their way across the platform with their families. Her own family wasn't her with her today, and this year she really couldn't say that she blamed them. There was too much going on this year and they didn't really know what to expect.

Glancing at her heavy trunk, she sighed. With a flick of her wand, her trunk rose a few inches off the ground and followed her onto the train. Olivia chose an empty compartment at the far end of the train and went about storing her trunk away for the journey, save for a book to read as she waited. She opened the door to the small carrier that sat atop her trunk. No sooner had she unlatched the door did a tiny gray kitten bound out, swatting at the loose sleeve of Olivia's robes. Liv laughed lightly and scratched the kitten on top of her head. "You be good now, Cleo. No getting into things." The kitten contented herself with chasing an imaginary bug around the compartment.

Olivia leaned back into the seat and began to read, although she couldn't really focus. Her mind was on the changes that were taking place at Hogwarts this year. With the addition of the Mythics to the student population, she knew her family's secret, which she had kept so diligently during her years at Hogwarts, would be much harder to hide. Her hand shook slightly as she turned a page she hadn't even read. A light mew came from Cleo, who now sat on the seat beside her, looking up at Olivia with what seemed to be concern. She scooped up the kitten and snuggled it, thankful for the distraction from what was to come. There was not much she could really do right now but wait and see.

She glanced out the window and saw that it was already getting more crowded on the platform. She must have spent more time lost in her own thoughts and worries than she realized. She could see David, her best friend whom she had not seen all summer, boarding another car further down the train. In one swift motion, Cleo was back in her carrier and Olivia was walking down the corridor of the train with her trunk following her once more. She found him in his compartment with his face pressed against the window, and she laughed. "Hey there," she said brightly. "Looking for anyone in particular?"

#, as written by Ivisbo
Connal and Finley Kennison

Connal was less then excited. He stood with a sober expression at the platform, letting his mother busy herself with fixing him and his brothers uniforms, hair, and luggage. He could not wait to be rid of her over bearing nature, though his brother was another story. Finley hugged her ever two minutes, muttering things about missing them and coming home for winter break. Connal would make sure his brother would do nothing of the sort, but that was a discussion for when they were alone.

Finally, there father pulled their mother off of them, saying something about needing the boys to learn to be men. Connal had to restrain himself from rolling his eyes, instead offering a polite smile to his parents as they gave their finale goodbyes and left through the secret entrance. Of course, his father would not be able to stay to see the boys departure as he had a business meeting in Brighton.

Their parents gone, Connal turned to Finely with a glare.

"Stop sniveling dumb-ass" He muttered, shoving the younger twin a little and grabbing his luggage cart, "And we are not going home for Christmas break"

Finaley grabbed his own cart and caught up to Connal as they walked down the platform, glaring at his identical brother, "You don't need to be so mean to mom, she is just going to miss us. And don't call me a dumb-ass, loser, we know who the smarter one is"

Connal 'tsked' and ignored Finley, pulling up out of the way next to a pillar. Finley followed, leaning against the wall like Connal. The Kennison twins had a tendency to accidentally copy each others movements, so right now they were both leaned against the pillar, arms crossed, and facial expressions mirrored. Their father had spent the majority of the car trip discussing the necessity of the boys being in Slytherin house and getting good marks. They both knew that Slytherin was a shoe in, there was no way that either of the Kennison's would be put into any other house. But the problem was, both of them had been homeschooled their whole life. While Finley was naturally good with class-work, Connal usually required more motivation in order to pass his tests.

But it was too early to be worrying about that, Connal still had plenty of time...and it wasn't like he couldn't get Finley just do the tests for him. The eldest twin glanced towards his luggage cart, eyeing the sleeping hawk atop it. Luckily the school had allowed the Kennison twins to bring their birds, otherwise Connal doubted he would even be interested in coming.

To his left Finley was stroking his own hawk through the bars of the cage, needing something to do. Both twins were bored and ready to get this show on the road, but they had arrived at the station somewhat early. Curse their mother for always needing to be twenty minutes early for everything...

Theresa Loker

Theresa was having a very mixed bag of emotions as she stood in platform 9 and three quarters. On one hand, she would finally be able to attend the school she knew she wanted to sense she was 7, and she knew a couple of people, so she had that in her corner. On the flip side, she knew that her 'old' family would be here. Just thinking about them made her anger spike, and she wanted to be as happy as she could. Long after her 'new' siblings had gotten on the train, she found herself standing and watching the different people, secretly hoping to find her old family just to see them, or to hex them into oblivion, she hadn't really decided which would be best.

She had her luggage cart in her hands, and even after she promised her mother that she'd be on the train, she couldn't make herself do it without at least seeing a glimpse of them. For all she knew, they were already checked on, and after a while, that thought settled in on her. She finally tore her eyes away from the platform entrance and began to walk and think, "First year of Mythics, guess I should be grateful, cowering in my boots, or be a monster according to these pious rulers." Her thoughts on most people shrewd towards negative, but she had people she could count on, and some she even liked.

While walking, she happened to notice two of them, the Kennison twins; Finely and Connal. Her experience with the two was positive. They were Mythics, and the rarest kind at that; Metamorphagus's. Their family helped her pack a while's ago, and she liked them. Connal was full of questions about her condition, which she didn't mind, and he was sweet. Finely was hotter, despite being twins, she found him more attractive. Upon seeing them near a pole, she walked up. "Well, if it isn't my favorite twins." She said, holding a 'wolf' smile. "You two been well?"


The wizarding world is abuzz about the new entry of mythical creatures in Hogwarts, but for Noelle Fischer, this is old news. She'd been attending the prestigious institution of learning for several years now, despite being a full-blooded Veela herself. Of course, this fact had been hidden with an excuse of being merely partially Veela, allowing her to attend without too much suspicion being raised by the attention that she attracts naturally, and the fact that she always seems to try and hide when angry to prevent a shift. Said young woman is walking towards the gateway to platform 9 3/4 right now, accompanied by her mother, a beautiful woman who, despite being well into her forties, looks as though she could be her daughter's sister or slightly elder cousin. Veela blood will do that to a person- make them seem far younger than they are until the day they die. The elder Fischer woman is a prime example of this fact, though Noelle supposes that the grandmother she's never met is probably an even better example of such a thing. As far as she knows, however, this woman is dead and beneath the ground, or perhaps cremated. That sounds a lot better than rotting in some wooden box.

"Have a good year, little dove. Break hearts, make a little trouble, and all of that jazz," the elder woman says fondly to her daughter, clearly not the sort of mother who disciplines her child for pulling a few pranks and making a bit of mischief. This rather well explains her daughter's behavior, of course. The woman slips large sunglasses back over her lovely, periwinkle eyes, though this does little to stop people from staring at the duo and wondering if they are models or foreign celebrities or something. Noelle responds only by grinning devilishly and wiggling her eyebrows suggestively at her mother before running straight into the column that brings her out at platform 9 3/4. This place is far more interesting looking than the muggle station, this much is certain, as first years clutch nervously at owls, frogs, and the like, while older students trade enchanted candies and stories of their summer. Noelle is accompanied by her own familiar, a sleek cat with mismatching eyes that takes this chance to jump out of her cart and walk between her legs.

"Done napping, Wilde? Come on, then- best find some familiar faces," she suggests with a grin, bending over briefly to scratch the feline behind the ear. His fur is a gray that seems to match the color of smoke, and this paired with his strange eyes make the cat beautiful and haunting. As soon as she had seen the thing, running through the streets of Diagon Alley, she absolutely had to have it, and spent a good hour chasing the cunning thing down. After that, the friendship was fast and close.

She walks down the platform a bit, spotting Longbottom with his face pressed against the window and sending him a grin and a wink before continuing on her way. Now, where is Juliet? Or Kas, for that matter, she wonders to herself, deciding to go ahead and board the train now and find them later- she's never really been the sort to seek others out, unless there is trouble brewed into the motivation. She has become accustomed, over her years, to people looking for her. She looks for a specific compartment, though only after stopping to scare a few first years and greet a few people. When she reaches it, the young woman pulls out a permanent marker and writes her name in large, loopy letters across the window. It is erased every year by the time she leaves Hogwarts, but the young woman always rewrites it on this compartment's window anyway. It's simply tradition, and Hogwarts is all about tradition, isn't it?

Well, not entirely, she muses, thinking once more of the new students that will be coming this year, those with full mythical blood. She cannot help but wonder if there will be any other Veela. She doesn't meet others very often, which is probably because her mother appears to dislike competition, only accepting Noelle because she is her daughter. Noelle has never seen a fellow Veela her own age at all, though of course the Weasley boy does have a sliver of blood in him. To distract her from these musings, however, is the sight of Kas walking down the platform in his typical, 'holier-than-thou' manner, and of course a pair of rather attractive, but unfamiliar, twins that lean against a column. For the moment, she turns towards the familiar, pushing down the window and leaning halfway out of it, a grin on her face.

"Oi! Knox!" she calls out to him, eyebrows raised. Deciding that the place to be at the moment is on the platform, as that's where everyone is, Noelle proceeds to slide out of the window, a tight fit, landing first on her hands before she rolls over and springs herself up onto her feet.

Olivia glanced out the window that David had his face pressed against. There were a lot of new faces out there. Her gaze landed on a girl with red hair talking to two blond guys. The girl looked to be around her age, although she hadn't been at Hogwarts before. But something was strangely familiar about the girl. It was when she turned to board the train with the boys that Olivia could get a clear view of her face. Theresa Lightman, a girl she had grown up with. Their families had been fairly close for a long time, and Theresa and Olivia, being very close in age, had become good friends.

She hadn't seen Theresa since the summer before the girl was supposed to begin attending Hogwarts. During that first year, she had assumed that was where her friend was, but when she didn't come back for Christmas or Summer holiday, she began asking questions. Her parents' answers were vague, but they made it clear she wouldn't be coming back, and Olivia had assumed the worst.

Olivia pressed her face against the glass of the window, face very close to David's -- probably more so than was proper -- as she strained to get a better look. Surely, she was mistaken. But the longer she looked, the more sure she was it was her. She backed away from the window quickly. "Sorry," she said to David, realizing how awkward the position they had been in was. "Um, I... I have to go. I'll be back."

Backing out of the compartment she had just entered, she could hear Cleo meowing in protest that she was leaving. Olivia wasn't normally one to act on impulse like this, but it wasn't every day she saw somebody who she thought was dead. She made her way swiftly down the corridor towards the entrance she had seen them go through, looking in doors as she passed by, until she came upon the one she was looking for. She knocked on the door and, before she had a chance to talk herself out of it, opened the door to the compartment.

Immediately, her face flushed a deep shade of pink. "I, uh..." she stammered, suddenly sure that she had just lost her ability to speak. She cleared her throat, attempting to gain some semblence of composure. "Um, I'm very sorry to intrude," she finally managed to say. Abash at the realization that she had just completely barged in on these strangers, Olivia stared directly at the floor as she spoke, too embarrassed to make eye contact just yet. "I just... I saw you boarding the train and I had to know." She finally looked up at the girl. "Are you Theresa?"

She took a deep breath, proud of herself that she had actually gotten the words out. It was then that she noticed the scent in this compartment that she had been dreading since she had heard that Mythics would be permitted to attend Hogwarts. There was a werewolf in here, and whoever it was would surely be able to tell exactly what she was, too. Oh, God, she thought, knowing it was too late to back out now. What did I just get myself into?

Theresa Loker

Theresa watched outside of the cart, mainly to see what was going on, and it proved to be more first years saying goodbye to their parents, all tears and wishing of good luck and happy times. The sentiment left Theresa with a mix of sadness and disgust. Half of her wanted her real parents to be able to do that her first year, and the other half screamed, "Screw you all.". She didn't really hate all of them, but seeing that reminded her of what she missed. Not that she regretted becoming a werewolf, it was perhaps the best thing to happen to her. She had been allow to roam freely, and learn so much that her old family would have completely hated about her. She smiled slightly at the thought that her parents regretted throwing her away, but it was a small pleasure and she had to return to reality.

When Connal responded the way he did, she felt a little blush form, she had known that, but her ability with small talk was limited, and she had a semi-legitimate question in that. She tried to back her way out, "Of course I know that," She chuckled a bit, "I imagine that you two are social butterflies, so I figured you two would have some type of contact within the school. Besides who wouldn't want to be friends with naturally hot Metamorphmagus?" She smirked at her last comment, she loved to play with people, and these being some of her only friends, that meant when ever they had contact, they got a blunt force of it. She continued to look at Connal and smiled, when suddenly the door to their compartment opened.

The person who entered their compartment was a girl with brown hair, and something about her seemed oddly familiar, although she couldn't place it. The girl stammered through an apology for entering, to which Theresa only looked at her oddly, and she realized that she hadn't been breathing. She took a deep breath, and smelled something, something that bothered her nose badly. Then suddenly, something hit her like a frying pan, "Vampire... or rather, half." The voice in her head wasn't her own, and something told her to be cautious around this girl. The thought didn't make sense, but then the girl looked at her after claiming to needing to know something, and said, "Are you Theresa?". Her blood ran cold for a second, and her eyes got wide, and then her memory started to search for how she knew this familiar girl. And then for the second time, a thought hit her, "Olivia!". Olivia was one of her best friends in her Lightman days, and then she remembered that she wanted to go to her after being abandoned and before being found by the Lokers.

She looked at her former friend, not even thinking on how she was a half vampire. She stood up, and said, "Liv?" She asked, and before the girl had a chance to respond, she knew it was her, and she ran up and bear hugged the girl. She squeezed the younger girl, all the while saying, "Liv! I can't believe it's you. I missed you so much!" Her time with the Lokers had made Theresa much more impulsive, like doing things without thinking about it, and this was defiantly one of those moments.This girl was one of the things from her former life that she missed, not hated like her family, but an old friend whom she hadn't seen in years.

Olivia, already on edge with the scent of a werewolf in the compartment, stiffened as the girl quickly came at her. When she was embraced in a tight hug, she relaxed a little, and let out a breath. The scent was blaring in her nostrils now, and it became immediately clear to Olivia that the werewolf she had sensed when she walked in was her old friend. Slowly, she brought up her arms to hug her in return, then took a step back.

She cleared her throat, trying to wrap her mind around what exactly was going on here. "Theresa, what happened? How are you ali-- I mean, how did you, er..." She stopped talking, not really sure how to say what she wanted to with tact. Is there a way to ask somebody why they're alive with tact? She decided to try a different approach. "I guess, when you're parents said you were 'gone', I assumed they meant GONE gone." That probably didn't sound any better.

A thought struck her, and it made Olivia's head spin. Had Theresa's parents intentionally let people think she was dead, without coming right out and saying it? Had she been alive all this time, with her family's knowledge of it? She shook her head, glancing again around the compartment, because, really, she didn't know where to look right now. She again noticed the two guys sitting there, and nodded a silent, sheepish hello to them before looking again at Theresa, waiting for answers.

Theresa Loker

Theresa, seeing her old friend, was elated. Olivia was a part of her past that made her happy, instead of angry or sad. They had been really good friends, and she supposed that her reaction was normal given the situation. She was at a loss for words, and simply said, "Theresa, what happened? How are you ali-- I mean, how did you, er..." She knew what she would say, how was she still alive, or how did she become a werewolf. She knew that she must have smelled it by now, even a half vampire should be able to smell. She did manage to say a full sentence though, "I guess, when you're parents said you were 'gone', I assumed they meant GONE gone.". That hurt her, she knew her parents had some excuse ready, they were master liars, but saying she was simply gone, like a pet who ran away, made her angry. She saw that Olivia looked at Connal and Finley, and she wanted to talk to her alone. "Connal, Finley, this is Olivia, she is a pre-Loker friend. We need to talk privately, alright?" She didn't wait for a response, instead she just pulled Olivia by the arm outside to the hallway. Not the most private location, but hardly anyone wasn't in a cart by now. The boys had heard her story many times before, and although she liked the support, the look that Connal always gave her, a Its-going-to-be-alright look made her want to cry and punch him.

Breathing a couple of times before she told her story, she readied herself just to speak of her family. She opened with a joke, "Well, I guess you can tell that I'm not GONE gone." She chuckled nervously, a habit of hers, "Look, I'll save you a couple of questions, and just tell the short version of my life." She said, "We were at the Lake house before school began, and I went outside to practice some spells. I tried to Accio a balloon not twenty feet away, and my want flew off into the nearby forest. I found it, and a werewolf found me. Mr. Lightman killed it after I was nearly killed. They found out I was infected, so they threw me out, literally, with bandages still on. Nearly died in the forest, but my Mom found me, and invited me into her clan. Ever sense then, I lived with my parents, and two little siblings, both wolves as well. Oh yea, and my last name's Loker now." She caught her breath as she finished her tale. It always made her well up a bit, but she hadn't shed a tear for her old family in years.

After her tale, she said, "I'm glad to see you, really, but I have to know; Have you always been part vampire?" She said quietly, she had no knowledge of her family having Mythics, so it was most likely a secret, and although she didn't have it, she respected those who wished to keep things hidden. She smiled at her friend softly.

#, as written by Ivisbo
Connal and Finley Kennison

Connal chuckled at Theresa's reply and was about to explain to her what they had heard about the school when a strange girl burst through the door. Both Connal and Finley stared at her with mild interest, expressions identical. She was pretty, a dark sort of way. Connal instantly know Finley would find her much more attractive then him, but his brother never truly talked to girls in that sort of way. Connal had often considered the fact that his twin might be gay, but Finley shared his aversion to females equally with the males.

"I, uh..." the 'intruder' mumbled and both boys raise a brow at her, "Um, I'm very sorry to intrude,"
"I just... I saw you boarding the train and I had to know. Are you Theresa?" When they noticed the dark haired girl turn her attention to Theresa, both twins sort of lost interest. They stayed at attention though, postures perfect as they gave the 'guest' there full interest. "I jut... I saw you boarding the train and I had to know. Are you Theresa?"

Connal was just about to introduce himself as his twin when suddenly Theresa burst out a cry, "Olivia!". The werewolf rushed forward to hug her fried, mumbling things about missing her and such. Connal sighed, sharing a look with his brother. Finley rolled his eyes, making a grin spread across Connal's face. Squealing girls were not high on either of the twins 'like' list's and even if Connal liked the werewolf they shared the cart with...he was losing interest.

The boys ignored them for the most part, until Theresa gave a rushing introduction and them slipped out of the cart. Connal stared back at his brother, a huge sigh escaping him. "When's the train leavin'?" He asked in a slight drawl, rolling his neck back against the cushion. Finley shrugged, turning his attention back to the world outside as he rested his cheek against his fist.

"No idea. I do wish it would get a move on though" Finley answered back, to which Connal nodded in agreement. With his head leaned back against the cushion, Connal let his eyes slide shut. he crossed his arms, exhaling slowly as he got comfortable. Finley sent him a look of amusement, knowing that his brother would soon be out for the trip. In response, Finley stood and reached into his back in the over head bin. He pulled out a book, something he grabbed from the massive library at the Estate on the way out that morning. He glanced at the cover, frowning at the title 'Theories of Transubstantial Transfiguration'. He had no idea why he had grabbed a book on something he was very well versed in, but it would tide him over for the journey while Connal slept.

Finley slid back into the seat, opening the book to its first page and began to read.