Winston Nelson

Care for the creatures

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a character in “Harry Potter: The Mythic Conflict”, as played by Elyon


Winston Nelson

Age: 93
Race: Werewolf
Class: Care of Magical Creatures
Bloodline: Myth blood (Muggle)
House: None, Head of Hufflepuff House (?)
Wand: None

Winston, to put it simply, is eccentric. He is very much in control of his werewolf powers, but becoming a Mythic changed him in ways other than the obvious. He is accepting of other species and is a favorite teacher to most. He is always outside, choosing to sleep with the other "beasts". The only way to upset him is to hurt another creature. He is often seen talking to himself or the creatures and when not in class or doing his Head of House duties, he is out in the Forbidden Forest.

Short Biography:
He doesn't speak much about his life before his transformation, but Winston was a standard muggle. He worked in a bank and may have had a family, but no one is sure, not even he. The night before Halloween, over 70 years ago, a werewolf attacked him on the way home from work. He laid in an alley, expecting to die, but instead transformed into the beast that changed his life forever.He immediately left his life behind and began to wander the forests. Eventually, he found solace with other magical being and learned of Hogwarts.

After many years alone, he was able to control his powers, but his mind was forever gone. While he is strange, he is a terrific teacher. His years in the forest allowed him to bond intimately with the creatures and he wishes to share the beauty of the forest with the students.

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Winston Nelson's Story