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Zachary Romanov

I don't bite... much.

0 · 344 views · located in Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry

a character in “Harry Potter: The Mythic Conflict”, as played by BigBadWolf


Zach Romanov

It's no fun without a little blood

Age: 17
Race: Vampire
Year 6th year
Bloodline: Myth Blood
House: Slytherin
Wand: 11", Cherry wood, Veela hair core
Patronus: A lithe cat
Familiar: Saratine, a big eyed, female owlet. She is fiercely loyal to Zach.



Zach is inventive. He is very creative when it comes to combining useless objects into a project. He is often careless with his ventures and leaves them lying around. However, he believes there is no problem he can't solve. If he can work up the drive to actually do it. In addition to his brilliance, he is lazy. Incredibly lazy. He is often sleeping in class and almost never puts effort in to things. He is not especially romantic. He flirts a lot, but has never had a successful relationship. Perhaps it's his lack of effort. If he hates one thing, it is to be embarrassed. It is not easily achievable, but it is a big thing for Zach.

Short Biography:


  • Sleeping
  • Not having homework
  • Building things
  • Transfiguration
  • Flirting


  • Reading
  • Writing Essays
  • Being Embarrassed
  • Fighting
  • Working on someone else's terms

So begins...

Zachary Romanov's Story

Zach tried to keep his cool demeanor as he stared disbelievingly at the brick column. He looked at his wizard guide and asked, "There? Really? You just...walk through the wall?"

The guide nodded. Zach shook his head. Leave it to the wizards to come up with such a strange cloaking device. He steeled his nerves and jogged to the column and then, through the column. He came out on the other end onto a bustling platform.

His eyes widened, impressed, at the large number of students sitting in the train or walking on the concrete. He slowed his pace to his normal crawl. Why rush? He'll get there when he gets there. He observed the younger students hugging it out with their crying parents. To each his own, but Zach had never been that way. He was self sufficient for the most part. He could do anything that someone put in front of him, but if he could find someone else to do a job, he would.

He made his way to the nearest car, but the assistant alerted him that the car was full. He continued down the tracks until he can upon a group of people that looked friendly enough. One of the blondes was being righted by a tall, bespectacled boy.

Now is as good a time as any, I guess. He mused to himself. "Are you alright there?" He called to the girl as he approached.

#, as written by Elyon
Mona Orson

Are you alright there?

Mona turned as she heard a young man's voice behind her. She smiled up at the unfamiliar face. "Yeah, I'm fine. Thank you."

After sitting in a bit of silence, Mona realized how rude she was being. She grinned sheepishly and stuck out her hand to the man. She spoke with a confident voice laced with curiosity, "My name is Mona. May I ask yours?"

It was then that she took in the stranger. She admired his beautiful eyes. They seemed a bit mysterious. Mystery was something that Mona loved to explore. She noticed how soft his hair looked and wondered if touching it would be considered weird.

Of course it would be, she thought to herself. Despite her thoughts, she reached with her not outstretched hand and stroked a bit of the dark hair before pulling the hand back to her side. She couldn't help herself. How can hair be so dark, yet so shiny?

Realizing she was being terribly strange and rude, she apologized, "Please excuse me. I was raised in a barn."


"And here I thought we were going to behave at least until we arrived," a familiar voice, joking in tone, chimes in just beside Noelle, as her friend Mona, a Ravenclaw like Knox, slides in beside her. Many of the Gryffindor's closest friends seem to be in Ravenclaw, actually- Mona, Knox, and even Juliet. Noelle turns and makes a face at Mona, the childish sort that involves sticking out one's tongue and pulling the skin beneath one eye down. "Oh, don't be such a spoilsport, Mona. I didn't even do anything- there aren't any rules against speedy escapes. You just think there are because you like to worry too much," Noelle retorts, but a grin makes it clear that she means no ill will to her more mild-mannered friend. Mona may be up for adventures, usually, but she is far more likely to keep her adventures within reach of the rules, and usually has to be tugged beyond what would be her normal limits. She sees Knox nearing them, attention grabbed when he calls out her name and raises his hand. Of course, just as he does so, a familiar ginger crashes right into the young man, prompting a laugh from Noelle, who makes no effort to hide her amusement at the collision.

"Hell, Knox, you really have a magnetic quality about you, eh?" she teases him about the crash, practically pulling Mona with her to meet the two boys halfway. Knox glances at her with a smirk, clearly just as amused by the act of clumsiness as she is. Noelle likes Weasley well enough, of course, but that doesn't stop her from finding any and every such crash funny. "You alright, Wea-" she's cut off by another thud, to find that she'd dragged Mona into a key position to be crashed into by Elias Stone, resident awkward intellect. She smirks, eyebrows raised and eyes sparkling with humor, at the scene while Elias proceeds to apologize to Mona in the most excessive way possible. "Well, now I feel a bit left out, I'm afraid. Where's my frazzled wizard, to knock me off my feet?" she laments, placing her wrist against her forehead and clutching her heart dramatically.

A stranger approaches them then, and for a moment Noelle thinks that he might have heard her and is coming over to crash into her or something. Unfortunately, or fortunately, this isn't the case as he inquires after Mona's well being. "Mona's stronger than she looks, sweetheart. Endurance of a fruit fly, though. Our nights are rarely long, I'm afraid," she adds the last part simply for fun, throwing a wink Mona's way for good measure. Of course, technically she could be referring to night time adventures cut short because Mona gets bored or scared or something, but it's unlikely that anyone would take it away- which is exactly how Noelle prefers it, naturally. She snorts at Mona's comment, "Raised in a Barn, indeed."

Up until this point, she has been ignoring Tomas, to be honest, but she turns back towards him to see the young man acting utterly awkward in such a way that she instantly recognized. He doesn't do the best at hiding his emotions, this one. Noelle glances at Knox, and then look back towards Tomas with raised eyebrows.


A young man with pale skin and a slightly curved posture, less from actual back problems and more as a sign of the wizard's low self esteem. He is gripping his cart, parents on either side of him. The two are muggles, but at this point have become somewhat accustomed to having a child with magical inclinations, because he has been attending Hogwarts for approximately for five years now, and has been showing signs of being odd from far before this official education began. "Tell Tomas we've said hello, and give Mona and Olivia our love as well," his parents tell him. His mother needs to get home soon, however, because they live a decent drive away from London and she has the first day of the muggle school year tomorrow as well, being a teacher. "Now, we have to go, but study hard, and have a good school year, okay?" Charlie hugs both parents goodbye and gives his mother a peck on the cheek before facing the column, tightening his grip around his cart and running straight through the barrier to Platform 9 3/4. Even after several years of running in, the young man still has a moment of fear just before passing through.

When Charlie enters the platform, he meets the sight of crowds of people, both familiar and unfamiliar. This is typical, but what isn't is the conversation he picks up from people here and there. Whispers about the new Mythics that will be introduced to the school this year. Because the ages at which they are allowed to attend begin at his year, 5th year, he can expect to see several new faces among his courses. Will it be easy to tell who? Well, I suppose it'll be the new people. But then, what about their species? Then again, it doesn't really matter, Charlie is absorbed in his own thoughts, standing alone with his cart for a few moments without moving. Once he has finally escaped from the detachment from society, the young man goes to drop off his cart with luggage. Jane, his owl, flutters in her cage when she does so.

"Don't worry, I'll take you on," he assures her with a small smile, grabbing the cage to hold when he boards the train. He turns around and sees Mona and Tomas near each other in a group, but something holds him back from going to them, and it isn't just his own awkwardness. He spots Noelle Fischer and Kaslor Knox among them, and his feet seem to suddenly stick to the ground from the sight. Noelle makes him feel impossibly awkward and nervous, probably due to the fact that she is Veela, though he is unaware of this, and Knox simply scares him. The man is a bully, after all, and truly intimidating.

Erm. I-I guess I'll just go find an empty compartment, then, he thinks to himself, slightly disappointed. Still, the young man reassures himself with the knowledge that he will see them later anyway, and can talk to them then. With luck, the two won't sit in the same compartment as Noelle and Knox, though he knows that, at the very least, Mona probably will. Stroking Jane on the head lightly, he enters the train, but doesn't manage to find an empty compartment. Instead, he kind of hovers near the one that Naida is in, before opening it and clearing his throat to try and get her attention.

"Erm, Can I, erm, sit here?" he gestures towards an empty seat.

#, as written by Elyon
Mona Orson

Mona blushed terribly as Noelle's comment finally clicked. She couldn't help the nervous laughter that sprung from her mouth. She had learned long ago that, when dealing with Noelle, just ignoring her comments and hope that people wouldn't follow her thoughts. Of course, with the age group that they associated with, everyone always did. One more than one occasion, Mona's had to shoot down rumors about a more involved relationship. Noelle flirted with most people she knew and that included Mona, and though she would never admit it, Mona kind of enjoyed it.

One of these days, I'll play along and see her blush! Mona chuckled at her mischievous thoughts. That would be a sight, indeed. There was never a flirt as bad as Mona, especially if she had to make it up as she went.

Mona imagined flirting with Noelle. The surprise on her face and everyone else's. It made her happy to think about Noelle like that. Mona quickly shook the thoughts from her head. I have been spending too much time around Veelas!

"Mona's stronger than she looks, sweetheart. Endurance of a fruit fly, though. Our nights are rarely long, I'm afraid."

Zach's eyebrows rose at the sentiment. It made sense that they would be together. They were so comfortable with one another. "I can't help but be a little disapointed." He said with a smirk. He truly was. They were both very beautiful. As they say, the best are always taken. It wouldn't stop him from flirting.

"My name is Mona. May I ask yours?"

Zach smiled at the girl. She was only a couple years younger than him, but her eyes seemed full of youthful wonder. Mona, as she introduced herself, was definitely a girl he would hang around.

Grabbing her outstretched hand, he replied, "Hi, Mona. I'm Za-" He cut off in surprise as her other hand stroked his hair. He stared at her in surprise.

"Please excuse me. I was raised in a barn."

He laughed in response, "That's quite alright. A beautiful girl like you can touch my hair any day." He shot a glance to the older girl in a fashion to let her know he was kidding and NOT encroaching on her girl.


"You do put in your best effort though, don't you?" Noelle responds casually to Knox, a smile pulling at the corner of her mouth at his comment. While his reactions are never as vivid as, say, Mona or one of the shyer individuals, they are generally sarcastic and, more often than not, he simply plays along with whatever her comment had been. This is fun in its own right, and is why he tends to be one of her favorite conversation partners. Few men can keep up with her without tripping over themselves, intoxicated by the presence of a Veela, and Knox is one of them- something she is appreciative for. There's a reason that she's friends with him, after all, and it's hardly because of his modesty- or therefore lack of. Not that she can talk. Noelle is a tremendously cocky person, as most who have met her will recognize, and reckless to boot. She's frequently in detention for her escapades, or else slipping out just in time to avoid punishment. It often seems as though she's putting forth her best effort to be the leader of this generation's Marauders, though whether she is successful in this is up for debate.

When Mona reacts with nothing but a nervous laugh and a scarlet blush, Noelle can't help but smirk at the girl's general shyness- or the fact that she reacts to every single comment in this manner, never seeming to build up a tolerance against it. This means that she is unlikely to ever be free of Noelle's teasings, because her favorite part of it is making people blush or squirm a little bit. She's not cruel, but she can't help but find such sights funny- especially because she, herself, doesn't exactly blush much, and is unlikely to ever react in such a way. She's too accustomed to herself for such reactions. Still, her eyebrows do shoot up once more when Mona suddenly reaches out and touches the hair of the stranger who had come over to check on her. Of course, seeing the look that Zach gives Mona and then her, Noelle begins to put pieces together and, as a consequence of such deductions, begins grinning once more. Well, no point in telling him otherwise, is there? she thinks, laughing to herself quietly.

Noelle reaches out and wraps her arm around Mona's waist, "Mona, you're making me jealous," she whines jokingly, glancing once more at Zach with a challenging gaze, though he had communicated, unnecessarily, that he wasn't trying to take Mona away from her. Noelle finds it funny, still, that he appears to believe she is together with Mona. Not that she would object to it, personally- Noelle is rather free with her affections, as far as people whom are within her circles go. She doesn't seem to really care much for the standards of what makes a person considered to be promiscuous, and in general is very open about anything she likes, wants, etc. As far as she is concerned, there isn't any other way to be.

"The train should be leaving soon, though. We should get to our compartment- I've already marked it. Would you like to join us, Zach? Can't part Mona from that hair, can we?" she jokes, releasing Mona's waist and beginning to walk towards the train. She doesn't look back to see if anyone is following her, because that has no effect on whether she continues or not.


When Naida indicates that he may sit, Charlie smiles, somewhat relieved, and steps into the compartment. He has, by this point, covered Jane's cage with a cloth to keep her quiet, which is necessary because she does tend to be rather noisy around strangers, not taking kindly to them. It isn't that his owl is shy, but that she tends to be very contrary in general, especially with people outside of the Walker family. All but a few are strangers to his familiar, even if she has met them on several accounts before. Anyway, as he slides into the seat just across from Naida, Charlie sets the cage down beside him, serving both as a way to keep Jane near him and to keep people from sitting next to him. This is not an action of dislike for people in any way, but a precaution taken because he is rather awkward around people in general, mostly, and doesn't want to increase the awkwardness by sitting next to someone he is not completely comfortable with.

"Cheers. Or, erm, thank you," he says, stumbling over his words slightly and ducking his head a little bit, hoping that he doesn't already look like a complete idiot. He gets along well with Naida, of course, but there is always the fumbling, especially for the first few seconds. It's like jumping off of a rock into a lake- maybe you've already done it once or twice before, but there is the surface paranoia surrounding anyway, despite positive experiences. When she asks after his Summer, Charlie smiles a little bit and runs his fingers through his hair, nervous despite knowing that there is no need to feel such a thing. Perhaps it is just beginning-of-school jitters again, or maybe it stems from the fact that there will be plenty of new people, strangers, in his year this school year. Hogwarts rarely has new students after first year, so he'll have to readjust to unfamiliar faces in his classes.

"Oh, it was good. Well, I mostly just stayed home, actually," the last part of his word fades out into it is barely above a whisper, and he seems to regret having said it. Now she'll think I'm an antisocial shut-in, he thinks sadly, disappointed with himself for putting across such an image, as he assumes that he has. "How was yours? Are you still hoping for Ravenclaw? Because, you know, Hufflepuff is really fantastic too," he says cheerily, redirecting the subject with some amount of smoothness. Of course, he tries to sell the idea of Hufflepuff, because the hat does take one's opinion into account, to some extent, and he would like for his friend to be in Hufflepuff with him, even if she's in a different year than he is.

#, as written by Elyon
Mona Orson

Mona knew her silence made her an easy target for Noelle. She didn't mind the...affection when they were alone. It's not that she cared if people thought they were together, they often did no matter how she argued. Oh! I can't explain it she thought to herself. Her reaction to Noelle was one of life's mysteries that she has never been able to solve. She's just come to terms with the fact that she will never understand it.

Suddenly, her thoughts were interrupted as an arm slid around her waist. If possible, Mona blushed an even darker shade of red at Noelle's comment. She bit her lip, trying to stifle the nervous laughs, and settled with a half cough. "Sorry," she replied in a high pitched voice. Her stomach was flipping around in a manner that she didn't understand. Noelle took off towards their compartment. Not until making more remarks at Mona's expense.

Sometimes Mona wondered why she was friends with Noelle, but she knew it was a lost cause. Despite her near constant teasing, Mona thoroughly enjoyed being around Noelle. Besides, she was the only person that would explore the Forbidden Forest with her when she asked, no matter the time. In truth, Mona doesn't mind Noelle poking fun at her. Thinking back on her comments, Mona will often find the humor in them. It's just as they happen, she isn't sure what to do. Her brain shuts down. It's probably due to the Veela influence. Or at least, that's what she like to think.

Trying to to salvage a strand of self respect, she looked back at Zach. "Yes, please join us." Grabbing her things, she took off after Noelle, desperately hoping she didn't look like a lost puppy.

Once arriving at the compartment, she sat in her usual spot, next to Noelle. With her usual, light blush painting her cheeks, she lightly punched Noelle's arm. "Come on, man." She said with a smile, "You're so silly."

With that, she stowed Didymous and settled into her seat for the long ride.

Zach decided to join Noelle and Mona. Sitting alone was definitely not an option. He figured that the girls would entertain each other. Maybe he could sleep on the way. It's not like I know anyone else, he thought as he pushed his cart of things after Mona.

He watched her zigzag through the crowd after Noelle and smiled. That girl was obviously head over heels for Noelle. They definitely had chemistry. It wouldn't stop him from flirting. It's absolutely harmless. He didn't mean anything by it and thought Noelle did give him a challenging look, he knew she would be secure enough for the "competition."

He watched some of the other families as he passed, "scoping for the hotties" as his brother would say. Most of the girls he saw were first years, the older students had already boarded the train. Deciding that they were too young, he just picked up his pace to keep up with Mona. That short stuff was fast!

He arrived at the compartment with Saratine's cage in his hand. He set her on the floor. Ironically, the poor thing was terrified of heights. While that made sending letters near impossible, she was an incredible companion. The other two had already gotten settled as he arrived. He lounged on the bench opposite of them and smirked.

"Who's up for a little fun?" He said with a wink.


When Noelle boards the train, she passes by a few compartments. One holds a pair of twins and a ginger girl, another a familiar blond, Naida, and a familiar boy, Charlie, sitting opposite of each other. Finally, she reaches her own compartment, the window of which is still open. Of course, when she shuts the window, one can see the little message, or rather claiming, she had written on it. Her name is there in the cursive she had written it in only twenty or so minutes ago. The Hogwarts Staff is quick, but not quite that quick, and probably won't have it fixed until after all of the students have gotten off the train and made their way to the castle. I wonder if the new mythics will have to take the boats- they're kind of first years. probably not, though, Noelle muses to herself, before feeling a familiar brush against her heels. She looks down to see that Wilde had fallen asleep under the chair after she had popped out through the window to go and meet her friends. "Did I leave you behind? Sorry, buddy," she apologizes, petting the cat's now arched back. He nuzzles against her finger and then nips affectionately at it, making her smile.

She looks out the compartment door to find that Mona was just a bit behind her, hurrying after the elder student. Mona is three years Noelle's junior, two if one is only thinking school-wise, and often seems to be just a step behind Noelle. Not intellectually, of course, not at all. It's only because Noelle doesn't normally wait for people, and will just take off without warning, leaving the poor girl to have to chase after her in order to actually catch up. Of course, the fact that this is inconvenient, and rather rude, has never really occurred to the blonde student. A lot of things have never occurred to the girl, actually, much to the annoyance of several of her friends, teachers, and rivals. Of course, many of her friends are also her rivals, and vice versa. She has a competitive streak, after all, and the only thing better than a friend to have is, without a doubt, a rival- they constantly push you to improve, after all, even if they don't mean to. That's why she loves to have as many friend-rivals as she can- it makes things all the more thrilling.

Still, even though Mona rarely buys into Noelle's attempts to compete against her, she is a gem in her own right. After all, very few people are willing to go into the Dark Forest, let alone at night, but Noelle managed to seek out one of the only students who would join her on her more dangerous adventures. Exploring the Dark Forest is a good deal more fun with another person at your side- of course, so is detention.

When Mona slides into the seat beside Noelle and playfully punches her in the arm, Noelle merely sticks her tongue out at the girl and winks. "Hey, I don't see you complaining, little dove. If you don't want people to get the wrong impression, then tell them otherwise- or, hey, how 'bout you make a move on Elias?" Noelle suggests, wiggling her eyebrows playfully with a mischievous smile. Up until now, she hasn't given any hint of knowing that Mona has a little crush on the Ravenclaw nerd, but of course, very little stays secret from Noelle for long. She has ways of getting people to talk, after all, especially when it comes to the rumor mill- people are more than willing to spill the beans for batted eyelashes and a smile. Well, typically. It also helps when you've snogged them before- or just a second before asking questions.

When Zach slides in and immediately asks if they would be up for a bit of fun, Noelle raises an eyebrow and smirks. "Oh, dear, have we invited a dealer into our compartment? Bring a bit of blow for the trip?" she asks brightly.

#, as written by Elyon
Mona bristled at the mention of Elias. She might have had a tiny, minuscule crush on the tall, nerdy young man. Noelle was always trying to to set Mona up with people. They were often too much in love with Noelle to pay her any attention though. It never really bothered her. Dating wasn't her style. She couldn't flirt worth a hoot and she'd only had a few dates that didn't go any further. It just wasn't something she did. She'd honestly rather be running through the forest than sitting at a dinner. Mona shuddered at the thought.

"They never believe me, anyway." Mona smiled at her friend, "I guess I don't mind. It keeps a lot of weirdos away from me." She avoided mentioning Elias. She knew nothing would ever come from it. Perhaps if she ignored it, it would go away. "Besides, then you'd have no one to tease incessantly." A giggle slipped out of her mouth as she covered it with her hand.

Hearing Noelle's reply to Zach, her eyes widened. She slammed her head into the palm of her hand. "Oh god, please be joking," She whispered to herself. She figured Noelle was, she'd never known the girl as a "junkie". However, just when you think you know her, she often surprises you.

Deciding to play it off, she replied, "Noe, please. We've already had too much today." Her face lighting up in humor. She stretched her back and leaned against the wall, resting her feet in Noelle's lap. "I think he meant some kind of game, dear." she added.

Zach arched his brow at the girl's suggestion. Is that what wizards are into? Mona hardly seems the type.

Oh god, please be joking

He chuckled at Mona's innocence. However, she surprised him with her further comments. She put her feet in the older girl's lap. When did she suddenly become brazen. Up til this point, he had only seen her blush and speak quietly.

"I'm not a dealer," he said with a laugh. "I meant something more fun and less... illegal."

He sat up in frustration. Is this train ever going to get moving? He thought as he growled. He was getting restless.

As a vampire, he wasn't a fan of the sun. It felt as though he had been in the sun for far too long. Even though he was inside the station at the moment, he was mentally preparing to spend hours in the sun. He grabbed a cloak from his trunk and wrapped it around himself, pulling up the hood.

He relaxed and smiled.


"Poor baby- did you have weirdos swarming over you before you met me?" Noelle asks with a smirk, partially curious but mostly just slightly amused. She laughs at Mona's comment about her not having anyone to bother and shrugs, putting on the most innocent expression that she can muster, "Whyever would you say something like that?" When her friend whispers to herself, something that Noelle can hear because she is sitting right next to her, the young woman rolls her eyes and leans against the seat, about to assure the pair that she is joking when Mona swings her legs around to rest them on Noelle's lap, joking about having had some earlier in the day. Noelle's face regains its amusement as she breaks into a smile once more, looking at her friend with a pleasantly surprised expression, because normally Mona is not the sort to play along with such a joke- one about something like doing drugs, anyway. Certainly not on the first day of school, especially, and they haven't even arrived yet.

Noelle glances over at Zach to find him surprised at Mona's act, though he's only known her for a few minutes of quietness, so his reaction is perhaps a bit more exaggerated than her own. "Oh, I'm kidding. If you were a dealer, I'd have booted you out to find a different compartment, of course," she assures him, but not before catching a frustrated expression he wears while straightening his back. "Back problems?" she inquires, but different ideas are already scrolling through her head like credits at the end of a movie. She's never seen him before, after all, so he may either be an underclassmen or a mythic. He doesn't look too much younger than her, of course, but still.

"A game, then? Alright, tell us about it, I suppose. Have to do something for the journey there, right?" she responds positively to the offer of a game, though the young woman remains curious about the unfamiliar guy before her. More likely than not, she'll ask him, but for now she's more interested in what may be a game, according to Mona's guess, because she has always loved games and competitions. She's an active member of the school's dueling club for a reason, and hardly shies away from risks in such things. After all, at least two of her friendships are based entirely on competition, one of which always has stakes and such for the winner and the loser. That's what makes it more fun, as far as she is concerned.

Noelle scratches at Wilde's ear again as he lays down at her feet to fall asleep there, as her lap is currently occupied by Mona's legs, leaving no napping place for the familiar. The young woman waits expectantly, observing Zach as he wraps himself up in a cloak without explanation. "Chilly, are you?" she asks absentmindedly, not really intending for the question to be answered. The train is maintaining normal temperatures, but she supposes that some people are more easily made cold. Probably not a werewolf, she muses, looking him over before leaning back in her seat.

"Yeah, Freezing," he replied a little blandly. While he liked these girls, and could easily see himself being good friends with them, he had only just met them. He felt it would be better for them to know the real him before they are bombarded with Stereotypes.

Vampires certainly weren't the most accepted of the Mythics. The clans from the Black Forest had done a great job of making sure of that. Even the most powerful wizard would cower before a raging vampire, but not all were like that. Take Zach for example, he lived with a muggle family. He hadn't once endangered their lives or hurt them in anyway, but he is forced to keep his true identity secret. Only the headmaster and his wizard guide knew. His father and mother were vampires, but were murdered in the raid soon after he was born.

After the wizarding world became known to the muggles, the vampires had become hunted targets. The muggle's stupid legends about vampires had driven the muggles with insane fear into a massacre. His parents had been one of the last victims before the end of the rampage. Ties are still strained between the two.

Zach shook his head, clearing it of such dark thoughts. "Well, I'm not one for trying to hard on games. It'll have to be something simple, I'm afraid. Any ideas?" He glanced back and forth between the two girls.

He gave a tight lipped smile to hide his fangs. Noelle seemed to be watching him a little closer than he would like. People, Magic and Muggle alike, usually had a sense for vampires. Centuries of false vampire legends probably caused it. He didn't want them to judge him if they found out too quickly.

Mona didn't seem to regard him with any fear or reservations. Maybe there was hope for him after all.