Lily Evans III

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a character in “Harry Potter: The Time of the Marauders”, as played by Kenzi



Name: Lily Evans

Wand: 10 1/4, Willow, Swishy. Good for charms work.

Pets: A stunning female red/orange/gold maine coon named Jinx.

Information: Lily is very pretty and has dark red hair that cascades over her shoulders to curl in loose waves around her chest. She has fair skin, is average in height, and has a friendly and warm smile. Her most distinctive physical feature is her startling almond-shaped emerald eyes. She is known for being exceptionally kind-hearted, brave, self-sacrificing, and charming with the ability to see the best in others, even when they could not see it themselves. Though she is kind, once her trust has been lost she will never hand it out to you again. She is an extremely talented witch, a favorite of Professor Horace Slughorn (who called her Lovely Lily) the potions master, and actually showed a great amount of control over her magic even before attending Hogwarts which was almost unheard of. She has a sharp tongue when angry and has no problem standing up to others, no matter who it is. She has very strong principles and a sense of what is right and wrong, always loyal to those she cares about. Her patronus is a doe.

She became very close friends with Severus Snape, who lived just down the road from her, as a young child after he witnessed her preforming magic. Their friendship became strained over the years, however, as Severus became more and more interested in the Dark Arts, their friendship finally falling apart when Severus called her a mudblood in her fifth year. Lily was in Gryffindor, a member of the Slug Club, and became Head Girl in her Seventh year. She believes James to be an arrogant toe-rag, with him asking her out repeatedly throughout fifth, sixth, and seventh year. It is only in her seventh year that she agrees to go out with him because he has finally matured into someone she would like to be with.

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