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Tomas Weasley

"Oh, uhm, pardon me, didn't see you there mate."

0 · 584 views · located in Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry

a character in “Harry Potter: The Mythic Conflict”, as played by throne


Tomas James Weasley


Age: 16
Race: Human
Year 6th
Bloodline: Pureblood
House: Gryffindor
Wand: 9 & 1/4”, willow and sphinx feather, supple
Patronus: A large bat
Familiar: A kneazle named Patchwhiskers- he now belongs to the school moreso than to Thomas.
Dreamy: Holding a conversation with Tomas can be a challenge. One gets the sense that they almost never have his full attention. He comes off as distracted and perhaps even aloof, zoning in and out of reality. Those who don't know him well might interpret his behavior as rude, lazy, or even a mark of substandard intelligence, but those close to Tomas know the truth: he has The Sight, and his present blends with past and future both. He's given to day-dreaming as well, but more often than not, the sensory information that pulls him away from the current moment is out of his control. He is not at all practical, and the small details of day-to-day life often escape him. He might show up wearing two different colored socks or even forget to wear socks entirely, so preoccupied is he with his musings, fantasies, and visions.

Anxious: Tomas finds his gifts stressful at times. He takes them very seriously, and refuses to share his visions unless they are trivial or it is absolutely necessary. He might know for three days that a friend is in for an extremely embarrassing encounter with their crush, but he is unable to say anything, because averting that humiliation might have very profound effects on other future events. As such, he's often put in a position similar to that of someone keeping a secret; he knows something that he'd love to divulge, but he simply can't tell in good conscience. Conversely, having these glimpses makes it difficult for Tomas to operate without them. He can usually expect at least a hint of what's coming for him, but when he goes a long while without a glimpse, he begins to get worried. Both scenarios prove extremely stressful for him; he doesn't have to worry about the future, like most people, but he has to worry about worrying about it.

Romantic: Like most teenagers, Tomas is fairly preoccupied by romance and all that accompanies it; this is referring to a more general notion, though it applies to that as well. When he thinks about dating, it's seldom limited to wanting to meet someone for a butterbeer in Hogsmeade. No, it's much grander than that. He imagines adventures, someone imperiled and being rescued, a kiss that only comes when the moment is exactly right, foot-chases and sword fights. He can be quite poetical and grandiose, a little over the top. When he was younger, his mum always expected that he might go into theater on account of the stories he'd tell and the characters he would evoke while telling them.

Kind: Tomas is capable of great cruelty, and it frightens him. With the knowledge he often possesses, it can be very easy to have things go his way at the expense of others, or to have the last laugh against someone who has mistreated him. In the past, he's done just those things, but he can't stand the thought of it. Naturally, he is of a very sweet disposition. He's friendly and enjoys making new friends. He'll talk to anyone about anything. He'll go out of his way to help someone, even if they aren't someone he knows. Friends worry sometimes about his kindness being taken advantage of. It takes quite a bit to get on his bad side. He's very optimistic, very given toward assuming the charitable about others. Once he has decided someone is not worth bothering with, though, it's almost impossible for that opinion to reverse.

Short Biography:
Tomas is a Weasley; that in and of itself tells most people quite a bit. Despite playing a large role in helping to dispatch the Dark Lord so many years ago, not much changed for the Weasleys aside from the world they lived in.

Like most Weasley's, Tomas' family (direct descendents of Bill and Fleur) were far from wealthy. Not impoverished, but with three older siblings and three younger, second-hand robes and books were the norm rather than the exception. As the middle child, Tomas seldom got a significant share of what little attention there was for his parents to give. His father, Jean-Luc, was kept very busy by his posting at the Magical Games and Sports, and his mother had her hands full with the squabbles of younge, children or the dramas of older ones.

Tomas was a strange child, even for a wizard from such a peculiar family. He often seemed to know things he had no right to, or would have terror-attacks that no one could explain. Exactly one week before his grandfather Louis passed away, he was inconsolable for an entire day. He begged his parents to go and visit, but there were plans for a get-together with all of the cousins in a few weeks.

It wasn't until his third year at Hogwarts that the exact nature of his oddity was discovered. During his very first Divination class, after a very tame introduction to reading tea leaves, he collapsed, knocking over a table. When he awoke, everyone was staring at him. Apparently he'd been speaking, his eyes rolled back in his head. What he uttered made little sense at the time, but would later be preserved as a prophecy tied to the beginning of the bloody skirmishes and double-crosses that have resulted in Mythic students at Hogwarts.

There have been no prophecies since then, but Tomas' certainly has The Sight, in a pervasive way that hasn't been documented for centuries. There are some that believe he should be protected, particularly if his major prophecies will be dealing with the coming conflict, but for the time being he has been allowed to have a fairly normal education.

He is in his sixth year and only an average student in most respects. He does enjoy playing Keeper for the Gryffindor team (and his foresight and instincts have resulted in quite a few shut-out games), and participating in the dueling club and numerous activist extra-curriculars. He's fairly nervous about his O.W.L.s, since his Sight has been very reticent with details about how they will go. He hopes ultimately to pursue a career in International Magical Cooperation, and so he knows it's very important that he get the grades to attend all the N.E.W.T.s he'll need to do so.

Quidditch- It's one of the few activities he enjoys that feels masculine and makes him feel like a part of a community
Mythics- They fascinate him, and he is positively thrilled to have them among the student body
Charms- Even though he isn't particularly good at it, it's his favorite class
Food!- Despite being on the small side, Tomas can put it away. He's a bit of a foodie, and particularly loves experiencing new cuisine.
(Secretly) Quidditch Players- Tomas has a type, he has come to realize.

Divination- He hates feeling like he's different, and being in Divination makes him feel that way. He wanted to drop it, but his parents appealed to him to nurture his gift.
Pureblood Assholes- You know the type. Bullies also fall under this category, regardless of blood purity.
Tight Spaces- Tomas is a bit claustrophobic, which can be a problem in Hogwarts, given all the secret passages and narrow stairwells.
Not Having Money- Ultimately, Tomas loves his family. He wishes he had a bit more spending money though, for buying robes or a first-class broom or taking trips to Hogsmeade. As it is he has to rely on the charity of friends most of the time.
Getting in Trouble- It isn't to say that Tomas never does anything risky; he just prefers not to get caught. It's a very acute, particular feeling of embarrassment that he has a hard time dealing with.

The Sight- This will primarily be a role-playing flavor concern, but I'm very open to having plot develop from it. If anyone wants to have Tomas have a vision about a specific person or subject, please get in touch with me.
Strange Allure- By dint of genetics, Tomas is 1/8 veela, so he's a little prettier and more coquettish than he might otherwise be!
Magical Aptitude- Tomas is fairly average when it comes to Charms, Transfiguration, and Potions. Obviously he is a rockstar at Divination, and he also does well in more academic courses like History of Magic and Muggle Studies. He's an above-average flyer, and somewhat below average in more practical courses like Care of Magical Creatures and Herbology. His dreaminess tends to result in a fair few injuries in the more dangerous classes Hogwarts has to offer.
Secrets! – Tomas suspects that he is gay, but would likely only have talked about it with very close friends. It's not unlikely that people would have their suspicions though.


So begins...

Tomas Weasley's Story

#, as written by throne
Tomas Weasley

Tomas moved carefully into King's Cross, eyes methodically scanning his surroundings. It was unusual for him to be so tuned in to the world around him, but he had the unshakeable feeling that something was about to go drastically wrong. Nothing so dire as pain, death, or dismemberment- he had to believe that anything that drastic would have an accompanying vision. This was more a matter of gut, and his gut had been surly all morning, from the instant he awoke, which made little sense. He wanted to be back at Hogwarts more than anything, so being filled with apprehension on the morning of his return wasn't entirely welcome.

He walked casually through the magical barrier separating Platform 9 & ΒΎ from the rest of the station. It hadn't been so long ago that young wizards had to enter by means of stealth, carefully dashing in without triggering any alarm or notice from the Muggles boarding their mundane trains. He'd read something recently in the paper about a major project to overhaul the many secret railways of the wizarding world and integrate them more fully with the Muggle transportation system. The Weasley penchant for interest in Muggle matters hadn't skipped over Tomas. He paid attention to the news, and had even convinced his parents to buy a telly-vision so that he could stay more abreast of the Muggle news programs.

That interest in Muggles carried over to his sense of fashion as well. Nowadays, he could have been wearing his school robes already. Witches and wizards being out and about in their distinctive attire was not uncommon, and the influence of some magical designers was beginning to seep into mainstream Muggle fashion as well. Tomas preferred older looks, often shopping from thrift stores when he was in the city. A good amount of what little money he managed to earn doing chores or odd jobs went toward padding his wardrobe. He could spend hours rifling through racks and trying things on. The skinny-fitting jeans and western-cut plaid shirt he was currently wearing along with boat shoes sans socks were all from his favorite shop, all vintage and American in origin. He'd wait until the absolute last second to cover his exciting clothing with his drab, hand-me-down robes.

He'd retreated into his head a bit now, though he did pay enough attention to smile at friendly faces he recognized or lift his free hand to wave to someone who had waved at him. His other hand was helping to tow the large trunk that contained his school wardrobe and supplies. Normally he might have stopped and chatted, but he was still trying to embark the train without any major incident. His distraction had eased the feeling of wrongness he'd been experiencing all morning, but that could mean anything.

His senses sharpened as he acknowledged his mission once more. He would get on the train, stow his gear, and then he could seek out some friends. He nodded to Naida as he passed her, smiling to show white teeth. He spotted the Kennison twins, looking like they'd strode out of some creepy clothing catalog as they leaned with their arms folded in exactly the same way. He nodded somewhat tersely to them. Finley wasn't so bad, if you could get him away from his brother. Connal was a right terror no matter what.

He'd said good-bye to his parents already; as part of his teenage quest for independence, Tomas insisted on traveling into London and getting to school by himself. His eldest brother and sister had already graduated and gone on to their careers, and his youngest sister was too young for Hogwarts. Only his younger brother would be attending, and their father would be bringing him along in a bit on his way to work.

His thoughts began to wander again. This was an important year for him. He really needed to buckle down, to focus on his school work. He'd have to talk to Naida early on about getting help in Potions and Transfiguration, because he'd just barely squeaked by with passing grades the year before. He'd actually thought about giving up Quidditch, but he didn't need amazing foresight to picture the captain of the Gryffindor team smothering him in his sleep with a pillow if he did. Tomas was an asset, instrumental in many of the team's wins over the past three years that he'd been playing. Besides, he loved it too much. The camaraderie drew him more than anything else, and actually being measurably good at something besides being a freak. He grinned in anticipation of the first match of the year.

His thoughts were thoroughly on walkabout now, never mind wandering, and he was paying decidedly less attention to his surroundings- surroundings which happened to include another Keeper, this one making his way back up the platform and thus traveling right toward Tomas. Kaz was bigger and better built, and likely had better footing since he wasn't day-dreaming. It wasn't until the last instant that Tomas got a cold flash of anxiety warning him of what was about to occur.

He walked directly into the Ravenclaw boy, and their collective momentum sent Tomas tumbling to the ground in a fashion that would no doubt prove comical to outside observers. If it weren't for his trunk, trailing behind him on its wheels, he would likely merely have stumbled awkwardly, caught his balance, and been able to apologize. Instead, he tripped backwards over the trunk. It hit the ground first was a large THUNK! that would surely draw quite a bit of attention, and then he followed, arms clutching wildly at the empty air in a vain attempt to keep himself from going down.

Tiny little suns of pain flared to life in his left elbow and right shoulder, which were the first parts of him to hit the hard concrete. He felt a bitter, sand-papery burn on the palm of his left hand as it skidded over the rough ground, scraping skin cells off as it went. As his body twisted, something in his right knee screamed protest, grabbing hold of the nerves and tendons thereabout and yanking hard. For his part, Tomas was oddly quiet through his fairly epic fall. He wound up sprawled out on his back, his right leg resting on his fallen trunk, his eyes squeezed shut to help ward off the pain.

He decided that it was really best if he just lie there for a while. Maybe if he kept his eyes closed long enough, he'd wake up and realize that it had all been a dream.

#, as written by Issa
Kaslor Knox

"Oi! Knox!" The voice yelling across the platform was more than enough to catch Kas' attention. His head wiped around to see Noelle sliding through the train window. Kas' mouth formed into a smirk as she volted onto her hands and looked his way as, unaware of the strange looks she got from the other students. Of course, most of those looks quickly changed to ones of admiration, at least from the males. Kas was never shy to admit that he found Noelle attractive, he even told her pretty regularly. But their flirtations were fairly harmless, more like friendly banter than serious comments.
"Noelle." He replied to her greeting, raising a hand above his head. He began to push through the crowd purposefully, his focus only on his friend.

He never saw the other student coming. Tomas Weasley crushed into Kas. Tomas' smaller frame stood no chance against Kas and the younger boy went flying. He tripped backwards over his trunk, his arms flailing as he tried to find anything to keep him up. It wasn't the first time that day that someone had crashed into Kas, perhaps he was a magnet for clumsy students. At least it hadn't hurt. Of course Kas recognised the red head, Weasley was a rival Keeper after all. Kas glanced at Noelle, failing to keep the amused smirk off his face.

He turned his attention back to Tomas and crouched down beside the boy, offering his hand.
"Gotta keep your eyes open Weasley," , Kas said, his voice amused. "Or else everyone will walk all over you, literally of course."

Naida Adra

From her position in the train cabin, Naida had a pretty decent view of the crowds. She saw Noelle walk down the train corridor and enter the cabin next to Naida's. Then she heard the girl call out to Kaslor Knox before sliding out the window. Naida felt her eyebrows turn down into a frown, had it really been too hard to use the doors? Naida watched from the window as Kas made his way towards Noelle.
Then Naida spotted Tomas, making his way down the platform. His path took him crashing into Kas and sent him flying. Naida jumped forward on her seat. Tomas was her friend, Kas her enemy and she hoped that Kas' arrogant behaviour wouldn't hurt Tomas. She watched from her spot as Kas knelt down, only just catching his words. His smile was more of a smirk but he had offered Tomas a hand, so perhaps Kas wasn't in such a nasty mood.

Theresa Loker

Theresa lightened when Connal reached out and rubbed her arm. That was something new, her old family was strict, whiel her new one constantly had wanted to make her feel loved, she felt sometimes out of obligation, and he did it for an actually human reason. She wondered how well the year would go if she had friends like these two. Finley remained in his basic stance, although he did look sympathetic to her, she suspected that he actually knew who her old family was. She never ventured to find out what cover story they used after she left, and she didn't really want to know.

She laughed at Connal's comments about old people, 'Yea, they are pretty horrid.' she thought to herself, and was taken back when Connal offered her a seat with them. She didn't know too many people, and imagined sitting with strangers, or in her nightmares, a separate cart for Mythics, but that proved untrue. She smiled and nodded her head, "Yea, that sounds like fun. We should probably head there now, don't want to miss a train we can see, I suppose." She had her big smile on, as she bragged her luggage and stood in between the two. She thought that Finley might interject, but she doubted he would out-and-out deny her the spot. She said, "And yes, Connal, I managed to find new information about my people and the condition, so feel free to start asking the questions anytime." Connal always asked her question, she didn't mind, it made her curious about the condition herself, which made her research and find a lot of facts, which made her feel smart and proud of herself.

From her spot, she could see a crowd gathering around a red-head who had fallen, although it didn't really concern her much, she couldn't really recognize anyone in the group, so she turned to her travel buddies. She motioned towards the train, in a ready? way.

#, as written by throne
Tomas Weasley

During his third year at Hogwarts, an errant troupe of minstrel butterflies had taken up residence in Tomas' stomach. It had been exactly the same day that he had first seen Kaslor Knox. Really seen him, anyway, up close and triumphant. The Ravenclaw team, with their Keeper, had played a nearly shut-out game against Hufflepuff. Kas had only let through a single Quaffle, and the score had been a devastating 310-10. Tomas had happened to be on his way out of the stadium when the victorious team had charged past, carrying Kas on their shoulders and cheering.

They were decent tenants, those butterflies. Most of the time they lay dormant, tossing cards into hats or perhaps tuning their instruments. Every so often though, they'd start to play and dance, rioting in his gut whenever he encountered the arrogant, brown-haired boy.

The sound of Kas's voice and the realization it brought had them tuning up, pluck-pluck-plucking at their guitar strings, oiling their bows, setting their high hats. He sensed the words coming from nearby, and could therafter feel Kas's presence, crouched beside him, even though his eyes were still squeezed shut. Pealing trumpet notes startled him, followed by the shrill sadness of violins.

Of all the people to run into, he'd run into Kaslor Knox.

The rumble of drums careened off his insides. All the while, those plucky butterflies were fluttering this way and that. One of them must have gotten ahold of a bass cello or the like and started dum-dum-duming away, or- no, that was his heart beating, each lub-dub couplet a little more frenetic than the one that had preceded it. He could almost hear the ocean as blood rushed into his ears, as heat began emanating off his face. Surely, his normally pallid skin must have been nearly as incarnadine as his trademark familial hair.

His eyes shot open, taking in the sight of Kas... offering him a hand up? He'd been expecting the worst, but awakened from his little nightmare to find something almost impossible occurring. The Ravenclaw's warning was admittedly lost on him. He took in the provocative twist to Kas's lips, the light of amusement dancing in his eyes, the perfect feathering of his dark-sandy hair in the wind. Swallowing down the baby grand piano that had somehow wound up lodged into his throat, he felt it crash into his stomach, sending the butterfly band into even more of a frenzy as he reached out and took hold of Kas's hand.

He regained his feet with the older boy's help, wincing a bit as he tried to put weight on the knee that had wrenched. Some tender testing revealed that it would support his weight, albeit with some slight protests. He didn't dare hold onto Kas's hand for a second longer than necessary. Doing so would risk revealing exactly why the other Keeper incited so much anxiety in him.

”Sorry about that, Ka- err, I mean, Knox.” He wasn't familiar enough with Kas, outside of some furtive fantasies, to actually use his first name. He grinned sheepishly, looking down at his feet. ”Thanks.” His gratitude was soft and earnest. Most Quidditch players from other teams might have tried to make more of Tomas' absent-mindedness and clumsiness than Kas was.

”How was your summer? Ready for this year?” Was he being too familiar? He certainly wasn't meeting Kas's eyes, which he definitely should remedy. He jerked his head back and his gaze upward. In doing so, he caught his first glimpse of Naida through her window. He wondered dazedly what the scene looked like to her. She was a friend. Could she see what was probably scrawled all through his body language? Deception was not one of Tomas' strong suits, but somehow, his feelings for other young men were a secret he managed to keep under wraps.

The butterflies were crashing cymbals in his ears and line-dancing through his tummy as he glanced over, noting that Noelle was there. Did he really expect Kas to pay him any mind with someone like her around?

The hand that had managed to somehow touch his crush's swung up to rub at the back of his neck. He glanced at the palm of his other hand, wincing as he saw some grit embedded in the scraped skin. ”I should, ah, probably see to this.” he concluded, but didn't move just yet. Naida could probably clean and dress it with her wand, but this was the closest he'd come to actually fostering a conversation with the other boy in, well, ever. The butterflies didn't show any sign of calming, though, and if they kept it up for much longer, he'd definitely have to flee.


"And here I thought we were going to behave at least until we arrived," a familiar voice, joking in tone, chimes in just beside Noelle, as her friend Mona, a Ravenclaw like Knox, slides in beside her. Many of the Gryffindor's closest friends seem to be in Ravenclaw, actually- Mona, Knox, and even Juliet. Noelle turns and makes a face at Mona, the childish sort that involves sticking out one's tongue and pulling the skin beneath one eye down. "Oh, don't be such a spoilsport, Mona. I didn't even do anything- there aren't any rules against speedy escapes. You just think there are because you like to worry too much," Noelle retorts, but a grin makes it clear that she means no ill will to her more mild-mannered friend. Mona may be up for adventures, usually, but she is far more likely to keep her adventures within reach of the rules, and usually has to be tugged beyond what would be her normal limits. She sees Knox nearing them, attention grabbed when he calls out her name and raises his hand. Of course, just as he does so, a familiar ginger crashes right into the young man, prompting a laugh from Noelle, who makes no effort to hide her amusement at the collision.

"Hell, Knox, you really have a magnetic quality about you, eh?" she teases him about the crash, practically pulling Mona with her to meet the two boys halfway. Knox glances at her with a smirk, clearly just as amused by the act of clumsiness as she is. Noelle likes Weasley well enough, of course, but that doesn't stop her from finding any and every such crash funny. "You alright, Wea-" she's cut off by another thud, to find that she'd dragged Mona into a key position to be crashed into by Elias Stone, resident awkward intellect. She smirks, eyebrows raised and eyes sparkling with humor, at the scene while Elias proceeds to apologize to Mona in the most excessive way possible. "Well, now I feel a bit left out, I'm afraid. Where's my frazzled wizard, to knock me off my feet?" she laments, placing her wrist against her forehead and clutching her heart dramatically.

A stranger approaches them then, and for a moment Noelle thinks that he might have heard her and is coming over to crash into her or something. Unfortunately, or fortunately, this isn't the case as he inquires after Mona's well being. "Mona's stronger than she looks, sweetheart. Endurance of a fruit fly, though. Our nights are rarely long, I'm afraid," she adds the last part simply for fun, throwing a wink Mona's way for good measure. Of course, technically she could be referring to night time adventures cut short because Mona gets bored or scared or something, but it's unlikely that anyone would take it away- which is exactly how Noelle prefers it, naturally. She snorts at Mona's comment, "Raised in a Barn, indeed."

Up until this point, she has been ignoring Tomas, to be honest, but she turns back towards him to see the young man acting utterly awkward in such a way that she instantly recognized. He doesn't do the best at hiding his emotions, this one. Noelle glances at Knox, and then look back towards Tomas with raised eyebrows.


A young man with pale skin and a slightly curved posture, less from actual back problems and more as a sign of the wizard's low self esteem. He is gripping his cart, parents on either side of him. The two are muggles, but at this point have become somewhat accustomed to having a child with magical inclinations, because he has been attending Hogwarts for approximately for five years now, and has been showing signs of being odd from far before this official education began. "Tell Tomas we've said hello, and give Mona and Olivia our love as well," his parents tell him. His mother needs to get home soon, however, because they live a decent drive away from London and she has the first day of the muggle school year tomorrow as well, being a teacher. "Now, we have to go, but study hard, and have a good school year, okay?" Charlie hugs both parents goodbye and gives his mother a peck on the cheek before facing the column, tightening his grip around his cart and running straight through the barrier to Platform 9 3/4. Even after several years of running in, the young man still has a moment of fear just before passing through.

When Charlie enters the platform, he meets the sight of crowds of people, both familiar and unfamiliar. This is typical, but what isn't is the conversation he picks up from people here and there. Whispers about the new Mythics that will be introduced to the school this year. Because the ages at which they are allowed to attend begin at his year, 5th year, he can expect to see several new faces among his courses. Will it be easy to tell who? Well, I suppose it'll be the new people. But then, what about their species? Then again, it doesn't really matter, Charlie is absorbed in his own thoughts, standing alone with his cart for a few moments without moving. Once he has finally escaped from the detachment from society, the young man goes to drop off his cart with luggage. Jane, his owl, flutters in her cage when she does so.

"Don't worry, I'll take you on," he assures her with a small smile, grabbing the cage to hold when he boards the train. He turns around and sees Mona and Tomas near each other in a group, but something holds him back from going to them, and it isn't just his own awkwardness. He spots Noelle Fischer and Kaslor Knox among them, and his feet seem to suddenly stick to the ground from the sight. Noelle makes him feel impossibly awkward and nervous, probably due to the fact that she is Veela, though he is unaware of this, and Knox simply scares him. The man is a bully, after all, and truly intimidating.

Erm. I-I guess I'll just go find an empty compartment, then, he thinks to himself, slightly disappointed. Still, the young man reassures himself with the knowledge that he will see them later anyway, and can talk to them then. With luck, the two won't sit in the same compartment as Noelle and Knox, though he knows that, at the very least, Mona probably will. Stroking Jane on the head lightly, he enters the train, but doesn't manage to find an empty compartment. Instead, he kind of hovers near the one that Naida is in, before opening it and clearing his throat to try and get her attention.

"Erm, Can I, erm, sit here?" he gestures towards an empty seat.

#, as written by Issa
Kaslor Knox

His attention was on Tomas as the boy placed his own hand in Kas' and he helped Weasley to his feet. Kas straightened out from his crouch, let Tomas' hand go and placed his hands on his head. He waited for Tomas to speak, the amused smirk still on his face spread further as Noelle spoke first,
"Hell, Knox, you really have a magnetic quality about you, eh?" Noelle's amused voice received a laugh from Kas. He looked across at her and gave her a quick wink,
" Too bad I couldn't attract you, eh?" He purred at Noelle, the smirk he still had on his face clearly letting her know that he wasn't serious. Not that she would need the smirk on his face to know that, they had been trading flirtatious banter for years now. He knew that she knew that it was nothing serious.

"Sorry about that, Ka- err, I mean, Knox... Thanks.” Tomas said. The red head grinned down at his feet, sheepishly. Kas watched him curiously. He had never had much to do with Weasley outside of the quidditch pitch. He hadn't actually talked to the other boy or at least as far as he could remember he hadn't. Tomas seemed nervous. The thought that Tomas might have a crush on Kas never crossed his mind. Sure, Kas usually assumed that everyone loved him, but people he hadn't had much to do with usually fell outside of this assumption. So Kas put the other boy's nerves down to the fact that Kas was not always known as the most gentle of students, perhaps Tomas thought that Kas would start shouting at him for crashing into Kas.

”How was your summer? Ready for this year?” The question caught Kas by surprise. It seemed slightly out of the blue and when paired with the fact that Weasley wasn't making eye contact with him it left Kas more than a little puzzled.
"My summer?" He repeated, his eyes flicking back to Noelle as he tried to communicate his amusement as Weasley tried to start a conversation. "It was stupendous Tommy. Family trip to Norway." Kas bit back the smart remark he was going to make about whether the Weasley family could afford such a trip. Perhaps it was the boy's nervous behaviour that made Kas hesitate, after all he wasn't shy about teasing other students. Or maybe it was the crowds still milling around the group that made Kas' sharp tongue pause. He really didn't need a report getting back to any of the teachers, he didn't want to risk losing his quidditch captain position just yet.

”I should, ah, probably see to this.” Tomas added as he glanced at his hand.
Kas stepped forward to get a better look at Tomas' hand, grit was embedded in the palm. No doubt it was painful, or at least uncomfortable. Kas couldn't help but wonder at the fact that Tomas was still here talking with Kas when he could be getting his hand treated. Sure, Kas could probably have got his wand out and fixed up Tomas himself but there was a limit to how helpful he would be towards his quidditch rival.
"That looks nasty." Kas said, "Let's hope it won't affect your game."
The last part was said with half sincerity and half sarcasm, an odd mix perhaps. Kas loved winning and any opportunity to further his chances of claiming the Quidditch cup for his Ravenclaw team would be taken in a snap. But he was also proud, he wouldn't want it said that his team he only won because the other houses' teams had been injured.

Naida Adra

Naida sat back slightly in her chair once Tomas was on his feet. She was surprised that Kas had helped him to his feet, it seemed much to kind an action for the older boy. Then again on the crowded train station there was little that Kas could openly do to hurt anyone. Naida could see that Tomas was nervous, more so than she would have thought.
She was just promising herself that she would ask him about it later when the door behind her slid open and someone clearing his throat made Naida turn in her seat.

Charlie Walker stood in the doorway, nervously gesturing towards one of the empty seats.
"Erm, Can I, erm, sit here?" He asked.
Naida nodded, a friendly smile on her face.
"Please, come and sit Charlie." She said. Charlie was a shy boy who Naida had befriended. She gladly indicated for him to sit, pleased to have something to distract her from the situation outside.
"How were your holidays? Are you very excited for the new year? I can't wait to be sorted." Charlie may have been shy but Naida was persistent when she set her mind to something.

As a mythic, a merperson in particular, this was Naida's first year at Hogwarts. She was extremely excited to be sorted into a house and to begin learning magic. The few students she already knew from Hogwarts had had nothing bad to say of the place. She knew a bit about the different houses too and, although any house would be fine, she had her heart set on Ravenclaw.